Shine to Five
June 18, 2017
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Flash sideways
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"Shine to Five" is the 27th episode of Devious Butlers.


Lots of Wikerly Hills' help seem to be switching up their employment, with Josh landing a new job with Maria Solano - exposing some of his crazy to her - and Ben with Joanna - exposing more than some of his blandness to her. There's also James with Ali, and Val with Andrew and Jennifer Von Trump, which is disconcerting for more than a few. Meanwhile, in the wake of an arguable tragedy, Liz is thrown into prison with some individuals she'd rather not have to deal with, and Rena vows to free her in order to alleviate his girlfriend's distraught reaction to the arrest. Joe, though, seems intent on the idea that his shady mother is somehow behind it all.



Elizabeth Davis, dressed in all black, has the finishing touches applied to her makeup before getting ready to shoot a funeral scene for her upcoming film. It's rather fitting, given what's just happened, but that's not to say it isn't bringing her down all the more. The camera then pans around the back of her head as we see into the past...
Years ago, farther back into Liz's history than ever seen before, we see her facing a man - her father - in an atrocious pair of overalls and missing one of his front teeth. He's a raggedy looking guy, one who probably spits when upset. "Ain't no daughter of mine goin' out to the Big Apple and makin' a fool of 'erself like that. You leave this 'ere home, and you 'on't come back." Liz, in an equally atrocious pair of overalls, lowers her head in shame.
We next see Liz having afternoon drinks with Alison Del Barrio and Joanna Winters, for the very first time, just after moving onto Fanon Drive. With the two ladies not yet used to Liz's more forward and brassy personality, they each look at each other awkwardly, this being the first of many times in which Liz offends them. Liz senses this, and so she decides to be quiet for a while after that and just drink her drink.
And lastly, not even a week prior, we see Liz sitting on the front steps of the new Montgomery house. She's now regained consciousness since fainting at the discovery of Eli's severed head served at Silvia's dinner party, and while the police are questioning all the attendees of the event, Ali sits down with her beaux to comfort her. "So he's really gone..." Liz utters, and Ali nods, taking her girlfriend's hand.
Now, in the present again, the makeup artists step back so that Liz can have a look in the mirror. She approves of what they've done and gets up to head for the set. "You ready?" Mary wonders, noting that Liz has been off the past few days. "Well can you really blame me? My ex-husband's head was served as the main course of a dinner party," she points out, and Mary takes this time to again apologize for her loss. "Thanks," Liz says in turn, then apologizing for snapping at her, "Let's just get this scene shot already." Mary nods, calling for everyone to get into places. Meanwhile, though, Ali makes her way into the studio with Cassie, who she ushers to go look around. Ms. Del Barrio makes her way over to Liz in the meantime, to the redhead's surprise. "What are you doing here?" she asks, greeting her girlfriend with a kiss, and Ali says that her sister wanted to look around the studio a bit. "That's... nice," Liz says, keeping her eye on Cassie all the while, reminding Ali that this isn't exactly a kid-friendly place. "I know, I know, we'll just be here for a minute," Ali promises, going to admit that she just wanted to see her girlfriend. "Are you holding up alright?" she asks, and Liz confirms that she's doing the best she can. Ali simply pulls her girlfriend in for a hug though, one that Liz doesn't dare back down from. "Let's go, let's go, let's go," Mary calls out to the cast and crew, "Places, people, I don't got all day." It's then that Liz and Ali finally part, with Mary approaching Liz asking if she's still ready to go. "I am," she promises, while Mary turns to Ms. Del Barrio, "And lovely to see you again, Ali," she says, "but please, if you're going to bring a child into my studio then put it on a leash." They all look over, Mary with some disdain, at Cassie who is doing absolutely nothing wrong at all. Ali nods at Mary, rather awkwardly, and Liz gives the blonde one last kiss before heading off to shoot. While Mary confirms everything to be in order, Ali motions for Cassie to rejoin her and they prepare to leave, that is, until two police officers make their way inside. "Oh for crying out loud," Mary mumbles under breath as all the attention is turned to the two men. "May I help you?" Miss Solano asks, to which one of them reveals, "We're looking for an Elizabeth Davis." All eyes turn to Liz, who awkwardly makes her way over to them. "Uh, hi," she says, "are you here with an update on Eli's case?" "Indeed," one of the officers says, holding up his phone showing a YouTube video posted by a certain Valentina Cortez. The video depicts Liz and Eli's last confrontation (Kathryn just barely being out of the shot) where she makes clear her desire for his death. "I... can explain," Liz tries, realizing how bad this looks, but the other officer pulls out a set of handcuffs. "Elizabeth Davis, you're under arrest for the murder of Elijah Davis, and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." Everyone in the studio - most notably Ali and Mary - stand in shock at these accusations and declarations, but Liz backs away from the two officers. "Guys, please, I'm sure we can work this out," she says, waiting a second before proceeding to run away. Everyone gasps as the actress in a tight black dress and three inch heels moves at remarkable speed, out the door and into the parking lot. The officers, as well as Ali, Mary, and the rest of the cast and crew each run outside after her. There's two other police cars outside though with officers parked waiting, and they all hop out of the car to pursue the redhead, who decides now would be the best time to ditch the heels, which she goes on to do. "Dear God," Ali utters, putting her hand over Cassie's eyes so that she doesn't see the event going down. "You can’t do this!" Mary exclaims, "This is a closed set!" but seeing as how the officers aren’t bothering to listen, she tries, "At least let her finish filming this scene first!" Liz now has a cop car in between her and the officers pursuing her, and she looks in the direction of the two original ones. "Look," she starts, "I'm sure we can come to some sort of--" but she's unable to finish as one of the other officers was able to sneak around and press a taser up to the actress, sending enough bolts of electricity into her back to shock her into submission. Now on the ground, the officers are able to successfully cuff and start removing her from the premise. "Well," she utters, out of it some, coming to a realization, "I guess now I know how Rena felt on that electric shock machine..." She's dragged on into the back of a car.


Act I

"So yeah, the basics: cooking, cleaning, laundry, so on and so forth. I won't bite your head off or anything if your dusting skills are subpar, but for the love of all things good in the world if you come home with the wrong brand of coffee then you're done." Saying all of this is none other than Maria Solano, currently interviewing Josh for a job as her new butler. Standing to the left of Mary is her assistant Jack who is there to take note, and standing to her right is Rena who is there to supervise his friend and his girlfriend. "Won't be a problem," Josh assures, seeming to be not-so-out-of-it for once, almost as if he subconsciously knows that there's a lot riding on this interview, considering the fact that he'll be homeless if it doesn't go well. "I can confirm this," Rena speaks up, "He's the best butler I know... unless Ben is? Definitely not Joe since he just spies on his employers. Trying to think if we ever established who the best butl--" "I think she gets it," Josh interrupts his friend who's about gone off on a tangent. As such, Rena finally quiets down, resulting in an eyeroll from Mary. "Anyways," she says, "I suppose that's all. You're hired!" "Really?" Josh questions, "That fast?" but Mary simply shrugs stating, "I'll run a background check later, but right now I'm on a tight schedule and I need help unpacking all of these boxes." That's right, since the arguably tragic passing of Elijah Davis, Mary has swooped in and bought his old house for a reasonable price; Kathryn was wanting to unload it fast, having no actual desire to live on Fanon Drive, and it felt convenient for Mary being right down the street from Solano Studios. "Oh, okay then," Josh exclaims, "well I can get started on that." "Actually I'd like you to speak to my assistant first," she says, pointing to Jackson, "He'll set you up with my daily schedule, relevant contacts, list of essentials you'll need to pick up from the store each week, and again, so on and so forth." "Shall we?" Jack inquires, motioning for him and Josh to head for another room in order to leave Mary and Rena alone. Once they're gone, Rena deems it to be appropriate to take a seat next to his girlfriend. "I'd say that went well," he says, to which Mary rolls her eyes at before forcing a smile. Rena frowns though, looking at Mary as she appears to be even more frustrated than she usually is. "Hey," he tries, "what's wrong?" "Ugh, nothing," but Rena doesn't accept this as an answer, getting more up in her face when she attempts to look away. "Oh for--" but instead she figures there's no harm in venting, "Okay well, I don't know if you heard, but Elizabeth Davis was arrested this morning for murder." "She was what?!" Rena practically screams, and Mary nods, continuing, "Now my star is gone with only a few more scenes left for her to film before the movie goes into post-production." It's then that Miss Solano begins to tear up, "And I poured my heart and soul into this project, far more so than anything I've done before... and now because the dumbass cops in this town are convinced that Liz of all people chopped off her ex-husband's head, stuffed an apple in his mouth, and put it on a dinner platter, everything's ruined!" She's now burying her head into Rena's arms, to the butler's complete in utter shock. He's never seen this side to Mary before, and he can't help but feel bad for her despite how harsh she can be to him at times. "I'm so sorry," he says, holding her close to him, "but I promise you I'm gonna fix this." Mary pulls away from her boyfriend though, raising a brow as if to say he's got to be kidding her. "What?" he questions, pointing out that he's not got anything else to do. "It's not as if I have a screenplay to write or anything." Mary feels guilty herself about that last part, thus deciding not to point out that he does have a job he could be getting back to. "Do you really think you can get Liz out of jail?" she asks him, in all sincerity. "Well... no," he admits, "but I'm gonna try." For now though, this is good enough for Mary, who embraces Rena in a hug yet again.

"And that should be the last of your stuff moved in," Joe says, shifting one of Ben's boxes into his old room at the Winters' mansion. "Yup," Ben confirms, a little glum, but grateful: "Thanks again for getting me this job. I know quitting Ali's was rash, but..." "You did the right thing," Joe assures, "If you're jittery after... what happened, then it's good for you to be close to me." "I don't know why I am this way," Ben admits, "I mean, after Justine, I was fine. Well, not fine, obviously. I was depressed as hell; the woman I loved was a psycho killer 'n' all... but covering up her death, I had no qualms with." "Because you could share it with Ali," Joe realizes, looking guilty, and Ben takes a moment to nod. "But," the Scottish butler amends, "the last thing I wanna do right now is endanger her in any way. She has enough on her plate without having to dish up my emotional math on top of it all. This is... for the best, yanno?" "Yeah," Joe smiles lightly, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Can I... get you anything?" Joe then asks, but Ben, trying to regain a positive mood, reminds, "I'm your butler now, remember?" "Oh yeah..." Joe realizes, "That's still kinda weird." "Tell me about it. I still need to get acclimated to serving Joanna as well." "I'm sure she's gonna love you," Joe assures, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna head off to the police station." "The police station? Why?" Ben asks, concerned. "I was doing some work down there the past few months," Joe reminds, "Helping out on cases and such, on an unofficial capacity. They were letting me use their resources sometimes and... Well, I've been called in, and I no longer feel right about associating with them." "I'm sorry," Ben is then the one to say. "Don't be," Joe tells him, "It's my own stupid fault." "The cops in this town need you," Ben promises, "You're a real good guy. They're..." "I know," Joe nods, "I just can't. Not at the minute." The two of them then begin to head downstairs, and Joe bids his fiancée goodbye with a kiss. It's then just Ben and Joanna. There's an awkward silence for a while, these being two people without all that much to say to one another, and eventually Ben comes out with, "So... can I fix you a drink?" "Always," Joanna forces a smile, not all that comfortable around him yet, and then she heads to the couch and turns the TV on, flicking through the channels while Ben heads to where the alcohol is (also known as any given inch of the mansion). "So, how's your day been?" Ben asks as he finds a cocktail shaker and begins to mix some stuff up. "It's... been fine," Joanna assures, not really up for small talk right now, "What are you doing?" "Special recipe," Ben tells her, "You look like you could use it." "That's... annoyingly perceptive," Joanna murmurs, and Ben continues to mix. Eventually, he pours some colorful liquid into a small glass halfway and brings it to his new boss, who appears hesitant. "Oh... okay," she nods, taking it, "Thank you." She then takes a sip, and looks as though she's about to hurl. "It's um... very weak," she nods, trying to make that sound like a compliment, and Ben says, "Yeah, I know, wouldn't wanna overpower the flavor with alcohol." Joanna gives him a stare for a moment, which suggests that he's completely and utterly insane, and then gives the cocktail another forced sip. She flicks through to another channel, while Ben goes on the hunt for cleaning supplies; she finds some rerun of Friends and sighs to herself. "Maybe I could get a relative to carry my triplets... maybe Wilma's still fertile..." She looks incredibly sad, and Ben notices this from where he's begun to polish, feeling as though he has to step in and comfort her. "Can I mix you another drink?" he wonders. "God no," she replies, saving herself with, "One was more than enough, thank you." "It's just... I'm sorry, you seem so down." "And you seem so... not cleaning," she acknowledges, forcing more friendly smiles. He sits on down next to her. "You know, when I was working for Ali, she always found it helpful to t--" "I love Ali," Joanna assures, "Really, I do. Great girl. But she also has an emotional issue every five minutes that she needs someone to help her through. I'm sorry to sound rude but... I'm not like that. I only pour my heart out to people I'm... comfortable around." "Okay," Ben nods, "That's fair. But rest assured, you and I are going to get comfortable around each other. I promise." He then gets up to go and clean, and Joanna, without thinking, raises the cocktail glass to her lips. She then spits the contents back out into the glass in disgust. "If you say so," she murmurs.

"So you know, there's a lot of stress that comes with raising a ten year old alone, and with Liz in prison, I... I don't know what I'm gonna do," Ali says, tears welling up in her eyes. She's sat across from someone, based on what little can be seen it seems to be a man, and he reaches out to take her hand to comfort her some. Ali uses her free hand, meanwhile, to wipe away the tears, taking a deep breath before exclaiming, "Oh, how I love these chats of ours. What would I do without you?" But the camera pans around and we see none other than butler James Edmond, looking ever-so-awkward, clearly not knowing how to approach his new boss' daily emotional breakdowns. "Uh... yeah," he utters, and Ali frowns, retracting her hand. "Oh, who am I kidding," the blonde admits, "it just isn't the same without Ben... I miss him, James. I really do... And I'm sorry about my ranting." Ali's new butler sighs though, knowing that she really does mean well. "He was your best friend," James reminds her, "It's only to be expected." "Yeah, but I shouldn't be putting it all on you. It's not right." "Well is there anything I can do for you, Ms. Del Barrio? Fetch you some tea? Make you lunch?" "Call me 'Ali'," she insists before tearing up again, uttering that Ben would. Again, James feels awkward, and so he thinks of a way to change the subject. "What about I look up visiting hours at the prison?" he suggests, "Maybe you should go see Liz." "Oh my God, Liz," Ali remembers, "I... I need to see her and find her a lawyer. I mean the last time my significant other was arrested for murder I let him rot in there for three months while I took a long vacation and started a charity with his money. Obviously this is different though because I actually care about Liz and she didn't run a human trafficking business or use and abuse me or keep me as a prisoner for a whole decade, and of course I know she's innocent and--" "Ali," James interrupts, and Ms. Del Barrio quickly quiets down, realizing she's rambling. "I'm sorry," she says again, but James assures her that it's alright. "Look, why don't you let me handle figuring out all the Liz-related details," he suggests, "and you go into the other room and play with your sister for a little while, okay?" "Okay..." Ali manages to utter, starting to calm down, and James smiles, pointing to where she can find Cassie, and the two part ways. Ali makes her way into what has now been established as Cassie's playroom, set up with a dollhouse, numerous dolls of different brands, an art station with coloring books and painting supplies, and a media station with a TV and all of the DVDs a girl could ask for. Currently, Cassie is sat at the art station painting something that Ali is unable to view from her angle. "Hi," big sis says to little sis, who says the same in return. "Can I see what you're working on?" Ali wonders, but Cassie shakes her head, indicating a 'no'. Not knowing what else to do, Ali accepts this, but wonders: "Then can I at least join you?" Cassie thinks about this for a minute though, but her eyes suddenly land on Ali's neck. "I like your necklace," she says, "It looks like the one Auntie Fiona wears." "Oh," Ali says in turn, maintaining a smile as she promptly rips the piece of jewelry from her neck, "Do you want it?" "If you insist," Cassie replies, maintaining a sly smile as she motions for Ali to put it on her. Ali does so, rather awkwardly, but before this sisterly bonding sesh can go any further, James interrupts them in need of Ms. Del Barrio. The older of the two blondes gets up to join the butler in private, while Cassie resumes her painting... of what appears to be a blonde woman bleeding from her wrists. "I've scheduled you an appointment with a Gregory Keating," James reveals, alone with Ali now, "and visiting hours at the prison are between 2 and 4." "Wow, that's great, thank you so much," Ali exclaims, genuinely happy, and proceeds to embrace the butler in an unexpected hug. "Oh, haha, well you're welcome." Once they break apart, James goes to leave, but Ali calls out: "Say, you really are good at your job. Do you know who replaced you at the Von Trumps'?"
We see none other than Valentina Cortez, casually waving around a feather duster as Jennifer Von Trump shows her around her new place of work and residency. "Obviously we'll be working together to help out Mr. Von Trump. He's been on bed rest since his heart attack last month, and his only visitor is that insipid daughter of his who won't lift a finger," the Scottish woman explains, finishing, "But besides that do you have any questions?" Val merely shrugs at this. "Just know my work will be limited given the enchiladas I have cooking up," she says with a smirk, rubbing her belly, "and of course I'll have my hands full once they're done... not that you'd know what that's like." Jennifer frowns at this, as the two women keep walking.

Joe is driving his way back to Fanon Drive very slowly; partly because he's very somber after quitting his unofficial job at the police station and needs a moment to properly contemplate things and breathe it all in, and partly because this car has been driven so rapidly and rabidly by Joanna in the past that one acceleration too high could cause the whole thing to just fall apart in the middle of the street. For the former reason, the window is open, allowing the late summer air to gently brush on in, and it's because of this that Silvia notices her son entering the street. She is currently out in her yard, trimming weeds, cursing because, "That damn Spanish butler of mine does none of his chores! I should taser his ass! That'd put a spark in his useless worker-jeans!" She stops, dropping a pair of shears, wanting to talk to Joe. Joe sees this, and so attempts to speed up, but the car wheezes some in defiance. Silvia notices him try to speed up, and so calls out, "Joe!" He doesn't respond, and so she simply rushes out to stand in the middle of the street, making it so that he can't go any further without running her over. For a moment, he doesn't stop... but at the rate the car's going at, the most damage it'd do is a bump to the hip, and so he rolls his eyes and hits the brake, peering his head out the window. "What the hell are you doing?!" he demands, and she approaches said window, looking down at her son and telling him, "I just wanted to talk, hon. To see how you were holding up after the... you know... 'incident', at my party." "The 'incident'?" Joe quotes, shocked, "You mean how you chopped off Eli Davis' head and served it on a freakin' platter!" Silvia is taken aback by this, "I did nothing of the sort!" "Oh, come off it!" Joe orders, "I saw you go into that kitchen right before Rena dished out that damn head!" "I promise, Joe, I didn't do anything..." "The worst part is, I knew it," he goes on, "I knew you were still crazy! Still the same old murderous madwoman! And I let Joanna talk me into going to that dinner... no. You deserve to be locked up. You should still be locked up for the murder of Lily DeWar! For pushing Alison Del Barrio down the stairs! For firing a sniper bullet at Rochelle Little!" The last part of his own little speech sends himself into silence, and, through Silvia's tears, she stares into his eyes and notices something. "You're projecting," she states. "What?" Joe questions, taken aback. "You're right about one thing, Joe," she finds herself, "I was a killer, and I know exactly how it weighs on one's conscience. These feelings you're throwing at me... they're just what you feel about yourself... aren't they?" "Shut up!" Joe roars, "With any luck, Liz will soon be out of jail and you'll be ready to take her place." "And how do you know she isn't guilty?" Silvia demands to know. "Because of you," he goes on, fighting back his own tears, because she is kinda right. "Once a killer..." he breathes, swallowing, hating himself a little bit, "Always a killer." And with that, he hits the gas and begins slowly driving back to his house. Silvia is now the somber one, standing in the middle of the street. Someone is then heard honking their horn, crying, "Move, lady!" Silvia turns around. It's Rena, chauffeuring her car for his own personal needs. She gives him a look, and he turns awkward, saying, "Sorry, Mrs. Montgomery." She just rolls her eyes and returns to the yard, while Rena mutters, "Now I just need you to leave, so I can get started on freeing Liz..."

Speaking of which, that brings us to the Wikerly Hills Women's Prison where we see none other than Liz herself dressed from head to toe in a very unflattering orange as she's guided by one of the guards to her bunk. "That should be all, inmate," the female guard says, "Change of clothes, shower shoes, hygiene products. Mealtime is at 7, 12, and 6, and you'll eventually be assigned a job working with your fellow inmates. You know, earn some extra cash to use at commissary." "Okay..." Liz utters, in shock of all of this, and the guard nods for Liz to just hang out in her bunk while heading off. Liz does so, rather uncomfortably, as she looks at the ground not knowing what else to do. "Hey," a voice calls out, and Liz looks up to see an older woman sitting down on the bed across from her, "You the new girl?" Liz doesn't answer though, still in shock, and so the woman stomps her foot. "I asked you a question!" she barks, startling the redhead, who finally nods her head. "Yeah, yes," she answers, "I'm Liz." "Colette," the woman answers back, "and just so we're clear, you stay on your side... otherwise we're gonna have some problems. Capisce?" Again, Liz nods her head, still afraid to speak up too much, and Colette just smiles, sensing her bunkmate's fear. "I'm sure we'll get along just fine," she remarks as Liz holds back her tears.
We next see Liz at her first meal, not knowing where to sit as all of the inmates just glare at her, excluding her for being not only new but very white privilege-looking.
We then see her sometime after this meal where she's in the bathroom relieving herself... only there's no stall doors and so she's being eyed by a mentally challenged black woman who's currently brushing her teeth.
Move onto evening where Liz can't get any sleep due to the horrible mattress and Colette's loud snoring. She tries burying her head in the pillows, but it's no use.
And then around 4am, guards swoop in for an unannounced bunk-check. An exhausted Liz is forced to watch as the guards dig through her belongings as well as throw everything onto the filthy floor. One of her shower shoes lands on Colette's side of the bunk, and when she goes to retrieve it she's forced out of the way. "Mine now, bitch," she sneers.
And so Liz hobbles on to the shower the next morning with only one of her shower shoes, being forced to bathe by standing on only one leg. Again, there's nothing to give her privacy, thus allowing fellow inmates to look at the imprisoned actress as they please.
Lastly we see Liz on her way back to her bunk from another meal when a random inmate shoves her out of the way, thus knocking her to the ground. Everyone around notices this, each taking their chance to laugh while Liz stands up and dusts herself off some. "This honestly can't get any worse," she mopes to herself, but then a familiar voice calls out, "Wouldn't be too sure bout that, suga'." This sends a chill down her spine as she hesitates to look up at the figure standing before her. "No..." she utters, "not you." "Yaaaaas, bitch," - the camera pans to reveal none other than Liz's former agent, Yas Belich.

Act II

Something we haven't seen in a little while: all four butlers together on their lunch break, sitting in that cafe where they've shared so much. Well, in fact, all five butlers, as it seems James has been invited to join them, sipping coffee and gabbing as though he's always been there. "And Ali's doing okay, is she?" Ben feels the need to ask, "Everything's normal?" "She's fine," James promises with a friendly smile, only he notices Ben doesn't smile in response. "I mean, not fine. She misses you. I think you should talk to her." The other butlers look to Ben, who simply nods and says, "I know." "So," Rena decides to move the subject, wanting to perk Ben up some, "how's the job going at Joanna's?" "You're working for Joanna?" Josh asks, turning to Ben, looking a tad triggered. "Oh, don't be like this again," Rena chastises, "Last time you got all uppity over someone working for her, I ended up expelled from the group and thusly kidnapped. Do you want Ben to have to drink his own urine?" Rena gets looks from the others, who all suddenly have to stop drinking their coffee. "Guess I've never gone into too many Kristi details around you guys, huh?" he tries to laugh off, now uncomfortable himself, "Yeah, kind of a bummer topic." "And to answer your original question," Joe weighs in, "Ben's doing just fine." "Oh, that's right," Rena nods, "he's, like, your butler now. Like I coulda been if you hadn't fired me." "And now you're working for my mother," Joe nods, "You really have a habit of butlering for my arch-nemeses, huh?" "It's not my fault you happen to have so many arch-nemeses in need of a butler, now, is it? Besides, now you and Joanna are far from arch-anything." "Well..." Joe responds, but then he notices Josh twitch at another Joanna mention, and so he decides to stop speaking. "And Josh," he eventually pipes back up, "The job with Mary? Going well?" "Tremendously," Josh nods and smiles, with remarkably little enthusiasm. It's odd, really. He's odd. It can't help but be felt through the group, as best they try to ignore it. "Look at us all with brand new jobs," Rena says, "Well, apart from Joe. He's basically just the super-upgrade version of a booty call." Joe gives an indignant little stare in response, asking, "Are you still salty because of what Mary and I said?" "You mean how you made me doubt my abilities as an actor and question what I'm doing with my life? Naw. If anything I'm positively sugary." As he says this, he pours a whole bunch of fake sugar into his pumpkin latte, and Ben tells him, "Careful, you know that stuff gives you cancer." "Good," Rena states, keeping on going. "Although," he adds, "I should actually get going soon. I think Silvia's gonna be heading out for a bit." "Why does that matter?" Joe wonders. "None of your business," Rena states. "I should probably set home too," Josh nods. "And me," Ben agrees, "I need to work better on first impressions, I'm not sure J..." he eyes up Josh, "I'm not sure my new boss likes me much." "What?" Joe questions, "That's ridiculous. Why wouldn't she like you?" Ben shrugs, looking a little saddened, and James reassures, "Well you certainly left some tremendous shoes to fill over with Ali." "Oh, I forgot to ask," Ben realizes, "Who replaced you over at the Von Trump place?" "Ummm, some pregnant woman," James seems to recall, "Valentina, I think her name was." Ben's eyes widen. "What?" The others look a tad concerned as well. "Is that bad?" James questions. "Valentina Cortez working in the same house as my ex-wife... yeah, it's bad. I gotta get going too. Joe, tell Joanna I might be late back?" "Gee, it's a wonder she doesn't like you," Rena comments. "Shut up," Ben snaps, "you're the worst butler here." Rena goes to respond, but then just shrugs and concedes that it's true, and doesn't say anything. "Still gotta get back, though. Josh, I'll walk with you back to--" But that's when they notice. Josh is already gone. He slipped out before anyone could notice. Right now, he's wandering down the street... through Wikerly Hills... across town... He's heading home, alright. He's heading to Brad's apartment. And then he has a moment. He just sort of... stops. As though realizing. "Right," he nods, and he gives himself a tiny laugh, "I forgot we moved." And then he starts to head back to Fanon Drive. Slowly but surely. Reluctantly, too.

Liz and Yas are seen walking through the prison halls together, Liz's orange clothes making stark contrast against Yas' well-worn khaki. "So, you're, like, not gonna stab me?" Liz is asking, looking rather afraid, and Yas tells her, "You complaining, hun?" She then chuckles to herself and says, "Nah, we good. Besides, where am I supposed to get a knife round here? Most I could sneak in was those drugs from your apparently late husband." "You, um... you spoke to Eli?" Liz questions. "How else do you think he got his hands on your old porn films?" Yas chuckles again, and anger flashes across Liz's face; however, she forces herself to suppress it. "So," Yas goes on, "as far as I'm concerned, we're square. And apparently you got square with Eli too, seeing as you're in here." "Oh, no, I didn't kill Eli," Liz promises. "Right, and I didn't try to milk you for everything you're worth," Yas winks, and again Liz has to suppress some anger. "Where are we going?" the redhead decides to ask - she all orange - and Yas just tells her, "I've got something I've been wanting to show you. I never could before because, you know, you were not in prison and I... well... was." "Yeah, sorry about that," Liz lies, but Yas reminds her, once again, that they're "square". "You mean that?" "Yaaaaaas, bitch. And here we are." They stop outside a door in a corridor, and Liz asks where "here" is exactly. "Welcome," Yas says, "to the Wikerly Hills Minimum Security Women's Prison's very own Elizabeth Davis fanclub!" She bursts the door open, and the heads of three women in chairs turn to Liz in shock and awe. Yas gives Liz a little push inside, encouraging her to meet her apparent fans, and then it happens. The leader of this little group appears out of nowhere. Liz's eyes widen, for she recognizes her from the news. "Hi there!" exclaims Kristi Kappelletti, "You're not gonna believe this, but... I'm your number one fan!" "Oh I believe it..." Liz murmurs, "But my friend Yas and I here were actually just about to--" she turns, and realizes Yas is gone, having closed the door behind herself. Her face appears in the window, and she mutters, "Now we square, hussy!" before disappearing soon after. Liz turns to Kristi and forces a smile, the other girls in the room getting to their feet and gawping at her. "Girls, calm!" Kristi commands, snapping her hands together, "I didn't start the Elizabeth Davis fanclub all so that you could stand there like a bunch of morons! Sit your butts down and allow me to correspond with the guest of honor!" They do as told, while Liz questions, "Um... guest of honor?" "Why of course!" Kristi exclaims, squealing a little as she jumps up and down, clapping her hands, "I'm your number one fan." "You, um, you said that already." "Did I? Oh, my, I'm so forgetful! Well, I should explain, really. After that Rena was such a naughty, naughty boy - a real rotten egg of a Spanish Omelette! - I decided to focus my attention on a strong woman instead! And who's stronger than you! You've survived divorce, scandal; I've even tried to emulate your kink in the past with my, you know, 'victim'. Is Rena still calling himself that? He's so typical. Well, you would know, you used to whip him 'n' stuff. By the way, I saw that livestream before it was deleted, nice work, girl!" Liz just stares blankly in response, blinks a couple times, and eventually comes out with, "Thanks." "And since you decided you were a lesbian, I decided I was one too! Me and Karen over there are lovers." She points in a random direction. There probably isn't even a Karen in this room. This bitch is pretty nuts, after all. "I just love all the... what's the technical term for it? Smashing pastries." Liz looks as though she might vomit, but just goes, "Yah, uh, me too. Can I go?" "Go?" Kristi questions with a laugh, "Why would you wanna go?! We haven't even had the Q&A yet!!" More laughter, with a severely threatening undertone that has Liz forcing up some fake laughter as well. She is terrified, and has every right to be. "I have to tell you, though, being lesbian is not all it's cracked up to be in here. There are no razors, so... it's kinda like feeding a stab wound in a gorilla's back." Again, Liz looks like she's about to hurl, and Kristi goes, "But that's okay because gorillas are my second favorite animal! After, yunno, unicorns. But gorillas are mythical. Or is it the other way around? I get mixed up, I'm always doing that. Stupid, stupid Kristi! YOU DUMB BITCH! But yeah, the kids on the playground used to call me gorilla sometimes and I would just laugh and laugh... Would you like some milk?" Liz has had so many reactions in the last few miles of words that her face isn't even performing any kind of nameable expression right now. It simply... is. Finally: "Milk?" "I stash it away in my socks," Kristi winks, going to an air vent and taking out a sock which is leaking white fluid. "It's double bagged," she winks again, "not that us lesbians have to worry about such things, right?!" About fifty winks, and finally it happens. Liz throws up all over the floor. On shoes. "I hath been blessed!" Kristi weeps, letting go of the socks and allowing the milk to go splattering over all three members of the fanclub. "That... isn't gonna do my bulimia any good," Liz notes, clutching her stomach. "You're bulimic?" Kristi comes to realize, "That means I have to be too..." And the crazy Kappelletti spends the rest of this little meeting trying to shove her whole fist down her throat. She succeeds.

"Listen to me, dammit! No-- do not hang up on-- ugh!" Mary barks into the phone as Josh re-enters her home, arriving back from his break late due to his accidental detour to Brad's old apartment. "Everything alright?" he wonders, not out-of-it enough to have a simple conversation. "No," Mary answers rather bluntly, "I've been looking all over for a lawyer to represent Liz. Gregory Keating refused to take her case, being loyal to Eli since he represented him in their divorce, so I don't know where else to look." "Well, I--" but Josh goes interrupted as Mary points, "Just go clean something," she demands, "I know I said I wasn't picky about dust, but there's some dust mounting on the kitchen cabinets that I need dealt with." Josh chooses not to argue this, understanding how much he needs this job and how much of a force Mary currently is to be reckoned with. He makes his way into the kitchen, bringing with him some spray and a dust rag, and he prepares to get to work. He starts wiping down the surfaces, but can't help still listening in on Mary as she tries putting in some more phone-calls. They all end in either someone not picking up or her cussing them out before they hang up on her. She's clearly frustrated, and this is only making Josh more un-eased. Finally, he decides to act, making his way back into the living room as Mary is about to dial another number. "Look, I'm sorry for interrupting, but I know the perfect lawyer for you to call," the butler reveals, "my husband." "Oh..." Mary utters, somewhat confused, "I was unaware you got remarried." Josh furrows a brow at this, but doesn't poke any further at it as he digs into one of his pockets and pulls out a business card for a "Bradley Sonya". Once it's handed to Mary and she's given a chance to examine it, she realizes exactly what is going on. "I see..." she exclaims, very awkwardly, "I'll... I'll be sure to give him a call." She proceeds to gulp, there being some fear in her eyes, but Josh takes no notice of this. He just smiles, happy that he was able to help. "Trust me, he'll get Liz out," he says before heading off to continue dusting. Mary just watches the butler though, uttering to herself, "I hope Rena's actually having some luck getting Liz out..."

This brings us to Rena who is currently hiding behind a parked car, just a little ways away from Mary's new house. He's watching across the street at his own home as Silvia and Jason head out together. Once seeing that they've driven off, he makes his way over since he so cannot be arsed with them seeing him and insisting he do his job. Once entering the new Montgomery house, he begins looking around thinking about what he could do to prove Liz's innocence. He makes his way into the living room, examining it some; then to the kitchen, examining it some; then to the bathroom, examining it some. All three rooms that Liz would've been in the night of her ex-husband's murder. "Think, Rena. Think..." he utters to himself, not used to this whole detective thing, "What would Joe do?" Again he looks around, examining the bathroom, but finally something catches his eye when he happens to look down into the toilet bowl. There's something there; it's very tiny, something you wouldn't take notice of at first glance. Rena looks closer and, after a lot of hesitation, finally sticks his hand in to pull out whatever it is sitting in the bowl. As it turns out, it was in fact... a camera? "What the hell?" Rena exclaims, holding the tiny camera that had been positioned inside the toilet. He looks even closer at it and is just barely able to see initials carved into it: SJW. "SJW..." Rena thinks for a moment, only to realize, "Selena James Washington... It's not about what Joe would do," he says to himself, "It's about what that psychotic blue-haired freak who used to own this house would do... may ze rest in peace." He then gets an idea, and with that he sets off from the bathroom... only to return and put the camera down and wash his hands first. Then he sets off through the new Montgomery house, making his way upstairs and down the hall. He looks around, eventually finding what appears to be a hall closet. "Aha!" he exclaims, opening it up to find that, inside, is another door - a door to Selena's old padlocked panic room. Rena thinks for a moment, wondering what the password could possibly be, and then he realizes the obvious: "W-O-N-D-E-R-W-O-M-Y-N". Sure enough, it works, and Rena is able to go inside where he finds that, along with a fridge full of comfort foods, a beanbag chair, and a Trigglypuff poster, there's a desk with multiple computer monitors looking at cameras established all throughout the house. Rena is absolutely disturbed by this, realizing that his every action has been recorded, though he's relieved that the Montgomerys most likely don't know about this room, something he plans to keep to himself from here on out. The butler finds the downstairs bathroom camera, figuring that the only logical reason Selena would have installed it in the toilet is to figure out what genitalia her friends had since, honestly, who could tell. From there, he begins looking up timestamps though, rewinding the camera in the downstairs bathroom to the time of the dinner party or, more specifically, when Liz is said to have murdered Eli. Finally, he finds it. Zoom in on the monitor and...
We hear from the point of view of the toilet bowl the bathroom door closing and someone approaching. It's Liz, who gets down on her knees, allowing the camera to record her face. We see as she takes her middle and index finger and proceeds to lodge them into the back of her throat, causing her meal to come up almost instantly. The chunks of chewed-up lettuce and tomato mixed with a lite ranch dressing hit the inside of the toilet bowl as she lets out loud and horrific coughing and choking sounds that somehow no one else hears (let's say Selena makes her bathrooms soundproof because she poops loudly). "Son of a bitch!" Liz cries in between vomits, and she proceeds to force her fingers even farther back, believing there's more food left. "Motherf--" she cries, only for more salad to come, this time what appears to be chunks of purple onion and a little bit of carrot. "I'm pretty sure there was some f-" Vomit. "olives too. Oh, there they are." Liz now looks down into the toilet, making sure she's gotten every last bit out of her system, before flushing.
Return to the present as Rena hits pause on the tape, disgusted, and is forced to hold back his own throw up. "At least... at least this proves she's innocent," the butler tries, attempting to look at the brightside of having to just witness that. He shivers as he moves on to having this recording transferred onto one of Selena's DVDs: her copy of the female Ghostbusters film. "She helped rally up support for Ben's rapist and somehow I find this to be worse," the butler comments in regards to Selena's taste in movies. As the recording is being scanned onto the disc, Rena happens to look up at the monitors; they're all at the same timestamp now, and he glances over at each of them before his eye is caught on the one camera on the side of the house...
In the past, a figure is stood over something; they soon step aside and we see it's the possibly dead or possibly unconscious body of Elijah Davis. This part doesn't matter though, as the figure turns around, coming out of the dark and revealing to have on a rubber mask. The figure is dressed in a suit and the mask resembles a man's face. In the figure's hand though is something quite peculiar... a sharpened broomstick? It's now looks like Eli is starting to come to though - he's alive - but it matters not for the figure in the masked takes the sharpened edge of the broomstick and plunges it right into Eli's neck causing blood to squirt everywhere. Eli may not have been dead before, but he sure is now, and we see the figure in the mask use the sharpened broomstick to continue hacking away at Eli's neck until eventually he's fully decapitated. It's quite the sight to see, and while we don't know about the person under the mask, the mask itself has the sickliest looking grin.
In the present, again, we see Rena as he hits pause. He just blinks for a minute, absolutely stunned. He then turns and vomits all over the floor next to him.

From one broom to another: over at the Von Trump mansion, Val is sweeping one of the hallways while singing to herself, "♪ Trabajando nueve hasta las cinco, qué manera de ganarse la vida! Apenas consig-- ♪" She suddenly stops, dropping the mop and clutching her large baby bump, smiling sweetly after. "Was that a kick, my little revenge pawn? Oh, and the other one too! You like Spanish Dolly, don't you? Yes you do! Yes you--" "Val?" She turns around to see Ben, and her sweet smile dissipates almost immediately. "Oh," she mutters, "the sperm. What are you doing here?" "I'm here to ask you what the hell you think you're doing," Ben states firmly, and Val appears confused, telling him, "I'm cleaning. Duh. What the hell does it look like I'm doing? And how did you even get in here, anyway?" "My friend used to work here," Ben reveals, "Still had the key." "Well you are breaking and entering," Val tells him, only for him to point out, "I'm more unlocking and entering, but whatever." "Don't get smart with me," the pregnant maid then begs, "because you're really no good at it and I'm not in the mood." "Val, you must understand I can't have you working around Jennifer." It's then that Jennifer, in the hall around the corner, hears her name being stated by her ex-husband. She then arrives at the corner and watches the scene go on from behind there, unnoticed by either Ben or Val. The latter asks, "Why not? The pay is good, and she's not as crazy as I thought." This makes Jennifer look sad, and Ben reminds her, "She was my wife. She carried my daughter. And now you..." "What?" Valentina questions, "You don't want me around her because now I'm carrying your children? Piss off, Ben. If you had a point to make, you woulda made it by now. I for one am done listening. So I'm just gonna keep singing until you freakin' leave, to be honest." "Val--" "♪ Apenas consiguiendo por, es todo tomar y no dar!! ♪" She picks up her broom and sweeps on, leaving Ben behind, and he just sighs and begins to exit the mansion. Jennifer, however, stays exactly where she is, and then she takes a few steps back, hitting the wall. She stands there, her face so blank and yet so full of emotion as well. "Those are... Ben's babies..." she mutters, "Ben's babies..." And something inside her... snaps. "Our little girl," tears form in her eyes. It's as though all of her old life is flooding back to her. Not that she'd forgotten any of it, but it was all just so buried. And now it's free. Rushing to the surface. She can still see Val. Her large belly. Knowing her ex-husband's DNA is swirling around inside there. Flashes fill her mind. She remembers herself in labor. She remembers the cries of a newborn infant. She remembers those cries abruptly stopping, and months and months of more cries. Of her cries. She's crying now. The basement. The horrible basement fills her head as well. And a sweet smile. "Goldilocks..." she utters through the tears, forming a little smile, and then her head turns, and her smile fades, but it isn't the sadness that rears its ugly head again - it's anger. "No," she suddenly states, fire biting her voice, and she springs forward from the wall and begins marching instead. Away from Val, not towards her. Her battle isn't with Val. It's with the life she's living right now. It's with Andrew Von Trump. And she makes that very clear when she barges into his sickbed room like a stampede of a woman. His eyes are open, staring at her, but he can't speak with that breathing tube in his mouth. The gentle beep of the heart monitor and the fire raging from Jennifer's groan are all which can be heard right now. "Sweetheart, how are you?" Jennifer asks, all swathed in irony. "Hope you're doing well," she violently kicks over the trashcan in his bedroom, spilling trash all over the floor, as she casually strolls her way towards his bed. So many machines, all working their magic to keep this man alive. Fear is within him now, as can be told by the beep of the monitor speeding up some. "Nothing to say, hubby dearest?" Jennifer asks, now sitting at his bedside, "Ah, well, guess you can't say much like this, can you?" She grabs the breathing tube between her thumb and forefinger, squeezing it a little, and then a lot, and Andrew wants to struggle. Well, he's struggling to breathe, and the heart monitor is beeping so fast it sounds like it might explode, but Jennifer just sits there, squeezing. He tries moving his hand, wanting to stop her, but she just bats it down... and then she releases, allowing the heart rate to return to normal. She giggles. "All too easy," she states as he relaxes. "Just like I was, remember? Easy to manipulate... to brainwash... to have your way with... But I'm sick of playing the part of doting wife. Sick of men using and abusing me when all I want... all I've ever wanted... is to be happy. I was fooled into thinking I was happy with you. But I know what true happiness is. That moment, in the hospital, when my baby girl emerged. A solid couple minutes of pure joy, all rushing back to remind me... to ensure me... that what we shared together was wrong. You're wrong. You're a sick, sick man, and you deserve to be punished." She squeezes the breathing tube again, giving it a little shake, still holding Andrew's hand down. His eyes are practically bulging out of his head, and then the breathing tube detaches, and the heart monitor is in critical. "Pl--!!" he gasps, "Please!" "What's that?" Jennifer asks, placing a hand to her ear like a beacon, "Are you begging? Is little Andy begging?!" She punches him in the throat, and his gasps grow louder; he is choking, in severe pain, that damn heart monitor. "All too easy," Jennifer says yet again, finally leaving her husband be and popping off of the bed. It looks as though she might leave the room, but then she spins back around. "Then again," she adds, approaching all that whirring machinery. All that godawful hospital equipment. She finishes with, "I never was a fan of a challenge." She makes her way to the back of the machines, and Andrew turns, fearing the worst. Gripping the wires in her fist, Jennifer blows her husband a kiss and says, "'Til death do us part, dearie." And then she yanks. Plugs free from sockets, and all the machinery just... stops. Along with Andrew himself. Not right away, of course. He wheezes and groans and tries and fails to live, and then he just dies. Like that. An undignified evacuated bowel later, and Jennifer is staring at him, appearing rather serene. She then returns to the wires, and plugs something back in. It's the heart monitor, now purveying nothing more than the never-ending hum of a flatline. "Listen to that," Jennifer tells her husband's corpse, walking forward and knock-knock-knocking on his chest, "Such a lovely echo." And then she leaves the room, picking up the trashcan on the way out and commenting to herself, "I'll let the maid get it," before she shuts the doors entirely.


Liz is sat in the prison cafeteria during meal time, luckily at a table with a group, unluckily that group being Kristi and the rest of her fanclub. None of them have a tray - no food, no drink, nothing. Liz just sits there, silently and awkwardly, while a loud growl is heard coming from Kristi's stomach. "Shut up! Shut up!" she cries, punching her stomach a couple of times in hopes of getting the roars to quiet down, while Liz simply shakes her head in disgust. "You're disappointed in me..." Kristi realizes, "Jesus fudging Christ, I'm not good enough for you!" "Dear God..." Liz utters, showing absolutely no sympathy as Kristi starts banging her head against the table now, repeatedly, apologizing to Liz for her "worthlessness and incompetence". More stomachs begin to roar as other members of Liz's fanclub are beginning to starve. "Do you really never eat?" one girl asks, and Liz smirks. "Nope. Never. And neither should you." She then mumbles under her breath, "Hopefully they'll all drop dead of starvation soon enough..." Yas Belich soon joins them though, forcing her way in between Liz and Kristi, knocking the latter to the ground thus causing two socks of milk to slip out of her bra and onto the ground. "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!" she cries, scooping the socks up and trying to force them back into her bra, only creating a soaking wet mess that now seeps through her shirt and onto the floor. "I might actually end up killing myself," Liz comes to realize, and Yas cackles, "Yaaaas, ain't prison a bitch?" "Though I might kill you first," Liz adds, causing Yas to frown, though she chooses to let it go. "Cheer up, buttercup," she goes on to say, "It doesn't gotta be so bad in here." "Really?" Liz begs to differ, "Because you sure are seeing to it that it is." "I was just making sure we square," she points out, "but now that we're really even, we can have some fun. Together." "Lemme stop you right there," Liz feels the need to interrupt, "I have sex with women now, yes, but know that I barely even class you as human, soo..." "Oh, piss off," Yas barks, "I meant we could have fun taking over this place together. Think about it: you're a hot lesbian actress with some henchmen already at your disposal." Though the two women look at the girls who make up Liz's fan-club; one is picking her nose, one is helping another pop a back pimple, a few starting to suck on their arms due to hunger, and then there's Kristi, who, yeah. "So they may need some training," Yas admits, "but you've got followers. You've got the numbers. You've got the looks." "If I've got it all then why do I need you?" Liz wonders, to which Yas replies, "Because we also both know you're just some dumb hick who got lucky to be able to make a living off beating slightly overweight men with riding crops and worm your way into the movie industry... not that your career had the chance to take off considering you're, well, here." Liz takes offense to this, but nonetheless Yas continues: "Just think about it, sweetie, we could take this prison by storm. You and I as top bitches, getting any and everything we wanted here. The inmates looking up to us, living for us, believing we make their sad and pathetic lives somewhat better." Liz is starting to see Yas' vision, and she's liking it. "So whadda ya say, champ?" the former agent wonders. "I say--" Liz goes to respond, but a guard then arrives. "Elizabeth Davis," she says, "you've been procured an alibi. It's time to go." Liz's jaw drops, and she turns to Yas who is equally as stunned. "You know what I say?" she answers her former agent, "I say yaaaas bitch! Suck it, I'm out of here!" she says, giving Yas and Kristi and the rest of her fanclub the middle fingers. The guard instructs Liz that's time to go, and she happily gets up, shoving Kristi out of the way causing her milk socks to become even more of a mess. The psycho yelps, but then cries at her idol having to go. "This isn't over!" Yas screams, in the meantime, but Liz looks back one last time to tell her old rival, "Oh hun, it most definitely is," and with that she blows Yas a kiss before looking forward and never having to see her again.
Liz, having changed her clothes, is next seen being escorted out to where her friends and family can come pick her up. Waiting for her is Ali, Cassie, Rena, and Mary, the former of which runs to give her girlfriend a multitude of hugs and kisses. Liz doesn't hold back, having missed the embrace of her lover, and as Ali continues to have her arms wrapped around Liz, the redhead makes her way over to Rena and Mary, giving her old butler/sex-slave a hug, and blowing air kisses at Mary. "It's good to have you back, dear," Mary says to her star, and Liz assures that she's glad to be back. "So how did you all manage to get me an alibi?" she wonders, and Ali and Mary both turn to Rena. "It was all him," Mary says, smiling and voluntarily taking her boyfriend's hand. Liz is surprised to hear this. "Yeaaaah," Rena replies, "I'd rather not talk about it." He then shivers, and Liz's smile drops as she realizes what this must mean. "I hope you washed your hands afterward," Rena says to Liz, confusing Ali and Mary some as they're both actually unaware as to how Rena got Liz an alibi. No one decides to press on this though, simply not caring because right now all is right again. "Well..." Liz says to the Portuguese, "thank you for everything." Rena nods, giving her a smile, and she and Ali (along with Cassie) proceed to head off. Rena and Mary lag behind, meanwhile, though on their way to going home as well. "I should be thanking you too," Mary admits to her beau, "and I should apologize... for everything, really. I've... been pretty awful to you, I admit." "Mary--" but she motions that it's her turn to talk. "Look, what you did for me... for Liz... I really am so, very grateful. I certainly never could've done it, and it also makes me really regret what I said to you about you being a detective. I didn't think you were capable of even playing one, but you just did the real thing. Clearly I underestimated you, so again I'm sorry." Rena continues to hold Mary's hand and smiles, really needing to hear this. But he then sighs, admitting, "And I'm sorry for always invading your personal space, inviting myself over without permission and using you as a means to get out of going to work. I get it, you're a very independent person and I've overstepped some." "You really have," Mary says bluntly... but then chuckles, indicating to Rena that it's alright. "I'm sorry," Rena says again, to which Mary responds, "As am I." The two then look at one another, both smiling as this is probably the best place they've been in for quite sometime, and they lean in for a nice, loving kiss.

Joanna is sat on her couch, drinking wine, having found an episode of Friends which doesn't involve anyone being pregnant. "Ah, gotta love Season 3," she comments to herself as she takes a sip, and then the door opens and Ben strolls on in, and Joanna can't even be subtle with the conspicuous nature with which her eyes roll. Ben picks up on this, and his already down mood sinks even lower, and he tells his new boss, "Sorry I'm late." In no real mood, because she's just managed to cheer herself up, she tells him, "Don't be. Really." And he picks up on this too, just watching as she drinks. She then turns to him, not clear on why he's just standing there, and he tells her, "Right, I guess I'll... clean." "You do that," Joanna nods. Ben goes to fetch some supplies and, on his way, he decides he in fact does want to salvage this; no matter what, he must be the bigger man. He must be polite, and friendly, and forthcoming. That's who he is. And so, with a decisive nod and a handful of polish, he asks, "How's your day been, Joanna?" "Oh, for crying out loud," is Joanna's response, "Aren't you being paid to clean?!" She clasps her free hand over her mouth after she's said this, with it having come out before she was able to stop it, and Ben decides to drop it. Literally, he drops his polish. And he demands, "Okay, what is your problem with me?" "I... I don't have a problem with you," Joanna lies, and Ben just arches an eyebrow, at which she exclaims, "Fine! You're too damn friendly!" "What?" Ben is taken aback, finding this a ridiculous excuse not to like someone, and she elaborates, "Asking me things like how I am and how my day was, are you not just grated by that stuff?" "No... I'm not..." Ben replies, "It's what friends ask each other. I was hoping to become your friend. You were friends with Rena and with Josh, were you not?" "Yeah, but that was different, they were fun." Again, she has said this before she was able to stop herself. "Oh..." Ben murmurs. "No," Joanna interjects, "I just mean that... our personalities clicked better. Whereas yours and mine..." "Well..." Ben murmurs some more, and then his decisive nod returns to him, "Screw that." "Excuse me?" "That way of thinking. Just because you don't click with someone is no excuse to be rude. I have been nothing but nice and polite and, considering all I know about your shady-as-hell past, it wouldn't damage you to extend me the same courtesy, young lady!" She arches an eyebrow now. "Old lady!" She looks offended as f*ck. Finally: "Lady!" Ben has tumbled from his stride now, but still Joanna exhales and decides, "You're right." "I am?" Ben questions, "I mean, I am." She then pats the empty space on the sofa next to her, and he goes to join her. "You were right earlier," she admits, "There is something troubling me and... well, I guess I was just putting that anger on you, and that wasn't fair. I'm sorry." "Apology accepted," Ben is courteous enough to say, and a moment of silence washes by. "So, if you don't mind my asking, what is troubling you?" Joanna sighs at this. "Did going all touchy-feely talking about things really help Ali through all her endless mounds of crap?" "Far as I'm aware," Ben smiles, and she exclaims, "Fine! Okay, the thing is... I recently decided I wanna have a child..." "That's wonderful news!" "But I can't, 'cause I'm barren." "Oh... I'm sorry," Ben states, making the quick change from gleeful to appropriately sullen. "I just... I really want kids, you know? I didn't even realize how much I wanted them until... Ugh, it's stupid." "No, it really isn't," Ben promises, "Out of everyone, I understand. I mean, when I lost my first baby..." Joanna turns to him at this, shocked that he's gone through this, but she doesn't interrupt. "I..." Ben continues, "wanted nothing more than another child for so long. And now here I am, with that completely turned against me, a woman pregnant with two rape babies and... working in the very same house that the original mother of my late child is living at. It's a cruel world for those who yearn to be parents, Joanna." "That's... a lot to be dealing with," she sympathizes, placing her hand on his. "But, I'm not gonna let it stop me. When Val pops out those twins, you can bet your arse I'm gonna fight like hell for them. Because this may be a cruel twist of fate, but it's also an opportunity, and you gotta seize those whenever they come!" "Yes," Joanna nods, "yes, you do." "I mean, I'm not even sure Val wants these babies." "Yeah..." "She's just evil." Another moment of silence. "So," Joanna nods, "to recap... there's a woman out there carrying two babies that she might not even want?" "That's Valentina Cortez," Ben assures, and another eyebrow goes arched. It's Joanna's again, as an idea strikes her like lightning. "Interesting..." she utters, and Ben asks if he can fix her another drink. "Please no," she replies.

Mary arrives home after what has been a pretty successful day, having made up with her boyfriend and witnessed her star get out of jail. Everything was going well, that is, until she finds herself being reminded of one last loose end. She finds herself being almost instantly approached by Josh, who is there to take her coat and offer her a drink. "So how did it go?" he inquires, to Mary's confusion. "Your meeting with Brad," the butler clarifies, "I assume that's where you were." "Oh..." Mary utters, admitting, "no, I... Brad wasn't needed. Rena was able to get Liz an alibi." "Oh..." the butler replies, slightly disappointed, before reaffirming, "well hold onto his card anyway! He could be very useful in the future." This is only making Mary even more uncomfortable, given that she knows for a fact Brad has no future, and so she motions that the butler have a seat. Josh is confused, but does as instructed; Mary, wanting to go about this delicately, proceeds to guzzle down the drink Josh made her before getting to her point. "Look, hun," she says, "I... I think you're confused." "What are you talking about?" "Brad," she utters, "he... he died. At the church. I was there." But Josh slams his fist down, proceeding to stand up, absolutely startling Mary. "Why does everyone keep saying that?!" he barks, pacing back and forth, then wondering, "Is it Joanna?! Is that bitch putting these thoughts in everyone's head?! It's not enough for her to blow up my wedding, no, she has to tell everyone think I'm crazy for being with a man who's bound to a wheelchair!" "Wheelchair?..." Mary utters, in confusion, as Josh keeps going, "Well guess what, I'm not so shallow to where I couldn't love a man just because he can't walk! Honestly, it's very insulting how you people are treating him now, especially when the person who caused this just roams freely!" "Josh--" Mary tries, but she stops when she sees the tears building up in his eyes. She's in shock at just how much this has gotten to Josh's head. She can tell that there's a small part of him that doesn't believe everything he's saying, but it seems to not be enough. Cautiously though, Mary decides to get up, and Josh watches she makes her way over to a desk drawer. There, she finds her contact book and digs around until eventually locating a business card. "Listen, hun," she says, holding out the card, "here's the number of a therapist I know. She's really good, and she can help you sort through... all of this." Josh doesn't say anything though; he just stares down at the card while trying to hold back anymore tears. "Please," Mary begs, and finally the butler takes it. It seems that small part of him is getting through, and Mary lets out a small sigh of relief. "It's gonna be alright," Mary promises the butler, and Josh simply nods. Deeming the situation handled, Mary sees fit to head upstairs for a spell, thus leaving Josh alone. The butler stares at the therapist's business card, contemplating his next move... before finally ripping the card up and throwing it in the trash. He doesn't even think twice about it, simply setting off to go do some cleaning instead.

Joe is taking a stroll down Fanon Drive, still looking somber, when he notices some kids hanging around up the street. They soon run off, playing whatever game it is they're playing, but drop a drinks can in their wake. "Hey!" Joe shouts, not that they hear him, and he moves to pick up the piece of litter from the sidewalk. However, he then stands there, staring at it, and sighs. "Not my problem anymore," he states in reference to upholding the law, and then he tosses the drinks can to one side and kicks it out of sight, continuing his little stroll. He's soon across the street from the Montgomery house, where Silvia appears in the window. He accidentally makes eye contact and so she smiles and waves at him, and this just makes him angry. And so, he decides to barge across the street - jaywalking like a common criminal - and knock furiously on her door. Silvia doesn't answer though; instead, he is met by new stepdaddy Jason. "Can I help you, son?" he asks with the friendliest of smiles etched upon his deluded little lover-boy face, and Joe tells him, "Yes, you can allow me to speak with your wife." "Sure thing, champ," Jason goes on, then calling, "Silvia! It's for you!" "Coming, my love!" Silvia cries from the other room, and Jason tells Joe, "I suppose I'll just get back to the ironing." He chuckles, "Don't even know where our butler is. He sure is crap." "I know," Joe nods, and then Silvia appears. She greets her husband with a kiss, and then he wanders off. "Joe," Silvia greets with a smile, "would you like to come in? I could whip up some iced tea if you like." "I didn't come here for iced tea, mommy dearest," Joe says in anger, "I came here to tell you that Elizabeth Davis has been released from prison, which means it's only a matter of time before the cops start sniffing around you." Silvia chuckles, "I assure you, my dear boy, I haven't been running around in some rubber mask." "Rubber mask?" Joe questions. "Why sure, didn't you see that footage Renato discovered? Turns out he is good for something." Joe furrows his brow and Silvia asks, "Are you gonna come in or not? I'd rather continue this upstairs." "Are you cr--" Silvia rolls her eyes and walks away, heading up the stairs of her house, and Joe, angry, wanting to persecute her some more, finds himself following, going past Jason and his ironing, all the way to the master bedroom. "If you're luring me here to kill me too, I warn you, I'm more than capable of defending myself." "I would never try to kill you, Joe," Silvia promises, her tone now more sincere. "You already have tried. Twice. That I know of, at least..." "I know," she breathes, "but... that was then. This is now. And I swear, I really did have nothing to do with Eli's death. Eli is... well, he was irrelevant to me. I had no reason to kill him. I killed Lily in the past, yes, but I had a reason to kill her, and I regretted it severely. I still regret it. You must understand, that kind of regret, it's...." "I do understand that kind of regret," Joe assures, and again, Silvia stares into his eyes. "Not only do I know the weight these things pull on the conscience..." she utters, "Not only do I see it in someone's eyes... but you literally have my eyes. I feel like I'm looking into a guilt-mirror." "Except," Joe breaks himself off from emotion, "I don't go around enacting evil schemes for my own benefit." "What do you mean?" Silvia questions. "I mean, all of this!" Joe yells, gesturing the building around him, "Marrying a doctor to escape an asylum! Moving down the street from me to... what? What is this? Some long con? Some deep-seeded revenge ploy? What the hell is it you want?!" Silvia goes silent at this, back to just staring at him. Eventually, she admits the truth: "All I want, Joe, is a relationship with my son." "No--" "Yes. I see the damage in you, but... I had no idea it was this bad. I am no longer some villain to defeat or some mystery to be solved. I'm just a mother now. And your life... all those experiences, all that drama, all that... that... that deviousness... it's broken you. You may be a good detective, Joe, but you've worn yourself thin as a human being. You can't even recognize that all I'm after here is a chance to be in your life. And yes, maybe I had a sneaky way of going about it, but to assume I have some master-plan, some ultimate end-game... well... that's how you see the world, I suppose. But it's a world that I am choosing not to be a part of anymore." Joe is looking her up and down, considering her words, and then, "Prove it." "What?" "Prove that all you're after is some mother-son bonding. Help me." "I... um... I could set you up with an appointment with Jason if you like? He really is an excellent doctor." "No, not that kind of help!" Joe exclaims, "And as if I'd ever wanna visit that quack. No, I mean help me uncover a secret that you yourself tantalized. Because you're right. My life is full of mystery and villains and maybe it has corrupted my view of the world... but none of it's gonna go away until I solve the mysteries and defeat the villains. And there's at least one you can help me with. So... tell me about my secret sibling." Silvia takes a deep breath, and eventually decides, "Okay, that's fair." "Thank you." "As you know," she continues, "I spent a long time trying to track them down, so I don't know who they are, but I have a few details gathered." "Tell me everything," Joe insists. "Well, for starters," Silvia reveals, "It was a boy."
We flash back to Silvia, about eight months pregnant in the Del Barrio basement, clutching a crying Lily DeWar who's just had her baby sent away. "He took my son!" she weeps, her chains clanking against the floor, "My son! MY BOYYY!" She is crying profusely, can't say anymore, or scream anymore, and Silvia is just cradling her, shushing her. "I know, honey, shhhh," she whispers, stroking Lily's hair, "It's all gonna be okay. I promise. Shhhh." She rubs her own pregnant belly.
"I... I have a brother..." Joe utters, a smile flickering on his face. "What else," he needs to know, excited now, and Silvia opens her mouth to speak... and that's when the scream is heard. A male scream. "What the hell?" Silvia exclaims, and she and Joe go rushing downstairs. When they get there, to the kitchen, they are completely and utterly horrified by what they see. The door has been left open for one - the killer has already fled - and in their wake, a gruesome scene has been left. Jason Montgomery's head still rests on the iron board, his flesh melted into it from where the hot iron has been run over his head. He is dead, of course. A bloody, fleshy, gooey mess, and Silvia is shaking. Her eyes are wide. She is in shock. "Now do you believe it wasn't me?" she asks Joe, who takes her hand to steady her. "Uh-huh," Joe nods, his eyes just as wide, "And you know what this means, right?" "What?" Silvia asks, and then he says it: "We have a serial killer on our hands."

Way across town, in a beach area, a designated crime scene has seen to be have been set up by the WHPD. They are warning scared pedestrians to stay away - to stay away from the dead body which has washed up on the beach. "Who is this guy?" one cop says to the other, staring down at the man who's had his throat neatly slit. Very efficient. Someone knew what they were doing. The other cop, who's going through this guy's wallet for identification, soon confirms, "O'Neil, Troy," and the first cop says, "Ooooohhh. I thought he looked familiar. He's the stunt guy." "That's right," the second cop nods, putting the wallet down. And then, "Hey, what's that? On his hand?" The other cop then spots it too, and so kneels down to inspect. Turning the hand over, he murmurs, "What the hell?" And indeed, on it, written in permanent marker (faded from the sea water, but we can still make it out), is the name: Joseph DeWar.

Unanswered Questions

  • What became of the real Joanna's body after Nadia took it away?
  • Who is the other baby, child of Jorgio and Lily?
  • Did Nadia leave the knife for Joanna? If so, how did she come to suspect the switch?
  • Why did the church explode? Who was behind it?
  • Who paid Rochelle to kidnap Joe?
  • What became of Troy O'Neil? Was he involved in the church explosion?
  • What did Ali's father do that she threatened to expose?
  • Who killed Eli and dished up his head?
  • What was the meaning of Cassie's painting? Who did it represent?
  • Who killed Jason? Who was the person behind the mask?
  • Who killed Troy and why did he have Joe's name written on his hand?
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