Wash Upon a Star
June 25, 2017
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Flash sideways
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"Wash Upon a Star" is the 28th episode of Devious Butlers.


There's a serial killer on the loose, with the press even dishing out a memorable little name for them, and Rena decides to test his mettle as both an actor and a detective by learning who lies behind the rubber mask. First, he takes a look at Jason's life, with Jason's widow currently helping Joe uncover the identity of his secret brother, and Josh takes on a whole new identity when one of Brad's old clients gives him a call. Ben, meanwhile, deals with Jennifer in the aftermath of a separate murder, with his old boss currently falling prey to naivety and his new boss looking to adopt a baby from a certain maid... for a fee.



Rena's face is seen lit up by his computer monitor in his bedroom at the Montgomery house, the multitude of shiny golden star stickers which line the rim reflecting in his eyes as a glint. We follow this glint...
Back to his childhood, when he's in his house in Portugal with just himself and his seven sisters. He seems so full of glee, his parents having just gone away for the weekend, and he tells his several siblings (in Portuguese, with English subtitles), "You hear that? I'm the man of the house now!" However, all seven girls just start shrieking with laughter, and Rena frowns that his authority isn't being taken seriously.
We next see him in high school, walking up to a pretty girl. "Hey," he says nervously. "Hey," she says politely back, "I saw you in Hamlet. You were really good." "Thanks," Rena blushes, going on to ask if this girl would be interested in going on a date with him sometime after school. However, she too howls with laughter, telling him, "Good one. You're so funny. How are you still single? I hope you find a nice guy someday." Rena avoids keeling over at this, his genuine proposal being taken as a joke.
Finally, we see Rena in America, knocking on the door of what used to be the Davis house. Justine Dussault answers, and sees the résumé he carries with him. "Hello," he greets formally, in English now, "I'm here to apply for the butler position." Justine looks him up and down and then begins to chortle with French laughter. "Vous?!" she exclaims, wiping away a tear, "Please, there is more perfume on you than on me, and look at arms of the bony weakling; you never once clean day out of life of yours!" Rena appears awkward at this, asking if this is part of the interview, and she tells him to just get inside and fetch her a Twinkie, "'Butler'." The glint in his eye has weakened.
In the present, it remains fabricated by those star stickers, as his sister Theresa appears on the screen before him, the two of them engaging in a long-distance video chat. "I just wanna be taken seriously," he's in the middle of telling her. "Didn't you just say all was well with your girlfriend?" Theresa asks. "Yeah, Theresa, I know, but... she was just saying that because she was all happy," Rena theorizes, "Plus, Joe agreed with her before... I can't be convincing as a detective. Finding that stuff to free Liz, it was... dumb luck. I should just give up." "Hey," Theresa scolds, "That's not the big brother I know. Growing up, you never woulda stood for me saying things like I'm gonna 'give up'. You're a great actor, mano. You can play anything. Remember Hamlet?" "But I've been doubting my abilities lately," Rena admits, "It's not just other people not being able to take me seriously... I'm starting to fear I can't take myself seriously anymore, yanno?" "Yeah..." Theresa utters, "I'd try and psych you up some more, but it was always more you doing that for me. Inspiring me to follow my dreams." "Of course I did," Rena smiles, "You're my only little sister. It was my job." Theresa smiles at this, going on to say, "Did it feel good? Freeing Liz?" "Sure," Rena says. Theresa gives him a look, and then he admits, "It felt amazing. Like I was a real detective, despite what a quick job it was. In the moment... yeah, it was awesome. But I'm just not sure it's enough. If I'm gonna write this screenplay and star in it, then I gotta know, really, what it's like to... you know... solve crimes and stuff. Not be on the sidelines anymore. And it's gotta be something more than just finding a dead transsexual's hidden spy cams." At this, Theresa begins scratching her chin, and then a news alert pops up on Rena's feed. "Sorry," he tells Theresa, looking intrigued at what it is, "Lemme just watch this." It's then that we're shown a news anchor, reporting on the fact that two violent deaths have taken place in Wikerly Hills recently, both in the same house. "After some startling footage was leaked of Elijah Davis' brutal beheading, the public has been crying out for just who could be behind this rubber mask." The footage, with the rubber mask, is then shown; a close-up of it. "Based on their appearance and mode of attack, people are even dubbing this apparent serial killer the 'Devious Butler'. So the question on everyone's mind is... who is this Devious Butler, and when will they strike again?" Rena clicks X on the video, returning to his chat with his sister. The glint returns to his eye but... it's not a reflection from the stars. Not entirely, anyway. "What's up with you?" Theresa asks, noticing a drastic change in facial expression, "What was that?" "I know what to do," Rena tells her, "In order to be taken seriously... in order to prove to everyone and myself that I can be convincing as a detective... I'm gonna become the best character actor in history." "What do you mean?" Theresa wonders, ever more confused, and finally her brother exclaims, "I'm gonna catch the Devious Butler!"


Act I

Silvia is shown to be sporting black mourning attire following the death of her husband, still appearing a little in-shock over the incident. Joe then appears standing next to her, and we see that the two of them are stationed not too far outside the crematorium where Jason's remains were turned to ash. "You ready?" Joe asks, and Silvia turns to him, saying, "Sure... I... It's still a lot to take in." "I know," Joe nods, and the two of them begin to walk, slowly, to collect the urn from inside. "Maybe it'd help to take your mind off it," Joe suggests, "Think about something else." "Think about something else while collecting my husband's ashes?" Silvia questions, "Is that some lame attempt to return the topic to your long-lost brother?" Joe appears guilty at this, but Silvia just rolls her eyes, telling him, "Fine. You're eager to know. You didn't much care for your new stepfather." "Did you much care for him?" Joe has to ask, having figured she was only using him as a method of escape, to which she admits, "I... grew to. He was a nice man. Good company when I felt lonely. I didn't mind being married to him." Joe nods at this, and she goes on to say, "So, your brother... Well, based on some deductions I did over the years, tracking baby boys and orphanages and foster homes and employment histories and all manner else, I was unable to retrieve a name, but I'm fairly certain he's here in Wikerly Hills," she reveals. This comes as a surprise to Joe, who asks if she has anything else, and she adds, "In fact, he's a butler." His eyes widen, but before he has a chance to press the sources of this information, he is suddenly distracted by the appearance of two police officers. "DeWar!" one of them yells, finally having found him. "What do you want?" Joe asks them, furrowing a brow. "We're here to take you in for questioning," the cop goes on, but Joe assures that he already told the police everything he knew about the murders of Elijah Davis and Jason Montgomery. "In fact, we're here now to collect Jason's ashes, so if you could just--" "It ain't about them," the cop reveals, "This is about the murder of Troy O'Neil." Joe's eyes widen at this. "Lieutenant Huberd requested to speak to you personally."
We are next seen Huberd entering the interrogation room of the police station, where Joe is sat lit up by a desk lamp. "What's going on, DeWar?" Huberd asks as he sits down opposite him. "That's what I'd like to know," Joe coolly replies. "I asked to see you myself," Huberd goes on, "Because I know you, Joe. I wanna believe you're a good guy, even if you did march into my office and quit." "I didn't quit; I was never rehired," Joe reminds. "Even so," Huberd continues, "I don't wanna go around hearing that your name is showing up written on the hands of murder victims." "What?" Joe's eyes widen in further shock than before, and that's when a photo of the hand of Troy's corpse is laid down, the name Joseph DeWar written across it. "You got any idea what this means?" Huberd wants to know, but Joe, in all honesty, replies, "I... I really don't." He reads through the associative case report placed before him, things not getting any clearer. "What aren't you telling us, Joe?" Huberd presses, and Joe flinches minorly, but adds that he never even met Troy O'Neil - so this doesn't even make any sense. Huberd considers him, sensing that he's hiding something, and Joe can see that he's about to press on with further interrogation. And so he gets there first. "Need I remind you," Joe begins, "That there is a serial killer on the loose. I have alibis for both murders, and yet they still happened within my proximity. Don't you see that this is probably just another victim? Whoever this killer is... they clearly aren't a fan of mine." Huberd arches an eyebrow.
Joe is next seen breathing heavily outside the police station, having been let go. When he makes it to some privacy, he begins to tear up. He knows there's no connection between the Devious Butler killings and Troy's, but he went there anyway. He lied. He stares at himself in the reflection of a car window in the parking lot and continues tearing up, only growing farther away from the life he once tried so hard to get back to. "Whatever," Joe tries telling himself, wiping his eyes, "I have a brother to go find." That's his distraction now.

In the Solano house we find Josh spraying Windex on Mary's windows, proceeding to wipe them down with a cloth as he mutters stuff under his breath. Things along the lines of "We should go out tonight. Dinner or a movie?," and "Probably dinner. Movie's a bit inconvenient with the chair and all." This all continues until Miss Solano herself enters the room and calls out: "Josh?" The butler turns to his employer who appears to have not heard his muttering. "Morning," she says to him, and he gives her a slight nod with a smile. "You doing alright?" she wonders, "Did you get in touch with the therapist I recommended?" "Oh, uh, yeah," Josh lies, "Met with him--" "Him?" "Her, yesterday." Mary's happy to hear this, foolishly believing Josh's tale and wishes him the best of luck. "Thanks," the butler says in turn, a little uncomfortable, and Mary proceeds to head out for work on her film. "What a bitch," he then utters, once she's gone, still just finding it insulting that she's trying to make it out that he's crazy. "'I know,'" Josh then says, this time as Brad, "'Just ignore her. Keep your head down, do your job, and we'll get through this. Together.' Oh how I love you," this last part being as himself. The butler continues to spray and wipe the windows of the Solano house when suddenly a phone starts to ring - Brad's phone - that Josh has begun paying the bill for again since getting his new job. "Hello, Bradley Sonya speaking," he answers, and on the other line we hear a woman frantically exclaim, "I'm so sorry for such short notice, but I need your services immediately! My lawyer is unable to represent me now, and there's a chance I can lose some people very dear to me if I don't get help soon." We see that the woman speaking is Emilia Greenberg, sat down with a box of tissues and in tears. "My maid and her family are facing deportation," she cries, and a part of Josh is able to sympathize there, knowing what it's like to lose a loved one due to the same scenario. The Brad in him proceeds to then shine through, ushering that Emilia calm down and that everything will be alright. "You just so happen to be in luck," he reveals, "I'm prepared to take your case."

Down the street, meanwhile, we see Silvia Montgomery as she stands in front of her fireplace looking up at the mantel where she's placed the urn with her late husband's ashes. She takes a step back, checking to see if the urn looks right up there, just as Rena makes his way into the room. "Ah, perfect," she exclaims, "what do you think?" she wonders, pointing to the urn. "Huh?" Rena wonders, and so Silvia elaborates, "Well people tend to put urns with ashes on their fireplace mantel. Do you think I should do the same with Jason? It's not tacky, is it?" "Maybe a little insensitive considering the poor guy took a steaming hot iron to the face," Rena admits, thus resulting in Silvia sighing. "What is it that you want?" she proceeds to ask, not particularly enjoying their current topic of conversation, to which Rena replies, "First I'd like to give my condolences... I didn't really know Jason that well, but he was always kind enough to not give a damn about me never doing my job." Silvia nods at this, knowing it to be true, and Rena then continues, "He always was a really nice guy. Seemed to get along with everyone." "He did," Silvia confirms. "So do you have any clue who'd wanna burn his face off?" Silvia's taken aback by this, as Rena elaborates, "I mean, obviously someone had it out for him. Why else would they brutally murder him while his wife and stepson were just casually chatting in the other room?" "Renato!" "What?" the butler wonders, truly oblivious to how offensive he's sounding. "Can we not discuss the means of my husband's gruesome demise and/or the cause of it when it happened but a matter of days ago?!" "Sorry..." Rena utters, "it's just... I wanna find and expose the Devious Butler myself." "And why in God's name would you want to do that?!" Silvia asks, genuinely concerned, before pointing out how dangerous that is and, frankly, how he doesn't stand a chance. "Because I wanna prove to everyone I have what it takes to be a strong, serious, lead character and prepare myself for the role of playing the detective in the screenplay I'm writing." "Your excuses for getting out of doing housework are really becoming more and more contrived as the days go on, aren't they?" Silvia remarks, but Rena states that he's serious. "It was me who got Liz her alibi, and it was me who found the tape of Elijah Davis' murder in the first place. This mystery was set up for me to solve." "Why don't you just let the police handle it, dear? Or even my son, to be honest. Isn't this more his gig?" "Mrs. Montgomery, please!" Rena cries, "Just help me out here." Silvia rolls her eyes before letting out a sigh. "Fine, fine, if you wanna go get yourself killed then who am I to stop you." "Thank you," the butler says in turn, proceeding to start over, "Now did Jason have any enemies that you knew of?" Silvia thinks about this for a minute. "Well," she ponders, "he and Dr. Strange always butted heads down at the hosp--" "That's it!" Rena exclaims, "Dr. Strange, my first suspect." "Well, wait a minute," Silvia tries, but Rena doesn't allow her to get her word in before thanking her for her help and heading off. "I'll be back... eventually. Feel free to order takeout," he says as he exits the house. Now alone, Silvia again rolls her eyes. She looks up at Jason's urn and examines the mantel for a minute. Finally she goes up to it and moves it slightly to the right. Stepping back again, she lets out a sigh. "Guess that'll do."

We now see the urn containing the ashes of Elijah Davis sat atop a desk in a lawyer's office. There gathered are numerous people of color, dressed in black mourning attire, all presumed to be family members or friends of the deceased actor as a lawyer reads the will, revealing who will inherit what. "As for his goddaughter, Shondelle Kennedy, Mr. Davis leaves behind--" but the lawyer is unable to continue when the door swings open and incomes none other than Elizabeth Davis. "Sorry I'm late," she exclaims, "Traffic was terrible." Standing out from everyone else, both with her white skin and her non-black attire, she proceeds to make her way past a couple of folks who all look at her with some disdain as she comes and takes a seat. "If you wouldn't mind just scooching over some," she says to one black woman before putting her purse down in between them... then quickly picking it back up, deciding it's best to not let go of it. "As I was saying..." the lawyer goes on, wishing to continue, but he's again interrupted by another arrival. "Sorry I'm late," calls out Kathryn Kappelletti, "well, not really. I stopped at Starbucks, soo..." she says, holding up her iced coffee. "The hell you doing here?!" Liz then shouts across the room, appalled, and Kathryn turns to her arch nemesis, equally as appalled. "What am I doing here?! What are you doing here?!" She then steps back, calling for everyone's attention. "That bitch murdered and somehow cut off the head of the man I loved!" but no one's expressions seem to change since as far as they're all concerned, Kathryn and Liz are both just two dumbass white girls that they're silently cursing Eli for ever getting involved with. "Oh get what the times," Liz rolls her eyes, "I have an alibi." "Yes, and I don't get lip injections twice a month." "Well, actually," Liz says as though it's obvious, "that's exactly what you do. Really, anyone could scroll through your Instagram and notice the differences at certain times of the month. Right now, for instance, they look a little withered." Kathryn gasps at this, putting up her hand to cover her mouth, but quickly deduces that this is just a ploy to humiliate her, so she quickly lowers said hand. "What even gives you the right to be here, huh?" Kathryn inquires, "There's no way Eli left you a dime." "Excuse me, but I was his wife. We made a vow before God to love and to hold each other in sickness and in health and all that other marriage nonsense." "Yes, and three years later he found you electrocuting the butler and then with the head of an average looking white girl in between your legs." Liz is slightly embarrassed to have all this dirty laundry aired, also offended by the insult made about her girlfriend, but refuses to back down now as that would mean Kathryn won, which, ew. "But you think there's something here for you?" Liz wonders, proceeding to point out, "He could not stand you. Whatever on earth coerced him into agreeing to marry you I will never know, but you best believe there's no way in hell he would leave behind his entire legacy to you." "Ladies," the lawyer tries to speak up, taking notice of the eyerolls and sighs of Eli's friends and family as the two women keep going at it, but both Liz and Kathryn ignore him as they continue their unfriendly banter. "Yunno dear, Eli and I always did agree on one thing, being that green is most definitely not your color," Kathryn says of Liz's iconic green dress, "Quite frankly, I preferred you in orange." "Regardless of what you think, even if it couldn't be more wrong, at least I don't have to keep jumping around between sugardaddies to get by. When you walk out of here without a penny to your name, where on earth do you plan to go?" Before Kathryn is given a chance to respond though, a very familiar voice from the crowd of blacks finally calls out: "Will you two basic ass bitches just shut the hell up so I can finna find out what mah fave cuz left me?!" Liz and Kathryn both turn the attention to the most shocking of sources: Aliza Little. Dressed in black, with her already very black skin, one wouldn't be able to pick her from the crowd, but oh how clearly her voice can be distinguished. "What are you doing here?!" Liz and Kathryn both exclaim in unison, to which Aliza points out, "You dumbass hoes, I just dun said he's mah cousin." "Since... since when?" Liz utters. "Since mah mama's sister, your ex-mama-in-law Laticia, popped out her pu--" "Yeah, nevermind, I got it," the redhead interrupts, disgusted. "But, your mother was my best friend. How did I know that she was my fiancé's aunt?" Aliza just shrugs at this though, "Bitch, how should I know?" Liz can't help but crack a smile though, exclaiming, "Just find humor in that it's reinforcing the stereotype that all black people are related." And for the first time in a long time, Kathryn is on the same page as Liz, the two taking time to find humor in racism. Aliza just rolls her eyes though, not caring to be here much longer, and barks at the lawyer, "Boi can we just skip to the part where I get stuff?! I gots a manicure or summit I needa leave for." The lawyer nods, a little frightened and not wanting to cause even more of a ruckus. As such, he skims through the will, flipping a page as everyone waits impatiently. "Ah, here it is," he exclaims, reading aloud, "'To my favorite cousin, Aliza Little, I leave behind every single penny I've ever earned. All of it is to go to her to use however she pleases, so long as she's sure to rub it in both my ex-wife, Elizabeth Davis, and current fiancé, Kathryn's Kappelletti's faces. I'd like for her to revel in the fact that she gets everything and they get nothing, as well as to wish them each the absolute worst from me.'" The lawyer lowers the will, now looking rather awkward as Liz, Kathryn, and Aliza's jaws are all dropped. The latter turns to the two white women, "Y'all get all that?" she inquires, but neither Liz nor Kathryn respond. They just remain in a frozen state, both completely and utterly embarrassed as well as left with a sense of total betrayal.

Kathryn Kappelletti is next seen barging on into the Von Trump mansion, looking angry as all hell. "That was the worst hearing ever!" she screeches as she arrives at the large kitchen, where Jennifer is sat eating lunch and big pregnant Val is pretending to dust the counter while reading a copy of What To Expect When You're Expecting. "Hmmm," she murmurs, and Jennifer doesn't even look up from her Haggis sandwich, and Kathryn asks the pair of them, "Are you not listening to me! That dead bastard didn't have the sense of mind to leave me anything!" "Are you talking about your father?" Jennifer finally asks, "Because I'm pretty sure he left you everything." "No, Eli," Kathryn snaps, "Although... daddy's recent death does make this whole ordeal harder." She slumps down into a chair. "Wait," Val finally looks up from her book, dropping the feather duster onto the floor and not really caring where it lands, "you are Andrew Von Trump's daughter?" "Why yes, fat hispanic maid who used to work for my fiancé." "Huh..." Val murmurs, "I guess that makes sense." "I was absolutely devastated by the loss... daddy was such a humanitarian." Jennifer almost spits out her sandwich at this, and Kathryn gives her a dirty look, never having been particularly fond of her stepmother. "Something to say, dear?" Kathryn asks her, raising an eyebrow, and Jennifer, knowing this woman to be pretty much in control of whether or not she has money or a place to live, replies, "No, my dear. Just... rotten haggis." "Where did you get it?" Val wonders, "That freezer in the basement? 'Cause that thing's practically bolted shut, I wouldn't be surprised if there was all kinds of nastiness resting inside." It's then that her cell phone goes off, and she sees an unknown number is calling. "Lemme take this," she tells the two ladies, leaving them to their brief standoff as she heads to the hall outside the kitchen. "Hola, Valentina speaking," she says to whoever's on the other end. "Thank goodness," Joanna Winters exclaims from over at her mansion, "I've been trying to get a hold of you." "Really?" Val asks, "Why? Who is this?" "Sorry," Joanna apologizes, "I'm Joanna Winters." "Oh... k. I don't know why you're calling, but I don't have much patience left in the Von Trump house with Kathryn Kappelletti being a whiney hoe." "Why is Kathryn Kappelletti at the Von Trump house?" "Apparently she was Andrew's daughter." "Huh..." Joanna murmurs, "I guess that makes sense." "So why are you calling?" Val presses. "Well, I heard that you're... in the family way. And so I thought I might be able to help... alleviate, your little situation. What do you say you and I have a little chat?" Val raises an eyebrow at this.
Val is next seen off the phone and heading on out of the Von Trump mansion, just as Ben is seen heading on in. "Ah, just the last person I was hoping to see," Val smiles as she passes him. "Where are you off to?" Ben would like to know, suspicious. "I have a life, dear," she retorts, "Unlike some people. What are you, here to check up on your ex-wife after her second husband bit the dust? Don't you ever get tired of involving yourself in other people's lives?" "Says the woman who made it her mission to screw up other people's lives," Ben points out. "At least what I do is fun," she shrugs, clutching her big ol' belly and heading out, while Ben heads on towards the kitchen, where Kathryn is currently yelling at Jennifer. "I mean you were supposed to be daddy's home-helper, and you really dropped the ball on that one, didn't you, you Irish hag!" "Um... hey," Ben interrupts, and Kathryn turns to him, asking, "What do you want?" "To... speak to Jennifer," Ben admits, then growing confused as to why Kathryn's there and asking, "What do you want?" "Never you mind," Kathryn tells him, "I'm just... ugh, I dunno, I'mma go count daddy's money, make sure there's enough there so that I can still bribe the Kappellettis' plastic surgeon into keeping up my boob maintenance." She storms out of the kitchen, and Ben asks Jennifer, "What was all that about?" "She's upset," Jennifer tells him, "Her papa just died." "Wait," Ben interrupts, "Andrew was Kathryn's father?" Jennifer nods, and so Ben murmurs, "Huh... I guess that makes sense." "So if you wanna go comfort her..." Jennifer goes on, but Ben assures, "It's actually you I wanted to see." Jennifer smiles at this. "Really?" she beams, standing up, and Ben tells her, "Well, yeah. How are you holding up? After the death 'n' all..." "Oh, I'm grand," Jennifer promises, "And you can tell Goldilocks that as well. You know, I really should pay her a visit." "You're not cut-up that your husband is dead?" Ben questions, and Jennifer shrugs, "Why should I be? He was a bastard and a rapist." "You mean... you're aware of all those things?" "Of course I am," Jennifer rolls her eyes, "Look, I know I was a little bit... under his spell, or whatever. But just think of it like a curse, it's broken now, I feel a whoooole lot better" - Ben is smiling - "and I even slayed the beast myself." His smile drops. "What do you mean, Jen?" he needs to know, but she has only a coy grin in response. "Jen..." Ben says again, this time more sternly. She doesn't respond, and then, "Are you saying you're... responsible? For his death?" The coy grin continues: "Maaaayyyyybe." Ben looks utterly taken aback by this. "Oh dear," he topples, sitting down himself, and Jennifer approaches him and asks, with all the nonchalance in the world, "Care for a sandwich?" Ben just looks up at her with shock in his eyes.

Act II

Josh is seen sitting alone at the cafe, wondering where his friends are. "'Meh, it's okay,'" he mutters to himself, "'You don't really need them anyway. They put you in danger. Lie to you. Help me focus with this case.'" Josh begins nodding at this, sipping on his coffee, and then Rena is seen approaching the table. "Oh, you're here early," the Portuguese butler notes, taking a seat, and Josh reveals, "I wanted to clear my head. Sort through the case." "What case?" Rena questions, and then, "Wait... you're not going after the Devious Butler too, are you? 'Cause that's totally my thing now, I called it! And I just arrived at my very first suspect." Josh just blinks at him, and then Rena asks, "Hey, were you able to get in touch with that therapist Mary recommended?" Josh goes to answer, but, before he can, Ben appears and sits down next to Rena, looking glum. "What's wrong with you?" Rena would like to know, and Josh appears pleased that the heat's been taken off of him. "Nothing," Ben assures, "Except everything. I finally went to see Jennifer and..." he sighs, "Things aren't good. If I didn't have a stupid job I'd still be with her. I don't like leaving her alone right now." "Finally someone who gets it," Rena nods, "Having a job really is stupid." "And she's with Kathryn Kappelletti, which can only exacerbate matters." "Why is she with Kathryn Kappelletti?" Rena wonders, and Ben reveals, "Turns out she was Andrew Von Trump's daughter." "Huh..." Josh murmurs, finally chirping in again, "I guess that makes sense." "I was just about to say the same thing," Rena nods. "Hey guys," Joe greets as he too arrives, and he gets greeted in return, then asking, "What are we all talking about?" "Andrew Von Trump was Kathryn Kappelletti's father," Rena tells him, and Joe murmurs, "Huh... I guess that makes sense." "Right?" Ben responds. Joe takes a seat, and then begins looking around at his three friends, arching an eyebrow and allowing Silvia's revelation that apparently his brother is a Wikerly Hills butler to fill his head. "Hey," he says, his eyes darting from one to another, "You all grew up with, like, birth parents, right?" "Ugh," Josh moans, "no matter how hard that bitch tries to weasel her way back in, she doesn't get to come back." "Uh-huh..." Joe responds, and Ben, confused, asks him, "Why are you asking?" "I'm just being stupid," Joe shakes his head, "None of you are the right ages anyway." "Right ages for what?" Rena questions, "I'm a great age. I'm the youngest of the group." Ben says, "I thought Josh was the younge--" "I'm the youngest of the group," Rena repeats, more pointedly, and Ben tells him, "K." "What other butlers work in this area?" Joe questions. "Loads, ever since Joanna made it a trend," Ben reminds him. "Although I heard some are getting fired ever since the Devious Butler became a thing," Rena nods. "But the very first on the scene was Jose," Ben adds, and Joe's eyes widen a little at this. "Jose..." he utters, thinking some about it, "No..." and then, "Maybe...?" "What's up with you?" Rena questions, "You're muttering to yourself more than Josh." The other butlers furrow their brow at him for insensitively pointing this out in front of him, while Josh just sits there, whispering, "'I object,'" as some sort of rehearsal. "You alright, Josh?" Ben asks with a kind smile. "Of course I am," Josh smiles back. "You look a little stressed," Joe adds, trying to maintain the kindness, and Josh seems to take some offense to this, assuring Joe, "I'm busy. And my stress levels are hardly helped by you, thank you very much. Mr. Neck-Snapper." "Whoa, dude, keep your voice down," Rena advises him, looking around to make sure no one heard. "You know," Josh goes on, "You're lucky we had the help we did that night, or you would be in jail right now." "Help?" Joe questions. "Of course, all that legal advice he gave you as we were burying her," Josh says as though it was obvious, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go help him prep for court." He gets to his feet and walks out, and Ben questions, "Does he mean Brad? Does he think Brad was... with us that night?" "I don't know what's going on with him anymore," Joe admits, looking worried, and Rena says, "He's going to therapy, though. He should be getting better... right?" "He said he was going to therapy?" Ben questions, and Rena thinks back, then realizing, "Well... no, actually, um..." "Maybe it's about time we staged some sort of intervention," Joe suggests, and the others nod in agreement. "Just as soon as I've taken care of Jennifer," Ben nods. "And I've looked into my first suspect," Rena nods also, confusing the others, and then, "Anyone know where I could pick up some scrubs? Meh, I'll find out." "Alright," says Joe, "But... we really do need to do something soon." "Aren't you busy with something also?" Ben points out, "Asking us about butlers and whatnot. You investigating something?" "Yeah," Joe admits, and Rena exclaims, "It best not be the Devious Butler, 'cause I'm thinking of taking out a copyright on solving that to be honest." "Something else," Joe assures, then uttering, "Jose..."
"Why else would Jorgio let that man live in his house for years? He was sneaky and snoop-y and..." "You just said Snoopie," Silvia nods back at her house, where Joe is meeting with her, "You can just say 'devious' if you're struggling for an adjective." "Yeah, well, that feels overused now that the media has made it into a whole thing," Joe admits, and Silvia shrugs. "All we have to go on is that he was a butler... How did you find out this oddly specific piece of information anyway?" "Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey," Silvia responds. "Huh?" "Bitch, I don't remember, I was crazy." "I never did learn all that much about Jose's early life," he goes on, "And Jose was good at finding things out. Maybe even better than me. He could've had some extra blackmail material to prove it, if it's true. Which... I hope it isn't." "It would mean your brother is dead," Silvia points out. "It would mean my brother was Jose," Joe points out in turn, shivering. "So..." Silvia goes on, "We need to find out. It's settled. We'll snoop around the Del Barrio house for any evidence." "We?" Joe questions, and Silvia tells him, "Of course 'we'. Snooping is what you do, Joe, and I thought I made it clear that I wanted to establish some mother-son bonding activities." Joe can't help but crack a smile at this.

"Scalpel," Dr. Strange requests, it then being handed to him by one of the other doctors he has standing by, and then "Syringe," he asks for, standing over a patient while performing what appears to be a rather large operation. He along with a couple other doctors are all dressed in scrubs, each with specific tasks assigned to them by Strange. "Syringe," he asks, this time with more force. The doctor holding the syringe doesn't respond though, and so Strange looks up. "Hello?!" "Oh," the doctor - with a rather familiar voice - finally realizes, "that's what this thing is?" he hands it to Strange. It's then that they all realize though that this is not the accompanying doctor that should be in the operating room. "Who the hell are you?!" Strange demands to know, and the fraud of a doctor removes his surgical mask and hat revealing himself to be none other than: "Rena Duarte," he answers, holding his hand out to shake. "You are not supposed to be here," a female doctor speaks up, appalled, but Rena brushes her off, stating that he has a few questions for Strange. "What in God's name, boy?! Don't you see I'm busy here?!" "Should I call security?" the female doctor wonders, and Rena rolls his eyes and digs through his pocket eventually finding two dollars. "Go pick me up something from the vending machine?" he asks, holding up the money, "I need the room." The doctor is appalled though, refusing to take the money. "Are you hearing this?" she asks Strange, to which the doctor demands that Rena leave now. "Or what, you'll stab me in the neck repeatedly with a sharpened mop?" "Excuse me?!" Strange exclaims. "Or better yet, will you iron my face in?" The female doctor looks at Strange, utterly confused, but Strange can't exactly help her himself right now. "What... are you talking about?" he asks Rena, all the while eyeing his patient to make sure they're still breathing. "Are you the Devious Butler?" the Portuguese finally inquires. "That serial killer on the news? No!" Strange answers. "Then where were you the night of Jason Montgomery's murder, hmmm?" "What? I don't know..." Strange utters, to which the female doctor sees fit to leave, announcing that she's calling for security. "Thank you," Strange says to his fellow doctor who nods in turn, quickly running out of the operating room. "So you have no alibi?" Rena wishes to confirm, but Strange doesn't quite know how to answer this; he doesn't know where he was when Jason died because he doesn't even know the time. "The news didn't release that information to the public, so how should I know." "Oh come on, we both know you did it!" Rena says, ever-so-sure of himself, "Jason's widow told me you had it out for him since day one, and it's the only scenario that makes sense." "Let me make myself clear," Strange says, getting rather frustrated, "I did not kill Dr. Montgomery. Hell, I had nothing against the guy at all. Sure, I thought it was a little odd of him to suddenly take on a wife who was over a decade older than him, maybe that's what drove Silvia to dropping my name, but I promise you I had nothing to do with his death! He was a great colleague and a wonderful doctor." "I don't buy it!" Rena says, but he isn't given the chance to press Strange any further as two security guards enter the operating room with the female doctor just behind them. "Sir, you're gonna have to come with us," one of them says as they both grab a hold of Rena's arms. "Hey, put me down! It's him you should be going after, not me! He's the Devious Butler!" But the security guards, as well as the female doctor and Strange just look at Rena as though he's insane, and the Portuguese servant is dragged out of the hospital and dumped in the parking lot. "This is so not over," Rena exclaims, standing up and brushing himself off.

We are shown the back of Liz's head as, over at Solano Studios, she is seen dancing on a chair scantily-clad in fishnets and leather - essentially her kinky BDSM gear, transformed into a cabaret act for Mary's film. However, when the dance number comes to a close, and all the crew members are clapping, we see that it is in fact not Liz dancing, but rather, her stunt double for the movie. "Wow," Liz nods as she observes, "She makes me look really talented." "Doesn't she though?" Mary smiles, proud, and Liz admits that that's really cheered her up after the crappy day she was having - Eli's will-reading being a dud and whatnot. Mary expresses her sympathies, having lived through her fair share of contract disputes in the past, and she tells her movie star that the rest of what they need to shoot today could probably be achieved via the stunt double alone, meaning she can head home and recuperate if she'd like. Liz thanks her, incredibly grateful, admitting, "Honestly, I was this close to just swallowing a gallon of bleach when I found out that bastard had left me with nothing. But, you know, I didn't." "'Cause calories?" Mary reckons, and Liz nods. She then turns around and begins heading home, taking a short cut through a quieter, echo-y, shadowier, more abandoned part of the studio. She hears footsteps coming from afar and stops for a moment, furrowing her brow. She ceases to hear them, and so she shrugs and continues. And then she hears them again, and it creeps her out a little, and so she tightly clutches her purse and begins to walk a little more speedily. The footsteps speed up as well. Eventually, though, Liz is out of the studio and in broad daylight, nervously approaching her hot pink convertible in the parking lot and ready to head on home. Shaking her head, she begins to drive, and we are shown, standing in the entrance with their suit and rubber mask, the Devious Butler holding an industrial-sized bottle of bleach. If we could see their face, they would look disappointed.
Over at the Del Barrio mansion, Ali can be seen playing with Cassie in the latter's play room, each one of them controlling dolls to go in the doll mansion Ali has bought for her sister. Cassie can also be seen still sporting Ali's old necklace, and also a bracelet and a few other trinkets seem to have added themselves to her growing collection. "You look so pretty in that jewelry," Ali smiles, oblivious, and Cassie smiles back, thanking her. "You remind me of my mother," Ali admits, "She was pretty too. She loved her jewelry." "You and me," Cassie speaks, clutching one of her dolls, "We're sisters... but we have different mommies..." "That's right," Ali nods, "My mother, um... she died a while before you were born." "That's sad," Cassie states, and Ali nods that it is indeed. "How did she die?" Cassie wonders, and Ali sighs sadly at this, admitting, "She was very sad, and so... she chose to no longer be alive." She's trying to tiptoe around the topic of suicide, while Cassie picks up a hairbrush and begins doing her doll's hair. "She killed herself?" she questions, and Ali nods, growing ever-sadder. "I didn't have my mommy around growing up," Cassie admits, and Ali assures her, "That's sad. But it's okay. You have me now." She offers her sister a sweet smile, and Cassie looks up from her doll to return it. "Losing your mommy must be worse though," Cassie figures. "It takes its toll, sure," Ali admits, "Used to be I'd have someone to talk to when it did..."
We flash back to Ali and Ben, back when he worked for her, the two of them up late at night discussing all manner of things about themselves over hot cocoa. Tears are shared, as Ben tells his employer, "Losing your mom like that... it must've been rough." "It really was," Ali nods, grabbing a tissue to wipe her tears, "But you... and your baby... and the whole thing with Justine, I..." This is taking place during the three months after Jorgio's arrest. "So we've both been through some messed up stuff," Ben shrugs, trying to lighten the mood, "I guess that's why we work well together." Ali manages to smile through her tears.
"But you said I have you now," Cassie reminds her sister in the present, "And you have me to talk to." She beams at Ali, who tries her best to beam back, saying, "I suppose I do." Liz is then heard arriving home, being greeted by James, and she asks him where her girlfriend is. He points her in the direction of the play room, and soon enough Liz arrives to witness Ali bonding with her sister. "Hey," Ali smiles, getting up to greet her with a kiss, "You're home early." "Yeah," Liz nods, "Stressful day. I just wanna sit back now and..." She halts, staring at Cassie, who has returned to brushing her doll's hair. "Is that... Are you wearing my bracelet?" Cassie looks up at Liz, painting another smile on her face: "Ali gave it to me." Liz turns to Ali, who exclaims, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought it was one of mine. You don't mind, do you?" "Um..." Liz bites back words, because of course she minds, but she manages to spit out, "Of course not," just short of popping a tumor. She then notices the rest of the jewelry Cassie is wearing and asks her girlfriend if she could speak to her outside for a moment. Ali says, "Sure," and Cassie looks up at them as they exit the room. Out in the foyer, Liz asks Ali, "Are you sure it's... wise? To be getting that girl so many gifts?" Ali just looks confused, asking Liz, "What do you mean? She's my little sister. I'm meant to give her presents. And she's been through so much." "Has she?" Liz questions, "Or are you just... trying to make yourself feel better about what you've been through by pampering the young version of you?" Ali doesn't quite know what to make of this, and then the doorbell rings again, interrupting this little discussion. James appears to have wandered off to make dinner or whatever, and so Ali decides to answer the door herself, leaving Liz hanging. "Joe," she greets as he stands at the door, "How nice to see you. Can I help you with anything?" "Actually, yes," Joe nods, "And it's gonna sound weird, but, do you perchance have access to any of Jose's old things?"
Ali is next seen showing Joe into the mansion's garage, admitting, "When you moved in, Jorgio moved all of Jose's stuff here." (see "Custodian Horror Story") "But he got rid of it," Joe recalls. "Not quite," Ali tells him, "He just... hid it. He didn't want to cops getting their hands on some of the sensitive blackmail material and whatnot he possessed, nor anyone combing through it at a landfill or whatever." "He hid it... where?" Joe questions, confused, and Ali admits that the infamous basement isn't the only secret hiding place that this house has to offer. "Move that filing cabinet," she advises, pointing to it amid the rest of the junk that's stored in this garage. Joe does so, heaving it away from the wall, and a little door can be seen - painted to look like the wall, just like the door to the basement. Joe opens up the little door up, and a hidden closet is revealed, filled with boxes of Jose's stuff. "There you go," Ali smiles, "Hope I helped." "You really did," Joe assures, thanking her, but Ali tells him it was no problem, then saying she thinks she needs to go cool off, maybe go spend some time with his fiancée since the two of them haven't caught up in a while. "I'll leave you to it." Joe once again thanks her as she exits the garage, back into the house, and then, on the outside - the big garage door - a knocking is heard. "Is the coast clear?" Silvia's voice echoes in, and Joe rolls his eyes before going to open the big door to let her in, promptly closing it behind him. "I thought you said you wanted to snoop with me," he recalls. "Yeah," she admits, "Until I remembered I pushed the owner of this house down a flight of stairs..." Joe looks sad at this, and Silvia defends, "I'm still atoning, okay?! I'll make it up to her later, when I have the time." "Alright, alright," Joe brushes off, "Now help me search through these boxes." A knock is then heard on the regular door - the one which leads back into the house - and James enters with a tray, a teapot and teacup in tow. "Ali said she had company so I thought you might like some--" However, he then sees Silvia there, and she finds herself staring at him intently. Very intently. "I'll, um, go fetch a second cup," James then says, heading back inside, and Joe tells her, "'Help me search through these boxes' does not mean stand there looking wistful." "We don't need to search through them," Silvia tells him. "What?" Joe questions, and Silvia utters, "His eyes... I never really noticed them before, because I wasn't really looking, but... Joe, those are Lily's eyes." "Are you saying... that James...?" Silvia nods, stating, "I think so, yes. He's your brother." Joe appears stunned.

At the Wikerly Hills Courthouse, Josh stands outside of the courtroom in which the trial of Juanita Kwon and her family is set to take place. He's pacing back and forth, speaking aloud as himself and as his late husband. "You've got this, we prepped and prepped, and you're gonna save that despicable woman and her family despite how much we kinda wish they'd be thrown out of the country," he says as himself, then laughing as Brad and making a kissing face as though he's kissing his husband. "'Really, what would I do without you?'" he says as Brad, taking a deep breath before marching into the courtroom. He's clearly late, with the Juanita and her family, Emilia Greenberg, Judge Quinnson and the jurors all in place. "You're late, Mr. Sonya," the judge exclaims before actually looking up and seeing that that is not Brad. "Um..." she utters, but Josh-as-Brad inquires, "Shall we get started?" Juanita looks back at Emilia who's sat watching the trial, in utter confusion. Emilia shrugs, and Juanita turns and points at Josh. "You no smartypants lawyer, you just dumb British butler!" Josh ignores this though, proceeding to stand next to Juanita and open up his briefcase that his literally nothing inside of it, not that he really understands that. "So my client here is pleading for asylum," Josh-as-Brad begins, to Quinnson's confusion as she's not given the official go, "and you need to grant her it because her and her family are not safe in Mexico. The cartel, they went after Mrs. Kwon's husband." "Boi wot?!" Juanita exclaims, "Don't you know?! I am lesbian! And I come to America not to escape cartel, but for cartel to escape me! Hell you mean!" Josh-as-Brad continues to ignore her though, pleading to Quinnson, "My client is a victim here. She did nothing wrong. She was put through hell in Mexico, by her employers, by people she thought were her friends. Then she fell in love with a man... a really, really good man. Who was gonna love her forever and despite her flaws and past baggage. Even when she threw him aside for a while, he waited for her and when she eventually came to her senses they got married. They were gonna live a long and happy life together - a happily ever after, if you will -, but then the church expl--" Josh twitches, "then the cartel murdered the man Juanita loved, and she was left with nothing. So she came here to America. To start over. She came here to escape her reality and have a fresh start. Where all was okay. Where her troubles were left behind." Josh-as-Brad then looks over to where he believes himself, Josh, to be sat and smiles, though of course there's nothing there except random other people watching the trial take place. "What you talk is poop!" Juanita exclaims, "Poop! Poop! Why you even here?! Go out! Go out!" but Josh-as-Brad ignores her, still. Not only has he convinced himself Brad is still alive, but his whole sense of reality is being warped. One figment of his imagination leads into another. He's unable to comprehend that nothing coming out of his mouth is true anymore. "Go out!" Juanita cries again, stomping her foot, but from Josh's perspective the whole courtroom is touched by Brad's short speech. "It's gonna be alright," Josh-as-Brad says to Juanita with a tear falling down his cheek, "Everything's gonna be okay." He believes himself to be having a victory here... until cracks are finally made to his fantasy due to the exclamation - "What is going on here?!" - by none other than Gregory Keating. Josh turns around to see Greg entering the courtroom, marching down down the aisle to take his rightful spot. "Mr. Keating, I thought you weren't scheduled to be back for a couple more days?" Judge Quinnson inquires, but Greg reveals that he got on the first flight home once he got Emilia's missed call. "I've studied the case, Ms. Greenberg," Greg turns to Emilia, "Juanita should be alright." "Um, sorry," Josh-as-Brad pokes his head in, "but I've got it," he assures. "Josh..." Greg utters with a sigh, "why are you here?" "When you didn't answer, I called up Bradley Sonya," Emilia reveals, "but then... he showed up." "Yes! Bitch boy is telling people cartel murder husband of mine. I no have husband! I am lesbian!" Juanita feels the need to reaffirm. Greg ignores Juanita though, just turning to Josh, and then back to Emilia. "Have you not heard?" he asks Emilia before revealing, "Brad's dead." Emilia is taken aback by this, then looking at Josh with dread in her eyes. "This is... was Brad's husband," Greg continues to explain, then looking at Josh and asking, again, why he's here. Josh just blinks though before turning to Quinnson and requesting: "May we continue the trial now, please?" And he blinks again with a blank expression on his face. "Josh--" Greg tries, "Brad," Josh corrects though, offended. The butler-acting-as-a-lawyer turns back to Quinnson though, again requesting that they resume the trial. "Josh, listen to me," Greg exclaims, putting his hands on the butler's shoulders, beginning to understand what's going on with his ex-boyfriend's widower, "You need to go home... and get some help." Josh shoves Greg away though though, not wanting to be touched. "Judge Quinnson, I'm requesting that this man be removed," Josh says, unnerved, but Quinnson looks at Greg knowing that he's innocent and so chooses not to respond. Greg nods at Quinnson as a silent thank you, and then turns back to Josh. "I'm trying to be nice," he says, "I really am, because I know what you're going through must be really hard. Trust me, I felt pain when I learned the news... but I had to learn to move on, and you should too... and you also need to get out now." Josh shoves Greg again though, this time even harder and telling the real lawyer not to speak to him again. He turns away, but Greg then yells, having officially had it: "BRADLEY SONYA IS DEAD! HE IS DEAD, AND HE IS NEVER COMING BACK, YOU INSANE LUNATIC! NOW GET OUT AND GO GET SOME HELP FOR YOURSELF OR SO HELP ME GOD--" but Greg isn't given the chance to continue as Josh turns around and punches the lawyer right in the nose, knocking him backwards on to the ground. The entire courtroom gasps, with Quinnson now demanding bailiff come immediately. Two armed officers grab Josh, but before hauling him away he's able to utter to Greg: "Maybe... just maybe, you're right about Brad," he says, this time as himself, "but I can assure he just sent his regards..." The butler then twitches, having pretty much just lost his mind at this point, and Greg watches in horror as he's carried away.

"Oh my, Joanna, this wine is to die for," Ali exclaims, lounging by Mrs. Winters' pool with Joanna herself, "wherever did you find it?" "Matthew brought it home for me after one of his business trips," Joanna reveals, "He was gone a lot and felt the need to make up for it, not that I really cared, but hey it got me a lot of bottles to add to my collection." Ali forces a smile at this, something Joanna notices, and so the brunette finally reveals: "Ben's fine." "What?" Ali exclaims, taken aback. "I know you're just here to check up on Ben," Joanna admits, "and I promise you he's alright here." "You sure?" Ali asks, giving up on masking her motives for this visit, "Does he seem happy to you? He's still exercising in the morning, right? Liz had a home gym installed and Ben and I were becoming work-out buddies and--" "Ali," Jo interrupts, "he's getting by." Ali lets out a sigh of relief at this... but then a frown. "So he's... he doesn't miss working for me?" "Oh, hun," Jo exclaims, feeling sympathy for her friend, "I said he's getting by, but of course he misses you terribly." "Really?" Ali looks up. "Yes," Mrs. Winters confirms, "I mean, he's fine in that his work isn't being affected and he's not letting himself go or anything, but he does very clearly miss you. He and I... well, it's not the best arrangement." "Then why did he leave?" Ali wonders, to which Jo shrugs. "But he has a job here for however long it takes him to go back to you," she promises, and Ali thanks her, extremely grateful for her hospitality. "And... I'm sorry for not meeting up as much lately. Just with Liz and other matters I--" "It's fine, really," Jo assures, then looking at the time, "Anyways, you've gotta get going," she announces, "I've got another visitor coming." "Oh?" Ali exclaims as she and Jo are getting up, "But we'll make plans soon?" "Yes, definitely," Jo promises, and she and Ali exchange a friendly smile... but Jo then looks up at the clock and re-affirms that Ali really does need to go. With that, the blonde sets off.
We next see the front door of the Winters' mansion open up, with Joanna welcoming in none other than Valentina Cortez. "Well... hi," the Spaniard introduces, proceeding to wonder why on earth she was invited over. "Valentina, darling!" Jo exclaims with joy, pulling the expecting maid in for a hug, "I just heard you're pregnant! Now how am I the last to know?" "Because we're not friends?" Val points out, though reminding Joanna that they did both attend Silvia's deadly dinner party just a few weeks back, which should've indicated it to her (see "Kill n Tell"). "Oh, semantics," Jo brushes off, proceeding to guide Valentina inside so that she can have a seat. "I made us drinks," she exclaims, "but then remembered you're pregnant and stuff so us became me. Though I could get you a glass of water, if you'd like?" "I'm good," Val exclaims, uncomfortably, "and should probably get going because, well, I kinda don't wanna be here." "Oh, don't go yet," Jo pleads, "I got you a gift." This causes Val to plant her butt right back down where it was though, her eyes lighting up at the word 'gift', and Joanna hands her a bag which, inside, is none other than a cashmere baby blanket. "Oh," she exclaims, a little disappointed, having preferred jewelry. "Don't throw it in the wash. It's dry clean only," Jo warns, to the maid's annoyance who says in response, "Look, Mrs. Winters, let's just cut to the chase here. What the hell do you want?" "Valentina, I know your life is hard," the rich woman exclaims, "so I wondering if you'll let me make it a tad easier." "How so?" the maid wonders before receiving an answer she never saw coming. "By letting me raise your babies! Well, one of them. Two is pretty extra." "Excuse me?!" the pregnant woman exclaims, utterly appalled. "Just think about it!" Joanna pleads, "One of your children will go to private schools, visit exotic places, have the best therapists money can buy... and of course you'll be generously compensated, which I guess could help you out with the other one." "So you wanna buy my baby?!" "Adopt your baby... for a fee," Joanna corrects, thus causing Valentina to burst out laughing. Joanna asks what of this, and Val states that what Mrs. Winters is asking for is absolutely horrible. "...And so not above me, well done," the maid commends, "Now let's talk numbers." Jo is happy with Val's response to this, and so she starts the discussion: "Are you looking just for spending money? Vacation money? Would you like it all in a check now or spaced out?" "Hmm," Val starts to think, "I have some credit card debt, so we could start by doing away with that." "Well let's schedule an appointment with an accountant, shall we?" Jo suggests, which Val agrees with. As the two continue chatting though, they're soon joined by the arrival of Ben, who's taken by surprise to see the mother of his children sat down talking with his boss. "You'll wanna do your vacations more in the Fall. It'll be cheaper, and you can make them last longer," Joanna states. "But won't my child be in school?" Val inquires, to which Jo points out that she'll be hiring a private tutor for the twin she adopts and sees no reason why the twin Val keeps can't be apart of that. "That way the girls will still have a relationship," Val realizes, and Jo states that that's exactly what she was going for. The two women both grin, with things going well so far. "Um, hello?!" Ben finally speaks up, "What the hell is going on here?!" This causes Joanna to frown, as she was not expecting her butler/biological father of her potential adopted daughter to be back so soon. "Ben, great news!" the maid exclaims with an even bigger grin now, "You'll just be in crippling debt for one baby instead of two." "Excuse me?" the butler wishes to know, and so Val explains that Joanna is willing to adopt one of their twins. "The hell she is," Ben beams, glaring at Jo, "Who do you think you are?!" "Ben..." Jo utters, having not gotten as far as to plan for his reaction, but Ben doesn't let her speak. "Back off," he shouts, "No way in hell are you getting one of my daughters." "Our daughters," Val reminds him, "you don't get full-say in the matter." "Oh bite me," Ben barks at his babymama, "No, you know what? This discussion is over. You will not be pawning off one of our daughters, not after everything you put me through to make this whole thing happen." "Ben, I would just like to--" Jo tries, only to be cut off. "And you," Ben exclaims, turning to his boss, "you should be ashamed of yourself! I confided in you, and you do this?! Ugh, just piss off! Both of you!" And with that, the butler storms off, leaving the mansion again and slamming the door behind him. Joanna and Valentina both sit in awkward silence now, the former looking extremely guilty. "So..." the maid decides to speak up though, "will you be paying with cash or check?" But one glare from Mrs. Winters confirms to Valentina that the deal is most certainly off.


Now done with work for the day, Ben is seen returning to the Von Trump mansion, only he is surprised by what he sees out front. Jennifer is standing there, yelling up at the second storey window where Kathryn is poking out her head. "Let me back in!" Jennifer is begging, jumping up and down, "I live here!" "Not anymore," Kathryn beams back down at her, "Daddy left his whole estate to me, remember? And I wanna liven the place up, which means no more bitches from the backlot of Brave muddying the place up!" "Please!" Jennifer pleads from down below, "I've nowhere else to go!" "Sorry, sweetie," Kathryn mocks, "But I've already packed you a bag. Well, I had that elephant maid pack it, but all the same, here!" She then throws a suitcase from a window and Jennifer has to dash out of the way in order to avoid being smacked by it, and Ben rushes over to make sure she's okay. "Of course I'm not okay," Jennifer weeps to him, "I'm... h-homeless... a-and penniless, I..." Ben gives her a hug, which she takes to, and then she tries to stop crying. "God I hate that Kathryn," she rages. "I know," Ben nods, "Everybody does." "I just wanna... pound her face into the damn curb, yanno?" "Um..." Ben murmurs. "Or... or... or maybe she'll have a heart attack, just like her precious 'daddy', and I can unplug her machine! Yeah, that'd be good, yeah..." "Jennifer," Ben says pointedly, and she turns to him, asking, "What?" "Listen to yourself," he advises, "This isn't you." "Oh, but this is exactly me," she points out, "Your 'crazy ex-wife'. This is who I am now. You fled the country just to get the hell away from me, remember?" "That wasn't..." Ben tries, and then, "You never used to be like this. When we met, we... You. You were a kinder person. A gentler person. A little rough around the edges maybe, but... I don't know, I liked that about you. I could never imagine you... killing someone." "But I did," Jennifer weeps some more, "I watched Andrew die just like I watched our child die, and I think I... I think I enjoyed it, too. So maybe it's always been who I am, maybe... maybe I was always destined to be that kind of person." "Destiny doesn't define you, Jennifer. You define you. And you need help right now, and that's okay... You just mentioned our child. Our daughter, and... Don't you want to be the kind of person - the kind of mother - that she would be proud of?" "I..." she tries, crying more and more, "I'm so screwed up right now. Crazy is usually so crazy because it doesn't even know it's crazy, but me... I know that I am. And I just... I just..." She bursts into uncontrollable tears, collapsing into Ben, and he embraces her once more, trying his best to soothe her cries. "I do need help," she eventually admits, and Ben, still shushing her, assures that he knows, and he's going to aid her in getting it. "Wh-where will I go?" Jennifer questions, and Ben goes quiet, at which she realizes, "Oh... you're taking me down to the funny farm, aren't you?" "I... It's..." "It's okay, Ben," she nods, "I... I need to be there. I know that. And... it's not like I have anywhere else to go. So... go on. Take me. Help me help myself... please." Ben nods at this, outstretching his hand for Jennifer to take it, and she does, and she picks up her suitcase off the ground and begins to walk away with it. "I really do wanna make her proud," Jennifer promises, far more calm now, and Ben tells her, "I know. Me too."

With a day's work now over, we see Dr. Strange as he's exiting the Wikerly Hills Hospital, bidding farewell to a colleague before heading towards his car. Unbeknownst to the doctor, however, he's being watched from another car not too far away. We see that it's Rena, having waited all these hours for Strange to get off work, and finally he lights up when seeing that his chase can commence. "Gotcha," the butler exclaims, restarting Silvia's car and beginning to follow Strange. In Mrs. Montgomery's GPS, he's programmed Strange's home address, but Rena's alarmed when following the doctor and finding that he's heading in a completely different direction. "Off to go commit another murder, I imagine," the butler deduces, beginning to accelerate in speed of hopes of being able to stop the potentially deranged doctor in time. Eventually Strange's car arrives at a building on the outskirts of Wikerly Hills, and he gets out of his car, looks around to make sure no one is watching him, and makes his way inside. He's oblivious to Rena though, who's now parked just behind some trees, and sees the doctor enter the strange building. "This must be his evil lair," the butler deems the building, though this doesn't stop him from getting out of the car and heading for the door. He tries to look in through the window first, but it's too high for him to get a glimpse of anything. Rena thinks for a moment, then deciding to press his ear to the door in hopes of being able to hear anything going on inside. It turns out that he can, but it's not what he expected. It's... music? Confused, Rena steps back, furrowing a brow, and finally he decides to make his move and slowly open the door in order to creep inside. What he sees is the absolute farthest thing he was expected. It's not an evil lair at all, it's... a gay strip club. Rena looks around in shock at the dozens of obviously homosexual men roaming about. All different ages and races, bear and twink and all the in between. A sign on the wall reals Boi Toys R Us, indicating it to be the name of the club, and the butler then takes notice of numerous dancers on poles, all scantily clad and moving in a provocative manner. Becoming uncomfortable, the butler continues to look around until he finally spots Strange sat at a table near the stage, having a drink with none other than Lieutenant Huberd. "What the...?" he utters, before trying to make his way over to the two men. However, he finds himself being stopped by a drag queen who comments, "Oooh, ain't you one fine piece o' ass," before slapping said ass and finishing with, "Sashay, you stay!" "Aha... thank you?" Rena utters, his face going red with embarrassment as he cautiously continues getting through the crowd of people, preferably as far away from that drag queen as possible and over to the man he is certain to be the Devious Butler. Rena's almost there, finding himself but a mere few feet away from Strange and Huberd's table when all of a sudden a giant spotlight is aimed in his direction. "Annnnd, we have a winner!" the host of the club exclaims, "You, sir, win this hour's on-the-house lapdance from dancer-of-the-week, Butterscotch!" "Butter-what?" Rena utters, in absolute confusion at what's going on, but he then hears a familiar voice utter the words "Oh yes, hunty!". Rena turns to find the drag queen he just encountered standing behind him - apparently he's a dancer at the club - and said drag queen pulls Rena up and close to him, spinning him before throwing him onto a seat. The whole crowd cheers as Rena remains completely and utterly confused and terrified. "Wh- what?" Rena utters, but Butterscotch is now up in Rena's face, moving his hips, shaking any and everything you can. "Please, now is not the ti--" but the butler is unable to continue as he receives a face-full of Butterscotch's crotch. Meanwhile, Strange and Huberd stand up to get a look at this hour's winner, and the former is surprised to see it is none other than the random man who he threw out of the hospital earlier. "The hell?" he utters, while Rena manages to push Butterscotch's crotch out of his face after having received a proper motorboat. "This is all... very flattering," he exclaims, "but really, I gotta go," and he pushes the drag queen off of him thus resulting an in-sync "awwww" from the crowd surrounding them. While the spotlight goes off of Rena and back onto the announcer of the club, Butterscotch just takes in the view of the butler's tushy as he finally makes his way over to Strange and Huberd. "Oh for Christ's sake, are you stalking me now?!" Strange cries to the Portuguese stranger and Rena, out of breath and in feeling slight trauma, shakes his head and exclaims that he demands the truth now. "I know..." Rena says, gasping, "that you're..." he gasps again, "the Devious Butler..." "What?" Huberd utters, turning to Strange, who assures the lieutenant that Rena's insane. "Oh, the jig is up, Dr. Strange... Do you even have a first name?" Strange goes to answer, but Rena tells him never mind as it doesn't matter. "What does matter is that clearly the lieutenant and I are on the same page. I mean, why else would he be here with you?" Strange and Huberd exchange glances at one another before Huberd finally speaks up: "We're here on a date." "Yeah," Strange confirms, "he's my boyfriend." "Well then I'm sorry for you, Lieutenant Huberd, because I'm going to have to ask you to place your boyfriend under arrest. He's the Devious Butler, responsible for the murders of both Elijah Davis and Jason Montgomery." "Is that so?" Huberd inquires, furrowing a brow, and Rena nods, standing by his claim. Strange and Huberd exchange another glance at each other before Huberd finally stands up, putting his arm around Rena. "Look, son," he exclaims, "I can guarantee you he is not the Devious Butler." "Oh? And how so?" Rena wonders, not buying it, to which Huberd reveals, "Because he and I were together on both accounts. For Mr. Davises' murder we were seeing a movie together, and for Mr. Montgomery's we were, well..." "I got off work early and was sucking him off from under his desk, okay?!" Strange breaks down, "Now, Jeez, will you let me be?!" "Oh..." Rena utters, having not seen this coming, "well, my bad." "Yeah," Strange says, rather bluntly, "it is." "I'm sorry, truly," the butler tries, but Strange shakes his head, annoyed. "Just give up this pathetic quest of yours to find out the killer and let the professionals handle it. My boyfriend and his crew know what they're doing." However, Rena feels the need to argue this last part. "Yeah, right," he says, to Huberd's offense, "who was it who threw an innocent man in jail for the murder of Jose Sanchez? Or two innocent men for the murder of Matthew Winters? Or shot an unarmed black man in the street? Or hell, just a few weeks ago, wrongly imprisoned Elizabeth Davis for the murder of her ex-husband? Everyone knows how incompetent the police are in this town. All the crime that goes on in Wikerly Hills; it's appalling. Now I may not be some highly trained detective who lives to solve mysteries and expose mayhem, but I damn sure am more determined than you, Lieutenant Huberd, or anyone else on your force when it comes to exposing and bringing down the Devious Butler. 'Let the professionals handle it' - oh, bite me." And with that, Rena storms off. While his first lead may have gone nowhere, he now knows how true his determination is. He will not give up until the Devious Butler is brought to justice.

"Is anybody gonna help cut me out of this thing?" Liz asks, referring to the leather outfit she's been squeezed into to match the previous day's take, for closeups and such. Her stunt double walks by in the same outfit, not looking uncomfortable at all, and Liz scoffs as she asks, "Why does she get the good corset?" Mary approaches Liz and asks if she's alright, complimenting her on her work for the day - "Your acting in the cattle ranch scene was especially exquisite," - and Liz tells her, "I know, I know, but costuming really tied this damn thing tight." Her hands are currently behind her back, trying to undo the corset's knotting, and Mary assures, "Shows off your waist though." "There's that," Liz nods, finally giving up with the knots and figuring, "Bah, screw it, I'mma just drive home like this." And we next see the back of that ginger head walking again through that shadowy part of the studio which acts as a shortcut to the parking lot. No footsteps this time... because the Devious Butler is more prepared, and simply comes from shadow and grabs her by the hair and forces her to her knees - fishnets hitting stone - then pressing the open bottle of bleach to her lips and pouring. She gargles and gags as the industrial green fluid is coerced into her mouth, and eventually the bleach bottle is empty and the Devious Butler lets go and allows her dead body to drop to the floor. More footsteps are heard approaching, and so the Devious Butler grabs the body and quickly hides away in the shadows with it, unseen to whoever's coming. And then... Liz emerges, alongside Mary, the two of them walking to the parking lot together. "See," Mary is saying in regards to Liz's outfit, "I told you we could get it off." Because indeed, right now, Liz is wearing normal clothes. "Can you believe Kathryn said green wasn't my color?" "Honey, you rock green." "I know!" "Hey, did you hear that apparently she's Andrew Von Trump's daughter? Rena told me." "Huh..." Liz murmurs, "I guess that makes sense." The two then exit the building and the Devious Butler re-emerges from the shadows, looking down at the corpse by their feet and coming to realize that they've in fact just murdered Liz's stunt double. The serial killer then shrugs and starts to whistle, dropping the empty bleach bottle beside the dead dancer and casually strolling their way away.
Back at the Del Barrio mansion, Ali and Cassie are back in the playroom, already in the middle of a deep chat - because it seems that, with no Ben around, Ali has taken to using Cassie as a crutch instead. "Marvin was never exactly the world's greatest father," the adult blonde is in the middle of saying, and Cassie nods, saying, "Daddy tried his best, but it wasn't enough. I'm glad I had Auntie Fiona around a lot." This makes Ali flinch some, and she tries to lighten to mood, assuring, "I guess it wasn't all bad though. I mean, we got by. Had a nice house." "We had to move a few years ago," Cassie admits, "Daddy lost his job, and had to pawn away a lot of stuff. I'm so lucky I found you, Ali. I feel so... blessed." "Me too," Ali says, tears welling up in her eyes, "And I'm sorry to hear that. But it's okay. Because your home is here now." "Yeah?" Cassie smiles. "Of course," Ali smiles back. "I... I always wanted a sister." "And now you've got one," Ali assures, "And I am gonna take such good care of you. Just you wait and see." More smiles, and then the doorbell rings. Ali and Cassie are stuck smiling at each other, and then it rings again, and Ali cries out, "James, could you get that please? My sister and I are kinda having a moment!" "Sorry, Ms. Del Barrio," James calls back, emerging from the kitchen in order to go answer the front door - Joe is standing there. "James," he smiles, "Just the person I wanted to see." "Really?" James questions, finding this odd, "What's up?" "Um," Joe begins, "This is gonna sound weird, but... would you mind my asking where you grew up?" "That is weird," James nods. "I'm sorry," Joe assures, "It's just... it's important, okay?" "Um... okay," James goes on, seeing that it really does seem to be important to Joe, and so he admits, "I grew up right here in Wikerly Hills. In, um... in the orphanage, actually." Joe nods at this, then confirming, "And you're 26, right?" "I... am indeed," James nods, "Although my actual date of birth has always been a bit of a mystery, if truth be told." Joe nods at this, tearing up a little, and so James asks him what's wrong. "Nothing's wrong," he promises, "I'm... I'm happy." "You're happy that I grew up in an orphanage?" James questions, and Joe reveals, "Happy, because... okay, now this is gonna sound crazy, but... James, I think you might be my brother." James' eyes widen at this - "What?" - and Joe beckons him to hear him out: "The both of us were born here, in this house, as children to Jorgio Del Barrio. You know about his old business, right? Well, I'm fairly certain that your mother was a woman named Lily DeWar. I... actually believed her to be my mother, for a while, only my mother turned out to be Silvia, the woman who held that dinner party. I know it's kinda weird that I have your mother's last name, but... I'm sorry, I should allow you to process this." James indeed does need some time to process this, taking a step back... and then a step forward. "You're... my brother?" "I think so," Joe nods, "I mean, we'll need to run some tests to be sure, but... yeah. I'm pretty sure that I am." A long moment, of James just staring Joe up and down. And then he hugs him, and Joe smiles, and James smiles back, and it's a joyous reunion of two long-lost siblings. "Sorry to break up the homo party or whatever this is," Liz says as she walks through the door, "But would someone mind telling me why I just had to open my own door?" "Sorry, Liz," Joe says, turning to her, and she says, "Oh, it's you. Throwback to when you interrogated me some. So are you and new Ben banging now 'cause I really should inform Joanna..." "Um, no," Joe promises, and Liz tells him, "Good. 'Cause honestly it looks kinda incest. Like if Ali and old Ben hooked up or something. James, could you fix me a drink?" "Actually," James excuses himself, "I think Joe and I have some catching up to do... do you mind?" "Yes," Liz states bluntly, but she goes ignored, rolling her eyes as the two butlers stroll on out of her home. Ali and Cassie then emerge from the playroom, with Ali promising Cassie that she'll order some Chinese food for dinner to celebrate, and Cassie seems excited as she leaves to go wash up at her sister's command. "Hey sweetie," Liz greets; a returned greeting, and a kiss. "Hey," Liz adds, "did you hear that Kathryn is Andrew Von Trump's daughter?" "Huh..." Ali murmurs, "I guess that makes sense. Can't say I was sad when I heard about his passing." "Anyway, what are we celebrating?" Liz asks her girlfriend, "Must be something big if we're allowing sweet 'n' sour into our diets." "I just made a decision," Ali reveals, smiling, proud of herself. "Oh yeah?" Liz questions, "What's that?" "I just got off the phone to my lawyer," Ali goes on, "I just kept thinking how hard it was losing a mother and having a distant father and I just thought... what if something were to happen to me, you know? And then Cassie would be left all alone with nothing and... I can't abide that. I just can't. So I had her made the main beneficiary of my will." Liz's eyes widen drastically at this. "You... you what?" Liz's eye is then caught by Cassie, who isn't in one of the mansion's bathrooms washing up - she's up the foyer steps, staring down from the small balcony at the entrance hall. Her eye catches Liz as well, and she gives her the creepiest of smiles before disappearing down the hall behind her. Then, Cassie actually does make it to the bathroom... where she pulls out her new, expensive cell phone gifted to her by Ali. She punches in a number and dials.
Elsewhere, in an average-looking suburban home, a middle-aged blonde can be seen filing her nails under the light of her crappy desk lamp - she wants to look classy, but isn't - when the landline starts to ring. Quickly blowing on her nails, which are still damp with varnish, she rushes to go answer it, and Cassie is of course on the other line. "Auntie Fiona?" she greets, and this woman - Fiona Pierce - greets in turn, "Cassandra, darling, how are things?" "Things are good," Cassie responds, "I think it's time for you to come visit." Fiona smiles deviously at this.

It's now evening on Fanon Drive, and we see Josh sat on the floor of his bedroom - Rena's old bedroom, as a matter of fact - in the old Davis/new Solano house where he has his head buried into his knees, having been up all night just muttering to himself. When his head finally pokes up, you can see that his cheeks are red and puffy, and the tears streaming down his face. "Everyone keeps saying you're dead..." the butler says, looking up at nothing, "maybe, just maybe... it's true." The butler uses his arm to wipe away some of the tears before finally standing up, beginning to pace back and forth in the bedroom. "And if you're not alive... well, then..." Josh makes his ultimate decision: "Then I don't wanna be alive either." He makes his way over to a small box he has set on the bedroom desk which he opens up and, inside, is none other than the key that Brad gave him to his apartment all that time ago (see "Malice in Workerland"). "You gave this to me as a way of saying you love me, and... after our brief time apart you gave it to me again, and you told me I was never allowed to give it back. 'Til death do us part..." the butler utters, another tear falling down his cheek, "but... I don't wanna be apart..." and with that, Josh takes the key and begins digging it into his wrists, cutting away at skin with the ultimate desire to be reunited with his one true love.

Ben returns home to the Winters' mansion looking sad, and Joanna is sitting on the couch and asks, "Why so glum, chum?" "Nothing," Ben assures, "Except the whole admitting my ex-wife into an asylum thing." "Butlers in this town have strange extracurricular activities," Joanna notes, then cheekily asking, "Fix a drink?" Ben shrugs and says, "Sure," going over to anywhere in the house and pulling out a bottle of wine and a glass. "Look, I'm sorry about the whole..." "Trying to buy one of my babies?" Ben finishes for her, and she nods, but he says, "Whatever. I'm... too ugh to be bothered to be mad about it right now." He pours wine into the glass and heads on over to Joanna, only for her to pull out the full glass of wine that she already had. She sips it, and Ben stands there confused. "Why did you have me make this if you already had one?" he questions, and she replies, as though it's obvious, "Well that one's for you. You look like you could use it." Again, Ben shrugs, and he takes a seat next to his employer and begins sipping the wine. "Good, ain't it?" Joanna inquires, and Ben admits, "I do now see why you sit around and do this." Joanna nods, and Ben recalls that those bottles she gave Rena to give to the other butlers for Christmas were exquisite (see "Little Red Patch of Blood"). "Got anymore of that Italian Oak lying around?" "We'll make that our next glass," Joanna smiles, clinking her drink against his as they both take sips together. It's then that the door opens again, and Joe enters it along with James. Ben greets them both from the couch, not getting up in order to finish his drink, while Joanna puts hers down in order to approach her fiancé and kiss him. "Hey," he tells her, "you hear about the whole Kathryn being Andrew's daughter thing?" "Of course I heard, where've you been livin'?" she jokes in response, then turning to James and asking, "Company? Should I have Ben fetch an extra glass?" "Already on it," Ben assures, heading off for a refill, and Joe tells her, "Joanna... I would like to formally introduce you to James... my brother." "Your... your what?" Joanna questions, eyes wide. "I mean, we haven't done tests or anything," James says to her, "But we're gonna get on it real soon. But, um, yeah... It seems I'm Joe's long-lost half-brother." Joanna then hugs her future brother-in-law, exclaiming that this is wonderful, then turning to Ben and telling him to get on it with that Italian Oak. "I am!" Ben promises, swigging some from the bottle, and then someone else enters the place. Without knocking. It's Liz. "Hey Liz..." Joanna awkwardly greets, "You shoulda stopped by yesterday with Ali. Been a while since we kiki'd." Liz, however, is stuck staring at Joe and James. "I'm trying to remember the last time I walked through a door and you two weren't there," she comments. "I live here," Joe tells her, "You... don't." "No," Liz acknowledges, then pointing to Ben, "but he does, and it's him I wanna talk to." "Me?" Ben questions, putting the wine bottle down, and Liz assures, "Yup. Can we talk somewhere in private?" "Um, sure," Ben tells her, "In the kitchen?" "Actually I was hoping all these other people would leave," she admits, and Joanna rolls her eyes at her friends, then telling Joe and James, "Come on, guys. Let's turn this into a poolside affair." The three then head off, leaving Ben and Liz to it, and Ben asks his former employer's girlfriend what it is she wants. "What I want..." Liz begins, "is for you to come back." "What?" Ben questions, and Liz elaborates, "It's time for you to stop playing house with Joanna Winters and return to where you belong." "But--" "But nothing." She takes a deep breath, and then finally comes out with it, "Look, Ben... You need to take your old job back. I can't get through to her like you can, I... I think Ali might be in trouble."

Unanswered Questions

  • What became of the real Joanna's body after Nadia took it away?
  • Who is the other baby, child of Jorgio and Lily?
  • Did Nadia leave the knife for Joanna? If so, how did she come to suspect the switch?
  • Why did the church explode? Who was behind it?
  • Who paid Rochelle to kidnap Joe?
  • Was Troy involved in the church explosion?
  • What did Ali's father do that she threatened to expose?
  • Who killed Eli and dished up his head?
  • What was the meaning of Cassie's painting? Who did it represent?
  • Who killed Jason? Who was the person behind the mask?
  • Who killed Troy and why did he have Joe's name written on his hand?
  • Who is the Devious Butler, and why are they murdering people in Wikerly Hills?
  • What are Cassie's plans for Ali, and where does inviting Fiona factor in?
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