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Season Summary

Episodes of the second season premiered on November 13, 2016, and they concluded on February 5, 2017. The season consisted of a total of 12 episodes.


Things never stay quiet for long in Wikerly Hills, as is evident by the fact that, a mere three months after Jose's murder is solved, a new mystery rocks the residents of Fanon Drive - one which stretches back decades, all the way to the birth of the man who's currently rotting in a jail cell for a crime he didn't commit. In spite of Joe's frame job, an accomplishment carried out once again by the still heartbroken Joanna, life goes on pretty much as normal for the rest of his butler pals. Josh enjoys a blooming romance with Brad, all the while enduring the complications brought about by a militant new boss who he has trouble determining as being either better or worse than his former, now deceased, homophobic employer. Rena continues a so-called "affair" with Liz, although the two must be discreet with the latter's suspicious husband Eli now skulking around the house, and it isn't long before they discover what Justine meant when she said she had an insurance plan. Ben remains a loyal servant of Ali who, triumphant as she may now be following her evil husband's arrest, faces a big problem left behind from her time in the defiled marital bed, while Ben himself faces challenges in the form of new maid Valentina Cortez. Oh, and then there's those pesky Littles still knocking about, with Rochelle worried that a new houseboy could come even closer to unearthing her big black family secret than the last one did. No, things are never quiet in this town... it's just that, in the interim, all the noise is made solely from behind closed doors.


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01 "Malice in Workerland" 05 "The Little Spy Maid" 09 "Sweeping Beauty"
02 "Cinder-Fella" 06 "Little Red Patch of Blood" 10 "The Lying Queen"
03 "Beauty and the Tryst" 07 "The Aristocatfish" 11 "Houseboy Who Cried Wolf"
04 "Goldilocks and the Four Butlers" 08 "Landlady and the Tramp" 12 "The Peasant and the Devious"

Malice in Workerland

Devious Butlers 2x01.png
See main article: "Malice in Workerland"

Original air date: November 13, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Three months have gone by since Joe's arrest and he remains trapped behind bars with a vengeful Jorgio Del Barrio out to get him, while Jorgio's wife Ali takes to enjoying his wealth and using it in express defiance of the way in which it was accumulated. The other butlers, meanwhile, all have good things going for them: Josh's relationship with Brad is going strong, although a curveball thrown by the latter may muddy things a bit; Rena finds himself in luck when he's able to land an audition, but he may also find himself unable to escape the tampering of Eli; Ben is given more responsibility at work when it comes to hiring a new maid, and life goes on as normal in Wikerly Hills as we're taken back down the rabbit hole for the first of a second batch of deviousness.


Devious Butlers 2x02.png
See main article: "Cinder-Fella"

Original air date: November 20, 2016

Plot Synopsis: It may be Thanksgiving, but the butlers all find that, this year, they have rather little to be thankful for. Joe tries getting his old job back but is forced by circumstance to cast his net towards his more recent career dealings. Ben finds that there's more to new maid Valentina than meets the eye as they find themselves fighting over Ali's confidence. Josh finally meets his new boss, but soon wishes ze'd stayed away. And Rena also makes a new career move while at the same time having to involve himself in Liz and Eli's battle of wits. Joanna, meanwhile, still has to put up with her ratchet sister-in-law, with no fairy godmothers around to help anyone out of the messes they're now in.

Beauty and the Tryst

Devious Butlers 2x03.png
See main article: "Beauty and the Tryst"

Original air date: November 27, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Selena makes it zer mission to prove to Josh just how privileged he really is, while Joe feels anything but privileged to have Joanna discover that he's now out of jail, and the mix of emotions could have the two of them reliving their tale as old as time. Sex is on the table for all, as Eli's offer to help Rena further his YouTube career is followed up by the latter and Liz accidentally broadcasting something more than a little incriminating. Also, Ben sees Valentina's day off as an opportunity to make things right with Ali, who remains upset with him after a disastrous Thanksgiving; Ali, though, seems to be having none of it, and he begins to fear that their friendship may be more than just chipped.

Goldilocks and the Four Butlers

Devious Butlers 2x04.png
See main article: "Goldilocks and the Four Butlers"

Original air date: December 4, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Rena and Liz, after an announcement by Eli, are excited for their relationship to go back to being hot, while Josh fears that his own relationship with Brad may be turning cold, and Joe's situation with Joanna isn't exactly "just right" either. Their torrid night together has some awkward ripple effects as Joe grapples with a secret that Josh might just need to hear, and Valentina continues to show signs of having a secret as well, regarding the butlers' Portuguese friend. Meanwhile, Ben and Ali are once again thrown into blows at one another following the return of Jennifer Gold. She's been sleeping in Andrew's bed... and she's still there.

The Little Spy Maid

Devious Butlers 2x05.png
See main article: "The Little Spy Maid"

Original air date: December 11, 2016

Plot Synopsis: With Jennifer's wedding to Andrew fast approaching, it's a race against time for Ben and Ali to rescue this poor, unfortunate soul and ensure that that rich creep never gets the chance to kiss the girl at the altar. Due to this, they barely register the absence of Val, who goes deep under the scenery of the Davis house in order to expose Rena and Liz. This causes the dominatrix to deem that her butler's continued employment is no longer an option, though his next boss could cause a stir with his friends who are already riled up by their own issues. Joe and Josh, for instance, continue to grapple with the aftermath of the Joanna revelation, with the former also having to deal with an apparent stalker and the latter still having to endure Selena's never-ceasing efforts to make him part of zer world.

Little Red Patch of Blood

Devious Butlers 2x06.png
See main article: "Little Red Patch of Blood"

Original air date: December 18, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Joe has come to realize that, despite their surname, the Littles are hiding a big bad secret, while Josh informs him that he has stranger things chasing him through the proverbial forest. While black meets red, the rest of Fanon Drive prepares to celebrate Christmas, but the festive spirit is something to be desired within the homes of the rich and famous this holiday season. Ali turns stoic following an awkward encounter with the ladies while Liz deals with Eli's unscheduled return and Joanna, in spite of advising Rena to only look out for himself, begins to let her guilt get the better of her once more as she realizes that that's all she's been doing of late. With shadiness falling instead of snow, Ben finally starts to unveil Valentina's secrets, seeing the wolf behind the facade, while Josh discovers a separate beast within himself - along with what big, green eyes it has.

The Aristocatfish

Devious Butlers 2x07.png
See main article: "The Aristocatfish"

Original air date: January 1, 2017

Plot Synopsis: Following a less than merry Christmas, Wikerly Hills' aristocracy finds itself in crisis. Ali is hospitalized after the attack, and some daunting news is let loose. Liz must deal with being penniless thanks to her marriage ending, forcing her down a less than desirable path. Rochelle tries her best to keep her secrets hidden from Joe, only to then have another exposed. And Joanna could end up once again without a butler when Rena's "big break" arrives to TV. Meanwhile, Ben confronts Val over what he's discovered, Brad begrudgingly deals with Juan's sudden return to Josh's life, and further discord claws its way into the butlers' friendship.

Landlady and the Tramp

Devious Butlers 2x08.png
See main article: "Landlady and the Tramp"

Original air date: January 8, 2017

Plot Synopsis: It's a dog eat dog world as Ben comes to learn with Liz now staying at the Del Barrio mansion, and yet another battle for Ali's attention could be set to take place as he fears the indigent actress to be taking advantage of his recently debilitated employer. Meanwhile, it seems Selena isn't the only Fanon Drive resident raging aboard the anti-privilege bandwagon, which Joe surmises upon witnessing one of Manny's freak-outs, while zer butler continues to ward off Juan's cute attempts at smoothing things over. Also, Eli has a meeting with an acclaimed director, and Rena tries to wrap his noodle around a way to escape the clutches of his number one fan.

Sweeping Beauty

Devious Butlers 2x09.png
See main article: "Sweeping Beauty"

Original air date: January 15, 2017

Plot Synopsis: Selena is hellbent on making it so that the only male Josh is strolling with once upon a dream is Juan, treating Brad as a creature which must be slain. In the midst of all this, Josh also finds himself pulled back into the mystery surrounding the Littles, with Joe needing his help after pursuing Aliza's suggested method of gathering info. Meanwhile, Val tries her best to sweep Ben's custodian efforts under the rug and frame him for a series of mishaps, backed by Liz, whose soon-to-be ex-husband continues his quest to destroy her reputation. The broken couple's former butler remains in the clutches of the evil Kristi, and, with Joanna having to work the case alone, it becomes a time-sensitive mission for her to rescue her servant in distress before his captor puts a permanent end to his waking days, as well as her own.

The Lying Queen

Devious Butlers 2x10.png
See main article: "The Lying Queen"

Original air date: January 22, 2017

Plot Synopsis: The circle of life runs its course as the past and present meet, and finally we delve fully into the mystery surrounding Joanna Winters. Or, is it Emilie Klaveno?

Houseboy Who Cried Wolf

Devious Butlers 2x11.png
See main article: "Houseboy Who Cried Wolf"

Original air date: January 29, 2017

Plot Synopsis: The Littles' big secret is close to exposure, so Rochelle has Manny ensure that Joe can't cry out the truth to anyone... but the methods they employ don't exactly sit right with Aliza. Meanwhile, Josh finds himself being launched further forward in his rekindled relationship with Juan than he'd like, though he's not the only one discovering new things in the world of romance. Rena lands a date of sorts with Maria Solano, intent on making the most of his recent trauma by giving an exclusive interview, while Liz, following her exposure by Eli, heads down an unexpected path. Ben thinks he's seen the last of the bitch in sheep's clothing that is Val, but he'd be wrong, and Joanna begins to adjust to life now that her secrets are out.

The Peasant and the Devious

Devious Butlers 2x12.png
See main article: "The Peasant and the Devious"

Original air date: February 5, 2017

Plot Synopsis: The butlers must once again join forces in order to get the truth out of a killer, but this particular troubled psychopath - not to mention, Joe's mother - could end up incriminating several other parties along the way. Joe himself, meanwhile, grapples with some even more horrifying news, as well as the prospect of moving sideways in terms of his career. In fact, all his friends' "careers" are reflected upon, going back to the very beginning, while in the present they must deal with the other people in their lives being as devious as they are. Josh finds himself at a loss with Juan, with Brad turning his head once more; Rena continues to see Maria Solano while she remains on the hunt for a new idea, which could mean good news for some; and Ben learns just what brand of sick, twisted revenge Val has in store for him, with the Del Barrio mansion hosting more than a few surprises.



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