The Aristocatfish
Devious Butlers 2x07
January 1, 2017
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Flash sideways
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"The Aristocatfish" is the 19th episode of Devious Butlers.


Following a less than merry Christmas, Wikerly Hills' aristocracy finds itself in crisis. Ali is hospitalized after the attack, and some daunting news is let loose. Liz must deal with being penniless thanks to her marriage ending, forcing her down a less than desirable path. Rochelle tries her best to keep her secrets hidden from Joe, only to then have another exposed. And Joanna could end up once again without a butler when Rena's "big break" arrives to TV. Meanwhile, Ben confronts Val over what he's discovered, Brad begrudgingly deals with Juan's sudden return to Josh's life, and further discord claws its way into the butlers' friendship.



The broken angel remains in pieces on the floor as Ben stares down at it, sighing. As he prepares to clean it up, he also begins to question the whereabouts of his employer, and leaves to go find her at the same time that he thinks back to all the other great messes he's discovered and then had to clean up throughout his life...
We flash to Ben in high school, arriving at his locker after having made his way through the halls. It's been totally trashed by bullies, stuffed with garbage and with its door hanging off its hinges; he languishes.
We flash to Ben, as a primary school janitor, walking into the infants' bathroom to a shocking sight, then grimacing as he enters fully with his mop and bucket in tow.
We flash, finally, to Ben returning home from work one day, not even having changed out of his jumpsuit, before he notices the drops of blood which trail to the bathroom, ruining the carpet. He follows it, and discovers his wife Jennifer huddled over, clutching her large pregnant belly. "I think there's a problem with the baby," she whispers tearfully, to Ben's horror.
Back in the present, and Ben is wandering down another set of halls, belonging to the Del Barrio mansion. He's still on the hunt for his absentee boss, and so he begins to call out her name. "Ali?" he calls softly, and then louder, "Ali?!" It is then that he notices the open door at the end of one hall in particular, which he knows is an entranceway to the stairwell leading down to the infamous basement. Finding this very strange indeed - just like Ali before him - he goes on through it, again calling out, "Ali?" His foot touches the stone platform which precedes the final set of steps, before-- "Oh, my God, Ali!" She is still lying there, her hand unmoving beside her tiny bump, blood still emanating into a large puddle. Her face has grown bruised against the hard floor, which Ben hurries toward, running in a blur down those last few stairs. It isn't long before he's crouching over her, already in tears, crying, "Help! Someone help!" But then he realizes that he's the only help his friend's got and, shaking his head in an effort to regain it, he manages to remove his cellphone from his back pocket. At the same time, he rolls Ali onto her back and fastens his ear against her chest, uttering, "Okay, still breathing," with great relief before he dials 911. The reception isn't exactly great down in the basement, and so he has to wait a while, during which time he stares tearfully into his loved one's unconscious face and begs, "Stay with me, Ali. Stay with me. Please. St-stay..." And then the words, "911, what's your emergency?" echo through the chamber.
The next we see Ben, he is sitting in a hospital waiting room, hoping for an update. His face is stoic, and then someone is heard entering behind him, claiming, "I saw her being put in the ambulance from across the street, I came as fast as I could. What happened?" And the voice of Valentina Cortez is enough to break Ben's sadness, transforming his expression into one of anger instead. Steam practically billows from his ears as he stands to face her, not saying a word, and she just stands in turn, staring at him. "Well?" she presses, "What's going on?" Clearing his throat, Ben explains that Ali fell down the stairs, and that she's currently in a medically-induced coma while the doctors wait for the swelling in her brain to reduce. "Oh my..." Val utters, "And the baby?" Ben shrugs, saying that he's not heard anything, and then Val asks when Ali is going to wake up. Ben shrugs again; "Could be tomorrow, could be a week... could be longer... And so, I can't exactly tell her yet." "Tell her what?" Val asks in confusion, and Ben, maintaining his angry expression, purveys, "About you." Squinting momentarily, Val continues to pussyfoot around the subject, not knowing what exactly Ben knows. "What about me?" "You knew Justine. You were her sister. And unless you two were in some sort of sorority together, I take it that means you're related." "She was my half-sister, if you want to get technical," Val makes clear, "But details, details." "And you came to work for Ali because... why?" "Because," Val says, folding her arms, seeing no reason to put up any sort of front any longer, "I don't think my sister's death was an accident. And I'm here to find out what really happened to her." Ben is taken aback by this, which makes Valentina smile, and then, "How did you find out, anyway?" He doesn't respond, and so she scoffs, assuming, "You were snooping around my personal belongings, weren't you? I can see why she liked you. No respect for boundaries, either of you. What a shame it led to her demise." "You don't know what you're talking about," Ben assures, rediscovering his confidence, "And just know that the minute Ali is all better, she will find out the truth and you will be fired - and then whatever little scheme you have going will just... go away. And, if you don't mind, that's what I'd like you to do right now. Leave." For the first time, Valentina looks genuinely worried, and then Ben adds, "Oh. There's a broken angel on the living room floor back home. Clean it up while you still have a job." Finally she turns around, indignant but defeated, and walks away. "Another mess taken care of," Ben utters before turning his attention back to Ali, sitting back down and resisting the urge to burst back into tears as he continues to wait for more news.


Act I

We are taken back to Fanon Drive or, more specifically, the outside of the Washington house. Josh remains in a state of shell shock as his former boyfriend stands before him. Many thoughts cross through Josh's head, such as how things were off to such a great start, only for Juan to end up deported (see "Custodian Horror Story"). And then for Juan to want nothing to do with Josh when he was wrongfully arrested for Matthew's murder (see "Butler Who?"). Josh is feeling a large mixture of emotions right now, and he turns to Brad, who stands there confused, and then to Juan, who is still waiting for a reply. "What... are you doing here?" Josh finally manages to ask of his ex, who smirks. "I got into town last week," Juan reveals, "I figured that once I got all set up I'd stop by and see how you were, maybe catch up." Without giving Josh a chance to reply though, Brad steps forward to introduce himself. "I'm actually Josh's boyfriend," he clarifies, reaching out to shake Juan's hand. Juan does so, albeit rather awkwardly. "Oh," he replies, "so perhaps now is not the best time then?" Brad nods, confirming that it most certainly is not. Understanding this, Juan figures that it'd best he come back later. "Is it okay if I give you a call?" he asks Josh, but the butler finally cracks. "Are you serious right now?" he asks Juan, to his confusion. "After how you left things with me, what makes you think I'd want anything to do with you?!" "Josh--" "I was rotting away in prison, and I tried to confide in you, but you just refused to hear me out!" "I know, and I'm sorry." "You're sorry," Josh chuckles, hysterically, and Juan confirms that he is. He explains that he was in shock when finding out, and he made a poor judgment. However, he understands now that Josh was innocent, that he could never commit such a heinous crime. "Whatever," the English butler replies, turning to go back inside, but Juan begs that he wait. "Come on, just... I don't know, get a cup of coffee with me? A drink? Something!" Josh stops to consider this; he looks at Brad, who has remained mostly silent throughout all of this, and then back at Juan. "Call me sometime around New Years," he exclaims, proceeding to go back into the house. Juan stands there depressed, and Brad looks at him for a moment, before re-entering the house as well, closing the door behind him.

The sun shines down on Fanon Drive, and then the moon, and then the sun again as mornings and nights come and go along with Christmas, and finally we're taken into Joanna's mansion where she is - of course - situated on the couch with a glass of wine handy, with an excitable Rena nearby with a bottle in tow. Noticing that he's practically bouncing up and down a few feet away, Mrs. Winters eventually asks her butler what's got him so erratic and, with a large grin plastered on his face, he tells her, "It's time." "What time? New Years? 'Cause honestly, I don't know what day it is." "7|6c!" Rena exclaims, "Time for The Passions of Falta!" "Oh," Joanna shrugs, "I didn't know it was coming off hiatus. Put it on then, I guess." "The writer's strike did a number on it, yeah," Rena nods, taking the remote and changing the channel over as he puts down the bottle and takes a seat beside his boss, "But finally, they're airing it." "I didn't realize you were such a soap opera fan," Joanna comments, taking a sip of wine, but Rena assures that he isn't - "This is special." "And why's that?" "Okay, I'm sure I've mentioned this before," Rena is certain, but Jo points out that she's drunk, like, all the time... so it's kinda inevitable that some things are gonna slip her mind. "Right," Rena nods, "well this is the episode that I'm actually in! I filmed it like a good half a year ago (see "Custodian Horror Story"), I have one line which acquaints to maybe less than three seconds of screentime, but the point is, I have screentime! Three seconds down, fourteen minutes and fifty-seven more seconds of fame to go, baby!" "Congrats," Joanna nods as the episode begins, but Rena's scene isn't on quite yet and so he takes to checking his phone, explaining how he's already made himself a Wikipedia and IMDb page for the event. "Oh..." he then utters, "They deleted the Wikipedia page." "Ha," Joanna barks, and then, "Awww... Pour me another?" But Rena doesn't even hear, checking his IMDb page on his phone instead and sighing in relief over the fact that it's still going strong with one credit. "And I get to add to my bio all about my thriving YouTube career," he says joyously. "Okay now that I remember you mentioning," Joanna nods, "and from what I've seen it's far from thriving." "Everyone embellishes. Didn't you see a resume before you hired me? The whole thing was full of lies." "So should I just like fire you or...?" Joanna jokes, only for Rena to quip, "I'm sure Joe and Josh wouldn't mind." Mention of her former butlers turns Joanna silent for a moment, and she feels the need to reach out and refill her glass herself using the bottle Rena's now neglected. As she sips on this other glass, paying half attention to the new episode on TV right now, Rena points his phone in her direction and says, "Alright, what do you think of this bio, too much?" Joanna squints her eyes in order to be able to read it, and then realizes, "Is that your phone number? You put your phone number on your IMDb page?" "Well yeah," Rena tells her as though there's nothing dumb about it, "so agents can get a hold of me after they see me in the episode, duh. Speaking of..." He turns to the TV screen in anticipation and, lo and behold, he sees himself standing behind a bar. "Is that all?" he's heard saying, and then he looks to his employer for approval. "Wow," she nods, feigning enthusiasm, "I really bought you were a bartender. And I know bartenders." "Thanks," Rena beams, "I'm sure the calls will be flooding in any minute." He sets his phone down on the coffee table, waiting for something, while Joanna just continues to watch the episode, drinking. "I'm so glad we'll finally see how Carmel deals with Danielle's lies," she comments, only for Rena to whisper, "Shush," so that he can hear the phone. Joanna rolls her eyes, going to tell him that it's hardly going to ring before the ep is even done airing, and yet-- Buzz. A text comes through, and Rena's eyes widen in shock and excitement. "Omigodomigodomigod!" he screeches and Joanna just appears amused as she polishes off this glass as well. As he checks the text, however, his face drops, and Joanna sarcastically asks, "What hot part your 'new agent' offer you? Waiter? Busboy? Butler?" "It's a wrong number," Rena sighs, putting his phone down in anger and saying, "Let's just switch over to Kicking Off with the Kappellettis. The whole Carmel plot is disappointing anyway." "Spoilers," Jo hisses, snatching the remote from his hand and putting the wine bottle there instead, then outstretching her empty glass in motion for him to pour her yet another. He does so while maintaining his disappointed expression.

Down the street, meanwhile, Rochelle is in fact watching the latest episode of The Passions of Falta. "Damn shame they dun gone wrote off the Mills fam," she utters, "They duh most funny white folk I seen in a long time." However, as she munches down on some popcorn, enjoying her soaps, Manny soon makes his way into the room thus ruining the mood. "Mama," he calls, "we needa talk." Rolling her eyes, Rochelle clicks the pause button on her remote control, coincidentally pausing on a closeup of Rose's cleavage. "Boy, what you want?!" Rochelle asks of her son, and he proceeds to quiet down some so no one else can hear but his mother. "You found a way to fix the Joe problem yet?" he wonders, proceeding to say, "I get keepin' him around and makin' him work for Kwanzaa, but the holidays are over, mama." Rochelle looks around her son to make sure Joe isn't around, and, once confirming that he isn't, she nods. "We just gon' have to take him out the same way we did that last white boy (see "Grime of Thrones"). Get ya gun, Manny." "Mama...?" the boy utters, a bit confused and frightened, to which Rochelle rolls her eyes. "Ya paintball gun, ya moron," and Manny sighs with relief. Rochelle continues that they'll just have to create endless and impossible amounts of work for Joe to complete. "If he fails then we'll fire him. Simple." "Should we not come up with something a bit more original?" Manny wonders, "I mean, we already dun did that, soo..." But Rochelle shrugs her shoulders, "Why fix what ain't broke?" She then lifts up a blanket she has draped over her lap, revealing her ghastly feet, or more specifically her toenails, and she exclaims, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'mma have Joe give these a lil trim." She then hollers, "Yo, white boy!" And Joe comes running from the other end of the house. He asks Ms. Little what she needs, and she points down at her feet. "Let's get to work," she exclaims, and Joe looks as if he's about to puke. With that, Rochelle proceeds to press a button on her wheelchair to roll her to another room, and she has Joe follow. Manny watches, and can't help but smirk at Joe's misery. He then looks up at the TV though, and sees the shot of Rose's cleavage that Rochelle had froze the TV on. He looks back to see if anyone else is around, and once seeing that there isn't, he shrugs his shoulders... and unbuttons his pants.

Elsewhere in Wikerly Hills, we that, parked in her hot pink Bentley, Elizabeth Davis is looking in her small compact mirror, applying the remainder of her makeup. She looks at herself, trying to make the best of a bad situation, as you can see countless clothing items and miscellaneous accessories scattered across the back and passenger seats. She's clearly living in her car at the moment, not that she'd let anyone else in the world know that. Once confirming to herself that she looks at least slightly presentable, however, she finally works up the courage to step out of her car. We see that she is currently parked outside of a mansion that is not on Fanon Drive, and she proceeds to the door.
Ding dong. The sound of Liz ringing the doorbell alerts the owner of the home that someone has arrived, and it's only a matter of time before none other than Kathryn Kappelletti makes her way to the front door. Her eyes widen, and a massive smile spreads across her face. "Liz," she greets, trying her best not to break down into laughter, "hiiiiiiiiii." Liz looks down, already wanting to go home, if only she had one to go to, but she works up the courage to greet her arch-rival in turn. "What brings you here?" Kathryn asks, having yet to drop her facial expression of pure excitement and joy. "So I guess you heard about me and Eli." "Who hasn't? #ElizBreakup was trending on Twitter for a whole sixteen hours. You really took the media by storm, didn't you?" Liz rolls her eyes, and Kathryn proceeds to wonder where Liz has been all this time. "You sort of dropped off the grid once it happened." "I decided to go spend Christmas in the Caribbean," Liz admits, "Took some time for myself." "And let me guess, you're back because Eli froze your accounts?" And Kathryn takes Liz's silence as confirmation. "Well isn't this just delicious," Kathryn sneers, "No husband, no money, no fame, nothing. Your life really does suck, doesn't it? Hell, I'm surprised you haven't thrown yourself off a bridge yet. I mean, that's what I'd recommend." Mrs. Kappelletti laughs, while Liz tries to maintain her composure. "So really, sweetie, what does bring you here?" Kathryn asks, and Liz realizes that she's finally going to have to say it. "I need a loan..." she utters, at which point Kathryn would have choked on her drink if only she had one. "Excuse me?" she asks, wanting Liz to repeat herself. "Eli won't speak to me, and I wouldn't dare go to my friends about something like this... so that just leaves you, really." Kathryn smirks, proceeding to wonder what on earth would make Liz think she would ever consider helping her. "I... I don't know," Liz admits, her spirit clearly crushed, "You were my last resort." Seeing her efforts as pointless, Liz starts to walk away; however, Kathryn calls out for her to stop. "Yunno," she exclaims, "I could help you... but it would come at a cost." Liz turns back to her rival, allowing her to continue. "I think we could work outside some sort of arrangement," Kathryn says, an idea formulating in her head.
We next see Liz inside of the Kappelletti house, but her outfit has changed, and her hair is now up. The camera zooms out, and we see Liz down on her hands in knees, scrubbing the foyer of the Kappelletti mansion with nothing but a bucket of soapy water and a toothbrush. She's now in a maid's uniform, with her lovely done hair put up to keep it from getting in the way. Kathryn stands, looking down at her, smirking. "Now I could get used to this," she says, taking out her phone and proceeding to snap a picture of Liz in her new predicament.

Darkness. And then some light slowly starts to bleed in, and some faint noises are heard as the point of view comes to realize it's in a hospital. "Ali?" we hear Ben say and, as her eyes open further - her vision becoming more clear - we see him too, and his question becomes an exclamation of relief. "Ali!" He leans down to give her a hug on the hospital bed, overjoyed that she's finally come out of her medically induced coma, and the heart monitor beside her beeps gently and grows a tad more rapid as she motions for Ben to get off her. "Sorry," he apologizes, having sprung on her a little in her fragile state, and she just stares up at him, and then smiles, happy to be greeted back to life by her best friend. "What... happened?" she then asks, all groggy, and Dr. Strange takes over. "You suffered a rather nasty fall, Ms. Del Barrio. You were lucky your butler here found you when he did." She turns to Ben, and places her hand on his in apology for the hug she earlier shrugged off, and he takes her hand in turn as he smiles down at her lovingly. "And, um... and the baby?" Ali finally brings herself to ask, at which Dr. Strange smiles, revealing, "Is absolutely fine. The fall had no negative effects whatsoever. Everything's moving along nicely - above average, even." Ali doesn't have any sort of response to this, while Ben remains beaming with joy, and then the doctor adds, "In just five or so months, you should expect to give birth to a very healthy young man." Finally, Ali makes some noises in the way of a reply, as though conveying shock. "M-man?" she manages to question. "Oh, I'm so sorry," Dr. Strange then exclaims, "Were you wanting to keep it a surprise?" "Uh... um..." Ali murmurs, but Ben turns to her and assures, "Never mind that. Just focus on the fact that all's well. You're fine, and the baby is fine..." "More than fine," Dr. Strange hammers home even harder, and Ali - bearing no particular expression - eventually says in a rather monotonic tone, "Yes... all's well." But clearly all is not.

Act II

Ben can next be seen sitting with Josh at the cafe, with the former complaining, "What is it about talking vaguely about someone in this town and then having them show up at your door a moment later. I mean first Jennifer, now Juan..." "I know," Josh sighs, "I'm meeting him soon, too. To catch up and such." The English butler then dismisses his own news to inquire about Ali's condition, and Ben replies, "She's completely stable now, and the baby is fine... it's her mindset I'm worried about. She seems completely wigged out about something." "Probably just trauma," Josh theorizes, and Ben nods. Josh then asks why Ben isn't at the hospital with her now, and Ben explains that she sent him home to fetch an extra blanket for her; "But I sort of got the feeling that it was just busywork to get me out of the way. She wants to be alone right now, and I need to respect that." Josh nods, and then Ben asks, "Where's Joe?" "Oh, he's stuck cleaning for the Littles. Seems they're up to their old tricks. He texted me to say he wouldn't be able to make it out." "Oh," Ben utters. "What?" Josh asks, and Ben shrugs, then saying, "Just weird that Joe texted you and not me; I mean, I used to be his first port of call and all, helping investigate Jose's murder..." Josh just smirks at this, asking Ben if he really cares, and Ben shrugs again, saying, "I don't know. With all this weird Joanna stuff going on that no one seems to be willing to explain to me, I just feel a little out of the--" "Oh, my God, what the hell is Rena doing here?" Josh then exclaims, "After all the Joanna stuff?!" Ben sighs as he too notices Rena entering the cafe, and gives him a friendly wave since it's been a small while since they've seen each other. Rena then spots him and waves back, coming over to sit with them and, as he moves, Ben wonders if it's not yet time to bury the hatchet. "I'll try," Josh agrees, "but I'm still not happy with him." "Fair enough," Ben accepts, and then, "Say, who's that with him?" It's then that they notice Liz, in her unflattering maid's uniform with her hair up, walking into the cafe with Rena. "Is that Elizabeth Davis?" Josh asks, barely believing it, while Liz stands beside Rena as he continues to approach the butlers' table. "I feel ridiculous being here," she tells him. "You look ridiculous," Rena assures, and she frowns at him. He then laughs and says, "Oh, come on, you look fine. You blend right in." "That's what I'm afraid of," Liz snarls as, finally, they make it to the others; Rena sits on down while Liz grabs a napkin from nearby and places it down on the seat before perching lightly upon it. "Rena, long time no see," Ben smiles, while Josh merely waves, "Hi," awkwardly. "Hello," Liz emphasizes, not used to being ignored, and Ben tells her, "Yes, hi there. I believe we've met briefly in the past. At functions and stuff." "Possibly," Liz nods, "I tend not to take notice of the people serving me drinks though." It's then that a barista approaches and then immediately walks away, offended by the comment, and Ben looks annoyed as he sits there without any coffee yet. "You're, um, you're working as a maid now?" Josh then asks, based on the uniform, and Liz sadly replies, "Yes. I am." "And how much do you make an hour?" "Josh!" Ben exclaims, "You can't just ask someone that." "What?" Josh exclaims in turn, "If it's more than what Valentina makes then Selena might give me seventy-two percent of that instead." Mention of Valentina makes Ben look annoyed again, while Rena recalls, "I thought it was seventy-eight percent." Rena speaking to him makes Josh look a little awkward considering the terms they're on, but he pushes past it and is able to reply, "Yeah. The percentage keeps changing." Rena doesn't know how to respond, and an awkward silence looms, which Liz attempts to fill by asking, "So... what's new in cleaning?" This doesn't accomplish much, and Ben makes an attempt of his own by asking Rena how his Christmas was. "It was great," Rena nods, "I don't suppose any of you caught me on TV last night? In The Passions of Falta?" "Sorry," Ben says, "I was stuck in hospital." "Getting that nose fixed?" Liz wonders, and Ben asks her, "What?" "I don't know, why do people go to hospitals nowadays?" "You thought I was getting plastic surgery?" "Wait a second," she frets, "can poor people not?" She begins clutching her own nose, which is gonna need a tune-up eventually, while Rena asks Josh if he was able to catch TPoF. "Oh," Josh replies, "" "Well," Rena goes on, wanting to make conversation, "it led to this girl texting me. I thought she was an agent at first but it turned out to be a wrong number, but then we got to chatting back and forth and she's actually really cool. Her name's Taylor and we've been talking about meeting each other." "Wait," Liz halts, "you're properly into women?" "Sounds like a dumb idea," Josh comments, and Rena replies, "What?" "Meeting up with some stranger. It's just dangerous. It's why I never did Grindr." "Thanks for your opinion," Rena says indignantly, "But I'm an adult. I can make my own decisions." "Of course," Josh nods, "I forgot, what I have to say means nothing to you. Be it your love life or your work life." "This again?" Rena sighs, and Josh tells him, "You need to quit working for that woman. Over-exposure to her is clearly making you dumber, as though that were possible." "Okay, enough," Rena snaps, "if I want your input in my life in any way, shape, or form I will ask for it; until then, do us all a favor and shut up." "Fine," Josh bellows, getting to his feet, "Have fun getting hacked up by 'Taylor'. I have to go meet someone anyway." And with that, he storms out of the cafe. Another awkward silence looms, and then Liz looks to Ben and suddenly recalls, "Wait a minute - were you the butler who was banging Justine?" This doesn't particularly help to alleviate the awkwardness.

"You sure you wanna do this?" Brad asks, in the driver's seat of his car. He and Josh are sat in the parking lot of the cafe bar near the lawyer's office. The two look out and see Juan sat waiting at a table outside. "I might as well hear him out," Josh responds, "Besides, he's buying." Brad chuckles at this and unbuckles his seatbelt; however, Josh tells him to stop. "I... think I should do this alone." "Oh?" Brad questions. "Yeah, it's... it's kind of awkward having you around, yunno? I mean, no offense, but just--" "Alright, it's fine," Brad accepts. "Really?" "Really. I'll just wait here until you're done." Josh smiles, thanking his beau, and he gives him a kiss before exclaiming, "I'll see you soon." Brad nods, and Josh exits the car to join Juan. Meanwhile, Brad watches. "Hey," Josh greets, approaching Juan, who is quick to stand up and pull back Josh's chair for him. "Hey," Juan replies, motioning a cup of coffee sat adjacent to his own. "Two creams and one sugar, right?" Juan recalls, and Josh confirms this, surprised that Juan would remember after all this time. "How could I not? You practically bit my head off one time for getting it wrong," he laughs, and then there's a moment of silence. "Well sit, sit," Juan ushers, and Josh does so. The two of them are now across from one another, and Josh has a sip of his drink. "So Bill isn't coming?" Juan inquires, only for Josh to correct, "It's Brad." "Right, Brad..." "Yeah..." Another moment of silence ensues, but Juan once again tries to break the ice: "So how have you been doing? You have a good Christmas?" Josh nods, "Brad and I went to see his parents out in Chicago." "Ah, so things must be pretty serious between you two." "Well we've been together about five months now." "That's about the time you and I lasted, no? Yunno, before your boss..." "...Had you deported, I remember." Josh then chuckles, "I remember sobbing that night," he admits, "Things were going so well with you and I--" "And Mrs. Winters when she'd third-wheel us." But Josh grows uncomfortable at the mention of Joanna. Alas he continues though, "I thought about you a lot. I mean, you and I weren't as serious as Brad and I have become, but for a while I was wondering... wondering if maybe I... loved you." "And did you?" Juan inquires, a bit taken aback. "I don't know," Josh states, "All I know is that when I was framed for Matthew's murder, abruptly locked up and cut off from the outside world, the one time I did try to communicate with you you had totally turned on me." "Did I not say I was sorry for that?" "Sure you did, but is that meant to be enough?" "Josh--" "You hurt me, Juan." "I was in shock, okay?! You weren't the only one dealing with things in your life, Josh! I was kicked out of a country; I had no money to care for my mother... my two sisters... my dying grandmother. Nothing. Penniless in Mexico of all places, and to find out my boyfriend was arrested for murder, I just couldn't deal." Josh slouches down in his seat, uttering, "I needed you..." "And I needed you too." Brad, meanwhile, is still watching from his car. He takes notice of the body language going on between Josh and Juan, trying to decipher how their meeting is going; however, he's taken by surprise when Juan reaches across the table and takes Josh's hand. Josh looks up at Juan, not quite knowing what to say. "We both made mistakes," Juan speaks for the butler, "I just want to put the past behind us, okay?" Josh nods. "So once again, I'll say that I'm sorry for the heartbreak I caused you." It's then that Josh grasps Juan's hand as well. "I'm sorry as well," he says in turn, and then they both hear a screeching sound as rubber hits pavement. They look and see Brad speeding off, clearly upset.

Back at the Del Barrio mansion, Ben can be seen taking a nice, clean blanket from out of his bedroom and then locking the door behind himself, then making it just a few feet down the hall before bumping into Valentina. He sighs, asking her what she's even still doing there since her being fired is inevitable, but Val just smiles and says, "I dunno. I've enjoyed these past few days without having to hide who I am. It's been freeing, honestly. And tormenting you with my very presence, well... that's just been gravy." "As much as I'd love to stay and spar," Ben retorts, "I have to get this to Ali." He gestures the blanket, and Val just looks disgusted. "You just took that from your bedroom," she grimaces, to which Ben sighs and asks, "So?" "So... don't you think a woman pent up in hospital deserves a little better than your crusty old sheets? I suspect you've been churnin' 'em out a mile a minute since Justine departed; it didn't take much for me to get you going when we first met, I recall. Let me guess, you got next to none all your life before you met her and now that it's not happening anymore, your downstairs is all confused." "Are you quite done?" Ben sighs, but Val just says, "No. I'm not 'done' until I learn the truth of what happened to my sister. Of course, that's only part of my... how did you put it? 'End game'." Knowing he'll regret indulging her, Ben rolls his eyes and asks, "And the other part would be...?" "Avenging her, once I learn the truth." "There's no truth to learn. You're being paranoid in the wake of a tragic accident." "My sister may have been dimwitted at times," Valentina admits, "but she wouldn't be so clumsy as to just... trip off a balcony and die. In fact, I don't think anyone would, to be honest. It's all a little far-fetched." "Welcome to Wikerly Hills," Ben tells her. "I know my sister, Ben," Val continues. "And I didn't?" he fires back, "I was engaged to her, for crying out loud. And I have the damn ring to prove it. Now if you don't mind, I have to get this bloody blanket to the bloody hospital to alleviate my bloody boss, and if you don't get out of my way soon, so help me--" "The ring to prove it..." Val utters, and Ben goes, "What?" She then says, "Nothing. But, uh... don't threaten me, honey. I'm far more vicious than you are." "Are you now?" Ben asks, and Valentina smiles and assures him, "Yes. After all, I'm the one who taught Justine English." Ben's face drops at this as he comes to realize just how evil Valentina Cortez truly is, and she just continues to smile as, finally, he walks past her. "Give my best to Ali. I'm so indifferent that she pulled through," she calls out as he goes, but he just ignores her and keeps on walking. Once he's truly gone, Valentina turns to his room, saying to herself, "Now, now, Great Haggis Detective... you snooped through my stuff... time to repay the favor." She tries opening the door only to realize that it's locked, and then she rolls her eyes as she takes a bobby pin from out of her hair. She gets down on her knees and inserts it into the lock, twisting it around some as she moans, "Honestly, honey, as if a lock was gonna stop me. I'm half-Spanish, for God sakes." She continues to work the lock, murmuring something about it being "all in the tumblers", and then finally it clicks open... and she's in. Time to get to snooping.

Return to the Kappelletti house where Liz is still on her hands and knees, scrubbing away at the tile floor with a toothbrush. There's a look of disgust on her face as she dips the brush into the bucket of soapy water; she would cry if only the sound of the front door opening didn't startle her. "Dammit, Kathryn, I'm not surgically having my skin turned black," Kevin Kappelletti exclaims, as he and Kathryn enter their home. "Oh why not?! Interracial couples are so in right now. With the #ElizBreakup, we could totally swoop in and steal the glory." "And Kimye?" "Please, I give it another six months. Plus you owe me for always having to put up with your annoying-ass family. Even that weirdo sister of yours who isn't even pretty enough for TV. Kevin, please!" "Do you not think it's a little racially insensitive? Besides, I'm not Michael freakin' Jackson." "I'm pretty sure his was in reverse...?" "Regardless, it's wrong!" "Kevin!" "Do you want a lot of Black Lives Matter protestors at our door? Because that's damn sure what's gonna happen." "But--" "No!" And with that, Kevin makes his way up the stairs, leaving his wife alone. Kathryn sighs, proceeding to whip out her phone and start checking her social media notifications. While doing so, she makes her way past Liz, and casually kicks over the bucket of soapy water Liz has been cleaning with. Kathryn doesn't even bother to stop and take notice, whereas Liz is absolutely stunned... and infuriated. "Bitch, what the hell?!" Kathryn turns back to her new maid, finally looking up from her phone, "Excuse me?" "You did that on purpose!" But Mrs. Kappelletti simply shrugs her shoulders. "Yes, and?" she exclaims. "So you just did that to screw with me?" "Well why else would I do that, dear? I'm not a klutz." But Liz stands to her feet, finally, and throws the toothbrush down. "Clean your own damn floors," she barks. "Oh, what?" Kathryn remarks, "You're quitting?" Liz confirms this, starting to make her way to the door, but Kathryn calls out, "Where do you plan on going?" And Liz stops. "Home? You have no home, remember? No home, no husband. Since you had no choice but to come to me, I can only assume there's no family to take you in. Maybe some friends? Oh wait, they just tolerated you because of Eli." Tears start to build up in Liz's eyes, as Kathryn grins. "You're nothing, sweetheart. You have nothing. Remember? That's why you came to me." "You're such a bitch..." Liz utters, to which Kathryn replies, "Those with money are allowed to be, dear. But I seem to recall you're dirt poor." Liz can't bring herself to reply, and Kathryn points to the ground. "Now get back down to where you belong now, you disgusting little rat. I expect this to be cleaned up in the next thirty minutes." Mrs. Kappelletti starts to leave, as tears start flowing from Liz's eyes; however, she stops and turns around. "On second thought, I think I'd like to stay and watch. Seeing people I know I'm better than be reduced to, well, nothing, is quite to satisfying." Liz tries to mask her whimpers, but Kathryn can see right through. "Honey, don't cry," she exclaims, "Just think of this as a lesson. Whatever you did that pissed off Eli this hard, well, now you'll know not to do it again." This only makes Liz sob even more profusely, as this reminds her that even her dominatrix lifestyle is over. "Oh, pathetic." "Please, just leave me alone!" Liz cries, "I know you hate me! I know you're reveling in all of this, but please! Just go!" Liz can't even attempt to clean anymore, for she is too broken to even move. She just sits on the cold, wet tile as Kathryn stares at her, now in shock. "I had everything," Liz cries, "I had everything and I lost it all!" "Um..." "I thought it wasn't enough! I thought I needed more, but anything is better than this hell hole!" Liz cries, proceeding to kick the soapy water bucket herself now. "How can people live such pathetic lives like this every damn day?! Oh my God, it's only been a few hours and I'm already planning to kill myself tonight!" Liz is full on sobbing, and Kathryn is slowly holding her phone, now recording her rival's entire meltdown. "I just want my life back! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It was a mistake! A horrible mistake!" Kathryn simply doesn't know what to think of all this, but she can worry about that later when she decides on what to do with the recorded footage she is obtaining. However, this is all interrupted when Kevin makes his way back down stairs. "What in God's name is going on in here?" he asks Kathryn, taking notice of Liz's current state, "What did you do to her?" "I swear it wasn't me!" Kathryn exclaims, but Kevin clearly doesn't buy this. "Okay, some of it was me, but I was just the tip of the iceberg." Kevin looks down at Liz, awkwardly, as she keeps screaming out how sorry she is for betraying Eli. "Kevin! Tell Eli I'm sORRY!" Liz begs, but Mr. Kappelletti tries his best to not make direct eye contact with the maid. He looks back to Kathryn, ignoring Liz's sobs, "I just came down here to tell you that Alison woke up." "Who?" Kathryn exclaims, the name not ringing a bell. "Your friend... Alison Del Barrio... Jorgio's wife, who turned out to be some kind of sex slave." "Sorta ringing a bell?" "She's the only other blonde in your social group." "Oh, Ali! Yeah, didn't she fall down the stairs and crush her baby or something?" "Well, she's pregnant and fell down the stairs. But she's woken up from her coma, so if you wanna see her..." "Meh." But at this point Liz's sobbing has been contained to a minimum. "A- Ali?" she manages to exclaim, and the Kappellettis turn to her. "Yes," Kevin confirms. "Ali... is the baby alright?" "I'm not sure," Kevin admits, "Joanna Winters didn't really fill in too many details." "C- can I go see her?" Liz asks, to the Kappellettis confusion. "Why? She probably doesn't even like you," Kathryn exclaims, to which Kevin glares at her, then turning to Liz. He sees that she's finally calming down from her breakdown, and figures he shouldn't get her riled up again. "Sure, go right now," he suggests. "Thank you," Liz replies, standing back up. She brushes herself off some. The crying has stopped, and the tears are gone. Liz looks up, and it just so happens that there's a mirror in front of her. She sees herself and what she has been reduced to, and she's starting to see everything in a whole new light. Kathryn and Kevin watch, a little confused as to what Liz is doing, but finally the maid reaches into her apron pocket for her car keys and she heads for the door, leaving.

Joe can be seen scrubbing away at the walls of the Little house, absolutely disgusted by the mess Manny has made; however, he starts to realize that the smeared paint is starting to reach the point of being unable to wipe away, for it's permanently drying into the wall. "You've got to be kidding..." Joe utters, only to then hear Manny approach him from behind. "How's it comin', boy?" Mr. Little asks, to which Joe instructs Manny never address him as 'boy' ever again. "But to answer your question, I don't think I can get this out." Manny approaches the wall to inspect it some before coming to a conclusion. He turns back to Joe, exclaiming, "You're fired. Have you and your things out by tonight." Manny begins walking away, not even batting an eye, but Joe calls out for him to stop. "You can't do this!" But Manny asks Joe what he intends to do about it. "You've failed to be compliant with the tasks presented for you to complete. The tasks we pay you to complete. That's grounds for termination." "Well I'd like to speak to Ms. Little about this." "I just helped mama into the tub for her bath," Manny reveals, "And she and I have already gone over this. Now get goin'!" With that, Manny leaves a dismayed Joe, who is left to contemplate where he's supposed to go and what he's supposed to do. As he decides to go up stairs and start to get his things together, he suddenly hears what appears to be a massive fall coming from Rochelle's bathroom. "Ah, dammit!" the old woman exclaims, seemingly in pain. Joe stops at the staircase, deciding whether or not he should go aid his boss or if he should just leave her as revenge for putting him out of a home and work. Ultimately, he decides to do the right thing and come to her rescue. Leaving the stairs, Joe makes his way through Rochelle's bedroom and opens up the bathroom door. "Ms. Little?" he calls, but steams flies out the door from the hot bubble bath Rochelle had done for herself. Due to this, it takes Joe a moment to see clearly the sight before him: Rochelle Little, in the nude. As disgustingly horrifying this is for Joe to witness, however, it's not even the biggest shocker... she's standing, on her own two feet. "Ms. Little…?" Joe then utters again, and eye contact is finally made.


Josh and Juan are seen walking down Fanon Drive, the latter having been abandoned by his only ride. "Brad was a douche for just leaving you like that," Juan comments, as the two near the Washington house. "I'm sure something came up..." Josh tries to reason, but Juan can tell his ex doesn't really believe that. "He was jealous," the Mexican states, but Josh shakes his head. "Brad's not the 'jealous' type. Besides, there's nothing for him to be jealous of." "Is that so?" Juan wonders, the two of them reaching Selena's doorsteps. Josh confirms this, but is taken by surprise when Juan leans in for a kiss. Josh jumps back, demanding to know what Juan thinks he's doing. "Well what do you think?" Juan inquires, to which Josh tells him to stop. "We can't do this. I can't do this..." "Why not?" "'Why not?'" Josh mimics, proceeding to reply, "What the hell is wrong with you? I'm seeing someone, don't you understand?" "And he just up and left you at a cafe with me. The guy's a jerk." "He probably had his reasons." "None that you can rightfully defend." "Juan!" "Josh!" There's a moment of silence as the two look at one another. "I need to get going," Josh decides, proceeding to take out his key and unlock the front door to Selena's home. "Let's do this again," Juan suggests, but Josh shakes his head, not thinking it's a good idea. "We caught up, got some closure... I think that's enough. Goodbye, Juan." From there, the butler starts to make his way inside, but Juan calls for him to stop. "What now?" Josh inquires, only to be given no chance to react, for Juan pulls his ex-boyfriend close and passionately kisses him. Breaking apart, Josh is left totally startled, and Juan smiles. "That'll be all now." With that, the Mexican leaves, satisfied. Josh, meanwhile, stands frozen, for he does not realize what just happened.

Joe is seen pacing around Rochelle's bedroom, waiting for his boss to get some clothes on before discussing anything further. Finally, however, she comes wheeling out of the bedroom, dressed in a bright yellow, fuzzy bathrobe with some slippers and her hair up in a towel. "Is it really necessary you still be in that damn thing?" Joe questions, taking note of the chair, and so Rochelle sighs, finally standing up. "A'ight, boy, you got me. Now what? You gonna go snitch to erryboday?" "First I'd like to know why you've been faking paralysis for all this time. What the hell kind of person does that?" "Well if you must know," she exclaims, taking a seat on the bed because she's growing tired of standing, "I'm doin' it so my children won't leave me." "Come again?" Joe questions, and so Rochelle elaborates, "It's damn well clear Aliza and Manny don't wanna be around here takin' care of their mama all day. Hell, it's why they forced me to hire you. But they all I got, boy. Mah babies. And if they knew I was capable of gettin' around and movin' all on my own then they'd go out and live their lives and abandon me." "And you think this is the answer?" Rochelle grumbles though, stating that she knew Joe wouldn't understand. However, Joe pleads with his boss, stating that he's trying to as best he can. "But Ms. Little, this is insane." "Damn straight it is. Just enough to work too! I mean, it has been up until your sorry ass walked on in and figured me out." "I thought you were hurt." "Boy, didn't yo mama teach you to knock?!" Joe doesn't bother fighting Rochelle over this any further; he instead allows her to continue explaining. "I love mah children. As I dun said, they all I gots left. I ain't got me no man and all those ladies I socialize with are nuffin' but dumbass bimbos... except Kathryn Kappelletti, she a'ight. But yeh, yunno, they mah only real achievement in this world. Sorta. And I love 'em too much to let 'em go." "I see--" "And I also wanna punish them ungrateful lil assholes. I work my big ol' hiney off in this world to get 'em errything they ever wanted and they just gon' up and leave me." Tears start to build in Rochelle's eyes, as Joe can see how much her children really mean to her. "Look, Ms. Little--" "Boy, I swear to our lord and savior if you call me 'Ms. Little' one mo' time... Rochelle is fine." "...Rochelle, listen, I'll... I'll keep your secret, okay?" Rochelle looks up, rather surprised, as Joe continues, "Just don't fire me. I really, really need this job, so I think that's a fair trade." Rochelle looks at Joe for a minute, contemplating all of her options. She knows that this means Joe will still have the opportunity to snoop around her home, but also that it means her secret will be kept from Aliza and Manny. Finally, however, she decides: "Yeh, fine, whatever." "Thank you." "But don't get me wrong, boy, I got my eye on you. Don't let me catch you doin' nuffin' you shouldn't be." Joe nods, rather awkwardly, but promises that he won't. "Good," Rochelle exclaims, "now go whip me up some fried chicken." Again, the butler nods, and leaves to do as Rochelle has instructed. Once he's gone, Ms. Little gets up and sits back down in her chair before anyone else can discover the truth. "Jeez, that white boy gon' be the end of me, ain't he..." she utters to herself, wheeling off.

"Thanks," Ali tells Ben in the hospital as he drapes the blanket over her, having just delivered it, but she still seems to be having trouble purveying any sense of happiness. This worries the butler, who assures that it was no problem, before saying, "I should really be heading back home now. Keep an eye on Val and such." "Why does Val need an eye on her?" Ali wonders, but Ben just tells her, "It doesn't matter. You just focus on your recovery." With that, he leans down and kisses her on the forehead, and she lets him. He then prepares to leave but, before he does, he stops at the door and turns back to his employer, deciding to mark his goodbye by saying, "I love you, just so you know." And for the first time since waking up, Ali smiles, and tells him, "I love you too, Ben." The smile goes reciprocated before, finally, he exits the room, and then Ali turns her attention back to the small bump protruding from her belly, and she hides it away with the blanket Ben provided, unable to smile any longer. It is then that there is a knock at the door, and Ali asks if perhaps Ben forgot something; however, it isn't Ben who enters - it's Liz. Her hair is down and she's wearing a long coat to cover her maid's uniform, and Ali seems somewhat surprised to see her. "Hey," Liz murmurs as she walks up to Ali's bedside. "Hi," Ali murmurs in turn, unsure of how to really act, and Liz just sort of nods. She then says, "So I only just heard about what happened. I'm, uh... Are you okay?" "I'm fine," Ali lies, and Liz nods some more. "It shows how self-centered I am, right? Here I've been so wrapped up in my woes I... didn't even know my own friend was in the hospital." "Friend?" Ali questions, and Liz sighs, genuinely admitting, "I'd like to think so." "I just never really thought... you cared... about anything..." the blonde starts, only for Liz to tell her, "That's part of the reason I came down here. I... wanted to say... that I'm sorry." "Sorry?" "The Secret Santa," Liz reminds her, "I got you that maternity dress because I wanted to humiliate you, and I don't even really know why. I guess... bringing others down just... made me feel higher, or something. But... I've since learned a little something about being humiliated." With that, she slowly removes her coat and tosses it over a nearby chair, revealing her maid's outfit in all its hideous glory. Ali's eyes widen at the sight, and Liz adds, "So, once again, I'm sorry. I don't wanna keep making people feel the way I've felt in the space of one day, and I've been pulling that crap for years so... yeah. Sorry." "You can stop apologizing," Ali assures, "Really. The whole dress thing just... awoke some deeper issues, is all." "Do you wanna talk about them?" Liz tries, and Ali raises an eyebrow. "Right," Liz goes on, "this whole 'being friendly' thing is weird to me too. But, um, you always seemed so nice and kind and genuine and... you managed to keep it together somehow when your husband was all carted off to jail and, I know he was bad and all, but, you still had to make it on your own and, you did something. You really did something. And... right now... in my current, I really think I could use a friend like you. I mean, just hearing about you being here while I was on the Kappelletti floor covered in soapy water, it... Something clicked. So... here we are." "Yes, uh, here we are," Ali says awkwardly, then gesturing the chair that Liz tossed her coat over and asking if she'd like a seat or something. Liz declines the offer, and an awkward silence ensues, these two women not really having all that much to say to one another. Liz then realizes, "Oh, I almost forgot, um... how's the baby? Is it okay?" "He," Ali responds blankly, "He... is fine. In perfect condition, the doctors say. Never stop saying, feels like." "Well," Liz smiles, "that's good news, right?" Ali then looks Liz dead in the eyes... and she bursts into uncontrollable tears. Liz appears confused now, torn in a thousand different directions, looking as though she wants to help but having no idea how to do so. She then gets the bright idea to take the washcloth from out of her apron pocket and offer it to the pregnant blonde to blow her nose into, but Ali doesn't even see it she's too busy crying, so Liz just stuffs it back into her pocket and cagily pats her friend on the back. "There, there," she utters, "um, what's the matter?" "You're wrong," Ali blubbers. "Wh-what?" Liz wonders, and Ali elaborates, "You're wrong about me, Liz. I'm not nice... or kind... or genuine... I-I'm evil. I'm dark." "What are you talking about?" the redhead inquires, furrowing her brow, and Ali admits, "E-ever s-since I was told that the baby was healthy... all I've been able to think is... is..." She can't bring herself to say it, and so Liz finally draws up that chair and sits down at it at Ali's bedside, taking her hand in hers. "You can tell me," she finds herself promising, and Ali finishes, " how much I wanted it to be dead. How much I wished that the fall had killed it. Had rid me of it. But it didn't. And it devastates me. And the fact that it devastates me devastates me even more, but... I-I... I can't have this baby. I... Wh-what if it's like him? What if him dying wasn't enough to keep him out of the world? Or he… What if... what if I can't be a mother? Or I can't stand the sight of him because all I'll be able to think of is how he came into being, and how he anchors me to the life that I've been trying so hard these past few months to crawl the hell away from!" She grips Liz's hand mega tight now, but Liz doesn't seem to mind, instead just feeling a whole new level of compassion for the woman lying before her that she's never felt in her entire life up until this point. "You know..." she finally replies, speaking more softly than we've ever heard, "there are options out there. And... it doesn't make you a bad person to pursue them. Whatever... Whatever you decide to do - it's your choice. And yours alone. Okay?" Ali can't reply, instead just using her one spare hand to wipe her tears away. "Isn't... isn't it too late?" "There could still be time," Liz assures, "if it isn't viable yet." "And... and would you think less of me?" "No," Liz states firmly, then grabbing Ali's hand with her other hand too, "Sweetie, no. No one's gonna judge you after everything you've been through. Especially not me. I'm trying to put all that behind me." Ali manages to smile a little through her tears, and Liz smiles back, before letting go of her friend's hand and saying, "But, baby steps, you know. I think I'm gonna go find an orderly to scream at just to get it out of my system after all this niceness." Ali even chuckles at this, and Liz chuckles back before going to exit the room. However, Ali halts her before she leaves, assuring, "If you need, um... anything. Don't hesitate to ask." "I won't," Liz promises, then saying, "Now you do what you gotta do." "I will," Ali replies, suddenly seeming more sure than ever.

We see Ben walking through the Del Barrio hallways, this time in search for Val. He returns to the hall where he earlier confronted her - right outside his bedroom - and soon notices that his bedroom door has been left slightly open. Alarmed by this, he rushes to open it, to see what's going on, only to discover... a stairwell. One step forward and he's on a stone platform, staring down at Ali as she bleeds out, pregnant and unconscious down a flight of steps. "Oh, my God, Ali!" he screams as he goes rushing down them, only just beginning to frantically cry out for help when--
A baby's cry is heard. Ben looks at Jennifer's sweating face as she lies back in a hospital bed, her belly still large from pregnancy. She's just given birth, miraculously. And then the crying stops abruptly.
Ben wakes up with a start, his eyes bloodshot, having fallen asleep on the couch as soon as he arrived home thanks to being utterly exhausted from all his time spent at the hospital since his employer was admitted there. And, just as soon as he's had the chance to catch his breath and take a look around and assure himself that there are no stairwells where there shouldn't be - even the angel has been taken care of in this room, along with the tree itself - the sound of sensible yet stylish heels worm their way towards him. It's Valentina, who's entered the lounge area with something small hidden behind her back. "What do you want?" Ben asks all groggy, and she responds as she casually takes a seat opposite him, "Now, now, Benjamin. Is that any way to talk to someone who holds your very future in their hands?" "What are you talking about?" Ben asks further, now more awake, and then Valentina presents him with a small box, which she then pops open to reveal an engagement ring. Ben immediately recognizes it as being the one he gave to Justine (see "Drop Dead Devious") and he demands to know what Val is doing with it, asking if she's been going through his room. "Well it was only fair," Val points out, taking the ring from out of the box and beginning to inspect it. "Justine thought this piece of tin would make me jealous. What a sweetheart she was." "Keep it if you want," Ben rages, "it means nothing to me anymore." "Gee, you don't seem too cut up about your fiancée's death," Val points out, and Ben grumbles something indistinguishable. "Ooh," Val goes on, "could something have happened before she died?" Ben continues to not answer. "Well," Val goes on, still, "you must have been with her shortly before her death, at least. For the very fact that this ring was in your possession. See, she Snapchatted a picture of this thing to me not twelve hours before she died and yet... you have it. And I just can't see how that could be unless... you were with her. Right before her... accident. I certainly can't imagine her just casually taking it off, she was so proud to have landed a man. Even you. And the paramedics didn't just let you pry it from her dead body... did they? No. There's more to the story. And I know that for sure now." Finally finding the energy to reply properly, Ben inquires, "What is your point?" "My point," Val says, "is that I'm not going anywhere. Not while I have this. Because as long as I do... I have something that ties you to my sister's death. And you don't have to worry about me going to the police or anything. Not yet. But you're not gonna tell anyone else about who I really am. Instead, I'm gonna have free reign to snoop as I please and... you're gonna let me. Because when I do revenge, I do it right. Plus I wanna know the whole truth, and the police in this town seem dumb as, well, you." Ben can barely even comprehend what's happening, but finds it in himself to question, "What do you mean 'anyone else'?" "What, you haven't gossipped about my true identity to any of your butler girlfriends yet?" Val asks, but Ben shrugs and says, "No." "Huh," Val says, honestly surprised, then then, "Why not?" Ben then turns sad and replies, "They're all busy with their own thing..." Val shakes her head at this, not really caring, and summarizes with, "To recap. You no speak-y. Or stop-y me from doing what I do. And... you stay free. For the time-being, anyway. I'm still in the mulling-over stages of that 'endgame' we keep on coming back to. I would not hate to have to tie you to my sister's murder, Ben. After all... you probably did it." Ben goes to respond, but is interrupted by a sudden ring of the doorbell, and then several more impatient rings, and then some rather loud knocking. Wondering who the hell that could be, Ben abandons Val mid-confrontation and goes to answer it, working his way through the foyer and the entrance room as the knocking continues. "Alright, alright," he exclaims before, eventually, he answers it to Liz. "Hi there," she exclaims, "You're Ali's butler, right? Well, I went to visit her and... she said that if I wanted anything, all I need do is ask. Long story short, will you help me take my bags in?" Ben then looks behind Liz and notices the several Louis Vuitton suitcases she was able to snag from her old home across the street. "Uh..." is all he's able to say, while Liz takes no notice and adds, "Also, get a fire going if you could. There's a certain uniform I need to burn." The butler remains at a loss.

Rena checks himself out in the mirror of the medicine cabinet in one of Joanna's many bathrooms, while she herself enters and exclaims, "There you are. My wine glass was empty with no one about to pour me another. I never wanna experience that kind of hopelessness again in my life." She then takes note of his outfit and comments, "Say, you're looking smart. Going somewhere?" "I actually have a date," Rena reveals, and Joanna says, "Oooh, what's his name?" Rena appears indignant at this, making clear that her name is Taylor, and Joanna, fighting her own shock, asked how the two of them met. "She was that wrong number I got," Rena reveals, "We've been chatting back and forth and really connecting, all by chance. And now, finally, we're gonna meet. Like fate's version of Tinder." "Huh," Joanna utters. "Huh what?" Rena asks, and she says, "Nothing." "What are you, like my so-called 'friends' who think it's a bad idea? I thought you were cool." "I'm cool," Joanna says defensively, "Go, have your date, be merry. Heck, take the whole week off. Take two. Bed her for the fortnight for all I care. But fix me a drink before you go?" Rena smiles and tells her, "Sure, fine. And hey, I posted a new YouTube vid earlier. You should watch it." They are now walking out of the bathroom together, with Joanna bantering, "Yes, I could turn it into a drinking game. Take a sip every time I cringe." "Ha ha," Rena replies blankly, then, "Hey, what do you think of this tie?" "I'd have gone with the red over the white," she reveals, "But then again, I always do."
The next we see Rena, he has changed into the red tie that Ben gifted him for Christmas, stroking it nervously as he waits to meet Taylor outside the parking structure near the restaurant he's meant to be taking her to. He checks his phone, turning down the brightness so that he doesn't become blinded thanks to the dark of the evening, and is happy to see a new text from her which says she's on her way, with a multitude of kisses. A smile overwhelms him, and then nervousness as he peeks around the corner to see if she's getting any closer to their arranged meeting spot. "Renato?" a meek voice then sounds, and he turns in fright for he wasn't expecting her to be coming from the other direction, where the shadows lurk. "Oh, hello," he smiles, "Taylor?" And then she steps out of the shadows, so that he can see her properly, and he's taken aback, first off, by her apparently young age and small stature, not to mention her overall nerdy appearance. "Actually," she mutters skittishly, stepping a little closer, "It's, uh, it's Kristi." It is then that she takes something from her pocket - a small device which looks very much like a taser - and presses it forcefully into Rena's gut before he has the chance to react. An electric shock pulses through him, and he collapses unconscious to the ground. Standing over him, happy that they're out of sight, Kristi grins as she finishes her introduction by adding, "And I'm your number one fan."

Unanswered Questions

  • What exactly did Matthew learn about Joanna ("Emilie") that Jose wanted to use as blackmail?
  • What didn't the Littles want Josh to find out, relating to the blood-spattered white cloth?
  • Why was Silvia chasing Lily and why was she dead-set on killing the baby?
  • What is Silvia's history with Jorgio and why did she kill and frame him?
  • What exactly is Valentina's endgame plan in warring with Ben?
  • Why did Rochelle feel the need to flee back to Wikerly Hills? Which child does she blame?
  • How did Joanna come to obtain the burn scar on her hand?
  • How did the church Joe was abandoned at come to explode?
  • Why did Lily disappear a year prior to her death?
  • What is Rochelle's history with both Lily and Silvia?
  • Where did the blood stain in the Littles' attic floor come from?
  • Why did/was Joanna a prisoner, refer to "mud huts", miss out on education and have a fake ID?
  • What's under the floorboards of the Littles' attic?
  • Why is Rochelle faking paralysis?
  • Why did Silvia feel as though she had to push Ali down the stairs?
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