Season 1
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June 19, 2016 - September 4, 2016
"At least we know the butler didn't do it."

This article contains episode summaries for the first season of Devious Butlers.

Season Summary

Episodes of the first season started airing June 19, 2016 and concluded on September 4, 2016. The season consisted of a total of 12 episodes.


Secrets. Lies. Murder... It's all in a day's work for the devious butlers of Wikerly Hills. Meet four men bonded together by their jobs, their dreams and the dirt they sweep under the rug for the rich and famous, whose insanity they get to experience up close and personal as they both hang up their dirty laundry and keep it concealed on their behalf. There's Ben, who works for the mysterious Del Barrios while crushing hard on the neighbors' maid Justine; Rena, an aspiring actor who works for the glamorous if excessively tormenting Liz; Josh, whose homosexuality is often berated by his boss Matthew, though revered by the lovable Joanna Winters; and Joe, who seems to be hiding even more than Alison and Jorgio - the aforementioned mysterious Del Barrios whose butler Joe replaces following a scandalous murder during the height of the social season. It's up to Joe to find out whodunnit, with plenty of curveballs thrown in his direction along the way, ensuring an awful amount of intrigue as murder, mystery and mayhem collide amongst the mansions of this crazy, elitist part of America.


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Recurring Guest Stars

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01 "Pilot" 05 "Mess-Prone Housewives" 09 "Orange Is the New Plaque"
02 "Custodian Horror Story" 06 "Gritty Little Liars" 10 "Tedious Maids"
03 "Buffing the Damp Mire Layer" 07 "How to Run Away with Chauffeurs" 11 "Grime of Thrones"
04 "Rinse Upon a Time" 08 "Butler Who?" 12 "Drop Dead Devious"


Devious Butlers 1x01.png
See main article: "Pilot"

Original air date: June 19, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Lives are forever changed when local butler Jose Sanchez is murdered mysteriously at the height of the social season in the home of Jorgio and Alison Del Barrio. It seems like they're going to have to find new help, but first Jose's friends congregate to deal with the crisis. Josh struggles to win a power battle with his employer. Rena strives for greatness but can't rise from under the thumb of maid Justine. And the object of Ben's desires seems unobtainable in a time where his bosses are acting more secretive than ever.

Custodian Horror Story

Devious Butlers 1x02.png
See main article: "Custodian Horror Story"

Original air date: June 26, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Joseph DeWar has arrived on the scene as Wikerly Hills' newest butler, and now he has to work to get himself embedded into the already tight-knit group that exists within the area. Meanwhile, as he starts snooping into Jose's horrific murder, Ben lands himself a date of sorts, and Josh has a date of his own that has the potential to really ruffle some feathers in the Winters' mansion. Rena scores an agent, as well as his first televised role, but all the butlers soon must learn that all good things come at a cost.

Buffing the Damp Mire Layer

Devious Butlers 1x03.png
See main article: "Buffing the Damp Mire Layer"

Original air date: July 3, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Josh learns of the circumstances behind his boyfriend's deportation and grows furious, though Matthew seems more than willing to fight fire with fire. Ben tries quelling a fire of his own as his love for Justine burns too bright for him to be content with being just her friend, leading to some problems when Ali attempts to assert herself in the home, and Rena commiserates his recent lesson along with Liz, letting him in for more than he bargained for. Shocking discoveries are made all around though, as Joe digs into the initial layer of the mystery by questioning his very first suspect.

Rinse Upon a Time

Devious Butlers 1x04.png
See main article: "Rinse Upon a Time"

Original air date: July 10, 2016

Plot Synopsis: With his first break in the case having been a dud, Joe turns back to Tyson in an attempt to get him to delve deeper into his memories to see if he can pluck out a clue that will allow them to decipher the circumstances surrounding Jose's death. This isn't the only past delved into, however, for Liz's old wounds are reopened as it is discovered that she has something of a history with Rena's agent. Meanwhile, Justine's affection for Ben appears to be zigzagging all over the place, to his dismay, and Josh and Matthew take a little trip to try and "pray the gay away".

Mess-Prone Housewives

Devious Butlers 1x05.png
See main article: "Mess-Prone Housewives"

Original air date: July 17, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Liz feels that Rena owes her for her help and has a very specific idea as to how he can make it up to her, with a little home-style torture play. She's not the only angry housewife in recipience of sexual sating though, for, after being confronted over his true sexuality, Matthew feels the need to prove himself as a man to Joanna in bed, though for some reason she remembers less of their insatiable past encounters than he does. Meanwhile, Joe knows about Jose's "videos" and locks on to a new suspect: the very same girl who Ben is currently trying to convince to stay with him in spite of his apparent lack of ambition.

Gritty Little Liars

Devious Butlers 1x06.png
See main article: "Gritty Little Liars"

Original air date: July 24, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Following a brutal experience with his employer, Josh tries his best to make sure justice is served, but it seems the law has other plans. However, he isn't the only one out to get Mr. Winters, for Joe is now wondering if perhaps the rich man has some sort of history with Jose Sanchez, whose old blackmail plot has ripple effects as his damning videotapes remain hidden in the Davis house - close in proximity to where Liz is currently treating Rena like he's a bad cocker spaniel. Meanwhile, Ben takes an online course that could lead him down a dark road to his past, and Joanna finds herself once again under investigation... though this time not by Joe.

How to Run Away with Chauffeurs

Devious Butlers 1x07.png
See main article: "How to Run Away with Chauffeurs"

Original air date: July 31, 2016

Plot Synopsis: All the butlers are a little busy at the moment: Josh is drinking his troubles away, Joe is investigating the matter of the tapes discovered in Liz's safe, Ben is dealing with the fact that his crazed wife has returned and wants him to go back home with her, and Rena... well, Rena's just a little tied up. With the custodian force of Fanon Drive off dealing with their various predicaments, Joanna is left by herself with a particularly big mess that she and she alone must clean up, though at a deep personal cost.

Butler Who?

Devious Butlers 1x08.png
See main article: "Butler Who?"

Original air date: August 7, 2016

Plot Synopsis: The lives of the butlers are simply full of questions. While Rena finds himself wondering when Liz will return and give him his fix of S&M fun, Josh is left hopeless, asking himself when he will be granted freedom for a crime he didn't commit. He goes on to meet Tyson in prison, whose ability to be proven innocent is still questioned by Joe - a fact that Ben happens across following his co-worker's severance as the Del Barrios' second butler, with the Del Barrios themselves welcoming a new "resident" into their home. All this leaves Ben asking the most important question of all: who exactly is Joseph DeWar, and what is he doing on Fanon Drive?

Orange Is the New Plaque

Devious Butlers 1x09.png
See main article: "Orange Is the New Plaque"

Original air date: August 14, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Josh continues to rot in jail, while Joanna remains disgusted in herself for having put him there - not that she has much time to dwell on it, for she's currently busy enjoying her new butler in ways that would make even Rapey Randy blush. When her guilt coincides with Josh's newfound desperateness, however, the latter could find himself in luck. From one affair to another as Justine takes a leaf out of Joe's book and turns full-on detective in order to uncover a secret lover of Liz's, entirely unaware that the man she's looking for is the one she's employed as her sidekick. Meanwhile, Ben has determined that Ali's necklace is the key, while Ali herself is put through the emotional ringer when her husband discovers that she's made a friend down below.

Tedious Maids

Devious Butlers 1x10.png
See main article: "Tedious Maids"

Original air date: August 21, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Justine now knows the truth about what Rena does to earn his overtime and she is taking it a lot better than expected... mainly because, with Liz's scheduled return home, she sees it as an opportunity to milk her employer for everything she's worth. Joe and Ben remain stumped at their discovery - or lack thereof - while Ali starts to panic, especially when the whole charade may have consequences for Jennifer. Joanna finds a kindred spirit when it comes to screwing the help, while the man she bailed out of prison gets a new job working for the Littles. But it seems they could be hiding just as much as everyone else on Fanon Drive.

Grime of Thrones

Devious Butlers 1x11.png
See main article: "Grime of Thrones"

Original air date: August 28, 2016

Plot Synopsis: Winter is coming. Well, it isn't, but Joanna's heart is certainly growing colder with all the guilt she's carrying around, and she becomes haunted by the ghosts of her past. At the same time, Joe tries getting info from her, which leads to a harrowing confrontation, and Ben and Justine discover something that could prove the undercover butler's main theory about Jose's death to be correct. Jorgio has a frightening surprise for Ali, Rena has Liz make good on a promise she made, and the Littles search for a way to get Josh out of their home. It may not be winter, but things sure are frosty.

Drop Dead Devious

Devious Butlers 1x12.png
See main article: "Drop Dead Devious"

Original air date: September 4, 2016

Plot Synopsis: It's almost time for the butlers to put their own lives at risk in order to unmask a killer, but first they have their personal hangups to tend to. While he should be helping prepare for the Del Barrio wedding, Ben has plans for an engagement of his own. A wrench is thrown into the works of Rena and Liz's "affair", to their deep dismay. The alibi Brad has secured for Josh puts an end to the trial, which of course reopens public interest in who really killed Matthew. The real murderer, meanwhile, is confronted once again by Joe - right before he executes a dangerous plan that promises more than a few final twists in the mystery surrounding Jose Sanchez's death.



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