Manservant in the Mirror
August 6, 2017
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Flash sideways
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"Manservant in the Mirror" is the 32nd episode of Devious Butlers.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most devious of them all? Right now, that position seems to be filled by no butler, but rather by the person who's left Joe with a particularly big mess in the middle of his living room - a mess which requires some rather close inspection if he's to get to the bottom of things. Meanwhile, Rena requires some close inspection upon himself, when a YouTube collaboration ends in insult, and Mary isn't a fan of the way he wishes to console himself, unlike Ali and Liz who find an old reliable solution to their recent struggles. Josh too takes a good look at himself upon his release from the asylum, and Val spells trouble for Ben's dating life.



It looks like a quiet night. Almost morning, in fact, and Silvia Montgomery is only just returning home from dropping Tyson off back at his trailer. He'll be okay for the time-being. Right now, Silvia just wants rest. She pulls into her drive, feeling ever so tired, and lets out a yawn. Her car door then opens and she exits, ready to head inside, but then a thought occurs to her - how's Joe coping with the death of his other mother? - and she turns her head to the DeWar mansion. She let's out another yawn, but plods along anyway, having exhausted herself many times in life to get out of gripes, but never on the behalf of somebody else...
We flash back to Silvia, as a teenager, gossiping with young Lily DeWar. "I'm just so tired," Silvia is complaining to Lily, who nods along, assuring her friend, "No one works harder than you." "Being head cheerleader is really burning me out," she nods, "All that climbing to the top of a pyramid, I feel like a kid climbing a tree." "At least if you ever find yourself having to climb a tree again, you're all set," Lily jokes, and the two girls share some chuckles. Rochelle Little, Silvia's maid, mocks their laughter from afar, and then Silvia spills her iced tea and calls out, "ROCHELLE!" Rochelle rolls her eyes, approaching with a faux innocent, "Yes?" and Silvia just snaps her fingers twice and points down at the spill, indicating for Rochelle to get to work. As the maid gets down on her hands and knees, Silvia crosses her legs and kicks her without even noticing, then commenting as though she's not even there, "Honestly, my maid's iced tea is pure puke. I should learn to make it myself just to show that ignoble how it's done." Lily awkwardly giggles; Rochelle scowls; Silvia whips her hair back some.
As she does in the big city, years later, as a crazy lady living on the streets, still intent on the demise of Jorgio Del Barrio - as well as tracking down and purging his sons from the world. She's swatting a cockroach from her rat's nest right now, going through various papers she's managed to steal. Orphanage records, a list of children's names, skimming past the name James Edmond. She has other records, from schools and resumes, all scrunched up and messy, and she mutters to herself a lot. "If all these boys were trained as butlers," more muttering, more figuring out, "In Wikerly Hills..." She looks like she's about to faint, bags under her eyes, living rough it would seem; the wind sweeps her hair some.
And it's seen landing on a couch, a few months ago, as she lays down in the office of Jason Montgomery at Wikerly Meadows Psychiatric Hospital. "...and that's it," she wraps up a session, and Jason tells her, "Wow. You've worked so hard, and made such tremendous progress for yourself." She smiles, fond of him, sitting up, and he smiles back. "It's all down to you, doctor," she winks, and he blushes, telling her, "You really are a remarkable woman, Miss Applewhite." "Please," Silvia giggles, "Call me Silvia." "You got it... Silvia," Jason beams. Silvia bats her eyes some, telling the doctor, "You know... if you think I'm all better... then I don't really need you as my doctor anymore... and since I'm not you're patient... then this won't be a breach of ethics." She begins to undress, and Jason falls further for her as she continues to manipulate her way into his pants, into his heart, and out of the nuthouse. Her hair is ruffled in the process of lovemaking, after which she receives her proposal.
Her hair is nice and neat in the present, still as she makes her way towards the DeWars' front door. She goes to knock, but notices that it's open a crack, and so she pushes a little. "Joe...?" she utters slowly, which is when she sees it - her son crying silently in the middle of the floor, still clutching the dead body of his wife. "Oh, my God!" Silvia cries, rushing towards him, "What happened?!" "I... I..." Joe tries; he can barely speak though; heck, he'd still be screaming if his throat weren't now red raw. "We need to call the police," Silvia remarks, then taking a look at the crying mess that is Joe, and some of the blood which covers his hands and clothes, and she advises, "Maybe you should get yourself cleaned up, dear. I'll watch over the body." Joe looks up at her at this, his crying eyes turning almost demon-like. "I'll watch over her," Silvia amends, and Joe finds himself finally letting go, laying Joanna gently down onto the floor. He can't stand up because his body is jelly, and so Silvia, wanting to be the mother that Meghan was - the one Meghan made her promise, on her deathbed, that she would be - goes to help him to his feet, first by taking him by the hand. "You're freezing," she comments, and Joe doesn't know how to respond to this, for it's hardly the time to worry about such things. "Joe," Silvia builds, "how long has she been here?" "I... I don't know..." he finally manages to say, his voice a croak, looking down at her and having more tears stream from his eyes, "Can't have been... m-more than..." "It's cold." "Wha--?" "Her blood," Silvia has it on her hands now, thanks to Joe, "It's cold." Joe finds this odd too, now that he thinks about it, and leans back down to inspect his wife's corpse. Gently, he places his hand over her stab wound... and he feels that it isn't fresh. He knows. He tries his best to force himself out of his grief and into his detective mode. This isn't what a newly murdered body feels like. So he takes her hand, and he rubs it with his thumb, which is when her scar comes off. It's a fake, made of make up. And now that Joe looks at her face, that has make-up on it too. Make up designed to make her look a little... older. "This isn't Joanna," Joe utters. "What?" Silvia asks from above, not understanding, and Joe tells her, "It's not Joanna. It's Joanna." "I... still don't understand what you mean. I can call the police if you w--" "No," Joe tells her, getting to his feet, "Call no one. This woman is not my wife. She's been dead for many years now." "She doesn't look it," says Silvia, and Joe figures, "Must've been preserved." He then leans down and removes the wedding ring that's been forced onto her dead finger, saying, "I'll give this back to Joanna - my Joanna - when I find out where she is." "What?" Silvia is still highly confused, "What do you mean? Where is she?" Joe ponders this, afraid to know the answer. He clutches his wife's wedding ring...

...and her naked finger is shown, and her real scar, only just visible in the dark, and from there we see that her wrists are bound. A deep breath is heard as, finally, she wakes up, and then her whole body shakes. But it can't move far. It can barely move at all. "Hello?" comes Joanna's voice, not knowing where she is, afraid. She tries to sit up, but hits her head on a lid of some kind and cries out in pain. She can't move her legs - her ankles are bound too. "Where am I?" she weeps, enclosed somewhere cramped and uncomfortable and dark. A box, maybe, of some description, just big enough for a body lying down. "Hello?! Is anyone there?! Joe! Help me! Help me please! Help me!" She begins to cry.


Act I

Valentina lies in a hospital bed, starting to come to as Ben sits in a chair next to her. It takes her a moment to realize what's going on, at first looking around at her surroundings, but then she starts to panic. "Th- the babies," she turns, "Ben, the babies!" She's inhaling and exhaling at a fast pace, but Ben attempts to soothe her, holding out for her to take his hand. It's then that Dr. Strange makes his way into room with his notes, and Ben turns to the doctor in need of an answer as to how Val's doing, ignoring the pain currently being inflicted on his hand as Val holds it tightly. "Worry not," he says to the two, "the babies are going to be just fine," and Val lets out a cry of relief, letting go of Ben and having her head fall back against the pillow. "So then what's the problem?" Ben presses, as Strange scans through his notes. "Well, during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, a growing uterus, double expanded in Valentina's case, can put an awful lot of pressure on the veins, thus slowing down the circulation to the lower half of the body." He turns to Val, continuing, "Your cardiovascular and nervous systems can usually adjust to these changes and maintain adequate blood to your brain, but sometimes they don't adapt quickly enough. This can leave you feeling lightheaded or dizzy, or - again, in your case - even make you faint." Val is confused, again starting to panic. "Wh- why am I not adapting fast enough?" she cries, "What's wrong with me?!" She reaches out for Ben's hand again, fearing the absolute worst, but it's then that Ben realizes: "The church." "What?" Val questions, to which the butler reiterates, "The church. Josh's wedding. When you crashed it with Selena and the place went up in flames, you were knocked out for a bit, remember?" Val does remember, and is instantly starting to become full of regret as she places her hand over her stomach, a tear streaming down her cheek. "Listen, Miss Cortez," Strange breaks back in, "you haven't much to worry about. Just start resting more, and stay hydrated. You're, what, seven and a half months along? You probably shouldn't be working right now anyway." Val nods, though feeling unsure of herself, and Ben requests that Strange give him a minute alone with the woman carrying his children. Strange sees himself out, and Ben turns to his babymama, who utters, "Ben, I'm afraid..." The butler shakes his head, though insisting that she shouldn't be. "I'm sorry for not listening before, alright?" he says to her, "But just take it easy. I'll be there for you more. For our little girls." Val can't help but crack a smile at this, the idea of the two little girls she's soon going to be bringing into the world, and Ben hands her some Kleenex to wipe away the tears. "We're gonna be parents, Val," Ben reiterates, "and if this incident has taught us anything it's that we need to put aside our differences and work together. I know that's not what you intended, but..." "It's a good concept, but for it to actually be happening," Val finishes for him, "I guess we need each other." "I'm not looking for us to be friends," Ben says in turn, "I know that's pretty impossible and if it wasn't, well, I even have too much self-respect for that... but we have to learn to set things aside." "Agreed," Val says. There's a moment of silence as Val rests her hand on her belly again in order to feel the babies, and she hesitantly nods for Ben to join her in placing his hand there as well. It's a rather nice, peaceful moment between the two. Very rare. But alas, Ben simply cannot let good things carry on for long. He soon retracts his head, realizing there is one last thing that needs to be expressed between the two. "I... was going to tell you this earlier," Ben remembers, "but then, yunno, we kinda got distracted." "What is it?" Val wonders, and so Ben decides to come out and say it: "I have a date tomorrow. With Rena's sister, Theresa. You... saw us talking at the gym." Val merely blinks at this though, sitting up, "I see," she manages to utter, and Ben continues, "I just thought you should know, since... yeah. I think that's something we're probably supposed to disclose to each other." "Uh-huh..." "And also, um... this isn't me asking for permission. This is me telling you I'm going on this date... just to be clear." "Crystal." Val forces a smile on her face, trying to be civil with the father of her children, but one can tell the rage boiling within her as of now.

Transition to the cause of Valentina's inner rage as we see Theresa Duarte make her way into the living room of the Montgomery house, finding Rena sitting in front of the television. "What'cha watching?" she inquires, and he points out that it's the news coverage. "Still nothing on the Devious Butler," he reveals, slumping in disappointment. "Is that not a good thing?" Theresa wonders, confused by her brother's state. "Well, I guess it's good there's not been any gruesome murders and stuff," Rena admits, "but the culprit is still out there somewhere, and also I like reeeeeeeally wanna get back into detective-ing and catch him." Theresa feels for her brother, wishing him luck in this endeavor. She prepares to leave him be, but suddenly Rena utters in shock: "Oh, my God." "What is it?" Theresa turns back, "The Devious Butler suffocate someone with a trash bag?" "No, even better!" Rena squeals, "Nicole Arbour just sent me a private message to my YouTube inbox!" "YouTube? What?" "You know, my channel," Rena reminds her, "The one I post regular vlogs on that you and mom said you watch..." "Oh, riiiiight," Theresa feigns remembering, subtly looking it up in her phone, only to find multiple different channels - Renaboss, Rena Charming, Rena Phoenix, Rena the Boss, Jennifer Morrison - and just looks up, awkwardly. "Try 'Renaboss and The Renababes'," he sighs, "My accounts keep getting banned or locked thanks to some French user constantly reporting me." "Why would someone from France keep reporting you?" Theresa wonders, to which Rena shrugs, "I think it's just God making fun of me." Theresa nods, and Rena decides to now steer the topic of conversation back to what he was getting at before. "Anyways," he says, "Nicole frickin' Arbour! She says that she's been watching my vlogs! She's been watching my vlogs! And she's working on building a collab channel and is wanting me to be apart of it!" Rena squeals with excitement, and Theresa feels rather awkward, but nonetheless congratulates her brother. "Huh, maybe I don't need to be an actor after all," Rena's beginning to contemplate, "Maybe being a successful YouTuber will be fulfilling enough." Theresa's smiles drops at this though, as she utters a "Wait, what?!" "Yeah, I mean, it is a lot of work doing this whole solving a murder, method acting thing. And then I'm supposed to finish writing out a screenplay, and then I'll finally get to act in it. And what if it flops? No, maybe this is my calling. Or maybe not. But I definitely gotta keep my options open here." "I see..." Theresa utters, though she does not really see why her big brother should be throwing away a dream he's worked so hard on just to settle for some second rate fame with what'll pretty much amount to a cult following of a couple hundred thousand fans who just watch his real day-to-day life as it slowly becomes less real as he steers more towards click-bait titles and staged events in order to get the views up. But it's not her place to judge. At this point, Rena's getting out his phone and dialing up Nicole Arbour. It doesn't take long for her to answer, and Rena says, "Hey, Nicole? It's Rena. I'm in." "Awesome! Go Team!" Nicole cheers on the other line, as the two begin setting up a meeting.

"So Joanna is actually called Emilie, and took her twin's place to avoid being killed?" "In a nutshell," Joe tells Silvia, the two of them still in his living room with the dead other Joanna on the floor. Joe has now cleaned himself up and changed his clothes, while Silvia asks, "Well, what happened to Joanna then? The first one?" "Joanna killed her," Joe explains, "My one." Silvia's eyes widen, and Joe clarifies that it was self-defense; "The first Joanna was no prize citizen. Got away with a few of her own murders, in fact." "Damn, this is one shady, shady town," Silvia comments, then shrugging as she adds, "Meh, who am I to talk? I was the shade last year. This year it's the Devious Butler." "Would you please stop babbling? I'm trying to think," Joe tells his mother, who apologizes, saying that she's just nervous. "So am I," Joe makes clear, "My wife has been taken... somewhere." "By someone," Silvia adds, and Joe says that he has an idea as to who that 'someone' may be. "Oh!" Silvia then exclaims, and Joe questions, "Oh?" "Well, I just said it, didn't I?" Silvia points out, "The Devious Butler. Could he have done this?" "I... don't think so," Joe admits, "The Devious Butler kills totally differently. Messily. No thought put into it. Whoever's behind this is the same person who's behind the death of Troy O'Neil, I'd wager." "Didn't you tell the police that that was the Devious Butler?" Silvia recalls. "To throw them off my trail," Joe explains, "This is different. This is Nadia. Or at least a disciple of hers." "Who is Nadia?" Silvia questions, and Joe says that he hasn't really the time to explain. "Nonetheless," Silvia points out, "You don't know where your wife currently is, and I have a butler at home who's been investigating all this town's weird and whacky murders. If you're right, and there's this Nadia woman or someone who works for her or whatever running around performing murders too, then maybe he's looked into that as well. He could have a clue stored away giving us a place to start." "I... I guess," Joe shrugs, admitting that he doesn't have anything of his own to go on. "Sure," he finally agrees, "Let's talk to Rena. See what connections he's drawn over the course of his investigation." Silvia nods, and prepares to leave with her son. Meanwhile, from an unknown spot, a pair of opera goggles watches them exit the house, and a voice behind the goggles whispers, "Hmmm..."

"...mmmmmm," Liz moans while on her back, her legs spread as Ali is buried beneath the sheets of their shared bed. The blonde soon pokes her head up though, sensing something's off. "What's wrong?" she asks of Liz, but the redhead is confused. "Huh?" to which Ali responds, "Your 'mmmmm's are not up to par. Something's wrong. Am I doing something wrong?" "What? No!" Liz insists, "Hun, you're fine," but Ali doesn't believe this. "You're usually much... louder at this point," the blonde argues, making her way up the bed to lie next to her beloved, "Now come on, spill it." "It's nothing," Liz insists, again, but Ali continues to press her girlfriend to divulge the truth. "I'm doing everything the same that I always have, but suddenly you're not as enthralled. You just seem kind of... bored." There's a moment of hesitation, but finally Liz lets out a sigh. "Fine, yes, okay," she admits, "Things in bed aren't... as exciting as they might have been before... but it's not your fault." "Are... are you losing interest in me?" Ali questions, but Liz is quick to shake her head, insisting that's not the case. "No, baby, of course not!" she makes clear, "Look, all couples go through phases like this. I'm sure it'll pass." "But with all the tension going on lately, is it really a good thing for us to just sit this out?" Ali wonders, "I mean with all the drama involving my family, then our fighting over you never being around... Sure, it's not a problem right now, but I don't really wanna stand by and let this turn into one." "Then what do you suggest we do?" Liz wonders, a question that Ali has an answer to. "We could try... sprucing things up in here." "And what do you mean by that?" "I mean..." and Ali lets out a sigh, "well, we've never really actually sat down and talked about this, but there is your whole kink for BDSM." "Oh, Ali..." "It's something to consider," she furthers, "I'm... I'm up for it." But Liz doesn't seem to be quite so keen on the idea. "I'm not so sure this is something meant for you though. Ali, this is something I did in order to channel my inner frustration. I was... upset with the world. And taking my anger out on these helpless men, well, it really helped with that. I wanted to hurt them. I... I don't wanna hurt you." "But it doesn't have to be like that," Ali points out, "Isn't the point of it for both to get off on the causing and receiving of pain? Or to dominate or be dominated?" "You could get off on being dominated?" Liz inquires, to which Ali shrugs. "I've never tried it," she admits, "but that's even more reason as to why we should!" Liz sighs before finally giving in and replying: "I'll think about, I guess..." a reply that Ali is able to be content with. "And I assume we're just sorta... done for the night?" Ali then wonders, and Liz nods, but motioning for Ali to come lay down beside her, and two cuddle in silence.

Josh is shown standing in the reception area of Wikerly Meadows, staring at the glass door which marks the way out. He is clutching a bag, and dressed back in regular clothes, and Jennifer comes to notice this when she - still dressed in patient's robes - also arrives to the reception area to inquire something of one of the nurses at the front desk. "Oi, Golden-top," she addresses Josh, coming to stand beside him, "Going somewhere?" "Yes, actually," Josh smiles, faintly, "I had my last therapy session this morning. They seem to think I'm free to go, whenever I'm ready." Jennifer deems this fantastic, though has to question why he's still stood there; "Could it be that you're not ready?" Josh shrugs, pointing out that she's been in there longer than him, and she shrugs in turn, pointing out that the difference is that he doesn't arrive to the reception desk at this time of day to ask for extra pills. "They really just calm me down, yanno?" she smiles, zen. "Yeah," Josh nods, "And I don't need all that anymore. I'm in my right mind. I know I am." "Then... what is it?" "I've not been out in that world for what feels like forever," he explains, "And for months before that, I was there, but I wasn't really... there. I'm..." "You're afraid," Jennifer recognizes, speaking softly, and Josh gives a small nod. "But you have friends to help you through it, right? You have Ben and the others." "I do," Josh assures her, and himself, "I'm sure they'll be great. I..." "Do you have somewhere to leave to?" Jennifer wonders, and Josh shrugs, explaining that he did have a job with Maria Solano, but he's not so sure he feels okay to go back to working right away, and if he's not working then he would feel awkward about just living in her house. "Plus all of her pushes to get me to go to therapy were an utter failure..." "What about the woman who came to see you?" "Maybe," Josh shrugs, "In fact, yes, but, maybe none of this is even why I'm afraid. No, I know why I'm afraid." "What are ya gettin' at?" "Because I know the first person I have to go and see as soon as I step foot out of here." "Aye... who's that then?" Josh then turns to her, and states, "Brad," before signalling the people at the desk and having them open up the electrically-controlled doors. Jennifer raises an eyebrow, hoping that her new friend is indeed as sane as he claims after all, while Josh walks on out into the world. The real world, ready to fully exit via the now open front gate. As the fresh air hits him, he stops to take a deep breath, and it feels good. Then he makes his first right-minded steps into freedom in months.

Act II

Silvia is struggling to find her keys in her pocketbook and so Joe takes the liberty of just knocking at her front door, hoping that Rena will be inside, but they're left waiting for a while. "Hurry up," Joe growls lowly, while Silvia just rolls her eyes and murmurs, "That damn butler of mine." Just as she finally finds her keys, however, and prepares to unlock, the door is opened by Rena, who exclaims, "Greetings." Silvia's eyes widen upon seeing him, as she exclaims, "Are you wearing one of Jason's suits?" "Maybe..." Rena utters, a little shock-stricken to be met by his own boss, and quickly he buries Jason's pipe - which he was also smoking - into his back pocket, meaning he burns his hiney a little and lets out a high-pitched scream. "Silvia," he tries nodding to her casually, "Joe. What are you guys doing here?" "I live here," Silvia roars, barging in with Joe quickly following. "Right, right," Rena nods, "Then why'd you knock?" "Why are you rummaging through my late husband's wardrobe?" "Because when I meet up for my YouTube collaboration later, I wanna look classy," Rena explains, "Plus I didn't think you'd find out." Silvia wants to scold, but Joe interrupts with a, "Whatever. Rena--" However, before he can get to talking, Theresa emerges from the stairs and calls out, "How do I look?" "Mother of God," Silvia nearly chokes, seeing that her butler's sister is sporting one of her nice, expensive gowns. "What the... why the..." "Oh, you're home," Theresa states awkwardly, "Mind if I borrow this? I got a date later." "I... I..." "How about the two of us just get out of your hair?" Rena suggests, wanting to avoid the brunt of Silvia's anger; he approaches Theresa and suggests that the two of them go hang out with Mary or something, but Joe tells Rena, "No. We actually need to talk to you." "Really?" Rena questions, "Um... okay? Is this about me not getting you a wedding present? Because honestly I thought my presence would be enough." "No, it's... about your investigation," Joe reveals, and Rena recalls, "Oh, right, that. I have been meaning to compare notes. You've gone over mysteries with Ben and Josh before but never me. Should be fun. And here I was about ready to pack the whole thing in." "Hey, Mrs. M, you got any necklaces that'd go with this dress? Nothing that'd detract from my cleavage though." "Just... go ransack my jewelry box," Silvia rolls her eyes, and Theresa exclaims, "Cool. Who's the hottie?" "Married," Rena tells her, and Theresa sighs, "Oh. Shame." "Yeah," her brother nods. "Anyhoo, tchau. Y'all know there was a secret feminist vault up here?" She disappears up the stairs, and Joe, Silvia and Rena are finally able to sit down together in the living area. Rena cries out when he realizes he's just sat down on Jason's pipe, and quickly removes it from under his butt and launches it across the room, smashing a vase. Silvia smacks her palm to her face. Rena just tries acting natural. "So," Rena begins, "who do you think the Devious Butler is?" "What?" Joe blinks, and Rena figures, "Isn't that why you wanted to talk? Don't you have, like, new clues and things to share with me? Help me crack the case?" "Actually, Rena," Silvia steps in, "We were hoping you might have some information which might help us." "Oh," Rena nods, "Well, I know that it's not Dr. Strange, and it's definitely not Mary." "You... don't have anything else?" Joe questions, and Rena shrugs, saying, "It's been a slow few weeks. I have been writing a bit more of my screenplay though. Hey, would you guys mind proofreading my first few pages?" "Very much, dear," Silvia nods, turning to her son and saying, "Sorry. I guess this was a waste of time." "Hey," Rena complains, "It's not my fault there's not that much to go on. I've been following the news, and nothing." "I thought you were trying to be a detective," Joe recalls, "You're meant to find things out yourself." "But that's hard," Rena points out, "Besides, there hasn't been a murder since James', and I don't think that was the D--" "What?" Joe interrupts, and Rena asks, "What?" "James hanged himself," Joe points out, and Rena shrugs, "Yeah, so what? Suicides are never legit in this town. Just recently that crazy blonde lady tried to stage Alison Del Barrio's. It was all over Liz's weekly email blast." "Um..." Joe utters, and Rena exclaims, "Oh! I'm sorry, are you not on the blast? Oh, this is kinda awkward." "Joe," Silvia pipes back up, ignoring Rena, "did you hear exactly how James died?" "He hanged himself," Joe nods again, not liking having to think about it, and then, "...and... slashed his wrists..." "Oh, Joe," Silvia cringes, "That's exactly how Jorgio 'committed suicide'. Thanks to me." "Dear lord," Joe realizes. "Do you guys think this suit is flattering for my waistline?" Rena wonders. "I was so wrapped up in the wedding I didn't even... I just wanted to be happy," Joe utters, and Silvia tells him, "I know." "That a yes or a no?" Rena presses. "I've really dropped the ball on the whole detective front lately..." "Aha!" Rena exclaims, "Not so easy, is it?" Silvia gives him a wicked glare and so he just stands up and states, "I'mma go ransack your jewelry box too. Bye." He then disappears, fast, while Silvia turns back to Joe and asks, "Where was James found?" "The Von Trump mansion," Joe recalls. "So that's where he was killed." "Which means," Joe continues, "there's something shady going on there." "Could Kathryn Kappelletti be involved?" she wonders, but Joe shrugs, not knowing. "Though the Kappellettis did support Nadia..." "Let's go ask," Silvia states, and Joe nods, the both of them standing up to go do this. Once they're gone, Rena and Theresa re-emerge from upstairs, both now decked out in Silvia's finest jewels. "Hey, wanna finish off Silvia's good champagne? She's outta iced tea," Rena questions, and Theresa shrugs, "Sure." As Rena goes to find it, she picks up the pipe from the floor and wonders if one could smoke weed through it, but her brother shrugs. As such, she tosses it back to the floor with the vase shards and resigns herself to inspecting the many fancy rings that are now adorning her fingers, questioning, "So who's the hot one married to anyway?"

Joanna has given up screaming from wherever it is she's been trapped, though she's still trying in vain to prise her hands apart. "Having a bad day?" comes a muffled yet all too familiar voice, and Joanna stops dead in the middle of her struggling, her moans dying and her breathing growing more intense. "It's not you," she whispers, at which she hears Nadia exclaim, "What was that? Sorry, I can't quite hear it. It's just, you're sort of in a freezer." So that's what the box is. "You're just a vision," Joanna tells herself, "You're not here. You're not here. It's not you." Tears begin leaking from her eyes again. "Still not getting much," Nadia's voice booms some more, "It doesn't really matter, though. I was planning on doing all the talking anyway." "I'm dreaming," Joanna wishes, more tears. "I thought of so many different ways of getting my revenge on you over the years, Emilie," Nadia goes on, "And to be honest, I always figured I'd wanna trap you in a church, destined for good ol' boom. But that would be so... quick. So instant. No, you have to die slowly. With enough time to think about all the wrong choices you've made throughout your life." "Just a vision, just a vision, just a voice," Joanna continues to whisper herself, her eyes closed tight, trying to block out the sound. If she could move her arms, she'd be blocking her ears. "You're gonna have lots of time to take a good look at yourself when you're slowly freezing, Em. Although, I guess you've spent a lot of time looking at yourself in the past, growing up with an identical twin and whatnot. How did it feel, killing your doppelganger?" "Just a vision, just a voice..." "Still not feeling chatty, huh? Oh well." "Just a vision..." "You may not even die. While I'd very much like this to be the end of you, Em, I also want it to act as a test of sorts. Boy, your husband must've been in for quite a shock when he got home... Let's see how he fares, shall we? Let's see how good of a detective he really is." "Just a vision... just a voice... just a vision..." "Tell me, Em. And I really want you to speak up at this part... Do you have faith in Joseph DeWar?" Joanna's eyes finally spring open at this, and she stops whispering. "Yes," she states clearly, and Nadia is silent for a while. "Very well then," her voice returns, "I'm a busy woman, and I can't remain with you all day. So I'll just plug this in and--" "Just a vision, just a vision," Joanna goes back to muttering at hyper-speed, wanting this whole experience to stop. And then the freezer turns on. Blue, frosty light dawns on her and she's draped, utterly, by cold. "Not a vision," comes a whisper that's accompanied by her own visible breath. Nadia's voice contorts to a cackle, and her shoes are heard trotting away, creaking up some stairs. Joanna begins banging as best she can on the freezer lid, making its padlock jangle, all the while Nadia's laugh grows fainter and fainter.

"So things are good then? Working as a butler and all," Theresa inquires, sat across from Ben in a semi-nice restaurant, on their date. "Yeah, it's nice," he answers, "The pay is good and, well, my boss is kind of my best friend," he chuckles, in regards to Ali. "Seems like it's all going in your favor then," Theresa chuckles, "Must be a miracle to find a boss in this town who isn't some sort of psycho bitch." Ben is able to confirm that, before proceeding to wonder, "So what exactly brings you to Wikerly Hills? Are you here... long-term? Short-term?" and Theresa smiles before kind of shrugging. "Right now, I'm just sort of going with the flow," she admits, "I'm looking for a job here, so I suppose that means I'll be around for a while." "Interesting," Ben grins, and he asks, "So is there any family here besides Rena?" Theresa shakes her head at this, revealing that they're the only two who ever had the nerve to leave Portugal. "While he's here attempting to become a star, I've been sorta traveling the world. It just so happens that I was robbed of all my money here in America, which made crashing at my brother's awfully convenient. But yeah, it's just us." "And is Portugal nice?" Ben wonders, but Theresa raises a brow, insinuating that the answer to that is rather obvious. "There is a reason I've been everywhere but Portugal. I mean, come on, it's Portugal." "Okay, fair enough," he chuckles, and Theresa now wonders: "So what about you? Any family here?" But Ben shakes his head. "No, uh, after my divorce I kinda came here for a fresh start." "You were married?" Theresa inquires, and Ben realizes that maybe that's not something one should bring up on the first date. Nonetheless though, he shakes his head in confirmation. "It was just this whole thing that kinda ended in disaster... but it's all in the past now." Theresa nods at this, then bringing up, "And that woman... who you're having a baby with." "Babies," Ben corrects, "it's, uh, twins." "Right... well, the woman you're having babies with," Theresa wonders, "Is there much of a story to that?" "Um, well, uh, yeah, there kinda is. I mean, she and I were never a couple. Um, I, well, I was engaged to her sister once, and..." "Oh?" Theresa exclaims, rather confused, but also very intrigued. "Yeah, she kinda... died. And, um, Val kinda like... blames me for it. And, well," Ben nervously chuckles, "she kinda drugged me with a pie as revenge, and... here we are now." "So she raped you?" Theresa is taken aback. "No!" Ben argues, but then realizes, "Wait, yeah, um, she kinda did... Yeah. She did, actually." "And you're just accepting that? You're comfortable raising children with her?" "Well, she kinda had the better lawyer... Maybe this isn't a conversation we should be having on a first date." "Maybe not..." Theresa agrees, supposing that perhaps it's none of her business. There's a moment of silence between the two before the sound of Ben's phone vibrating is heard. He awkwardly goes to check it, and Theresa wonders who is it. "It's, um, a text from Val, actually," he admits, looking down at the phone, "She needs me to come over and help her with something." Theresa merely blinks at this though, and Ben sees how wrong he's currently handling the situation. "But of course she's gonna have to wait," he awkwardly chuckles, "Because you and I are out, and right now she's not the concern." Theresa nods, seeing this to be the right time to have a look at the wine menu resting on the table. "So you applied for a job at the gym," Ben tries to make conversation, and Theresa decides to put the menu down and give him another chance. "Uh, yeah," she answers, "I'm kind of a freak when it comes to training and keeping in shape, knowing what and what not to do. Figured, hey, might as well get paid for it." Ben chuckles at this, as it seems things are getting back on track, but then his phone starts vibrating again; this time, however, it's an incoming call. Because his phone is sat face-up on the table, Theresa is able to see Val's contact on display. Ben looks at his date rather awkwardly as he slowly picks up the phone to answer. "Yes, Val?" he greets, as Theresa chooses to pick up the wine menu again. "Ben, I need you to get over here now!" Val exclaims in a panic, "It's an emergency! Please!" "Oh, um..." he looks up at Theresa, but Val reminds him, "You said you'd be here for me! We have to stick together, remember!" And so the butler lets out a sigh. "Right, right, okay... I'm on my way." On the other line we can see Val grinning, thanking Ben - "You're my hero!" she says, hanging up. We now see Ben standing up, apologizing to Theresa. "Look, it's an emergency, and--" but she cuts him off. "No need to explain," she says, rather understandingly, "It's the mother of your children. Let's go." Ben is grateful for this, and the two set off.
"Val?!" Ben calls, him and Theresa entering the Von Trump mansion. "In here," Val calls out, and the couple make their way into one of the many living rooms where we see the pregnant woman spread across a sofa, numerous foods all around her, and the large television on in front of her. "I got here as quick as I could," Ben exclaims, "What's the emergency?!" Val sighs relief before answering, "Could you please, for the love of God, turn up the damn AC?" "What...?" Ben utters, to which Val responds, "Yeah, it's hot as hell in here. It's almost as if all the cool air is being sucked up into something in this big-ass house." "Wait, so let me get this straight," Ben needs to clarify, "You called me, knowing full-well that I was on a date, claiming it was an emergency only for that emergency to be turn up the AC?!" "Well the doctor did say I should be taking it easy," Val grins, "and Kathryn's on another one of her death moons because of Rochelle Little. Someone has to care for me." "You couldn't get off your ass and walk about ten feet?!" Ben beams, currently marching those ten feel to the AC in order to turn it up for her. "I think I'm just gonna wait in the car," Theresa says to Ben, who agrees that's probably a good idea. She nods at her date, and then rather awkwardly at Val, seeing herself out. "She's cute," Val comments, "too bad you're not seeing her again." "You don't get to decide that," Ben argues, but Val states that she doesn't have to. "I'm sure after my stunt just now, that poor girl knows what she's in for if she tries to pursue this any further." "What happened to being civil?!" Ben beams, but Val begs to differ, "I am being civil. You have a responsibility as a father to put these girls first, and that means taking care of me until they're here. You may think I was out of line just now, but I'm only looking out for the well-being of my children... making you miserable is just an added bonus," she sneers, to the butler's dismay.

Josh is seen walking through a gate of wrought iron, breathing heavy as he drifts down a narrow pathway, grass surrounding him on both sides. "You can do this," he whispers to himself as he turns a corner, onto the green, "You can do this." He then finishes descending an aisle of gravestones, ending up at the one on which the name BRADLEY SONYA is engraved. He's in the cemetery. This is what he meant when he said he was going to see Brad first. Immediately his eyes turn glassy, and he finds himself slowly drifting down into a kneeling position, his bag of stuff slumping to the floor. "Hi, Brad," he forces himself to say, the words beloved husband blurring in his ever-tearier vision. "I've never actually been here before," he continues, wiping his eyes, "Not since the day you were actually buried, but... well, I didn't know what was going on. I know now. And... here you are..." He tries his best to hold himself together, but it's difficult. "God, I thought I could do this... actually seeing your grave, it's uh... I just wish you were with me." "I'll always be with you," Brad's voice finally replies, and Josh's head rises. He sees Brad. For the last time, he allows himself to see his husband standing before him, beside his own final resting place. "In here," Brad adds, tapping his chest. "You're not really there." "No, I'm not," Brad smiles, "You don't need me anymore. Not like this. You can finally just... mourn." "I don't wanna mourn," Josh admits, "That's like admitting that I've lost you..." "Which is what needs to happen," Brad reminds him, "Remember your therapy. It's time to move on." Josh nods, still in tears, and rises to his feet. "I'm really gonna miss you," he utters, and Brad tells him, "You don't have to. I'm rooting for you, always. I never stopped. But it is time to say goodbye. At least for now." "I... I don't want to," Josh cries, and Brad tells him, "Me neither, my love. But it's what has to happen. The final step you have to take." Josh nods, taking a step back, and takes one final moment to memorize his deceased husband's face. "I love you so much," he breathes. "I love you too," Brad promises as the sun prepares to set, "But you don't need me anymore. This me. Because you're you. A person all yourself. A wonderful person, who I fell in love with." "I don't wanna be alone." "You don't have to be. You have your friends. And you have yourself. You're so much stronger than you know. But if you ever feel lonely, know that my love for you is never gonna change. Wherever I am now. Like I said, I'm always rooting for you. You can do this." He leans in, and kisses Josh delicately on the forehead. Josh doesn't feel it. It isn't real to him anymore. "Goodbye, Josh." "G-goodbye... Brad..." Josh eventually manages to get out, and then the sun gets in his eyes, a beam of light briefly emanating over the cemetery as the horizon rises and night draws in, and just like that the vision of Brad is gone. Forever. And Josh's subconscious settles. His gaze moves from where the vision used to be to where the gravestone is currently, and he returns to kneeling. "I miss you," he utters, reaching out to touch his husband's name, his other hand patting the earth, "I'll make sure to visit. Bring flowers... we never did get to throw a bouquet… For now though..." He removes something from his pocket - the key, given to Josh by Brad, made into a necklace. "They gave this back to me when I left," he reveals, lifting up a rock which adorns the edge of the stone and placing the key underneath, "I don't have a use for it anymore." The key remains well-put and well-hidden, while Josh retires to rubbing his wedding ring a little. He stays at the grave for a while longer, waiting to be ready to walk away.

Transition over to the Solano house where we see Rena and Mary sitting across from infamous YouTuber, Nicole Arbour. "Okay, hear me out," Rena exclaims, "for the title of our collab channel, I was thinking: Renaboss and The Renababe. Yunno, my current channel name minus the 's' at the end... unless you wanna join us, Mary?" "I'll pass," she's quick to reply, and Rena turns to Nicole who doesn't seem as keen on the idea. "Maybe less focus on you and more on us," Nicole suggests, "and by us I mean me since, yunno, I'm what's gonna get this channel off the ground." "Well I beg to differ," Rena argues, only for Nicole to turn her laptop to show the two of their compared YouTube analytics. Nicole's are clearly the more impressive of the two, and while Rena concedes, Mary doesn't look as convinced. Still though, she opts out of saying anything. "Okay, well what about video topics?" Rena wonders, "Are we looking to vlog? Theorize? Make political commentary? A web-show with cussing barbie dolls?" "Leave all that to me," Nicole insists, assuring Rena that he need not stress over anything as he'll just need to show up and look pretty. Rena frowns at this, while Mary furrows a brow, and Nicole goes on to reveal, "I've already come up with our first video topic and scripted it," and she goes on to hand Rena a three-paged script. "Dear Kinksters," Rena reads off the title, feeling awkward, and Nicole nods, "Cool topic, right?" "Maybe we shouldn't--" Rena tries, but goes interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. "Ah, that must be our special guest," Nicole exclaims, going to answer, while Mary is beginning to wonder why there's so many uninvited guests in her house. Nicole soon returns, to both Rena and Mary's shock, with none other than Liz. "Oh, uh, hey Rena," Liz greets awkwardly, having previously assumed this was a meeting between just her, Nicole and Mary. "Hi..." Rena utters, and Nicole squeals with glee, "This is so exciting. Obviously, Rena, Liz is just here so keep our likes to dislikes ratio balanced. Since we'll probs be getting quite a bit of hate from that part of the YouTube community, she'll help save our asses a bit." "I'm sorry, but what am I here for?" Liz wants to know, stating that she thought this was just more advertising for Mary's film. "Oh, it is," Nicole assures, "Kinda, I guess. Look, we'll throw in a mention after we're finished tearing apart the BDSM community, k?" Liz is taken aback by this, and she turns to Rena. "You're endorsing this?" she questions, to which Nicole blocks Rena from getting any say in as she reveals to Liz that he'll be delivering over half the message. "And you're okay with all this happening under your roof?" Liz asks of Mary, who kinda shrugs. "Listen, hun, I know you're a huge bondage slut or whatever the proper title is," Nicole says to Liz, "but I'm here to put out content, rack up those views and build a better fanbase. You'll get a cut of the profit, don't worry." "Yeah, k, I'd much rather not," Liz says, prepared to see herself out, but first turns to Rena and says, "Nice cheap ticket to fame," before scoffing, "I thought you were better than this," and with that she sees herself out. Though annoyed by this, Nicole turns to Rena. "Fine, we don't need her," she says, but Rena finally speaks up, "I think you should come back later." "Excuse me?" "Yeah, let's re-schedule," Rena suggests, stating that he needs to talk things over with Mary some. Mary, meanwhile, looks confused as to why she's being dragged into this now. Sensing some growing tension though, Nicole concedes, standing up and packing up her things. "Call me when you're ready to talk, I guess," she says, seeing herself out, leaving just Mary and Rena, the latter of which lets out a sigh. "I assume you have some opinions?" he questions his girlfriend, who is at first hesitant, but then decides speak, "Dear Kinksters?" "Ugh," is all the butler manages to say in turn. "Just sayin', even if Liz agreed to be apart of this, there's no way in hell I'd have let her," Mary admits, "That'd look soooo bad for my film, you have no idea." "So you agree Nicole is a dumb bitch who doesn't know what she's talking about?" but Mary simply shrugs. "The kinky stuff is weird, but it's not affecting me so I don't really care." "Oh..." Rena utters. "What?" Mary wonders. "Well it's just... you think it's weird?" "Don't you?" but Rena is now the one to shrug, "I mean..." but he's unsure if he should say anything further. "What is it?" Mary now wants to know, sensing that her boyfriend is keeping something from her. "Well it's just..." "Go on..." "Well when Eli threw out Liz for her affair... did you ever wonder who she was having one with?" There's a moment of silence before Mary finally puts it all together. "No!" she gasps, in shock, and Rena gives a rather guilty nod. "You and Liz?!" "Yeah..." "And you what? Acted as a misbehaving cocker spaniel?" "More or less," the butler admits, to Mary's surprise, then going on to say, "Maybe I should show you something... if it's still there." Mary is afraid as to what this means, and Rena stands up, nodding for her to come with him. They make their way through the Solano house (former Davis house, for those who have surely forgotten) and come across a familiar hall closet. Rena opens it up, and Mary confused to see him push aside a rack of coats and a sheet covering the back wall, revealing the hidden door. Mary gasps at this, having not realized a secret room existed, and Rena proceeds to lead her inside. There remains Liz's entire set up of BDSM-related equipment. Numerous chests of toys, ropes, a table to be strapped down on, and so on and so forth. "How... did I not know about this place?" Mary utters, in shock, and Rena shrugs because how did she not know about it? Oh well. As Mary continues to look around, still shaken and riddled with mixed emotions, she soon turns back to find Rena standing behind her, only... he's no longer dressed in his normal attire. In the brief time Mary spent exploring, Rena managed to strip naked and put on a pair of tight, black, leather shorts and his old collar with his name on it. "How may I serve you, Mistress Maria?" Mary is left to contemplate her next move of action.
In the meantime, Liz is seen re-entering the Del Barrio mansion, slamming the door behind her in a fit of rage, upset over what happened with Mary. She's soon surprised, however, to see standing in front of her none other than Ali, dressed in skimpy, black, leather lingerie. "Is something wrong, Mistress Elizabeth?" Ali questions, acting innocently, and Liz's jaw merely drops at the sight of her girlfriend. Though tempting, however, Liz soon snaps out of it, telling Ali that now is not the time. "And why not?" she wonders, approaching her girlfriend seductively, "You seem tense. Maybe we could take this upstairs?" "Not now!" Liz pleads, to which Ali responds, "Ooh, are you mad at me? Have I been bad?" and she then reveals a horse whip, "Maybe I need to be disciplined." Liz rolls her eyes though, grabbing the whip from Ali. "Seriously, drop it," she insists, and Ali frowns. "I just wanna make you happy," she insists, but Liz shakes her head. "You think this will make me happy?! Tying you down and flogging you till you're red?!" "Well..." Ali utters, and Liz continues, "What honestly makes you think I'd get any pleasure out of that?! Out of inflicting pain on you?!" "You sure were happy doing it to your butlers!" "And you're not my butler!" Liz cries, "You're not even a man!" "So much for feminism, I suppose!" "ALI!!" Liz cries, "For God's sake, why is it so important that I hit you?!" "Because as much as you deny it, I know that it's something you love. Acknowledging it as you just hitting me or beating me around is just superficial because we both know that's not what it's about. You love to feel in control, to feel superior. You love to assert your dominance, and yeah, you like to watch as people's skin turn a little pink. And that doesn't have to be a bad thing! When you respect limits, and it's two consenting adults, then there should be no issue." "You're right, Ali, there should be no issue, but there is!" "And why is that?!" "Because of what that monster did to you!" Liz cries, and Ali goes meek. "Yeah, I don't share my sexual fantasies with you, but you don't ever share with me the absolute hell you went through as that man's prisoner! And you don't have to... I know sometimes I can seem a little ignorant or whatever, but I see the way you flinch every time someone raises their hand... and how you never look away from your drink, even if it's just the two of us. Or how you don't let anyone put their hands near your neck. Hell, I see the scars left on your body whenever we have sex." Tears are building up for both Ali and Liz now, as the latter continues, "So that's why I don't wanna force you to your knees or tie you down or hit you with a frickin' whip. How could I?! How could I do that... to the woman I love?!" There's silence between the two as they gaze into each other's eyes, but Ali finally works up the courage to answer, "Because you're not Jorgio. Jorgio didn't love me. He didn't care about me. I was a possession to him, a plaything to do whatever he pleased. You know that. I know that. He sure as hell knew that. But it doesn't matter because you aren't him. You said so yourself: you love me. And I love you, too. You have your fantasies, and I don't want to deprive you of them. You don't want to hurt me because of all I've been through, and that's a fair point, but have you ever stopped to think about what I really want? What makes you think there's nothing in this for me? That I couldn't find any enjoyment out of BDSM? Anything that happens between us... it'd be out of love. And that's what matters." Liz doesn't quite know what to say to this, but Ali decides to make it easier for her, holding out the horsewhip. "Now I believe I've been a very naughty girl... who needs to be punished."
Back to Liz's old BDSM closet where we see Rena down on his hands and knees, yelping in pain as he's whipped by Mistress Maria. "Yes, Mistress! Harder, Mistress!" the butler cries.
And at the Del Barrio mansion, Ali and Liz have made their way to the upstairs bedroom. Liz is starting out gentle, having Ali get on the bed and beginning to tie her arms to the bed post with silk scarves she conveniently keeps in the nightstand drawer.
Rena is down on his hands and knees, licking away at Mary's shoes. "I worship the ground you walk on, Mistress," he says to her, nuzzling her leg.
Ali is now blindfolded and tied up, and Liz is walking around the bed, holding the whip which she occasionally smacks against her lover's skin. Ali seems to be enjoying it, feeling a rush of sensation, and Liz isn't finding it as problematic as she earlier feared.
More hard whipping as Rena now stands against the wall, asking for Mary to continue beating him senseless.
And more gentle swats from Liz to Ali, hard enough to cause a sting but nothing too serious.
We see Mary throw the whip to the side.
As does Liz.
Rena is now seen on the ground, on his stomach, as Mary has on a pair of sharp heels, and walks over the butler's back. The pain being inflicted on Rena is immense, but he's truly having a blast.
Ali is still tied up, and Liz has climbed onto the bed with her, making her way up as she kisses her girlfriend's stomach, making it up towards her chest, and then skipping over Ali's neck, going straight to her lips. She removes the blindfold so that Ali can see what's going on, and a smile comes across the blonde's face as they continue going at it, Liz now making her way downward again.
Rena lies with a heel partially plunged into his back, and the camera pans upward to Mary who has a look of pure disgust on her face, having not enjoyed a single bit of this.
Ali and Liz now lie next to one another, finished. There's a look of satisfaction on both of their faces. "I love you," Ali says to Liz. "And I love you." They share a kiss.
Rena and Mary now lie next to one another, finished. There's a look of satisfaction Rena's face. "I love you," he says to Mary, who merely blinks in response to her boyfriend's proclamation. "I need to get in touch with a realtor," she says in turn, getting up and leaving Rena alone.


Ben is seen walking Theresa to the front door of the Montgomery house, with little words being exchanged between the two all the while. "So that was... fun," Ben tries, and at first Theresa nods with him but finally comes out and just shakes her head. "No," she says, "it really wasn't." Ben frowns at this, though understanding that Val's stunt tonight most likely played a role in Theresa's decision. "Look, hun, you're really sweet, and you're funny, and cute enough... but you have baggage. A lot of baggage." "Yeah, I suppose you're right..." "It's all just too much for me right now, okay?" Theresa says, "You're about to have twins, and... clearly you have quite a bit to work out with Valentina. Maybe, someday, down the line... if you work everything out..." "Then there'll be a chance for us?" Theresa shrugs, insinuating that anything is possible, but sees now to be the best time for them to part ways. "Goodbye, Ben," she says, giving him a light kiss on the cheek, and with that she goes inside, leaving the butler alone. He lets out a sigh before heading back to the Del Barrio mansion. Alone. On his way to his bedroom though, he notices the door to Ali and Liz's bedroom cracked open where the two women lie together, cuddling. Ben can't help but feel envious of this, but still continues down the hall until eventually reaching his own room. As he's beginning to unwind though, his phone starts ringing and he sees that it's none other than Val. Rolling his eyes, he answers it, asking: "What the hell do you want now?" "Wow, harsh," Val exclaims on the other line, "Did the date not go well?" "Of course it didn't go well, you meddling bitch," the butler seethes, all the while Val holds in her laughter. "There's always next time," she says in turn, but Ben points out that there isn't going to be a next time. "Because you're just gonna ruin that too. You just can't let me be happy, can you?" "I could, but I won't." "Jesus Christ, Val... all of this because of one baseless assumption that I murdered your sister?!" "It's not an assumption, Ben. It's a fact, and eventually you--" "For God's sake, Val, I didn't kill anyone! But you just can't admit that you're wrong, can you?! No, instead you have to come into my life, mess with my friendships, my job, rape me so that you become pregnant with my children, drain me of every penny and ounce of dignity I have! And when I manage to find one little sliver of happiness, you still have to take that away from me too." "Yes, you're exactly right," Val says in turn, rather bluntly. "No, you know what? Screw you, Val! I'm done playing nice. I'm done being civil. I'm done giving in to your every demand, trying to make your life easier when you only try to make mine worse. And I'm done accepting my children being raised by a rapist." "I would lower that tone if I were you," Val retorts, but Ben isn't done just yet. "You must be an awfully damaged person to do the things that you do. Sad. Miserable. Pathetic. If your whole life goal is destroying me because you think I killed the sister you didn't give a damn about when alive, then you need some serious help." "Ben--" "You enjoy these last weeks, Valentina, because once those babies are born, there will be hell to pay. I'm getting my children back." With that, he hangs up, feeling no desire to hear Val out any further. Lets out a deep breath, relieved that he had the courage to do that. Meanwhile, however, Val is back at the Von Trump house. At first there's a look of pure shock on her face... which then turns to sadness... and soon enough, to pure rage.

The door to the DeWar mansion opens, the lock having just been picked. Joanna - the original Joanna - is still lying there dead. A pair of heels move towards it, and a pair of manicured hands place a piece of tape over the painted scar.
Our Joanna's face is looking bluer in the dark, tiny bits of frost accumulating in various places, the freezer humming all around her as she remains trapped inside. Another rattled breath, making a cloud, and a cold tear leaks down her cheek. "Joe..." she breathes, her lips in pain, "Please..."
"Please! Please!" a man is heard yelling through a door, the sound of water raining down. This is several years ago, Emilie approaching Nadia in one of their old bases, confused by the sound. "Don't mind him," Nadia tells Emilie, "He's just taking a little shower." Nadia turns a crank on the wall, intensifying the water pressure and the heat, and the man screams in utter pain. "Oh, my gosh!" Emilie exclaims, "What did he do?" "He was a trusted member of the squad," Nadia explains, "And he decided he wanted to sell us out to the feds. Can you believe that? Mare athei must mean nothing to some people..." "So you're... torturing him?" Emilie questions, a tad quiver-y, and Nadia tells her, "Oh, hon, I'm so sorry. Is this a little heavy for you to deal with?" "N-no," Emilie spouts, wanting to seem tough in front of her mentor, and Nadia strokes her arm to calm her down, "I wanna be involved." "You sure?" Nadia questions, a coy smile on her face, and Emilie nods firmly. Nadia proceeds to tell her, "When someone really deserves it, when someone makes clear that they're your enemy... you gotta make 'em suffer. There's no such thing as divine justice, as we, being who we are, very well know. So we gotta create our own." "We have to be God?" Emilie questions, and Nadia shrugs, just turning the crank some more. Another scream which doesn't end, and Emilie flinches some. "Oh, Em," Nadia says apologetically, "You should get away from all this noise. Maybe another trip to the opera?"
Jo lets out a small wail in the present, as much as her mouth muscles will let her, and Nadia's voice echoes in her head some. "You gotta make 'em suffer."
We are taken back to a familiar moment. To Joanna dragging a shard from her smashed wine bottle across her soon-to-be late husband Matthew Winters' throat, making all his blood spill out through his neck before he finally drops dead (see "Gritty Little Liars"). We zoom in on her eyes, blazing like fire, as his body slumps.
And now, frozen like ice, little crystals in her lashes, hurting to blink. "Joe..." she again utters.
Joe is seen speeding in Joanna's car, Silvia in the passenger seat, and comes to a screeching halt in the middle of the road. "Holy crap if I were a teenage girl I'd have just lost my virginity," Silvia complains as she recovers from the rock back and forth, while Joe demands to know why there are so many damn red lights. "Maybe there wouldn't be if you didn't waste all that time returning to the house," Silvia points out. "It wasn't a waste of time," Joe insists, "We don't know what we might be up against when we arrive, I think taking it was a good idea." He pats the inside of his jacket, and we see that he has a holster with a gun in it concealed under his arm - the same one which was pointed at his friends by Justine Dussault on the night that she died. Finally the light changes and they continue to speed away, Silvia grabbing on for dear life as they go. "Hope this works..." Joe's reflection warns him from the rearview mirror.
"Who does Ben think he is," a fragile-sounding Val is whining over in the Von Trump kitchen as she fixes herself a gigantic snack, "Spineless bastard." Just as she takes a bite into her five-storey comfort sandwich however, the doorbell rings, and she rolls her eyes immensely, beginning to waddle towards the front door. "Can I freakin' help you?" the pregnant behemoth barks at Joe and Silvia, who are a little taken aback, and Silvia greets, in her polite suburban tone, "Hello, dear, is Kathryn in?" "No," Val states bluntly, "She's on another death moon. This time in the South of France. Bitch loves visiting my overseas homes and not inviting me. Not that I'm able to fly in my condition... my life is so hard..." she begins to tear up, and Joe comments, "How horrible the consequences of you raping my friend are." "I know!" Val squeaks, and Joe tells her, "Whatever," and barges his way inside. "Leeeaaaavvve," Val whines, and Joe tells her, "Not until you answer a few questions for me. You live here. You must know something." "About what?" Valentina asks, wanting this to be over so that she can get back to her bear-food snack, and Silvia points out, "This is where James Edmond 'killed himself', is it not?" "Oh, yeah," Val recalls, "Such an annoyance."
We flash back to several weeks ago, Val returning home after having had Chinese food with Ben and Ali and Liz, turning on the living room light to see James hanging from the chandelier, the blood from his wrists leaking onto the nice, white carpet. "For crap's sake," Valentina exclaims, "I just vacuumed there yesterday!" She is most displeased.
"There's still some of his blood on the floor if you're interested. I couldn't be bothered to get it all out." "You really are vile, aren't you?" Joe seethes, and Valentina yells, "Haven't I been attacked enough by butlers today?!" "You weren't here when James died," Joe runs through in his head, and Valentina sighs, "Nope. I guess he came back, got his crap from the basement and then just... got bored and topped himself." "The basement?" Joe raises an eyebrow, and Valentina explains that a few of the boxes from his room that she stacked down there were left all disorganized when she got back. "Messy bastard couldn't even clean up after himself before creating more work for me. Weird freezer thing was still wired shut though." "Freezer?" Silvia questions, and Valentina shrugs, saying that it's an old basement full of old things that she can't go into. "Kathryn doesn't let you in the basement?" "No, it's just that my feet are swollen five times their natural size and I don't do well with stairs anymore. Kathryn just doesn't go down there. Being above everyone else means she refuses to go underground. She needs natural lighting. I know because she made me install a damn bay window to the study in my second trimester. Lovely woman." "Shame all women can't be like you," Joe retorts, to which Val responds, "Right? I hear some of Andrew's business associates or whatever going down there every now and then. I guess to look over files or something. I don't really pay much attention, to be honest. Apparently I'm self-absorbed." "No way." "Go check the freezer?" Silvia suggests, and Joe tells her, "On it." He goes to find the Von Trump basement and Val says, "Hey, you can't just wander around someone else's home?" "Don't tell Kathryn we were here and I'll fix you some iced tea," Silvia tells the pregnant woman, who swiftly nods, "Well-played." She then leads Silvia to the kitchen.
Joe, meanwhile, finds the basement door and turns on the light, running down the creaky stairs and, sure enough, finding a plugged-in freezer with a padlock which keeps the lid sealed shut. "Wh-who's there?" Joanna calls from inside, and Joe calls out, "Joanna?" Hearing her husband's voice is a great comfort. "Joe?" "Hold on!" Joe weeps, approaching the freezer and inspecting the padlock. "Cover your ears," he advises. "Kinda can't!" Joanna calls out, and so Joe tells her, "Just be ready then." "Ready for wh--" Before she can get her whole question out, Joe has taken out his gun and fired a bullet at the thing, destroying it utterly. The padlock falls away and Joanna is left with her ears ringing in the cold. But that doesn't matter, because soon Joe moves forward and lifts the freezer lid up...
Just like James did, all those weeks ago. "Oh, my God!" he exclaims, his eyes widened in absolute horror, and we're now shown that what he was looking at was the original Joanna's body, having been frozen and preserved all these years. "He can't help you now, though," comes Nadia's voice from the top of the stairs, signalling Joe's brother's demise (see "Soaplessly Devoted to You").
In the present, our Joanna is seen lying in the freezer, cold as anything, and both she and Joe are utterly relieved to lay eyes on one another. Joe quickly moves to untie her wrists and ankles and then helps her to her feet, the warmth of his hand greatly soothing the cold of hers. He helps her hop out of the freezer, and quickly she goes to pull the cord from the wall, making it shut off. "You found me," Joanna weeps, giving her husband a kiss, "I never doubted you would. I..." "It's okay, it's all okay now," Joe weeps in turn, kissing her again. "But it isn't actually me you should thank." "What do you mean?" Joanna questions, at which point the basement door opens and Joanna worriedly hisses, "Nadia." However, it's not Nadia - it's just Silvia, fresh off from making Val some iced tea and now trotting her way down the basement steps. "Joanna! Thank God you're okay!" she exclaims, moving to give her daughter-in-law a hug, "Goodness gracious, you're freezing! We need to get you into the warm, come on." Joe wraps his jacket around her, and he and Silvia help the stiff Joanna up the steps and through the mansion, and she asks where they are. "The Von Trump place," Joe tells her, and Joanna blankly asks, "Why are people always held captive in Kathryn's basements?" "Maybe it's no coincidence," Silvia shrugs as finally they get Joanna outside, and the Californian heat very welcomely hits her. "So," Joanna goes on, her body heat steadily going back up, "You said I don't have you to thank?" "It's my mom you should be thanking," Joe states, gesturing Silvia, who turns to him in surprise. "You just called me your--" "I know," Joe nods, "And... I wouldn't have reunited with my wife if it weren't for you figuring things out. Thank you." Touched, Silvia gives him a hug, and he makes a point of hugging her back, a sign that all between them is finally fully forgiven. "Guess all your detective skills had to have come from somewhere, huh?" Silvia comments as they pull apart, while Joanna adds, "Well now you gotta put 'em to good use. Because Nadia is back, and she's planning something big." "I still don't quite get who this 'Nadia' is," Silvia comments, and Joanna replies, "She's evil. That's all you need to know."
We flash back, yet again, to Nadia entering the room where the boiling shower was just taking place. Emilie has cleared off, and the water has stopped pouring. Now there's just a naked man hanging from chains by either wrist, his skin as red as a lobster and his breathing difficult. He's still alive though. "Now you know what happens when you betray me, Mr. O'Neil," she says to Troy, who finally manages to look up at her, "But... I'm willing to give you a second chance. After all, you're ever so good at making things go boom." "T-thank you," Troy responds between breaths. "Get this man a towel!" Nadia then screeches, and one of her goons is seen approaching with one.
In the present, that same goon is seen receiving a package, only now he's dressed in the uniform of a WHPD officer. Inside the package is a pristine plastic box, inside which is a piece of tape. The one which was put against the original Joanna's body. A note is attached. This contains Joseph DeWar's fingerprint. Say you found new evidence. Dig up Rochelle Little's body. Put it on. Mare athei." "Mare athei," the cop states upon reading it, taking the box with the tape.
"But for now," Joanna says back at the Von Trump mansion, the color returning to her face, "I just wanna go home." "First," Joe tells her, taking her wedding ring from his pocket, and she smiles, holding out her left hand so that he can slide it back on.

For the first time in a while, Josh steps foot on Fanon Drive, walking past its many mansions. For a moment, he thinks about going up to the Solano house and letting himself in, but he decides against it, ultimately continuing down the road and toward what he's always known to be the Winters' mansion. A deep breath and he approaches the front door, going to knock only to notice that the door's been left open a crack from where the lock was earlier picked. "Guys...?" Josh utters, a little confused as he creaks the door on open, and he's utterly taken aback by what he sees. "Oh, my God, Joanna!" he cries out, seeing her lying dead in the middle of the floor, "Joanna! What happened?!" He weeps, running for her, only for Joanna's voice to then call out, "Josh?" She and Joe enter the mansion, and Josh is left staring between the dead twin and the alive one. "But... but... what?... Am... am I going crazy again?" "No, you're not going crazy," Joanna assures, moving towards him and giving him a big hug, "It's... all one big long story. What are you doing here?" "I came here..." Josh admits, trying his best to ignore the dead body currently just, like, on the floor, "To see if you'd maybe consider... giving me my... um..." "You're hired!" Joanna quickly exclaims, overjoyed by the prospect, then turning to Joe and clarifying, "That's okay with you, isn't it?" "Of course it is," Joe smiles, and Joanna says, "Well isn't this just great... we should throw a party. Do a little celebrating. A welcome home bash in honor of your restored sanity." She gives Josh another hug, utterly overjoyed that he's out and about and to be living in her home again, and Josh says that he likes the sound of that. "Um..." Joe pipes up, "Just... one problem if we're gonna be having people over." He points to the corpse, and Joanna sighs, "Oh, right, that." She ponders it for a moment, and then turns to Josh, asking, "Ready for your first assignment as my butler?"
Joanna and Josh are next seen heaving the original Joanna's body into the basement freezer - the same one where Matthew's chopped-up body bits were stored after Joanna murdered him (see "How to Run Away with Chauffeurs"). "Well, isn't this quite the throwback for us," Joanna comments, smacking her hands together some once the deed is done, "And here I thought I'd had my fill of underground freezers for one day." "Care to explain yet?" Josh wonders, at which Joanna shuts the freezer lid and smiles, telling him, "We'll fill in you and the others. After the party. Now come on." She leads him upstairs, where Joe is currently scrubbing away the blood and wine stains, and Josh comments, "I should be far more fazed by all of this than I am." "Good to be back, ain't it?" Joanna beams.

There's a knock at the door of the Solano house, and Mary opens it to see that it's none other than Rena. "Hi..." he utters, awkwardly walking in despite not having been given permission, "so Nicole is coming back for another meeting... yeah." "Well, come in," Mary exclaims sarcastically, closing the door behind her and seeing fit to get herself a drink. Rena stands there awkwardly, meanwhile, but thinks that maybe they should talk about what happened earlier. "You mean the part where you dressed in leather and had me beat you senseless? Yeah, I'd much prefer we never bring that up again." Before Rena is given a chance to say anything though, the couple finds Nicole Arbour letting herself in, again without permission. "Ugh, I need to start remembering to lock the door," Mary utters to herself, deciding to go off to the sidelines to let Rena and Nicole be. "So are you ready to not waste my time?" the infamous YouTuber wonders, and Rena nods, taking a seat. "I actually wanted to discuss our first video," Rena says, "I... think we should go over a different topic. I don't really feel comfortable with Dear Kinksters." "Oh?" Nicole questions, "And you think you have a say in this why?" Mary, who stands from afar, looks up upon hearing Nicole say this to her boyfriend, and Rena answers, "Well since this is a collab channel... a joint effort... I just thought--" "Oh, you think that means you get to make decisions? Oh, honey, no. You're here because you're a name that's still somewhat relevant. Renato Duarte, the man held hostage by that insane Kappelletti girl. When people see I'm working with you, my views will go through the roof." "So this has nothing to do with my talent? Or creativity?" "Oh... no, no it does not. But who cares? Together, we'll take the world by storm. We'll be the top channel with our comedic messages and political commentary and... stuff. Of course, you'll have me to thank for getting you up there, since, yunno, you're kinda not doing that good of a job yourself right now. Aren't you trying to become a star or something?" she chuckles, causing Rena to look down in shame. Mary appears to have had enough of this though, as she puts her drink down and approaches the two. "Nicole, sweetie, I think it's time for you to leave." "Oh come on, I'm just joking around." "Yeah, well, too bad you're only funny when ridiculing fat people. Now get out." "You're really going to stand in the way of your boyfriend's ticket to fame?" Nicole inquires, but Mary shakes her head, "No, I'm gonna stand in the way of his cheap ticket to fame. He might be struggling right now, but I can assure you that he can do so much better than some flimsy YouTube channel... He can do so much better than you. Now, like I said, get out of my house." Offended by this, Nicole turns to Rena to see if he's prepared to stick up for her, but he merely blinks, insinuating that it's best Nicole leave. "Fine," she growls at the two of them, "I'll just hit up Matthew Santoro. You'll see!" "Key word: hit," Mary quips, and Nicole storms off. With Rena and Mary now alone, the latter takes a seat next to her boyfriend, and he takes her hand. "Thanks for that," he exclaims, and she assures that it was nothing, then turning to him though, "You really do deserve better than that," she says, but Rena appears unsure. "Come on, a career as a YouTuber? They're the scum of the entertainment industry, hun. You have actual talent, and you're gonna get your big break." "But when?" Rena wonders, pointing out, "You won't even give me a chance until I've completed a manuscript and prepped for the role and--" "Yeah, I'm making you work for it," Mary states, "And I know you have what it takes; I just want you to prove it. And that cheap ticket to fame with Nicole is not the way to go." Rena accepts that maybe Mary's right, and she re-assures that she most certainly is. "...and I suppose we should finally acknowledge your... bondage kink," she exclaims, to which Rena looks down in shame. "I will not be partaking in that disgusting fetish of yours. You can have whatever sexual desires you want, but yeah, sorry. Just, no to all of that." "Yeah, I figured as much," Rena admits, and Mary adds, "Also I hate Liz now, so there's that." "Understandable," Rena nods, but then wonders, "You sure we can't try any breathing play?" Mary simply blinks.
"Ugh, that stupid Mexican kink-apologist! Who needs him anyway?!" Nicole whines to herself, driving out of Fanon Drive, making it a few streets over. "Hope someone chokes him to death or something," she comments, only to then find a zip-loc bag being pulled over her head. She begins screaming in fear, but it becomes muffled by the bag, and she begins swerving due to being unable to see the road in front of her. In the back seat of the car is the Devious Butler, who had previously been hidden, appearing completely unfazed as the car skids across the road, eventually slamming into a telephone pole. Nicole's airbag bursts, and try as she will to get out of the car, the Devious Butler maintains his grip as the life flees from Nicole's body, her airflow having been completely restricted. Her head soon drops, and the Devious Butler emerges from the car, walking away from the destruction while whistling all the while.

The fire in the fireplace of Val's room in the Von Trump mansion is dying down, while she is busy sitting in an armchair, wishing she wasn't too big to stand, stuffing chocolates into her face and crying a little. For a moment, she reaches for her phone and begins constructing a text to Ben, telling him to come over and build a fire for her... but then she changes her mind, backspaces the whole thing and throws her phone to one side. She then reaches, as best she can, down to the floor and scoops up the fire-poker that rests there, lunging forward like a pregnant knight in order to move the coals over. "First the AC, now this," she sighs, fishing a marshmallow from her pile of junk food and spearing it on the end of her poker so that she can roast it like she's at a campfire. "I deserve better," she weeps as she shovels the charred, melted squishiness into her mouth right from the poker's end. "I just hope Ben is as unhappy as I am right now."
"I'm so happy you're back!" Ben exclaims over at the DeWar mansion, where Josh's welcome home party is currently taking place, "And you've scooped up my old job," he then points out. Josh laughs, right now just mingling with his fellow butlers, and then comments, "It's good to be back." "A toast," Joe raises his glass of water, while the others raise some champagne, "to being together again." They repeat after him and take a sip, and Rena comments, "Ooh, this stuff's even nicer than Silvia's." "Are my ears burning?" Silvia questions as she wanders over, and Rena tells her, "Oh, sorry, I used the last of your burn ointment to treat the poison ivy rash I got last week. I was hoping you wouldn't notice." Silvia sighs at this, pointing out, "You wouldn't have gotten that rash if you'd tended to my yard as instructed," and Rena responds, "And you would be disappointed a lot less if you just stopped asking me to do things; that way, you're not setting your expectations up for anything. I'mma go mingle." Rena then drifts off, and Silvia comments to Joe, "Now that you've accepted me as your mother and I don't feel lonely as all hell, I may very well finally fire him." "You have my blessing," Joe tells her, "Though I'd sleep on it. If he ends up on the street, it's only so long before he ends up hitting one of us up for a place to stay, and then we're gonna have to feel all guilty when we turn him away." Silvia shrugs at this, saying, "Fine, I'll sleep on it," and then Joanna approaches with her own champagne glass in tow, asking, "Y'all having a toast without me?" Meanwhile, Rena approaches Ali and Liz, who are practically glowing following their enthralling BDSM session. "Hey, Rena," Liz says, listful, and Rena responds, "Hey? What has you all... unusually calm?" "Oh," Liz grasps Ali's hand, "Nothin'." "Let's just say," Ali smiles, "The Mistress made a comeback. Twice." They both start giggling, and Rena raises an eyebrow before realizing what they mean. "So... that part of yourself is still going strong, huh?" he asks Liz, looking a tad sad, and Liz wonders what he means. "I tried the same thing with Mary," he looks over to her, chatting with Theresa right now. "And it didn't go well?" Ali interprets. "Poor hun," Liz says, sympathetically stroking his arm, and Rena suddenly yells, "Ow! Why'd you dig your fingernails in?" "Old time's sake," Liz winks. "Well," Rena says, annoyed and rubbing his arm, "I'mma have to call Starshine on alla that. For good, it seems." "Ah, Starshine," Liz remembers fondly, "I initiated the ol' Jesus Christ Doctor No." "Not that I had to use it," Ali smiles, and the two kiss, leading Rena to sigh, "Good for you two." He then decides to walk over to Mary who, at that moment, finishes her champagne and wishes to top off her glass, going for a bottle that's empty. "Oh, dear," she comments. "There should be more in the wine cellar," Rena comments, remembering from when he used to work here, "I'll just go down to the basement and--" "Nah, I'll go," Mary assures him, "This is a butlers' party, you shouldn't be doing butler-y things." She then heads off for the basement, but Joanna spots this from a mile off and quickly intervenes. "Mary," she exclaims, "Here, take my glass. I'll go fetch more champagne." "O... kay," Mary responds while Joanna dashes down to the basement, where her dead twin sister is currently freezing away, to fetch another bottle. Meanwhile, Rena has struck up a conversation with Theresa, who also seems to be bonding quite nicely with Ali and Liz ("By the way," Rena warns Liz, "Mary might hate you now since she found out the two of us used to... you know." "Meh," Liz responds, "Filming's wrapped up, the movie's in post-pro, I don't need her to like me for much longer anyway"). Mary approaches Josh meanwhile, saying to him, "I guess you're working here now then, huh?" "Yeah," Josh responds awkwardly, "Sorry I never officially resigned or anything, it's just..." "It's fine," Mary assures, "I'm just glad you finally took my advice and got better." "Right," Josh nods fervently, "Your advice. It was your advice that I took." "Good," she smiles. "Will you be hiring a new butler?" Josh wonders, but Mary responds, "Oh, no. That'd be bad press with the Devious Butler on the loose, quiet as he's been. It's come to be seen as poor taste. I imagine you guys are the last ones left in Wikerly Hills. But you should go back to working for Joanna anyway. I have a feeling it's where you belong." "You're right about that," says Joanna herself, who's just emerged from the basement with a new champagne bottle in tow, already having popped the cork and spilled some over the floor, "He's really good with wine stains." "I'll get on that in the morning," Josh assures. Ben is with Silvia right now, commenting, "We don't really talk much, huh?" "Mhm," Silvia responds, sipping, and that's it. Wanting to break free of this, Ben points out that Ali's over there and wants to go talk to her, but Silvia, not really having interacted with Ali at all since pushing her down the stairs that one time, decides that she's happy where she is. And then she hides behind Joe a li'l. "Hey, Josh," Liz approaches he and Mary and Joanna, and Mary decides to walk away and find Rena again because she isn't Liz's biggest fan right now. "I'm glad you're out of the nuthouse or whatever, yay," she beams. "We've never had a conversation before in our lives, have we?" Josh responds. "Not that I can remember, no," Liz tells him, "But hey, let's rectify that. I'll put you on my email blast." "It's a good blast," Joanna assures, and then Liz announces to the room, having whipped out her phone, "Everybody get in for a selfie!" Mary rolls her eyes, and some others can't really be bothered, but they all converge anyway, huddling together and forcing smiles. Ali gets in the front with Liz, Ben beside her, while Josh remains on the redhead's other side. There's then a snap and the selfie's taken, and Liz assures them all that it's gold and begins posting it to all her social media. "This really makes it look like I care about everyday people, thank you, Joe." "Josh," Josh tells her, "You... said it like a minute ago." "Right," Liz nods, "Why don't you go and talk to Ali? Having her around always phases out my rudeness." "Actually I don't think I've ever had a conversation with Ali either," Josh points out, and Liz comments, "You really don't get out much, do you? Well, I guess you were in an asylum..." "Let's go talk to different people," Josh suggests. "Let's," she nods, and they disperse. Josh finds Ben and Joe, telling the former, "Jennifer says hi, by the way," and then the latter, "Thanks. For, you know, hiring me and hosting a party and whatnot." "It's the Mrs. you should thank really," Joe assures, while Theresa drifts by and exchanges an amazingly awkward, "Hey," "Hey," with Ben. "What was that about?" Josh questions, to which he responds, "Val's been doing an extra good job of wrecking things lately."
Val, meanwhile, is back home, downing chips and cream soda, when her phone sounds. She decides to pick it up and look at it and sees that she has an email from Liz. "Dammit," Val rolls her eyes, "Why am I even on that stupid blast?" She then clicks on it, and sees the group selfie of everybody at Josh's party, Ben near the front. Valentina gives off an angry shriek, exclaiming, "That bastard makes me feel like crap and then goes off and has fun at a party?! NUH-UH!" And then, with all her strength and will and might, she forces herself up out of that armchair, making remnants of her many snacks fall all over the floor as she does so. Immediately, she feels a little woozy, having to steady herself on the mantle. "Take it easy, Val," she breathes, "Remember what the doctor said." And then her phone goes off again, and she sees that Liz has posted the picture to her public Snapchat story as well. And then there's a picture of her and Ben doing tequila slammers together. "Son of a bitch!" the maid yells, and then she marches off like the angriest hippo you've ever seen.
Back at the party, Rena is handing out more tequila slammers, which everyone seems to be enjoying immensely, when Ben clutches his stomach some. "What's wrong, sweetie?" Joanna asks him, "Can't handle your liquor?" "No, it's not that," Ben assures, "I just got a feeling something real bad is about to happen." And then Ali pukes on the carpet. "Could that be it?" Joanna questions, and Josh sighs, "I'll get that in the morning, too," before downing a shot.
Outside, the rain begins to pour as Valentina finally finishes walking all the way to Fanon Drive. "Thinks he can have fun," she breathes, bending over to put her hands on her tree trunk thighs, "Without me." She takes a moment to just stand there, catching her breath, and then stands up and looks around. "Now, which house was that party in?" she questions, "Because it's time for that crap to get crashed." She heaves out her stomach as though it's a wrecking ball, which is about the same time that a fire poker is plunged right into it. Valentina screams as blood spurts out, shocked to be faced by the horrifying rubber mask of the Devious Butler. The serial killer then gives the fire poker a twist, and Val passes out from the pain, collapsing only when the Butler removes the red-stained poker and looks down at the pregnant woman they've just assaulted. Emotionless, they then just walk away, and Val stirs weakly on the ground of the wet street.

Unanswered Questions

  • What became of the real Joanna's body after Nadia took it away?
  • Did Nadia leave the knife for Joanna? If so, how did she come to suspect the switch?
  • Why did the church explode? Who was behind it?
  • Who paid Rochelle to kidnap Joe?
  • Was Troy involved in the church explosion?
  • Who killed Troy and why did he have Joe's name written on his hand?
  • Who are the Devious Butlers, and why are they murdering people in Wikerly Hills?
  • What did James discover in the freezer in the Von Trump basement? Why was Nadia there?
  • How was the site of Rochelle's burial known to Nadia?
  • Why did Val collapse?
  • Who killed Joanna?
  • What grand plot is Nadia apparently so busy with?
  • Why was the original Joanna's body being kept in the Von Trump basement?
  • To what extent is the WHPD under Nadia's thumb?
  • Will Valentina survive the Devious Butlers' stabbing? Will her babies?
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