The Lying Queen
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January 22, 2017
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"The Lying Queen" is the 22nd episode of Devious Butlers.


The circle of life runs its course as the past and present meet, and finally we delve fully into the mystery surrounding Joanna Winters. Or, is it Emilie Klaveno?



Joanna Winters remains sitting on her couch, picking up the glass of wine that she earlier set down and taking a much-needed sip as she stares out at the four butlers to whom she's just promised to confess her life story. As the implications of this slowly set in, she starts to think back to what this story truly entails, and so we see...
Flesh burning on a child's hand, creating a small but nasty scar which shall remain there forever, the little girl's scream accompanying it.
Fire burning in the reflection of a woman's eyes, before her head turns and a certain other not-yet-seen woman is reflected there.
Love burning in the heart of Matthew Winters, holding a wine bottle, looking at his wife as though for the first time. Which, actually...
"Are you sure you want to be drunk for this?" Joe asks, taking note of the wine, but Joanna tells him, "Honey, I couldn't not be drunk for this. Now please, all of you, sit." With Rena having pulled out the other couch beforehand in preparation, he and his friends all awkwardly sit down on it, so as to be opposite the woman whose mansion they're currently in. Josh is the last to sit, still feeling rather uncomfortable being in this living room, and an awkward silence falls over them all. "So when you say 'everything'...?" Josh inquires. "I mean everything," Joanna makes clear, "And I'm not doing this just so you'll forgive me or whatever. I mean, I guess I'm hoping you'll be open to it, but... I suppose, I just want you all to be able to understand my actions, even if you can't condone them." "What are your actions exactly?" Ben is curious to know, "Nobody will tell me." "Come to think of it, yeah," Rena adds, "Why were you guys so adamant that I not take this job?" Joe and Josh then look to one another, and then to Joanna, with Joe wondering, "Do you want to tell them, or shall I?" "Might as well be me, gotta get used to confessing," Joanna nods, then turning to the two spares and clearing her throat as she declaims, "I killed my husband, Matthew Winters, when he learned the truth about me. Not wanting to go to jail, I framed Josh. When that fell through, and when it looked as though Joe might expose me also, I framed him instead. Then Jorgio somehow wound up with the blame and... well, I don't really know what happened there, to be honest, but yeah, now you know the main stuff of this past year or so." Ben and Rena indeed both look shocked and horrified, unable to believe that their friends kept a secret of such magnitude from them, and Joanna looks to her current butler specifically and asks, "Still your hero?" Needing a moment to adjust, Rena eventually tells her, "Yes. Just... this story better be good, okay?" "Oh, it is," Joanna assures, "And you all deserve to hear it. Joe, I took advantage of you and then I sent you to prison, and continued to hound you after. Josh, I sent you to prison as well, when you had done nothing at all to warrant it, for which I feel horrible. Rena, you're my butler now, and if you're going to be around me all the time, it's only fair you know the truth. And you... Ben, was it? Well, I guess you're on break or something." Ben appears awkward, but Joe promises, "He does deserve to hear this. We've been excluding him for far too long, and he's one of us. From now on, you tell one, you tell all. That's how we roll." Ben emits a smile, as does Rena, happy to once again be in the tight-knit friendship group he's recently been dismayed with. "Fair enough," Joanna decides. "How can this story truly redeem you?" Josh wonders, "After everything you've done..." Joanna stares at him, switching her glass from one hand to the other, allowing her scar to be visible. Joe ponders this, now knowing what was under that makeup, while his former lover replies to his friend, "I don't know about redemption. Let's just go for comprehension, and then take it from there, alright?" Josh nods, finding himself willing to do this, and he takes a deep breath as he continues to grapple with being where he is. "Okay then... where would you like me to start?" Joanna inquires, pouring herself a fresh glass. "From the beginning is usually a good place, I find," Joe tells her, and Joanna responds with, "Very well, detective." "Come on, Joanna." "I'm getting there, I'm getting there, just... Okay, here goes." A large gulp of wine. "Well, for starters," she finally delves, breathing deeply as her liquid courage washes over her, "My name's not Joanna..."


Act I

Wikerly Hills,
March 2, 1984

We are treated to the shot of a set of rosary beads, currently being grasped in the hands of a woman lying on a delivery bed. As Brianna Klaveno inhales and exhales, she can be heard murmuring a few Hail Marys all the while, praying for the pain to go away. She is currently giving birth to a child, with her husband Robert standing by her side, as well as having the aid of numerous other doctors and nurses in the room. "You're gonna be alright, sweetie," Robert says to his wife, who nods, continuing to pray as the process of giving birth is seen through. Finally, however, the sounds of crying are heard, and the doctor comes up, revealing a baby girl. "Joanna..." Brianna exclaims, smiling at the gift of life before her. "Joanna..." Robert agrees, adoring the beautiful name for his beautiful baby girl. But then Brianna yelps in pain, and the doctor, having handed off the baby to a nurse, says that it's time for round two. "What?" Bri and Robert both question, in unison, only confusing the doctor. "You're... you're having twins," he points, but the couple turn to each other, having been completely unaware of this. The screen then goes white though, for Bri falls back on the bed as she goes through delivering a second baby, and soon enough more cries are heard again. We see the doctor come up holding the second child of Brianna and Robert Klaveno, the couple of which look at each other rather awkwardly. "Emilie...?" Bri suggests, turning to her husband, who shrugs. He doesn't think it's the best name, but guesses that it'll do. "Yeah... Emilie," Robert replies, entirely unenthused.

"Body of Christ... Body of Christ... Body of Christ..." the Priest says as attendees of the Wikerly Hills Catholic Church pass through communion, roughly seven years later. Among the folks are the Klavenos, headed by Brianna and Robert. Joanna stands between them, holding the hands of her two parents while Emilie lags behind. Since the twins were born, each week they would attend Saturday night mass in their finest attire. It was Joanna's favorite event of the week, something that isn't much of a surprise considering that's what her parents would have wanted and do expect. Emilie, on the other hand... "Is it our turn yet? I wanna go home..." Making sure no one else can see, Bri subtly reaches her hand back and pinches Emilie's arm, causing her to yelp some, in pain. She looks down, depressed; no one except Joanna noticed, and she turns and gives her miserable twin sister a sneer. Finally, the family makes their way to the Priest, and Bri and Robert each take a sip of wine and take a piece of bread. While Joanna moves along with her parents, Emilie tugs some on Robert's pants. He scowls at his younger daughter, wondering what it is that she wants, and she eyes the wine that the Priest currently possesses. "What is wrong with you?!" he growls, taking his daughter's hand, "You're far too young. Don't ask again or there will be consequences!" He then looks around, embarrassed by Emilie, making sure no one is looking at him or his family. He then squeezes tighter on Emilie's hand, dragging her with him as he follows Bri and Joanna. Once the family is a little ways away and nearing the aisle in which they were sat earlier, Robert lets go of Emilie in order to converse with his wife about what just happened. This allows Emilie to start to lag behind again, and Joanna decides to take the opportunity to split from her parents and stand with her sister. Emilie is cross-armed, mopey that her father got so upset over her just wanting to try a drink. "You could always go back when they aren't looking," Joanna whispers to her sister, but Emilie points out, "Daddy will get angry with me again." Jo thinks for a moment, but looks up and sees her parents pretty invested in conversation, paying no attention to their two daughters. "I don't think they'll notice," Joanna ushers, and Emilie sees too that her parents aren't paying any attention. She smiles at Jo, nodding, and proceeds to escape, walking back towards the Priest. With Emilie now dead-set on getting that drink, Joanna nudges both her parents. "Mommy, daddy," she exclaims, causing them to turn, and Joanna points at Emilie now trying to get the Priest's attention. "Emilie, no!" Robert shouts, while Brianna picks up Jo, and the three make their way back over. "Sir, can I please have just a sip?" Emilie is asking of the Priest, who doesn't really know what to make of this while others are waiting for their turn at the goblet. Emilie finally reaches up, grabbing the Priest's arm and tries to make him lower the goblet towards her. "Miss," he tries, fighting for her to let go of him, and finally the rest of the Klavenos arrive back in time. Robert grabs his daughter, growling that she let go of the nice man, but Emilie continues to insist that she have just one sip. Bri watches, humiliated as her husband is forced to pick up Emilie to drag her off, but all this does is give Emilie a better reach for the goblet, and after some more struggling, the entire thing is spilled on the floor. Everyone gasps as the red liquid splashes, and all Bri can do is cover hers and Joanna's eyes, not being able to bear watching this anymore. Robert, meanwhile, grasped such a tight hold of his daughter, making sure she really feels the pain that he wishes to inflict on her in this very moment. Some church aides - one of which happens to be none other than Meghan Jepsen - arrive to help clean up the mess. Not knowing what else to do, the Klavenos begin to leave, with Robert uttering into Emilie's ear, "You little heathen... someone oughtta have you cleansed..." And then he has an idea.
Sometime later, we see that the Klavenos are gathered back at the church, this time alone, with the Priest from earlier. Meghan Jepsen brings in a tray of holy water before leaving so that the family can be alone with the Priest. "There is just something wrong with that girl," Robert says to the Priest, "I just know that there's something dark and evil inside of her, and I just don't know what to do anymore." Emilie sits in silence, depressed over how her family is talking about her. "Don't worry, sis," Joanna whispers, "It'll be alright." The Priest assures Robert that whatever is going on with Emilie they can surely cure. "We just need to get her to open up and let the Lord back inside of her soul, and then it'll all be better." "And you think this will work?" Bri questions, and the Priest nods. They then turn to Emilie, ushering her over towards them. "We're gonna fix you," Bri promises, "and then hopefully things can be as they should. Hopefully we can be a nice, happy family." This makes Emilie feel warm inside some, for this type of language isn't what she's really used to hearing from her parents. She opens up her arms some, hoping for a hug, but Bri and Robert just sort of look at each other before each patting her on the shoulder. This is a bit of a letdown to Emilie, but she sees it as being better than nothing. With that, the Priest guides Emilie to the tray of holy water. He takes a stone, telling Emilie that he's just going to use it to douse the girl with it some, and Emilie nods, ready. Her parents and her sister watch with anticipation as the Priest dips the stone into the water, and starts to drip it onto Emilie. As the water slides off and onto the girl, the first drop happens to be onto her hand... and it stings. Emilie yelps, in more pain than ever before, and we see sizzling as a burn starts to form on her hand. The rest of the Klavenos jump back in fear, horrified by what this means. Even the Priest takes a few steps back, and an in-pain Emilie looks around at everyone seemingly afraid of her. She looks down, disappointed with herself, starting to think that perhaps she is the monster her parents have always made her out to be, after all.
"There's got to be something else we can do! Anything!" Robert pleads, in the Priest's office with Bri, Joanna, and Emilie. "I... don't know," the Priest admits, "This isn't like anything I've ever seen before." "Our daughter's a monster..." Brianna utters, glaring at Emilie, but the Priest assures that there still must be a way to help Emilie. He thinks for a minute, and then realizes something. "There was this one instance..." he starts to reveal, but then stops, "No, it might be too extreme." "What is it?!" Robert pleads, "We'll do anything. Anything." And so the Priest explains...
A dark room is shown, just before a door at the top of a staircase opens up, allowing light to flow in. At the top of the stairs we see the Priest, leading the Klavenos. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asks Brianna and Robert. The couple look at one another, questioning whether this is a good idea or not, but finally they nod. "We're doing whatever it takes," Robert says, motioning for his wife to drag Emilie from out behind them. "What's going on?" she asks them, confused, and Joanna peers through between her parents, intrigued as well. Bri kneels down to her daughter's height, stating, "You're gonna be taking a little vacation, sweetie." "Vacation?" And Bri nods, turning to the dark room. "In there?!" Emilie questions, and Robert confirms this. "Go on, now," he says to her, but she shakes her head. "No... I don't want to!" "But don't you want to be cleansed?" Bri wonders. "Well, yes..." Emilie admits, and so Bri tells her this is the only way. Instead of replying, Emilie just looks at her mother, and then her father, her sister, and the Priest. She then looks at the dark empty room, but as she goes to finally say something, she finds herself being forced through the entrance by Robert, and winds up tripping, falling down the flight of basement stairs. "Should we go check on her?!" the Priest wonders, worried that Emilie might be hurt, but Robert ushers he just close the door before Emilie hurries back up. The Priest does as told, and Emilie, from the bottom of the stairs, watches as the remaining light turns to darkness.

Emilie continues to sit there in the dark basement of the church, unsure of what to do with herself.
Later in the day, she can be seen banging on the door, begging to be let out of there, but there's no one around at this point to hear her.
The pain in her fresh scar twinges and she doesn't know what to do, just standing there, in pain, crying.
She snoops through some boxes and looks bored, merely finding old ornaments; golden fineries, candles, crucifixes and the like. She boredly goes through them before kicking it all to one side.
Her hand brushes over the dusty barrels stacked against the walls as she comes to wonder what they're filled with, eventually blowing dust off of labels, but she's not an advanced enough speller to be able to read the French wine names.
More banging. "Let me out!" she screams. At one point she even hears footprints, and so she halts... but whomever it is just walks past her.
Emilie paces for a while before going back to just sitting down, with a large sigh as she fiddles with one of the crucifixes and tries to make a game of boomeranging it at the wall.
She jumps up and down, screaming, hoping to incite something.
She slumps back down to the floor and just sort of lies there on the cold stone, waiting for something; anything. In the brief cracks of light exhibited through the tiny windows near the ceiling - which show the grass outside - we can notice day changing to night and back to day again as hours pass with her just... lying there.
"I'm ready!" Emilie tries lying, "The Holy Spirit has gone back inside me!" Buuuut nothing.
At one point, in the church itself, Meghan Jepsen thinks she can hear a little girl screaming during one of Emilie's fits, but she soon decides that it's just nothing and decides to finish cleaning up.
Darkness. And then a match is lit, with Emilie having discovered a box during her long while to go through everything. She begins lighting them and blowing them out. Lighting them and blowing them out.
"What's in here?" Emilie ponders, pacing past the barrels of wine again. Finally, she takes a crucifix and smashes into one of the lower down ones, allowing some of the red liquid to burst out and begin forming a puddle on the floor. Emilie kneels down, wanting a taste - she's so hungry, so thirsty, and she's finished all of what's been left for her - but soon decides it's too gross to drink something off the floor. Then a candle rolls towards her.
Emilie kisses her scar in an attempt to make it feel better. It doesn't. She begins crying some more, her stomach rumbling. "Why does God hate me?" she needs to know.
The little girl sets one of the tall, wax candles down in the puddle of wine, and uses the match to light it. She then parks herself down and watches, slowly, as the wick burns down, and the wax begins to melt. The candle will be gone soon, and then the flame will touch the wine, and then, she hopes, a chain reaction will ensue. And so she just sits there, fire reflecting in her now cold, dried eyes, waiting for the end.
"Nearly time for Hell," Emilie notes coldly, still sitting there with her legs crossed, almost bored as the flame has melted the candle down to a stump. Not long now before it makes contact with the wine. For a moment, Emilie thinks she can hear a baby's cry, but she soon blocks it out, assuming she's just hearing things as her life nears an end.
Upstairs, Meghan leaves the church with baby Joe - who's just been abandoned on the doorstep in a basket (see "Malice in Workerland") - and begins heading for social services, just as Brianna and Robert reenter with the Father, who brings with him the bulky key to the basement door.
The wax drips into the wine, and Emilie can't seem to care as it sizzles. However, an actual expression works its way back to her face as the door is heard unlocking, and then light streams down as it opens. She squints, not used to it, and doesn't know whether to be happy or sad to see the sight of her parents. "It should have been long enough," their Priest notes to them, and Brianna coldly tells Emilie, as she clutches her rosary, "Come on. It's time to come home." Not wanting to argue, Emilie nods, completely forgetting about the candle as she runs up the stairs to leave.
"Obviously, things are going to change," Robert is starting to lecture as he puts up his umbrella to shield he, his wife and his daughter from the rain now beginning to pour as they all leave the church, their Priest having gone a separate way. Emilie can't bring herself to respond, and then--
The candle burns to nothing. The fire touches the wine. The wine ignites, and so do the barrels - all of them. It is indeed an explosive chain reaction and from the outside--
All three Klavenos present dive as the entire church blows up. Fire and debris everywhere, the rain still pouring. It's a shocking sight. An absolute mess. And Brianna and Robert turn to their daughter as they know that somehow, in some way, them allowing her to escape God's cleansing is what done it. From the ground, she avoids their gaze in a vain effort to appear innocent.

"You really messed up this time," Joanna comments quietly from outside the kitchen while Emilie tries her best to covertly eavesdrop on her parents' conversation with their Priest, going on inside. "Shut up," Emilie begs via whisper - much like the hushed tones she's currently trying to listen in on - but Joanna just tuts, "That attitude is why you're going to Hell." With that, she begins heading upstairs, calling out, "Mommy! Daddy! I'm gonna go read my favorite passage of scripture!" "Good girl!" Brianna calls from the kitchen, allowing the conversation to be interrupted. "Make us proud!" Robert yells after, and Joanna flashes one last dirty smile to her twin before disappearing. Emilie, meanwhile, re-tightening the bandage now on her hand, continues to wait for her parents to emerge. When, at last, they do, Brianna, with only a somewhat heavy heart, tells her daughter, "We've been talking with the Father and, after what happened, we've come up with... with..." "A solution," Robert finishes for his wife, wrapping his arm around her for comfort, providing her with her rosary, "A longer-term one. For your heathen problem." Emilie appears confused as to what's about to happen.
"♪ We don't need no evil weed / Keep your crack and your LSD / I'm snorting something God gave me / And it smells a lot like loooove! ♪" We cut to Emilie clapping and chanting this around a campfire along with several other volunteer youths, all led by a pair of missionaries in the rather bleak setting of Africa, with it having been a few years since she was sent there. Her face is dull and bored and so done as she's forced to sing this drivel, so damn tired in this continent's awful heat, and yet she can't bring herself to look happy when the two missionaries - a man and a woman - tell the children that it's time for sleep, because she can't bring herself to go back into one of those damn mud huts with the rest of the native poverty-stricken inhabitants. So, while the other young-and-misguideds go about their nightly routine, Emilie finds herself approaching the two missionaries, "David... Mary Margaret..." "Yes, child, can we help you?" Mary Margaret inquires, a big friendly grin that's almost threatening. "As you know I've been here for a... a while now, and I was just wondering about that flight home tomorrow. I know the other kids usually come and go and I stay, but, I was thinking this year..." "You don't enjoy our teachings?" David wonders. "Oh, you know I do," Emilie lies, "God and I are just... so tight. It's a testament to you, really. And know how I know the word testament? 'Cause of the Bible. So basically I'm so not a heathen anymore. I've had several other missionaries before and your work with me is totally done. So... could I come home with you?" "Be patient and God will provide the answers," David assures, which Emilie just blinks at because that is just in no way a pertinent reply. "The truth," Mary Margaret decides, "is that your parents have specifically requested that you not return. Yet." "At all..." Emilie starts to realize, "I've been disowned. Forgotten about… I even miss them. How sick is that?" She begins to tear up, and the two missionaries look to each other, and then to her, with Mary Margaret then kneeling down to assure the girl, "You just run along to bed. I promise we will do all that we can to rectify this problem. Phone calls, whatever it takes, we shan't rest until your place home is secured." Emilie smiles at this, and the two missionaries smile back - those threatening grins of theirs. "Okay," the still rather young girl weeps, "Thank you." And then she heads on back to her relegated mud hut.

That night, Emilie can be seen tossing and turning in her bed, awful images swarming through her head. She recalls her mother and father's faces as she was shut in that horrible basement; them not even waving goodbye to her as they put her on the plane to Africa; all those lonely nights in horrible places such as this, being given a rudimentary education by rounds of missionaries and varying children; having to help out around the community and not finding an ounce of reward in it, merely wanting to go home to the first world. In her dreams, her sister Joanna smiles evilly at her, still able to enjoy all the goodness which comes with being middle class in America, and all Emilie can do is wake up crying as she does most other nights. "You really messed up this time," her sister haunts. Fire fills her head as she recalls the explosion of the church also, and then she just clutches the golden cross which hangs from her neck which, given the position she's in, she sort of has to wear. While clutching it, with the same hand on which the burn graces, she looks up and asks, "Are you done hating me now? I... I'm sorry. I don't know what I did, but... I'm sorry. I truly am." Still she weeps, and she realizes that she's never going to get back to sleep at this rate; she's too excited about the possible prospect of going home, while also dreading the other very real prospect that she won't be able to do so. As such, she applies her old and rundown shoes and takes a little walk around the quiet village outside. She breathes deep as she takes what she hopes is one final look around, going past other huts and over hills and avoiding any mysterious bugs which look as though they might be able to poison her - as she is used to by now. Taking in the landscape and feeling nothing but despair, she breathes again and begs, "Come on, Mary Margaret and David. Do me a solid. Just this once. I'll be good, God, I swear." And that's when she sees them. After coming over a hill, she spots Mary Margaret and David sitting on a blanket together outside their own, larger hut, enjoying a late night picnic on their last night in this godawful place. Their private stash of wine has been brought out, and they are enjoying a bottle together, laughing, and of course not trying in the slightest to make it so that Emilie can go home. No. They're perfectly content to let her be stuck there. They cannot see her, but she can hear them, giggling as they chat about whether or not to head to bed. "Early flight tomorrow. And we should probably be gone before that little brat realizes we're leaving without her." "One more cup," Mary Margaret insists, having some more red, and then they just sigh and talk about how much they can't wait to leave. Emilie is just sitting beside the mud hut at this point, around the corner from them and still unnoticed, crying silently as the sounds of their horrible laughter fill the air. She can smell the wine from there, it's so strong, and then the missionaries finally call it a night, panicking about not leaving any of their rations out in case one of the natives get peckish. David then points out that it matters not, for they're leaving in a few hours, and so they just head inside to bed. Finally, Emilie sees fit to emerge, knowing that they're asleep from their loud drunken snores. She is not only sad now, but angry, and she takes this out by gorging herself on the rations they've left out. Poor girl hasn't eaten properly in so long, and she needs this. Their snores continue to anger her, and then she sees the wine bottles just lying there, and she gets an idea. That exploding church fills her brain once again, and before she even realizes what it is she's doing she's pouring the wine all over the outside of the hut... and then she begins pouring some inside as well, not even waking the missionaries in their passed out state. Finally, she finds some old matches used for cooking, and she strikes one while uttering, "My old friend." We then see something we've glimpsed briefly before: a pair of small hands, smeared with dirt, lighting a match against a rough surface and then throwing it forward (see "Grime of Thrones"). Emilie watches rather callously as the flames engulf those two religious bastards, melting their home rather easily and covering them with hot mud like tar. They wake up screaming, not even knowing what's going on, and Emilie just continues to stand there, a look on her face which suggests she believes that justice is being served. And, as those two people she hates continue to burn and choke to death, she walks away, into the dry, deserted horizon. She walks away and she begins to cry, thinking about what she's done and not knowing how to feel. A whole mix of emotions. Damaged emotions, for that's all she's really capable of. Once again she finds that cross hanging from her neck, so she rips it off and she throws it far into the distance; into the fire. Any faith she once had, she's now abandoned, and she must wander. Because she's all she has in this world.

Act II

Sunrise and sunset as the days change, the months pass, and the years go on. We see young Emilie Klaveno fleeing the missionary camp, and eventually buying passage on a ship, escaping Africa forever.
The ship eventually brings her to a small village in Asia where she spends some years working for a rice farmer. While the pay isn't much, he does provide her with clothing, shelter, food and water. Eventually, however, the farmer returns home one day with a wife, announcing that he plans to sell the farm and move to the city. Realizing she'll be left with nothing, Emilie decides to take measures into her own hands and robs the farmer blind one night and finds passage on another ship, this time to Australia.
Six months, Emilie spends in Australia, hitchhiking from town to town. Not much is there for her, but she does at one point accept a dinner from a family known as the De Ravins. Now dirt poor again, Emilie is forced to sneak her way onto another ship, and this time she sails to South America.
Landing in Brazil, Emilie now finds herself on the streets again, with no job and no money. However, she eventually meets a group of teenagers who, like her, are alone in the world with no one to look out for them but themselves. This group is in fact a gang, and Emilie spends a few additional years with them, pickpocketing people, robbing people blind. It goes well for a while, that is, until one man they rob eventually gets the police after them. Most of them having hit legal age, they were arrested, but Emilie was able to escape with some money and this time pay for a flight out of Brazil and to Europe.
Emilie just roams Europe from there, hitchhiking from country to country. France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland... all until she finally settles in Italy. She quickly acquires a taste for the food, for the language and the scenery, though this doesn't help much as she's still just an urchin on the streets. One day, she goes about her normal routine of robbing people blind, managing to slip her hand into purses, removes watches, taking wallets from pockets, etc. She makes her way through the streets, eventually spotting one woman dressed in well enough attire, sporting some jewels that she could pawn off for some decent cash. Emilie then proceeds to make her move, approaching the woman as she appears to be distracted, but just as the now-18-year-old girl goes to grab a necklace, the woman who she was gonna steal from grabs her by the wrist. "I don't think so," she exclaims, in perfect English, shocking Emilie, who is then dragged around and in front of the woman she was about to rob. "Don't think I haven't seen you around, girl," she says to Emilie, "No one else has suspected you for the recent robberies because you seem like another dumb American, but I've figured you out." "Please..." Emilie utters, "I don't mean trouble, just..." "You're hungry and can't afford food," the woman finishes for her, and Emilie nods in confirmation. "So how did you wind up here?" the woman then questions, before commenting, "I'm sure there's a story to tell there." "Indeed..." The woman thinks for a minute, and then finally reaches out her hand to shake Emilie's. "I'm Nadia," she introduces. "Emilie," Emilie says in turn, shaking the woman's hand. Nadia looks around the street, eventually eying a restaurant that's just a block away. "Why don't we get you something to eat," she suggests, stating that it's on her. Emilie is taken aback by this, wondering why Nadia would want to help her, and she replies that it looks like she could use it.
The two ladies are next seen dining in a restaurant, Nadia handing the waitress their menus, speaking in fluent Italian what they'd like to eat. Once the waitress is gone, Nadia then decides to take advantage of no one else in the restaurant speaking English, thus meaning no one will understand what she and Emilie are discussing. "So how did you end up here?" she wonders, and Emilie merely shrugs. "I've just been hitchhiking for... years." "Do you not have a home? Family?" "I do. They're... somewhere. In America, I guess." "I see," Nadia exclaims, and Emilie proceeds to wonder, "So if you've known it's me who's been pickpocketing people then why haven't you gone to the authorities?" "I figured you probably had your reasons. I just wasn't gonna let you take anything from me." "Well... thank you." And Nadia smiles at Emilie, telling her that it's impressive she's managed to survive on her own like this, but Emilie can't help but chuckle. "It's been no blast," she says, "I've gotten into a lot of trouble out there. I'm sure a lot want me dead." "Well that's a damn shame," Nadia comments, then continuing, "but I might have an idea." Emilie looks intrigued by this.

Nadia and Emilie are next seen in gym attire, battling in a dojo of sorts, commandeered by the former. Emilie attempts to give Nadia a swift kick, only to have her foot grabbed and then she's floored, all before she has the chance to fight back. And then Nadia has Emilie down on the ground in a hold so that she can't move, all without breaking a sweat while the poor young woman at her feet can't help but breathe heavy in exasperation. "Okay," Emilie pants, "I call a timeout." Nadia laughs at this, refraining and helping the aching Emilie back to her feet, and she tells her, "Don't worry. I can teach you how to do all that. A few weeks with me and you'll be able to fend off whatever bastard comes your way." Emilie smiles at this - at Nadia - clearly admiring her, and Nadia smiles in return. She then turns sad, though. "I don't suppose you want paying? I don't have much," Emilie makes clear, "I'm not exactly good with numbers, though, so, uh..." "Oh, honey, are you even educated?" Nadia wonders, taking pity on her, and Emilie frowns, saying, "I didn't exactly have the chance to learn anything..." She can't find the word. "Conventionally?" Nadia finishes for her, and Emilie says, "Yeah, sure. I was schooled by missionaries for a while and then nothing." "Missionaries?" Nadia questions, "Oh dear. Well, don't you worry. I can take you under my wing for not a penny. I am to understand that you don't look too favorably on the missionary experience?" Emilie then suddenly thinks back to the two of them burning in their mud hut, eventually replying, "Not really, no." "Another girl scorned by religion," Nadia nods, and Emilie looks to the scar on her hand, taking this sentiment as rather literal. "My parents disowned me because they thought God hated me," she simplifies, "I think they might've been right." "Honey, no," Nadia makes clear, "'God'... He doesn't exist." "But..." Emilie doesn't understand, knowing his water burned her, and Nadia assures, "Religion is this world's greatest lie. Its greatest disease. Fashioned by leaders to keep us 'mediocre stock' in check. Nothing but a bunch of Chinese whispers that people are willing to kill for." "You... certainly seem to have some strong opinions there," Emilie points out, surprised that she's tapped into such a rich vein of hatred in her new friend. "I'm sorry," Nadia goes on, "I shouldn't be spewing all of this over you. I just... I have bad experiences with it, too." Emilie looks sad at this, because Nadia turns melancholy, and she wants to know what she endured that made her like this. "I grew up in a very religious community. Catholic, as you can imagine," Nadia reveals. "Like my parents," Emilie recalls. "Then you get it. The horrible strictness of it all was enough to drive me mad, but... that wasn't all there was, unfortunately." Emilie looks confused, and Nadia adds, "There was this Priest. The way the whole thing worked it meant... it meant no one was really able to step in and do anything when he... when he..." She looks too emotional to go on, and so she just skips over the obvious, proceeding with, "I tried to tell people, but they wouldn't believe me. That a man of God could be so monstrous. My own family joked that I needed to pray more, and that maybe then God would give me a backbone." Emilie appears horrified by this, while a tearful Nadia explains, "That's when I realized that the only person who was ever gonna look out for me was me, and so I took matters into my own hands." "...How?" Emilie is curious to know, and Nadia just looks at her.
"That's how," Nadia reveals, opening a drawer back in her apartment to reveal something which shocks Emilie to her core. "You made it into a necklace?" she exclaims, resisting the urge to throw up. "After cutting it off, yeah," Nadia smiles, proud of herself, then closing the drawer in a vain attempt to block the dreadful rotting smell. "Did you... kill him?" Emilie wonders, and Nadia stares at her. Emilie takes this as a "yes", and Nadia wonders if this is all too much for her to handle. If she still wants to learn from her. "I do," Emilie assures, "In fact, I, um... I did something similar. Not to an attacker like your Priest, although that's certainly happened. A young girl wandering the world alone, it just sort of... Anyway. Those missionaries I told you about. They were always going on about God's love as if it were this magical thing and... well, they reminded me of my parents. No Father, actual or biblical, has ever given me love. It's all such... I hated them. And I watched them burn. And I felt awful. And I felt good, too. I don't know what that makes me." "It makes you strong," Nadia assures, making Emilie smile. "Like you?" "Yes," Nadia laughs, "Like me. I can tell you have potential, Emilie. And I can tell you have a bone to pick with religion, just like I do. It's why I've spent so long getting my revenge against it, as well." "And how do you go about doing that exactly?" Another look.

The last of the explosives are fastened to the foundations of the empty church by Nadia, who proceeds to run out with Emilie at her side, the both of them excited and scared. And then, when the two of them are a sufficient enough distance away, Nadia takes a small device from her pocket and hits the big red button at its center, causing the Catholic haven to explode violently.
The two women are next seen sitting atop a foreign hill, watching the church burning in the horizon, firetrucks struggling to put out the flames. It creates almost a romantic glow, and Nadia wonders if Emilie would perhaps like a drink or something - "Wine, perhaps?" - but Emilie comments that she doesn't think she could stomach it right now. "Yeah, I was like that my first time, too," Nadia giggles. "So you've done this... before?" Emilie clarifies, in reference to the burning church, and Nadia assures her, "Not just me. There's this little... group, that I'm a part of. We go around and... show religion what we're made of." "Wow," Emilie watches, the fire reflecting in her eyes, and then she turns back to her new friend. "You look almost nostalgic," Nadia points out, and Emilie admits that this isn't her first time doing something like this either, for when she was a little girl she blew up her family's church by accident - "It's why they banished me to Africa." "Well, they sound like real a-holes," Nadia comments, and Emilie tells her that they were, especially her sister. "Of course, saying that, she was seven the last time I saw her." "You two didn't get along?" Nadia surmises, and Emilie explains how Joanna was always the perfect one; the one her parents favored; God's miracle child. "Sounds like a bitch to me," Nadia states, and Emilie smiles at this. "You can forget all about her," the terrorist goes on to say, "Because I'm your sister now." Emilie finds this touching, the two of them exchanging an almost loving look, before turning back to the church on fire. "Mare athei," Nadia whispers under her breath. "What?" Emilie inquires. "Sea of atheists," Nadia elaborates, "It's just what we say, honey. Assuming... you'd like to join us?" After some time spent thinking about it, looking from Nadia to the church and back to Nadia again, Emilie eventually decides, "I'm in."

A few years have now passed, and we see Emilie and Nadia are sat in a fancy Italian restaurant, each dressed in beautiful gowns with their makeup done. Nadia has just ordered a glass of wine, and Emilie has ordered a water. Once the waiter is gone though, Nadia turns to her partner: "No wine?" she questions, to which Emilie just shrugs her shoulders. Nadia doesn't really think much of it from there, and just snaps her fingers. An apparent security guard Nadia has working for the two ladies approaches her. "Any word from our special guests?" she wishes to know, and the guard informs Nadia that they should be there shortly. In the restaurant Emilie and Nadia are attending, they're in their own sectioned off area with velvet rope and men in black standing by each entrance way. The waiter returns with the ladies' drinks, and once he's gone they each take a sip. Putting down her glass though, Emilie exclaims, "So you've yet to explain who or what these guests are." "Well I was unsure if this meeting was the right move." "Oh?" "They're potential investors, Emilie." Emilie is taken aback by this though, surprised that that's a thing. "Do we really need investors?" she questions, as well as, "Is it not dangerous that we're putting ourselves out there like this?" "Relax," Nadia says, "I know these guys, and they know that they'd be stupid to turn themselves into a... problem." "I see." Before any further discussing can be had though, one of Nadia's guards turns and nods that the special guests have arrived. With the guard stepping aside, three men make their way past the velvet rope... Kevin, Killian, and Kerwin Kappelletti. "Have a seat, boys," Nadia instructs, after allowing them to each kiss her hand. "And this is my partner, Emilie." "Enchanté," Kevin greets, then turning back to Nadia, "So have you considered our deal?" "I have," she reveals, then turning to Emilie and informing, "Kevin and his brothers - the Kappellettis - are prepared to invest fortunes into us." "Since our parents died, we've been left with all this money. We're prepared to help out your little... organization, if Nadia here can hold up her end of the deal." "Which is to make their family into stars," she finishes, "I have some connections in the industry." Emilie's impressed by this, though a bit bitter to have been excluded from the initial dealmaking. "How much are we talking?" she wishes to know, and Killian speaks up: "About 10k a year." "Yeah, seemed reasonable," Nadia admits, but Emilie turns to her, a bit shocked. "You're settling for that? No, no... at least 30... every six months." "Is that not a bit extreme?!" Kerwin speaks up, turning to his brothers and wondering if they actually support this. "Emilie," Nadia tries, worried that their deal is about to collapse, "I think 10k is fine..." But Emilie shakes her head, stating, "We're getting bigger and bigger, and not everyone works for free. We have to pay staff, we have to pay for supplies, for homing... 60k a year or no deal." The three brothers look at each other for a minute, unsure if they can actually afford this. Nadia, too, is unsure if this really a good idea, but Emilie isn't finished just yet. "Don't think I haven't heard of you guys," she exclaims, "well at least your parents - Kalinda and Karl Kappelletti - the millionaires whose fourteen businesses you've all just inherited. The businesses you'll continue to make money off of, plus the stardom Nadia has promised you. What I'm asking for won't even put a dent into what you all have." "Emilie..." Nadia utters, as the three brothers all turn to each other, but Emilie ignores her partner. Finally the brothers turn back though, and Kevin is the one to exclaim: "Deal." Nadia is shocked, having underestimated her partner, and Emilie smiles, satisfied, and has a sip of her water.

The cries are heard of the victims of a burning Catholic church. Nadia stands at the top of a hill, grinning as this sacred temple falls to the ground. "Emilie, come look," she calls, ecstatic, and Emilie makes her way over from discussing with a few of the minions. She's taken by surprise though when she is now able to hear the cries of innocents and see how they are just burning away. "I... don't understand," she utters, turning to her partner, "I thought the church was supposed to be vacant." Nadia's smile drops as she turns to Emilie, sighing, "So did I, but I guess I was wrong." "Nadia..." "There's gonna be collateral damage, okay? So a few lives were lost; it's worth it in the long run. Besides, we've done this before." "Not with me, you haven't..." "I don't understand your problem," Nadia replies, "You've done stuff like this before." "Yes, but I had my reasons for it! I can't just condone senseless slaughter of innocent people!" "I don't know what to tell you then. This is what you signed up for. You should know stuff like this is bound to happen." Emilie looks back though as the people burn, and trucks are starting to arrive to put the flames out. "Besides, we're just putting them out of their misery, anyway. Brainwashed into having faith in something that isn't real. C'mon." Emilie is horrified though, seeing what little regard Nadia has for human life. She starts to back away from the woman she once considered a friend - a sister - unable to stand so close any longer. Nadia sees this, and is starting to see how much this is getting to Emilie. She gives a light laugh. "I never realized you were such a softie. Is this really too much for you to stomach, Em?" "You're crazy..." is all Emilie utters in turn though, but Nadia tuts, "I'd get down off that high horse if I were you," she says, "Because if you're not with me then you're against me. And you know what happens to people who are against me." "So now you're threatening me?" Emilie questions, but Nadia shrugs her shoulders, stating that that's all up to her. She then resumes watching the church burn.
The burning church then turns into a burning candle, as Emilie sits up in her bed at night, contemplating. She thinks about what Nadia has said to her, about how if she's not with her than she's against her, and she starts to realize how she cannot bear to be apart of what Nadia is doing any longer. She gets out of her bed and approaches one of her bureau drawers, fishing through and eventually coming across a box full of cash she has since acquired during her time as Nadia's partner. "Mare athei..." she utters, proceeding to stuff the cash into a bag, along with a change of clothes and some other essentials. She leaves her bedroom, looking through the halls to make sure no one else - Nadia or her minions - is awake. She heads for the door, but stops when she notices a newspaper lying on an end table. It seems to have been left there by one of Nadia's American minions, for it's a local paper of a Californian city... the city of Wikerly Hills. This triggers Emilie some, for it's been years since she's thought back to her former life in that town, and upon flipping through the paper she notices a particular picture. The picture depicts local Wikerly Hills resident, Jorgio Del Barrio, shaking hands with another resident by the name of Matthew Winters. By Matthew's side though, Emilie is startled to see that it's her. Well, not her, but someone who looks exactly like her (see "Sweeping Beauty"). "Joanna..." she utters, realizing it to be her twin sister. This gives Emilie an idea, and she proceeds to keep the newspaper in tact as she sets off.


We close up on the WIKERLY HILLS sign before being shown Emilie, staring up at it, standing amid all the people. She's clearly rather triggered being there, having sudden remembrances of her past, and she begins to wander, rather rundown because apparently she's sold a lot of her wares to be where she is currently. She continues to walk until night hits, and before long she's back at somewhere very familiar indeed - the site where the church she attended as a child used to be, before she blew it up. It's just some office building now and, taking her hand from her pocket, Emilie stares down at her scar, then feeling the intense need to walk away. She is eventually going down the many twisty turny alleyways this place of town has to offer - as we know from Silvia's chase of Lily (see "Malice in Workerland") - and, suddenly, as she's going down an alley, she hears footsteps coming from behind her. She begins to panic. They get intensely closer. They're coming after her. Someone's coming after her. "Nadia..." she breathes, ready for a fight, but then-- "Ma'am," some young man says, something in his hand, "I think you dropped this." Emilie sighs with relief, taking from him the newspaper clipping which fell from her pocket. "Yes," she replies, still breathing heavy, "Thank you." He then bids her a goodnight before moving on, while Emilie moves towards a streetlamp, wanting to be able to reread the clipping about Jorgio, Matthew and her twin sister. She soon looks over the words Fanon Drive and is eventually able to find a Wikerly Hills street map for tourists, beginning to scour it in order to learn exactly where this is, for she is curious.
Fanon Drive appears as extravagant as it does in the present as Emilie steps foot on it for the very first time, approaching the Winters' mansion. She continues to breathe heavy, still skittish that she might be being watched by Nadia or her men, but soon makes it to the window of her sister's home. She stares in at Joanna Winters sitting by the fire with her husband, Matthew. The two of them are holding hands and laughing, even enjoying a little bit of wine together. Staring in at the lovely home her sister has, Emilie can't help but feel a bit jealous, and also compelled to walk away.
We see Emilie, wandering the streets of Wikerly Hills, scrounging for food out of dustbins like any other ratty hobo. "Maybe I shoulda used the Kappellettis' plastic surgeon before I ran off," she sighs at one point, still paranoid that Nadia is after her. Despite rummaging all over, she's always drawn back to Fanon Drive. Several nights spent staring through that window, at her sister and her brother-in-law, time spent wondering about the life she could have had were she not a 'heathen'. So rich and lavish. On one of the days that she returns, however, there is something stuck to the underside of the windowsill. Finding this curious, Emilie unsticks it and unfurls what turns out to be a piece of paper. On it: a time and a place, signed Joanna. Stealing another glimpse of her sister, Emilie realizes that she's been spotted, and that this summons is for her. She steps out of view and deeply contemplates the message she's been sent.

"Joanna...?" Emilie is heard calling out as she wanders onto a remote Wikerly Hills field at night, at the bottom of a hill. Her clothes are drab and dirty, her hair and general appearance not that much better due to all this time on the run, and as she looks around at the dark of night, frightful that perhaps this is all some sort of set up by Nadia, she finds herself dropping the summons left for her by her twin sister. "You really shouldn't litter," comes a familiar voice, and Emilie turns, startled, to see Joanna Winters atop the hill she just made her way down. It isn't long before they're level, though, with Joanna making her descent look almost effortless in all her fur finery; Emilie shivers from the cold. "It's that kind of behavior that makes people think you're a 'heathen', after all." Emilie practically feels the scar on her hand twinge, her fingers trembling more than they were from the general chill, and she asks her sister why she wanted to meet. "It's nice to see you too, Emilie," Joanna comments, sliding her slipping purse back up her decorated shoulder, "I couldn't very well allow you to continue just... skulking around, now, could I?" "I thought you'd forgotten about me, to be honest," Emilie admits. "Well, I did try my best to block you out, yeah," Joanna admits, "In fact, that whole upbringing is behind me. Don't get me wrong, it was all very useful. Being the doting daughter had its perks. Pretending to take joy in being good and pure and acting as though I love God, as if he exists." "You don't believe in God?" "Of course not, honey. I just knew how to play mom and dad. Perhaps if you caught on as quick, you wouldn't be where you are now. Where have you been anyway?" "It's a lo--" "Wait, I don't care," Joanna cuts her off, "I have myself a nice life here. A rich husband, a mansion, more money than even I can spend. So if you're planning on mooching off me or whatever..." "I'm not," Emilie assures, "I just wanted to see you. And mom and dad. I don't know why, I just... Whatever. I can't find them." "'Cause they're not alive anymore," Joanna reveals, and Emilie grows shocked by this. "Wh-what?" "You know, faking love is a truly valuable skill," Joanna begins to monologue, "It's how I got our parents to always trust me. It's how I got Matthew Winters to marry me. It's essentially how I got everything I ever wanted. And I found Brianna and Robert annoying. They wanted to be all wrapped up in my life, so happy I found myself a nice religious man, but that nice man came with an even nicer bank account, and it's amazing what you can accomplish when you're willing to spend a few bucks. A car goes hurtling off the road with a pair of Klavenos inside, and no one thought to check that sawed off brake line. At least, not 'til I paid them not to. Fun, huh?" "You used your husband to kill mom and dad?" "Oh, he has no idea, but essentially yeah," Joanna smiles, proud, "Not that he isn't using me too. I mean he loves me, obviously, but he's gayer than a rainbow, really. My back hurts from bending. It's a small price to pay, I suppose." "You sure can talk," Emilie sighs, and Joanna gives her a scathing look. "My life is far more interesting than whatever wretched little tale you've been living out, to be fair. Although I suppose it's my fault. You probably never would have been sent away if I hadn't switched that holy water for acid behind everyone's backs." She laughs, and Emilie stares at her in shock. Joanna then ceases chuckling, and shrugs and says, "Sorry?" "You... you caused this?" Emilie raises her hand, showing the burn, and Joanna tells her, "Guess so." "So... so there really is no God," Emilie comes to fully accept, and her twin sister just rolls her eyes and utters, "Duh." "You're... a monster," Emilie comes to accuse. "Look," Joanna states, "The real reason I wanted to meet with you tonight, Emilie, is because I wanted to give you something. I felt... 'guilty', I suppose, as a good Christian often does. And I wanted you to have something which might start to make up for things." Emilie appears both confused and intrigued, not to mention still furious and overwhelmed, while Joanna just digs through her purse, eventually taking out a big ol' knife and announcing, "Here it is." Emilie steps back in fear. "Joanna, what are you doing?!" "I have a perfect life now," Joanna exclaims, "And I can't have you - some loose thread - hanging around to threaten it. So I've got to take care of you, like I took care of mom and dad. But you're my sister, Emilie. So I felt I owed you the honor of doing this one myself." With that, she lunges forward. Emilie had barely the energy to move before, but now her adrenaline has kicked in, and she manages to dodge the knife and tackle her sister to the muddy ground. Both are crying out and hitting each other, but Joanna is acting more as though she's in a cat scrap while Emilie is using the proper moves imbued upon her by Nadia. The struggle goes on, the two sisters continuing to battle it out for dominance on the ground, and then-- The sound of metal piercing flesh. It's then that we see something else we've seen but a glimpse of before: hands, at night, covered in blood - the person to whom they belong is visibly shaking (see "Grime of Thrones"). That person is of course Emilie, who shakes profusely as she gets to her feet and stares, shocked, at the vision of her twin sister with a knife in her gut. She's killed her. Or she thinks she has. Suddenly, Joanna's eyes burst open, and Emilie lets out a small, startled scream. "You... heathen... bitch," Jo manages to croak out at her sister, coughing blood before she finally dies, and Emilie returns to panicking. Shaking still. Not knowing what to do. And then... an almighty calm washes over her. "There's no God, remember?" she says coolly to Joanna's corpse, then crouching down and picking up that litter she earlier dropped, as well as removing the miraculously unstained coat from the well-pampered body of the rich woman whose life she just took. Along with it, she takes her purse, searching through it and finding lots of nice disposable income... as well as a driver's license. Emilie stares at her sister's photograph in the ID, at how much it looks like a groomed version of herself, and then she nods, knowing what she must do. Rooting through the purse again, she discovers her sister's keys. Her keys.

Emilie uses her new key to unlock the front door of the Winters' mansion, making her way inside and looking around to see if her new "husband" is anywhere to be found. Seeing that he isn't, she proceeds to make her way upstairs, at first getting lost due to the size of this place, but eventually finding the master bedroom and subsequent bathroom. She ruffles through some drawers, eventually finding a pair of scissors, and she starts snipping away at her hair, eventually getting it to about the length of her deceased sister's. She then makes her way around the bathroom, eventually finding the shower and about falls in love with all the different nozzles and buttons and setting. She hops in, experimenting with it all as she gets herself clean, having not bathed in about a week or so. From the different levels of heat, the water pressure, and even the different soaps, shampoos and conditioners, it's more than Emilie could have ever dreamed of. Once finished, she covers herself with Joanna's red silk robe - the softest material she has ever touched before - and then makes her way to the makeup counter. Having pretty much become dry, her hair just a little damp at this point, she runs a hair dryer through it to finish the job, and then decides to have fun with the different products Joanna had for her face. She does a pretty accurate job at depicting what Joanna looked like before her death, but then remembers that she forgot to put on clothes. She makes her way to Joanna's massive closet and begins looking through the different outfits and gowns she had acquired. Emilie finally settles on a casual red dress which proves to be a perfect fit, and she twirls around some in front of the mirror, admiring herself. Looking from head to toe, she seems to be about set, that is, until she looks at her hand. The burn scar remains prominent from all those years ago, and it sends a shiver down her spine. As such, she returns to the makeup table where she looks around, eventually finding a good concealer that she brushes across her hand. She looks down at it, for the first time in years to not be reminded of that horrible day, the day that just sent her life on such a downward spiral. "Joanna?" a voice then calls out, and Emilie puts the concealer down on the makeup table, turning back, startled to see Matthew Winters standing behind her. "Oh, hi..." she utters, meeting the man she's now supposed to spend the remainder of her life with for the very first time. "You okay?" he asks, noticing that she looks a little shaken, and that she's also changed her clothes. He furrows his brow, and she looks down at herself and remembers that her "husband" might notice a difference. "Yeah, I... I just needed a shower... to change. I... my sister, I just found out she died." "Sister?" Matthew questions, "You never mentioned having a sister before." This makes Emilie sting some, hurt by the fact that her twin would just make no mention of her whatsoever. "Sorority sister," she then corrects herself, "From college... that I went to." Matthew gives a light chuckle, stating that he knows she went to college. "That's how we met, remember?" "Right, yeah, sorry... I'm just a little out of my head right now." Matthew approaches his wife, gently taking her hand; Emilie starts to worry that he's going to wipe off some of her concealer, but thankfully it seems to remain in tact. "I think I know just what you need," he tells her, leaving the new Mrs. Winters intrigued.
We next see Emilie sat down in the dining room of the Winters' mansion, Matthew bringing them an unopened bottle of wine and two glasses, walking right past the knife set in the kitchen with one missing. Getting the cap off the bottle, Matthew proceeds to pour the red liquid into their glasses, handing Emilie's her. She looks down at the drink, amazed, for to this day she has yet to taste the supposed blood of Christ. Matthew raises his glass, and Emilie does too; they clink their drinks together, and then drink. Emilie's eyes widen as the liquid hits her mouth; it's nothing like she's ever tasted before, and she proceeds to down the entire thing in one gulp. Matthew is surprised by now fast Emilie took that in, and she hands him her glass, demanding seconds. Again, the liquid is poured.

Dawn sheds new light on Wikerly Hills, and we are once again shown the real Joanna Winters as she remains lying in a field at the bottom of a hill, a knife in her gut and blood pouring from her mouth. A shadow then washes over her as the sound of several footsteps near, and then we see Nadia standing there, accompanied by a few minions. "Well," she comments, staring down at what she thinks is the body of Emilie Klaveno, "at least one of my men is doing their job right." She then crouches down and pulls the knife out, beginning to twirl it around her fingers before then clicking them to order for her present men to take the body away and, as they get moving and begin to do so, Nadia stares at where it used to be and whispers, "Mare athei, Emilie." One last look at the real Joanna as she's carried off and--
We cut forward a few years, to "Joanna" in a bar, on her very first meeting with Joe prior to their one-night stand. He sadly tells her, "I'm Detective Joseph DeWar… at least I used to be." "Oh, honey," she replies, patting his back, "nevertheless, it's nice to meet you. I'm Emilie." She shakes his hand (see "Buffing the Damp Mire Layer").
More years later, and Josh is serving Joanna and Matthew at breakfast while they both read the paper. While Josh is about to comment on Jose's murder, which Joanna is reading about, Matthew interrupts with, "Yeah, that's bad, but have you seen the front page? Another church has gone up in flames..." (see "Pilot")
Joe discovering the blackmail note Jose began to write to Joanna. The words "I've done some digging around, and I found out your little secret" stick out (see "Custodian Horror Story").
"Of course you're not," Matthew replies to Joe on his first time being in the Winters' mansion, "You probably prefer books about… trysts and, and… Satan, I don't know." "Well I do love a good villain," Joe quips, making Joanna smirk. "A funny man," Matthew nods, "God isn't particularly fond of the 'funny'." "If he likes you, then certainly not," Joe replies, "though there's no need to worry. I don't exactly believe in God." This too makes Joanna happy (see "Buffing the Damp Mire Layer").
Right before Matthew is about to leave for straight camp with Josh. "It'll be like the week before our wedding, do you remember?" "Sure…" Joanna replies, "what did we do again?" Because of course she doesn't remember (see "Rinse Upon a Time").
"We used to do it all the time," Matthew tries reminding his wife (regarding anal sex), but Joanna, offended, tells him that she's never done that with him (see "Mess-Prone Housewives").
We are shown a suspicious Matthew typing "Joanna Klaveno" into a search engine on his computer, before cutting to him in an office reception, talking to a secretary. "Please, I'm begging you," he says. "Just... can you get me this one birth certificate and I'll go away." (see "Gritty Little Liars")
Matthew later drops a file onto the table in front of her - containing Emilie Klaveno's birth certificate. "What is this?" she wonders, sounding bored, and Matthew states that it's the truth. Cut forward to him saying, "Now knowing everything I can flat out say: you're a monster." This triggers Joanna. We then once again see her dragging the wine bottle shard through his throat (see "Gritty Little Liars").
We are taken back into Joanna's dream, of her as a Queen. "I don't know which part of your name is more incorrect," booms Matthew, "'Queen' or 'Joanna'." We then see her talking to herself or, as we now understand it, the real Joanna talking to Emilie (see "Grime of Thrones").
The TV is on in the background of the Del Barrio kitchen while Ali is in there. She is off-screen, of course, but we're able to see the news story on yet another church explosion (see "Grime of Thrones").
Joe says in reference to Jose: "After all, he did wanna blackmail you. I found the note and everything, not that he sent it." "I guess he was too scared," Joanna points out, "I knew he learned the truth about me." We then cut to Joe exclaiming, "Scared of you? Why would he be scared of you?" And then, "Because I've done things!" Joanna screams, "Very bad things that will haunt me for the rest of my life!" (see "Grime of Thrones")
"I'm Joanna!" she lies, "I've done bad things, but they're in the past. I told a few lies, but I'm still me!" "Do you even know who you are at this point?" Joe asks (see "Drop Dead Devious").
Joanna, after Josh has learned the truth about her, having removed all her jewelry, fine clothes and makeup... even the makeup covering up her scar. Emilie cries, looking at herself (see "Goldilocks and the Four Butlers").
"And the church... exploding..." Joe says in regards to where he was abandoned as a baby. "Churches explode all the time in Wikerly Hills, no one really questions it anymore," Meghan Jepsen points out (see "The Little Spy Maid").
We cut to Joanna on the nightclub floor, leaving a very long-winded message to Josh. "I can't go back to being a prisoner; I was all alone down there and it was awful and then don't even ask me about the mud huts and Oh God - there's a guy I don't believe in, haha. But, um, yeah, I wasn't really free. I'm not really free, I'm... sitting on the gross bathroom of some gross club that I only got into using a fake ID for my already fake ID, all drunk and pathetic like a college girl or... I don't know, is that what they're like? I never went to college, or high school, or even middle school, to be honest." (see "Little Red Patch of Blood").
"Where the hell did you learn to fight like that?" Rena asks Joanna after she's just saved him from Kristi. "Just some moves I picked up. Thanks for something, Nadia." (see "Sweeping Beauty")
Joe looking at a photograph of Jorgio, Matthew and Joanna. The real Joanna. He notices something off about her, and Joanna-vision tells him, "You know that that isn't me. Not really." (see "Sweeping Beauty")

"Joanna Winters" still remains sitting on her couch as we finally return to the present day, once again reaching for that all-important glass of wine which has gone through more than a few refills as this story has been told. The butlers sitting opposite her, however, seem to be the ones in real need of a drink, all of them unable to react. Ben is, perhaps least fittingly, the first to say something, uttering, "Wow..." before asking, "What the hell world did I just stumble on into?" "Well, now you know," Joanna states, sipping, and Rena admits that he wasn't expecting any of that, still not sure if he's more or less shocked than he was when he learned that his current employer murdered her husband a little while prior. "And the Kappellettis bankroll terrorism?" the Portuguese butler adds, taken aback by this little snippet, and Joanna adds in turn, "Oh yeah. Saving you from their home was super triggering for me." "Huh." "Joe... Josh?" Joanna turns to them, "Anything to say?" "I don't know, honestly," Josh responds, "It's... a lot to take in. I mean, it certainly doesn't excuse what you did to me..." "I know," Joanna nods, still ashamed, "I know." "But," Josh adds, to her surprise, "I do... get you now. So... that is something." Joanna manages a smile, telling him, "Good. That's all I wanted." She then becomes fixated on Joe, needing to hear what it is he's going to say, but all he does is rise to his feet. Joanna closes her eyes, thinking he's about to leave and unable to take it, but, to her shock, she soon feels him sitting beside her. She turns to him in surprise, seeing the understanding in his eyes and beginning to tear up, and then he takes her hand, gently rubbing over the acid scar with his thumb. "Does this mean..." "I think... maybe..." Joe begins, "After hearing the truth, I could... forgive you. Emilie." And, for the first time in a long time, the facade of Joanna Winters slips away, and Emilie Klaveno purveys just how happy she is.

Unanswered Questions

  • What exactly did Matthew learn about Joanna ("Emilie") that Jose wanted to use as blackmail?
  • What didn't the Littles want Josh to find out, relating to the blood-spattered white cloth?
  • Why was Silvia chasing Lily and why was she dead-set on killing the baby?
  • What is Silvia's history with Jorgio and why did she kill and frame him?
  • How did Joanna come to obtain the burn scar on her hand?
  • How did the church Joe was abandoned at come to explode?
  • Why did Lily disappear a year prior to her death? Why did Silvia disappear also?
  • What is Rochelle's history with both Lily and Silvia?
  • Where did the blood stain in the Littles' attic floor come from?
  • Why did/was Joanna a prisoner, refer to "mud huts", miss out on education and have a fake ID?
  • Why did Silvia feel as though she had to push Ali down the stairs?
  • Why did Manny's zealousness mean the Littles had to leave their old home?
  • In what sense were the Littles run out of town and by whom?
  • Where did Joanna learn to fight like that and who is Nadia?
  • Whose remains are hidden in the Littles' attic?
  • What became of the real Joanna's body after Nadia took it away?
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