Malice in Workerland
Devious Butlers 2x01
November 13, 2016
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"Malice in Workerland" is the 13th episode of Devious Butlers, as well as its second season's premiere.


Three months have gone by since Joe's arrest and he remains trapped behind bars with a vengeful Jorgio Del Barrio out to get him, while Jorgio's wife Ali takes to enjoying his wealth and using it in express defiance of the way in which it was accumulated. The other butlers, meanwhile, all have good things going for them: Josh's relationship with Brad is going strong, although a curveball thrown by the latter may muddy things a bit; Rena finds himself in luck when he's able to land an audition, but he may also find himself unable to escape the tampering of Eli; Ben is given more responsibility at work when it comes to hiring a new maid, and life goes on as normal in Wikerly Hills as we're taken back down the rabbit hole for the first of a second batch of deviousness.



Wikerly Hills, 1991

Bare feet running across hard concrete as a rundown-looking woman hurriedly makes her way through an abandoned street, cradling something in her arms. The area looks as though it should be busy, fancy as it appears, and yet it's nothing but a ghost town. She looks behind herself in fear before she turns a corner, somewhat happy to see that she is no longer being followed, and then she takes a moment to check on the baby she has in a bundle. It gargles looking up at her, and she assures, "It's okay, little one. You'll be safe soon." "I wouldn't count on it, Lily," comes another woman's voice, and Lily raises her head to see someone she fears a great deal - and who appears to be in an even worse state than she is. "S-Silvia…" Lily utters fearfully, taking a step back, her feet cracked and bleeding. She winces in pain but refuses to drop the baby, even when her apparent nemesis utters, "Hand it over. Now." "How did you get there?" Lily finds herself asking, not knowing how Silvia made it in front of her, and Silvia reminds her that she's known this town a lot longer; "But enough idle chitchat. The baby?" The two women stare off for a moment, but eventually Lily finds herself exclaiming, "No!" before bolting in the opposite direction. Her adrenaline keeps her going, and Silvia damn-near rolls her eyes before heading off in pursuit. To Lily's delight, she finds an alleyway to run down, hoping to evade Silvia somewhat before she turns the previous corner and, to her even further delight, a church waits for her at the end of the street. Clutching the child, she dashes towards its doors, running across grass and stone in order to use one free hand to bang on the big oak doors and hoarsely cry, "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!" "It won't work," Silvia assures, now standing at the church gates, and Lily turns around in fear. Slowly and carefully, she takes the picnic basket which has been left as a donation on the church doorstep and she pours out the contents, then placing the baby down safely inside; then, she cautiously approaches the woman who's been chasing her down. "Now, now," Lily begs, a fair few feet forward, "we can work this out, just… please, don't hurt him. You're not well. You need help. We both do." "You're right," Silvia nods, "but the thing is… there's no one around to help you." And with that, she lunges, tackling Lily to the ground. Lily tries her best to hold her own, but she's weak, and the most she's able to accomplish is making it so that the two of them have to roll several feet in the other direction. As it turns out, however, this is all that's needed, for the two of them soon find themselves enveloped by an open grave. They're six feet under now, and still scrapping. It seems Silvia certainly has the upper hand over Lily, for she is more determined, and it isn't long before she wraps her hands around the other woman's throat.
Inside the church, meanwhile, one of the volunteers grows curious about the noise she heard earlier, and so she approaches the oak doors and opens them inward a crack. It's then that she looks down and sees the baby in the basket, just lying there, wanting its mother. "Poor thing…" utters Meghan Jepsen as she lifts the baby out of the basket and takes him inside, "I guess you're gonna be needing a new home." And as she finishes up her volunteering for the day, she proceeds to exit the church via the backdoor, remaining oblivious as to what's going on out front.
Inside the grave, Silvia remains atop Lily, applying a severe amount of pressure to her weak throat. Lily tries fighting back, but she can't, and the most she can accomplish in the way of last words is some desperate wheezing sounds. Finally, Silvia succeeds just as the rain starts to pour, and Lily's body goes slack and lifeless. "Well," Silvia comments, breathing heavily, "at least you got a proper burial." And then lightning strikes as we see from above, Silvia's hands clawing at the dirt as she wills herself out of the grave, climbing onto the ground and making her way back to the church entranceway. She spots the basket, still sitting on the doorstep, and murmurs, "Now for you…" As she approaches the basket, however, she comes to realize that it is in fact empty, and she screams bloody murder at this fact; the rain soaks her through and the mud from the grave still covers her in her already indecent state. Still, her will is not weakened, and she vows, "I don't care how long it takes, or how far I have to go, I'm going to find that baby… and kill him." She then flees, looking for somewhere dry.
As the rain pours, Meghan can be seen sitting in the waiting room of social services, commenting to the baby boy in her arms that it appears as though they got there just in time. The baby's eyes open and he stares out at the rain…


…and he does the same thing at the age of 25. Joseph DeWar sits there, dressed all in orange, watching out the barred window of his prison cell as the heavens open over Wikerly Hills. He sighs as he turns around to the larger bars of his cell door, looking as miserable as the weather, and finally his gaze settles on the tallies with which he's littered the wall. As he picks up a piece of chalk to mark off another day, he comments to himself, "Three months… if only someone could come and kill me now."

And, all the way across town, a woman is seen stepping off a bus, thanking the driver as she does so. She turns to face us, and we see that it's Silvia, two and a half decades since last we saw her. "Well," she says, dressed in nice-enough clothes and staring out at the town she fled so long ago, "I guess I'm back." We see that she's clutching a three-month-old newspaper article about the scandal surrounding some of the more recent Wikerly Hills murders, including a mugshot of Joe, as she proceeds her way through the streets, looking as determined as ever.


Act I

The Del Barrio mansion remains proudly situated on Fanon Drive, its driveway still a little damp from the previous day's rain as a certain pair of butlers trek their way across it, then meeting their friend, who works there, inside. It appears that the proprietor isn't home, and Ben proceeds to pour tea for Rena and Josh as the three of them sit around the dining room table. "It's so cool, you having this place all to yourself," Rena comments, but Ben assures that it's actually been rather boring with no one around. "Ali hasn't hired anyone else yet?" Josh inquires, and Ben explains that she's been too busy circulating the country these past three months, expanding her charity, that she simply hasn't the time. Josh then sips his tea and asks if Ben hasn't got anything stronger, like coffee, for he's hardly slept for weeks. "Your hunky lawyer keeping you up?" Rena asks, to which Josh asks in turn, "Where do you get off calling him hunky? And yes." "I can appreciate all people," Rena assures, sipping his tea also before saying, "I could do with some coffee too actually. Eli's been hounding me ever since he quit his film, obsessed with my performance, and if I doze off during another one of his lectures about why it's important to clean under the toilet seat I'm probably gonna lose my job." "I don't have time to put on a pot of coffee if we're gonna make our call with Joe," Ben points out, "in fact, phone hours start in about 3, 2…" He stares at his cell phone, which he's rested in the middle of the table, but nothing happens. "Were you expecting it to ring when you counted down?" Josh wonders, and Ben tells him, "Yeah, kinda." "He's probably not made it to the phones yet," Josh points out. "Pretty awkward now," Rena adds. "Yes, alright," Ben snaps, and then they sit there in silence for a moment, during which time Rena starts to whistle and comment, "You probably could've started the coffee by now," but, sure enough, the cell phone eventually rings, and Ben accepts the call from the prison, proceeding to put Joe on speaker phone so that all four butlers can chat. "Hi, guys," Joe says from over in the prison, and they all reply in kind, with Ben asking him how he's holding up. "Not great," Joe says, "but I'm hanging in there. There's this guy called Rapey Randy who keeps trying to make me his bitch, but I've avoided him pretty good so far." "Been there," Josh recalls, then advising, "Listen, if he forces you into acts of oral sex, just remember to tickle under his scrotum a little if you don't want him to last as long." "Thanks, I'll, um, try to remember that," Joe says, and then Rena asks if he's wearing an orange jumpsuit like on TV. "I… sure am," Joe tells him, and Rena comments, "Shame. You don't seem like much of an autumn. Me? I think I could make it work, but you…" "Yes," Joe nods with the phone to his ear, "that is most definitely the worst thing about being in prison for a crime I didn't commit. I had a cavity search this morning from a guard who I'm pretty sure snapped a picture on his cell phone, but hey, at least it won't have any of the orange in it." "True dat," Rena responds. "So what's going on in your lives?" Joe wants to know, only to receive generic replies like, "Same old, same old." "Come on, I really wanna know," he presses, "I need to hear about normal, everyday things to take my mind off of this place. And the whole reason we scheduled this call was so that we could talk like we used to." "Well, I just got this—" Rena starts, only to be cut off by Joe's somewhat hushed, "Holy crap!" "What is it?" Ben wonders, and Joe reveals that Jorgio Del Barrio is using the phone next to him. Indeed we see as Jorgio, also in an orange jumpsuit, dials a number into the phone, and Joe tries his best to cover his face with his spare hand to avoid being seen. "I forgot you were in there with him," Josh admits. "You and me both," Joe whispers, "I've barely seen him since we were both locked up." "I wonder who he's calling," Rena ponders, and then the Del Barrio landline starts to ring. "I better go answer that," Ben says, but Josh stops him, asking, "Do you think that's… Jorgio?" "Why would he call here?" Ben wonders, and Rena suggests that maybe he wants to speak to Ali and give her a piece of his mind. "Best just let it ring out," Josh suggests, and the three of them sit there awkwardly waiting for this to happen, while Joe is even more awkward over in the prison, holding the phone while covering his face. Eventually, the ringing stops, and Jorgio can be seen angrily hanging up the prison phone and storming off. "Phew," Joe comments, "that was close." A notification then pops up on Ben's phone, and he glances over to see that it's a text from Ali: it appears she's returning home today. "Oh, my God," Ben exclaims, and Joe asks what's wrong. "Nothing," Ben assures, "just, Ali's gonna be home in a few hours, I should probably start getting the mansion ready for when she arrives." "Oh…" Joe utters, "well, can you leave your phone where it is so I can talk to the other two?" "Actually," Josh chimes in, "I kind of have a date, so I should probably get going." "Oh…" Joe utters again, "well, Rena then, you were about to say something about—" "I have a toilet to clean, and I've already left it pretty late," Rena says sullenly, "sorry, Joe." "No, no, it's okay, I get it," Joe assures them, "you all have lives that you have to get back to. Well, um, if you need me, you know where to find me. I ain't going anywhere. Uh… bye, I guess." The other butlers then say their goodbyes, and look rather guilty when their friend finally hangs up. Still having some phone time left, Joe decides to dial another number, and we are next taken to the trailer of Meghan and Tyson Jepsen as the former answers the phone. "Ma?" Joe questions. "Joseph!" Meghan exclaims happily, and Tyson excitedly asks from the table, "Is that Joe? Tell him hi!" "Tyson says hi," Meghan tells her foster son, and Joe says "hi" back. He then wonders how things are going in the way of bail, mentioning that it's finally been posted after his trial keeps being postponed, and Meghan sadly states that they've so far been unable to scrape the money together, so it looks like he's going to be stuck in that hellhole a while longer. "That's what I figured," Joe says sadly, and Meghan apologizes. However, he assures that she has nothing to be sorry for, while she assures in turn, "You're gonna be fine, son. You just sit tight now, ya' hear? I'm sure that Brad is hard at work right this very second, working his lawyer magic to find a way to get you out of there."

Indeed, right now, Brad's case files are seen stacked up on the coffee table of his apartment… buried under boxes of Chinese food as he enjoys a nice lunchtime date with Josh. Following a climactic moan from the lawyer, the blond butler's head rises from between the thighs of his boyfriend and, as Brad readjusts the flies of his suit trousers, he implores Josh to try some of the moo shu pork he ordered. "Why do I need moo shu?" Josh asks, finding his seat on the couch as he wipes his mouth on a napkin, "I just ate." Brad chuckles at this, and Josh looks around for a moment before commenting, "Your apartment is really nice." "You've been here how many times now, and you're only just noticing?" "Well I don't normally have the best view with my head buried in your crotch or biting a pillow," Josh points out, and Brad shrugs before agreeing, "It's a nice place, what can I say?" The two of them share a kiss and Brad proceeds to ask, "But how are you liking the house I set you up with? I know you're gonna be working there as a butler and all but until the owner returns from Massachusetts it's basically all yours." "It's nice," Josh assures, "and you're great, setting me up with all these jobs. I don't deserve you." "Hey, I'll keep the jobs coming if you do," Brad assures, and Josh smiles. "Speaking of this place, though," the lawyer continues, and then he heads on into his bedroom and comes out with a small box. Josh is intrigued by what may be inside, asking if it's perhaps jewelry of some sort, but Brad assures him that it's better than that. Sitting back down, he then opens the box to reveal… "A key?" Josh questions, taking it from the box and staring at it, and Brad explains that it's a key to his apartment; "You know, in case you decide to come here and I'm not home yet or whatever; you could let yourself in instead of waiting out in the hall, or, like, if you come and I can't make it to the door in time, the same principle applies, you just put it in, and… yeah…" Brad appears awkward now, forcing himself to stop babbling, while Josh remains silent, still staring at the key. "Of course, if you don't want it…" Brad starts. "No!" Josh exclaims, "It's, um, it's great. Like you said, I wouldn't wanna be… waiting in the hall." "Right," Brad nods, "and of course, the key is, um… supposed to say something." "So it's a talking key?" "No, I mean, say something about us. That we've been, you know, seeing each other for three months now and… now you have a key." "Now I have a key," Josh repeats, awkwardly sliding it into his pocket before grabbing for the moo shu. As he starts stress-shovelling it into his mouth, Brad jokingly tells him to take it easy, only for Josh to give the muffled reply, "Well, you know me, I can take quite a mouthful." Brad nods as the now somewhat uncomfortable date continues.

Meanwhile, across town and at the Davis house, Rena is in the master bathroom, scrubbing away at the underneath of the toilet seat with a toothbrush. He groans as he dips the toothbrush down into a bucket of soapy water, having been scrubbing for quite some time now. He regrets having pushed the chore off for so long, as the disgust that this build-up is now much more resistant, and he only wishes Justine was still around for him to pawn such an undesirable chore off on. Soon enough though, Rena finds himself being joined by Eli, sweating, in a pair of work-out clothes; he's just got back home from his daily jog and is ready for the butler to clear out so that he can take a shower. "Yeah, well it's gonna be a minute," Rena makes clear as he scrubs a little harder, but Eli simply chuckles at this. "Maybe it wouldn't be a problem if you just followed my first request. I'm starting to think you're not as up to working for Mrs. Davis and I as you used to be. Perhaps we should reconsider your employment?" Eli exits the bathroom and subsequently the bedroom in order to find another towel to wipe himself down with, but Rena quickly gets up to follow him, apologizing for being insubordinate. "Look, I really need this job," he pleads. Eli remains silent for a moment, wiping himself down with the towel, making sure to soak up the sweat dripping from his body, especially from his underarms. Once finished, he tosses the towel at Rena, making sure it hits him in the face; still, the butler catches it, though it takes every ounce of his being to not throw up. Eli smirks, soon being joined by Liz, who appears to be all dressed up, adding on a pair of earrings. "Hey, sweetie," Eli says, greeting his wife, proceeding to plant a massive kiss on her lips and seeing to it that it's clearly visible for their butler to see. "Right, yeah," Liz exclaims, unfazed, "well I was getting ready to leave for rehearsal." She then turns to the butler, exclaiming, "Rena," giving him some sort of acknowledgement before heading off. However, Eli stops his wife, exclaiming that he was just questioning if Rena was up for still being their butler. "Well why wouldn't he?" Liz wonders, and so Eli explains, "I know the working environment has changed in these last three months. I'm home, Justine is... gone. I can see why Renato might not be as content with less... perks, lately." The latter half Eli says while staring Liz in the eyes. "Right..." Liz says in response, managing to keep a straight face, "Well I have to go." With that, she proceeds down the hall and down the stairs, but Eli (and Rena) follow her all the way to the front door. "I'm just saying, maybe we should consider looking into a new butler," Eli says to his wife, at this point pretending that Rena isn't even there, but Liz is starting to grow fed up with it. "Christ, Eli, do whatever the hell you want, I'm kind of busy right now." She opens up the front door where the local mailman is standing, prepared to put the Davises' mail in their box, but Liz promptly grabs it from his hands and shoves it into a silent Rena's. "Here, be useful and deal with this," she says to him, and with that she exits the home, slamming the door behind her. Eli smirks, taking pleasure in watching his wife try to keep composure. He then turns to Rena who has gone through the mail and is now holding a particular envelope. "Look..." he says, rather awkwardly, "like I said, I really need this job, but... I kinda just got another callback and I'm going to need the rest of the afternoon off..." Eli's grin goes away, and now he's merely blinking at the unbelievable butler. Rena now, rather slowly, starts to slide the remainder of the mail into his employer's hand. "I really owe you one..." And with that, he starts to back away, rather slowly, up the stairs. Eli sighs, now annoyed, but then a certain thought crosses his mind…

Down the street, meanwhile, Ben stands outside of the Del Barrio mansion as he waits for the arrival of his boss. Soon enough, a white limousine pulls on up into the driveway, with the chauffeur stepping out and walking to the other side to open the back door. Out comes Alison Del Barrio, far more glitzed and glammed than ever before; she removes a pair of sunglasses, revealing a far more glowing face than what she has sported in the past. Life has re-entered her body as it appears to be worth living again, and a massive smile stretches across her face. "Ben!" she calls out, cheerfully as she rushes over to hug her butler. "Ali," he greets in turn, glad to see her again, "How was your trip?" he asks. "Oh sweetie, it was absolutely marvelous! And I checked up on... the other girls, on my way home. Gina just got into medical school, isn't that exciting?! And Nat met a guy at her new work." Ben is happy for these girls, glad to see they're doing well since getting out of Jorgio's basement. Ali turns to the chauffeur, motioning that he gets her bags from the car as she and Ben continue talking, and the two proceed to go inside the mansion. "So how have you been?" Ali asks, apologizing for being away so much these past three months. Ben shrugs his shoulders though, stating that he could be better. Ali understands. "You really did love her, didn't you?" "I did." "It must be hard... with everything that happened." Ben gives Ali a questioning look, one that the blonde quickly picks up on, and so she decides to change the subject. She starts to look around the mansion, taking notice of some collecting dust. She proceeds to wipe her finger through some of it, thus picking it up. Ben sees this and quickly apologizes, stating that he's been having some trouble getting all of the chores done lately. "Oh, don't be," Ali assures, promising that it's alright. Ben nods, and then remembers something. "By the way, you've been getting some calls from--" However, Ali already has an idea as to where this is news is going, something she is not quite ready to address just yet. "Why don't we get you some extra help around here?" she asks, making a detour in the conversation, once more. "Come again?" "Well why not? I'm certainly fine, financially, with hiring an extra employee. Plus, you always had either Jose or Joe by your side. It's not fair to make you clean this whole big house by yourself." "Ali, you don't have--" "Hell, let's hire a maid! Yeah, they're not 'in' right now, but one might make better company, don't you think?" Ben is very unsure about this, but Ali is insistent. She states that she doesn't want to find a replacement for Justine in Ben's life, but she thinks that finding him someone of similar company could be good for him. "Plus, you really do need more help around here." Ben is still quite reluctant, but he starts to shrug his shoulders, stating that it'd be alright if Ali really insists. "Excellent! I can even let you handle it. The interviews, et cetera. Find someone who you connect well with." "Yeah, okay..." "Great! We can start putting out applications immediately." The blonde proceeds to leave, babbling as she does so about how exciting this will be, leaving Ben alone. "You never did let me finish about the calls..." But Ali is already long gone to hear.

Liz and her "friend" Kathryn Kappelletti are seen walking side-by-side down Fanon Drive, heading for Joanna's mansion at the end of the street. "Thanks for giving me a guest spot on your show," Liz is saying as she fixes her makeup, staring into a compact as she walks; she then snaps it shut and shoves it in her purse, proceeding to ask, "But remind me why we had to hold a rehearsal for a reality show?" "Because when we film it, we want it to look real," Kathryn tells her, saying it as though it's obvious, and Liz replies, "Riiight. So that argument between you and Kevin…?" "Was genuine," Kathryn admits, "but the writers said it was pure gold so they're working it into the script for next week. I think I got some good shots in too. 'Why are you always out so late?' 'Why aren't we on a new network yet?' 'Why couldn't you be black?' Honestly, honey, you have no idea how lucky you are to have found a man who's both rich and ethnic - TV audiences would just eat that up." "Yeah I'm sure all four Lifetime viewers would be enthralled," Liz comments to herself, then adding in a more prominent tone, "Speaking of blacks, Joanna invited the new neighbor Rochelle round for our poolside drinks." "You mean the invalid? Hanging out with us?" Kathryn questions, seeming a little skittish about the whole thing, "Whose idea was that? They deserve to be shot." Liz assures her, "I know, I know. I don't know how one of her kind turned out of be rich. She probably owns a fried chicken empire or something. I'm just hoping it turns into some sort of haze party where we cut her breaks and then push her into the pool." "Like my cousin did with that rich stroke victim when she was banging him for his money?" Kathryn questions. "Exactly," Liz exclaims, "I love the social circle that comes alongside being famous. You get all the best stories out of it." "Indeed," Kathryn agrees, right as the two of them arrive at Joanna's front door, "and one day, when you're famous, I'm sure you'll have great stories of your own." Liz pretends to laugh, then adding, "I'm sure appearing on your show will help. Have you started the petition to get it un-cancelled?" "It… hasn't been cancelled," Kathryn says, confused as she rings the doorbell, and Liz tells her, "There's nothing wrong with taking pre-emptive action, dear. You should know, really. Remember your last face lift?" Now Kathryn fakes a laugh and, when Liz's head turns to pay attention to the fact that Joanna's door is now opening, her expression recoils into one of anger, before turning her attention to Mrs. Winters - who no longer feels the need to dress in black mourning attire - on the inside of the mansion. "Hello there!" Joanna exclaims, glass of wine in tow, "Welcome to the party, come out back!" As Kathryn and Liz begin following her through the house, the latter comments on the fact that her friend hasn't yet found a butler to answer the door for her, and Joanna comments, "Nope. But you know the agencies in this town. One butler gets arrested, the other quits, suddenly they think you're an unreliable client." "I know exactly what you mean," Liz nods, "ever since Justine went all splatter-bye, we haven't been able to get a new maid in." "Oh that's right, your maid died," Kathryn recalls, "I would've been more shocked, but—" "The poison in your face prevented you from being able to make an expression, I know. It explains why your deliveries were so dry in your show that week." "We didn't air an episode that week," Kathryn recalls. "Really? Well then I guess you're just like that in every episode," Liz comments before finally making it outside with the others. This is one too many digs for Kathryn's liking, and so she takes a poolside seat as far away as possible from Liz while the latter sits in between Joanna and Ali, with Rochelle across the table, sitting in her wheelchair. "Drinks, ladies?" Joanna asks and as they make their requests, Rochelle says, "I still don't understand why I've been invited to this thing." "Me neither," Liz states, sipping her drink, and Rochelle adds, "Back when I lived here before there was a nice group of classy women who met every Sunday and actually covered their asses. I see tastes have changed in the past few decades." Liz thinks about responding, but then she turns her attention to Ali, asking, "How was your trip, dear? I don't care, of course, but it'd be nice to hear someone talk whose name I won't have to arbitrarily forget when they die of old age any second now." "Um…" Ali utters at first, then saying, "it was nice. I'm getting a lot of good done, raising awareness. All the, um, the girls—" "The sluts who were being held up in your basement?" Kathryn questions. "Yes, those are the young ladies," Ali nods, "well, all of them have been re-housed now. And my charity organization is fighting to raise awareness for human trafficking." "And yet you kept the name Del Barrio," Joanna points out, "why's that?" "Well, the name itself opens a lot of doors, gives the charity more space to roam," Ali explains, and Rochelle tells her, "That's a half-assed explanation if I ever heard one." "I'm sorry?" Ali asks, and Rochelle asks in turn, "Are you though?" "Well," Liz says to Ali, "the travel has done wonders for you. Although clearly you felt compelled to try all the food of every country you visited. How much weight have you gained exactly?" "I don't know if—" "I mean, secretly I envied the way your dress used to just sort of hang off your ribs, but now…" Liz sighs; she then looks to Rochelle and comments, "Of course, maybe the weight-gain look is what this group is going for now." "Play nice, Liz," Joanna advises, but Rochelle tells her, "I can fight my own battles, honey, get back to drinkin' that wine of yours; it seems it's all you're good at." Joanna shrugs and continues to drink, while Ali asks the old woman, "So, are you looking for a butler?" "Probably," Rochelle nods, "I don't want one even a little tiny bit at all, but that's how it is." "Score two for half-assed explanations," Ali acknowledges, and then Liz asks, "Is it worth having such a big house if you can't even climb the stairs? And what were you thinking when you chose that color, by the way… do your people see differently than us? Like that shrimp they discovered that can see extra colors and stuff… not that I'm comparing you to an animal, but, well, I am, so yeah." "I don't know," Rochelle replies, "but at least I didn't whore my way to my mansion." "Excuse me?" Liz exclaims, offended, and Rochelle rolls her eyes, flicking a switch on her wheelchair to make it so that she faces the privileged redhead properly. "Excuse you indeed," she adds, "I mean, look at you, sitting there and acting like you're better than I am because you're young and white, pretending as though you aren't the same as any other two-bit gold-digger who rocked up in this highfalutin town on the bus straight from Hicksville, meetin' her rich husband in whatever bar her drunken ass happened to stumble into that night. You might as well kill yourself, dear; your life's been lived a thousand times and by women far more dynamic than yourself. Why he even chose you over the packs of women he probably could've had, I don't know, but congratulations on locking him down. Although, I fear that's where your list of achievements comes to a close. I give you ten years before your breasts start hitting your knees when you wake up in the morning and you gotta dip your face in a pound of cream just to stay somewhat good-lookin' for that rich, rich husband of yours who, by then, will have already found some other drunken ass to keep his bed warm at night - not that you'll care, of course, so long as you got pockets full o' green and people older, blacker and less able than yourself to ridicule. And I hope it's all worth it when you're the one invited to a gathering only to then be chastised by the smart-ass little bitch across the table." Liz just sits there, entirely taken aback, and Joanna and Ali can't find the words to drag themselves out of the incredibly awkward silence that's now starting to settle in. Kathryn, however, cracks a smile, sipping her own drink before declaring, "I like her." Liz turns, annoyed, as Kathryn again asks, "Whose idea was it to invite her? They deserve a medal." The doorbell is then heard ringing, and Ali and Joanna exclaim, "I'll answer it!" at the same time, any excuse to escape this encounter. "Sorry honey, but this is my house, so I win," Joanna points out as she gets up to leave, and Ali sighs as she has to continue sitting there. Meanwhile, Joanna makes it back through the house and to the front door, opening it up to reveal: "Wilma?" "Joanna!" Matthew's sister exclaims, removing her tacky sunglasses before embracing her sister-in-law tightly. "Family should always hug," she says joyously, then whispering in Joanna's ear, "no matter how they feel 'bout each other." When the hug ends, Joanna asks Wilma what she's doing there, with Matthew having been gone for a while now, but Wilma exclaims, "Do I need an excuse to come and see my favorite sister-in-law?" "I'm your only sister-in-law." "And yet sayin' you's my 'favorite' was still a stretch," she chuckles. "So… you're going to be staying here? For how long?" Joanna questions, not liking this one bit, and Wilma says, "I dunno yet. Shall we just say… indefinitely?" "Yay…" Joanna fakes, then going over to a bottle of wine and pouring herself a big glass. "That for me?" Wilma questions, only for Joanna to then down it whole.

Act II

Josh can be seen strolling home on his way back from Brad's when, suddenly, his cell phone rings, and he sees that Brad is calling. He seems a tad hesitant in actually answering it at first but, eventually, he does, awkwardly saying, "Hey there, Brad… how you doing?" "I'm doing fine," Brad assures, and so Josh then asks, "Did I leave something at your place?" "No," the lawyer replies then adding with a smile in his voice, "but if you did, you'd now be able to go get it yourself." "Yeah, that sure is something," Josh tells him. "So, why are you calling?" he asks, and Brad explains, "Oh, I just wanted to know if you're free for dinner tonight, that's all. I thought I might take you out." "Oh," Josh responds, "really? Tonight? You know, I'm just not so sure that's good for me." "Why not?" Brad wonders, and Josh reminds him that he has a job. "Yeah, cleaning a house that no one lives in at the moment, how much work can there be?" "Well, more than you'd think, and honestly I've been neglecting a lot of it, so… yeah. I best get on that." "Tonight though?" "No time like the present," Josh assures. "Fine," Brad accepts, "so if I can't see you tonight then perhaps—" "You know, there's a tunnel coming up, so I think I'm about to—" Josh lies, hanging up the phone mid-sentence, then walking by the café where he and the butlers regularly meet. To his surprise, Ben and Rena are sitting inside, despite the fact that they are now far outside of their lunch hours. Curious, Josh decides to head in and sit with them, wondering what they're doing there in the afternoon. "Well," Ben explains, "Ali's off having drinks with her friends, I finally managed to make headway on all my chores, and my first interviewee doesn't arrive until later, so I figured I'd go out for a bit." "Right," Josh nods, turning to Rena, "and you?" "I got the afternoon off so that I can attend a callback," he explains, "I'm nervous as hell though. I needed a coffee to make me less jittery." "Isn't that gonna make you more jittery?" Josh inquires, but Rena assures, "Nah. My people invented coffee. We can handle it." "You're saying the Portuguese invented coffee?" Josh doubts, and Rena tells him, "Your people have a whole thing with tea, Ben has haggis, you can't just let me have this?" "Alright…" Josh concedes. Ben proceeds to ask him what he's doing there, and Josh explains that he just returned from an awkward date with Brad. "Why was it awkward?" Ben wonders. "Because… he gave me his key," Josh explains. "The bastard," Rena says sarcastically, while Ben wonders what the problem is. "The problem is… I'm in a relationship, and I didn't even realize it." "You've been dating this guy for three months, this can hardly be news," says Rena. "Well it is," Josh assures, "I've never really been in a relationship before. All the men I've dated have been casual things. I've never even said 'I love you'." "What about Juan?" Ben recalls, only for Josh to explain, "He was important to me for a time, yes, but… it never got a chance to actually go anywhere. He was deported and all. And then he hated on me. But Brad… he clearly wants to get serious, and I don't know what to do. It all feels so new and scary." "Do you love him?" Rena wonders, but Josh claims, "I don't know. Maybe? I just lied to him and now I feel like crap." "Listen," Ben pipes up, "if you want my advice—" "Dating advice from the guy whose last girlfriend turned out to be a psycho killer who pointed a gun in my face?" Ben goes quiet at this, and Josh immediately feels bad; he apologizes, saying that he's just stressed, and Ben says that it's alright. "So… the advice?" Josh decides to listen, and Ben tells him, "Just because this is new to you doesn't mean it's bad. And while it may be scary, it's also great. I mean, I was in love, and yes it was with the wrong person but… prior to all the murder-y revelations it was kinda spectacular. Lying definitely isn't the way to go; not if you want your first real relationship to be a healthy one, anyway. I guess what I'm saying is… don't let your fear get in the way of a good thing, 'cause it would suck if you threw away your shot at happiness just because you're scared." "And you think Brad is my shot at happiness?" Josh questions, and Ben shrugs, asking him, "Don't you wanna find out?" The English butler then starts to ponder this. "Shame calling hours are over at the prison 'cause now that we're actually all free it'd be a good time to call Joe," Rena points out, and Ben says, "Yeah, shame. I wonder what he's up to right now. I hope he's okay."

Joe, currently, is strolling through the halls of the prison, keeping his head down and trying his very best to keep himself to himself. Of course, that's all suddenly made redundant when two thugs grab him by either arm as soon as he turns a corner, pinning him up against a wall outside the view of any guards. "What the hell?!" Joe yells as the two large prisoners continue to hold him there, one of which is Rapey Randy. "Oh dear," Joe utters once he realizes this, and a familiar voice then says, "Oh dear indeed." It's Jorgio, stepping out to face Joe, and the latter realizes, "They're with you?" "Yes," Jorgio smiles, "they're my gang, you might say. Part of it, anyway." "So that's why you haven't been hassling me since I got here," Joe says, "because you've been assembling a freakin' posse." "I do the best with what I'm given," Jorgio nods, "for example, I took my family's already sizable fortune and turned it into a beautiful sex trafficking empire… an empire which has now been destroyed, thanks to you." "Gee, I'm sorry I cost you your sex slaves," Joe tells him sarcastically, only for Randy to giggle. "Sex slave," the thug repeats, "that's what you could be for me." "Not now, Randy," Jorgio begs. "But he got such a pretty bottom," Randy protests, "guard showed me pics." "Dammit…" Joe utters, and then Jorgio exclaims, "Enough!" "How exactly did you get people to follow you in here?" Joe wonders, "You've got no money, anymore. You're not strong, you're not powerful…" "But I'm ever so charismatic, and that goes a long way," Jorgio grins. "Plus I promised that they can all have a girl of their own just as soon as I'm out of here and can start rebuilding the ol' business." "I'mma name mine Fred," Randy says excitedly. "Please, you're never getting out of here," Joe assures. Jorgio shrugs at this, saying that one never knows, except Joe argues, "I know. You're serving a life sentence my friend." "Just like you will be when you're found guilty for Matthew Winters' murder," Jorgio fires back, "which I have to say I find dreadfully amusing. You being framed for a crime after framing me." "How do you know I didn't do it?" Joe questions, but Jorgio just laughs, assuring, "You couldn't kill anyone. Not in cold blood. You don't have it in you." "Oh yeah? Try me," Joe threatens, but Jorgio snaps his fingers and has his boys tighten their grip on Joe's arms, making him cry out in pain. Jorgio laughs, and Joe requests, "Do you mind cutting to the chase and telling me just what this whole power display is about?" "Right," Jorgio nods, "I just wanted to make clear that I am a vengeful man, and, while I won't have my boys kill you - thus risking that one of them be thrown into the SHU and deplete my numbers - I will ensure that your time here is made into a living hell. Don't count on being able to eat or sleep or shower or do pretty much anything. And I warn you, I'm a heavily irrational man whose opinions have been known to change on a dime, so I wouldn't count on me keeping you alive forever. Just saying." "Right," Joe nods, "is that all?" Jorgio smiles further, and says, "No." He then addresses the two men restraining Joe and says, "Do what you want with him, boys. Just don't leave any visible bruises, okay?" The two men nod and, as Jorgio happily strolls away, around the corner, heading for the phones where he has influenced a guard to allow him to use them, the sounds of Joe being beaten within an inch of his life delight him thoroughly, and his already large grin grows even larger.

"Caller from: Wikerly Federal Prison," is all that is heard from the automatic speaker on the other end of the landline phone of the Del Barrio mansion, just before Ali presses the button to end the call. She slams the phone back onto the holder, promptly taking a seat in one of the kitchen chairs, arms crossed and looking away. "Was that--" "Yup," Ali confirms to Ben, who has come to see who was calling. "You're gonna have to face him eventually, you know that right?" "I do." "And you don't just want to get it over with now?" Ben wonders. Ali doesn't answer, still cross armed, looking in the opposite direction. "Ali--" "I don't wanna talk about this right now, okay? I'll talk to him when I'm ready." "And when will that be?" "I don't know. Eventually." "Look, Ali--" "Ben, I know you mean well, but really, stay out of it. Maid applicants should be here any minute, so why don't you just get ready for that?" Ben contemplates for a minute, seeing that his boss has yet to turn her attention back to him, and so he sighs, going to leave. However, as he nears the door, he turns back. "You're never going to be ready," he says to her. Now, she starts to turn to him. "I don't blame you. After what he put you though, there's nothing that could ever prepare you to face him. And he doesn't deserve you to either. But don't you think you deserve some closure?" Ali, while facing him directly, is now more staring at the ground, not replying. Ben sighs, "However, it is your choice, and I won't bother you about it from hereon out." He starts to walk away, but finally Ali works up the courage to actually reply. "Ben," she says, and he turns back, "I'm afraid..." The butler can see the tears building up in Ali's eyes, and he goes back over to her, pulling up a seat next to her. "I know," he says, hugging her as she starts to let the tears flow, "I know."
Sometime later, Ben is seen arriving at the door of the Del Barrio mention, upon the bell being rung. Having originally been somewhat excited about this, he is let down upon finding that at the door is one solo applicant: a short, chubby woman in her mid-40s. She appears to be quite ethnic, though it's unclear what. "Juanita Kwon. I am here for maid job. You are owner of big house?" "Oh... no, that's my boss, Alison Del Barrio." "Then what are you? Houseboy?" "No, well, yes. Um. I'm the butler." "Okay move," Juanita says, shoving her way past Ben, carrying a basket of cleaning supplies in one hand and dragging a vacuum cleaner in the other. "I clean now?" she asks, dropping her supplies in the middle of the room, to Ben's shock; however, he points out that he hasn't even seen her application yet. "Well what you gonna do? Not hire me? Hire other maid? I look round where other maid I no see her? MAID?" she asks, walking around the room, peering through doors and hallways. "OTHER MAID? IS ONE HERE?" "Mrs. Kwon," Ben tries, but she snaps back at him. "Ms. Kwon. I am lesbian." She proceeds to go back to calling out for another maid, but Ben gets it and quiets her down. She sneers, pleased to see that her point has been maid. "Now show me big nice room, boy," she demands, starting to head for a staircase, but Ben quickly jumps in front of her. "Look, I at least wanna give your application a look-through first. I wanna check your references and such." "I work as bank teller for two weeks and was presidential nominee for the marijuana party in 1996. What else you need to know? Move." Juanita starts to push against Ben, trying to get past, but he continues to hold her off, appalled at this entire situation. However, just as she nearly gets past him, the doorbell rings again, startling Juanita, thus giving Ben the chance to shove her backwards. "¿Que?" she exclaims, as Ben goes for the door, hoping and praying for a better applicant. And to his luck, there she is. In the doorway is a Latina woman, much closer to Ben's age. Very attractive, dressed in a quite revealing maids' uniform, the woman introduces herself to Ben for the very first time. "I'm Valentina Cortez," she says, "here for the open maid position." "Leave, puta," Juanita shouts, "I come first." Ben glares at Juanita, then turns back to Val, telling her to ignore Juanita and come on in. Val smiles, doing so, to Juanita's dismay. She hands Ben her application, while holding a feather duster in the other. "I saw your ad and thought this place seemed absolutely perfect," she says, casually walking around the room, dusting off numerous objects here and there. She bends down, thus sticking her rear in the air as she dusts the lower part of a table. "Is it not perfect?" she asks Ben, who is now totally in awe. "Sir?" she asks, snapping him out of his trance. "Oh, yeah. It absolutely is," he says, blushing. Val sees this and lets on a grin. Ben realizes this, and so he holds up the maid's application, high enough to cover his face. He begins reading through it, and Val approaches him, lowering it down some. "I think you'll see that everything is there," she says, "I must apologize as this is my first time applying as a maid, but you'll see that I'm quite... experienced, in other areas." Ben's blushing only grows, thus causing Val's smile to increase. "A late bloomer? You might say. But hey, I'm not the only one blooming right now," she says, looking down at Ben's crotch where a noticeable outline can be seen. Ben looks down and sees what she's talking about. Without addressing this though, he lowers the application to cover his bulge, and Val simply chuckles. "I just hope you take me under consideration," she says, winking at him, starting to walk away, implying the interview is over. Ben sees this though, and looks over at Juanita, and then at the door where no other applicants stand. "Wait," he calls out to her, and she turns around. "You've got the job."

At some studio across town, Rena can be seen entering into a waiting room with a script in tow, and he gulps as he sees the other men who have been called back to read for the role of... "Roger Farnsworth," Rena reminds himself, staring at the script for the Willow Falls pilot, and he throws his coffee cup into the nearby trashcan so that he can begin flicking through it and remind himself of his lines. As he does this, his hands start to jitter and he is forced to steady them, commenting, "Dammit, Josh," before then going to sit down amid the other actors. Taking a deep breath to quell his nerves, he turns to the guy next to him and says, "So, callback, huh?" "Yeah..." the guy says, inching away from the foreigner slightly. "You get many of these?" Rena wonders, trying to ease himself through conversation, and his fellow actor shrugs and says, "I guess." "This is my first," Rena clarifies, "Not that I'm not good or anything. I mean, this kinda-semi-famous actress put out a Tweet about me and got me a ton of auditions but... for some reason they all tanked. Like I'd show up and the directors would say they're no longer screen testing, or, they've already cast someone, or... one time a light fell on my head--" "Sounds like you're being sabotaged," the actor comments nonchalantly, merely reading his own copy of the script and wanting this stranger to leave him alone, and Rena smirks in response, saying, "Yeah. Well I guess God wouldn't hand me my dream just like that. Wants me to work for it a little more. But this, my first callback, this could be my big break." He crosses his fingers, and the actor says, "Good for you?" in an annoyed tone since, of course, he is reading for the same part. Another actor then emerges from the main room and the casting director pokes her head out, reading off a list and beckoning "Renato Duarte" inside. "That's my cue," Rena says. "Break a leg," the actor responds, meaning it, and Rena quickly skims his script pages one more time before heading on in. Soon, he is standing in a big, spacious room in front of a camera, which is behind three people staring at him from behind the desk. One is the casting director who summoned him, on the right. One is the head writer - Benedict Cotton - in the center, currently on the phone. The other, on the left, is just there. Rena clears his throat to introduce himself but Mr. Cotton raises a finger to him, indicating that he's not done with his cell phone conversation. "Okay," he says to the person on the other line, then looking to Rena briefly and saying, "I think I know. Happy to. Bye." When he hangs up, Rena appears nervous to speak, at which Benedict rolls his eyes and asks if he isn't going to introduce himself. "Oh," Rena says, "I'm Renato Duarte, and this will be my second time reading for the part of Roger Farnsworth." "Yes, we know that bit," Benedict adds, and Rena, fearing he's falling out of the head writer's good graces already, quickly finds himself appending, "Can I just say, Mr. Cotton, that I am a huge fan. Your last show - Despairing Teen Friends - was an absolute favorite of mine, and when I heard you were doing a new show, I--" "Can you please get a move on?" Benedict requests, "We are on a tight schedule here." "Of course," Rena nods, gaining his composure, and the casting director woman gives him his cue by reading out a line he's supposed to respond to: "Excuse me. I'd like a room please." However, as Rena goes to reply, he suddenly finds himself halted by Benedict who calls, "Stop." "W-what's wrong?" Rena asks, and Mr. Cotton says, "I'm just not sure anyone's gonna believe this." "Believe what?" "You," Benedict adds, "as the character." "But you've not seen me portray the character yet..." "But... I mean, is anyone gonna believe that a Spaniard such as yourself is the innkeeper in a small town in Vermont?" "I'm P--" Rena starts, then deciding it doesn't matter and instead arguing, "I don't see why not." "Have you ever been to a small town?" Benedict wonders, "Not too many of your sort wandering around, and I want this show to be authentic." "Hey," Rena exclaims, "I was called back here because I did well in my audition, and if you just see my as Roger then maybe--" "Yeah, see, you don't really strike me as a 'Roger'," Benedict continues, "That's a strong, powerful, masculine name. And you strike me as kind of... not those things." Rena appears hurt now, uttering, "But... this is my first callback." "My casting directors made a mistake. It happens." Said casting directors appear annoyed by this, and Rena finds himself yelling, "No! I was summoned here today to read for the part of Roger freakin' Farnsworth, and that's what I'm gonna do!" "Am I gonna have to call security?" Benedict wonders, but Rena ignores him, simply beginning to speak as the character instead. "'As you can see, sir, I'm a little busy right now.'" He then stops, waiting for the casting director to read the next line, and she, confused, asks Benedict, "Should I... should I give the cue?" "No, you idiot," Benedict retorts, while Rena yells, "Yes!" "Um..." she utters, while Rena screams, "Give me my cue! Ask for your room again! ASK FOR YOUR ROOM!" As Benedict begins frantically tapping a button under his desk, two burly men enter the room and begin dragging Rena away kicking and screaming, with him begging for his cue over and over again. As he's hauled back through the waiting room by the two security guards, he sees the actor he was talking to earlier smirk, so he screeches, "Oh bite me! I hope you get the part! This show's gonna sink faster than Dead of freakin' Summer!!"
Outside the studio, with Rena having been dumped firmly off the premises, the butler dusts himself off as he comments, "Another job tanked. Ugh! Crappy pilot anyway. All intro, no interest." As he starts to walk away, however, he's stopped by the sound of, "Excuse me." He turns around to see the female casting director, who apparently followed him out there, and he asks her what she wants in confusion. "I'm sorry about what happened back there, he can be a real jerk," she explains. "I'll say," Rena confers, but then she adds, "Though, it seems there was a reason this time. Someone, a friend... asked him to, uh, 'crush' you." "What?" Rena asks, confused, and the casting director elaborates, "Well, I caught wind of some of that phone call he was on and, uh, let's just say... Elijah Davis says 'hello'." Rena's eyes widen at this.

Return to the Wikerly Hills Federal Prison, now in a visitors' room. Ali is finally ready to face her husband for the first time since the night of his arrest, and she takes a seat on one side of a glass window. She waits for a moment, and has just enough time to take out her phone to look at herself on the front-facing camera to make sure she isn't sweating. Soon enough, Jorgio is brought in, and Mrs. Del Barrio is able to slip her phone back into her purse. A guard takes the set of cuffs off of Jorgio's wrists and he is able to sit down, at which point both he and Ali pick up their respective wallphones. Ali goes to say something to Mr. Del Barrio, but he is quick to speak first, commenting, "It's about time you got off your ass and visited me. What's been taking you so long?" Ali goes to reply, but he cuts her off. "Oh wait, I don't give a damn." Mrs. Del Barrio goes meek as she can already tell that this meeting probably isn't going to go the way that she intended. "Now, you've had your fun, but I think it's about time you get a lawyer on the phone about re-opening my case. It's been three months and I'm ready to come home. I've heard you already made a mess of my accounts, so I'm sure someone with a lick of common sense oughta get in there and set things straight sooner rather than later." He continues to mock and degrade her in every way that he can, but Ali has started to tune him out and everything he says starts to come out in a muffled sound. She is now becoming lost in thought, thinking back to these three months to all of her accomplishments, everything she had previously filled Ben and her friends in on earlier. She thinks about how finally breaking free of Jorgio is what allowed her to succeed, and so she finally turns her attention back to him to let him know just that. "By the way," he says, as he regains her attention, "you're getting fatter. What are you, a size zero now?" "I started a charity," she announces, to Jorgio's confusion. "Come again?" "You heard me. I started a charity, with your money and everything. All of those girls you were using and abusing, I helped them all. I saved them all. And I will keep saving and doing what I can to make sure no one ends up how I did with you ever again." "Alison, I think you need to--" "No. It's my turn to talk." Jorgio is now the one to go meek, not having expected his wife to gain a sudden backbone. "Jorgio, you did truly unspeakable things to me, to all of those girls, and not once have you shown a single ounce of remorse. But you'll see... you'll see overtime that while you get to rot away in here, I will get to be out there, living my life. We all will. I now have a chance at love and happiness, and you... you're stuck in here." She takes a deep breath. "Now... do you have anything to say?" Jorgio ponders this for a moment, but a smile soon comes across his face. "Sweetheart, don't you understand? I'm a part of you now." He laughs, "You just said so yourself that I did truly terribly awful things to you, and you're right. I did all of those things to you, and you will remember them forever. The marks I left on you, both physically and mentally, will always be there no matter how hard you try to cover them. You know that, I know that. Our friends... "friends", know that. And no one could ever love you for that. You're damaged. Broken. Used. Even before we met, you were no winner. So why don't you just do what we both know you want to do and get a lawyer on the phone and work on getting me out of this mess that you caused. Doesn't that sound good?" Ali is now struggling not to give in. She's on the verge of tears, and despite her best efforts to keep this hidden, she knows that Jorgio can tell. She remains silent as she thinks about what to say in response, as she knows that Jorgio will pounce on her slightest error. Finally, she just... lets go. Taking a deep breath, she says aloud, "The marks will fade, Jorgio. The marks will fade. The memories will fade. It will all just... fade away. While time with and even prior to being with you may not be so remarkable, I have still come out of it better... stronger. You're done controlling me. The only reason I came to visit you today was to get some closure. I'm not here to help you. I'm not here to become your puppet again. I'm here to tell you that I'm done. I'm here to look at you one last time and see the look on your face as you remain trapped here forever." "Alison--" "NO!" Mrs. Del Barrio is no longer having it, "You listen to me you miserable son of a bitch, your time for talking is over. I don't give a damn what you have to say because I've said my part, and I am ready to go home and revel in your eternal punishment for abusing me and those girls and also murdering Jose Sanchez." From there, Ali kicks back her seat, stands up and grabs her bag. "Goodbye, Jorgio." She then slams the phone against the wall-holder, though the hit is too hard that it just bounces back and hangs by the cord. Mrs. Del Barrio starts to leave, but now Jorgio is enraged, banging on the glass. "ALI, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!" he calls out, "I MAY HAVE DONE SOME THINGS, BUT I SWEAR THAT I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH JOSE'S DEATH! PLEASE!" Jorgio's screams are just loud enough to be heard through the glass, and Ali stops in her tracks, a smile spreading across her face. She then turns back to her incarcerated husband with said smile, mouthing two final words to him... "I know." Jorgio's eyes widen in both shock and anger; he continues to pound at the glass, even more enraged, and Ali watches as two prison guards are forced to restrain him. From there, she continues to leave, mentioning to one of the guards on her way out that she'd like her name and phone number taken off of her husband's permitted contact list.


Focus on a sparkling wine glass as a red liquid is slowly seen being poured into it, filling it to the rim... and then some. The bottle in which the wine has come from is placed down as Joanna Winters picks up the glass, downing it in its entirety. She doesn't even slow down to refill it afterwards, instead giving up on a glass entirely and just drinking from the bottle, as is what normally ends up happening. "Save some for me, would ya?" a voice calls out, and Joanna closes her eyes in annoyance with her sister-in-law joining her, taking a seat on the couch right next to her. "Wilma," Jo greets, trying her best to be nice, and taking a chug before saying, "what can I help you with?" "Ah, nothin' much, sugar. I was just settlin' in. Hey but I did notice one thing when snooping around--" "You were snooping?" "...Anyways... I came across one of the other bedrooms and noticed quite the setup. I dug around some and realized it had all of your butler's old stuff, yunno, the one who killed your husband slash my brother." Jo proceeds to sigh, replying, "Why don't you just mind your own, kay?" "Well I'm just wondering why you're still holding onto Matthew's murderer's things. Seems a bit disrespectful, no? I mean, if it were me, I'd have burned it all." "What I do is none of your concern," Jo says, annoyed now. She stands up, proceeding to walk away with her bottle in tow, but Wilma then wipes her finger across an end-table, collecting some dust. "You really oughta get someone in here to clean this place up," she calls out, and Jo turns back, rather offended. "Though I suppose it may be a little risky since both of your previous two butlers have gone down for my brother's murder. I must say, it does come across awfully suspicious." "Is there something you're insinuating?" Jo asks, crossing her arms, but Wilma, in turn, says, "Not a damn thing." She smiles at Jo, kicking off her shoes and putting her feet up on a coffee table. She picks up the remote to flicks the TV on, and Joanna proceeds to storm away.

Over at his new place of employment - another of the seemingly limitless mansions on Fanon Drive - Josh can be seen drinking a beer in front of his absentee employer's TV, with his feet up on the coffee table, apparently enjoying a nice night in by himself. A mop is leaning up against the wall and, for a moment, he turns to it and considers doing some actual work, but then he decides otherwise and takes another sip, continuing to watch whatever's on. "Are we ever gonna find out what happened to Marie?" he asks of The Passions of Falta, only to then be interrupted by a sudden knock at the door. "Ugh," he says, putting the beer on the coffee table at the same time that he takes his feet off of it, and then he comments, "I swear to God if this is another housewarming present I'm just gonna pretend I live here and take it for myself; I don't care how elaborate it gets." Still, he doesn't actually much mind escaping the upcoming rerun of Despairing Teen Friends, and then, lo and behold, he opens the door to Brad, whose name he proceeds to utter in surprise. "Surprise," Brad says on cue, and Josh nods, telling him, "Indeed. Uh, what are you doing here?" "Just thought I'd drop in," Brad explains, "see how you were." "Well, I'm fine," Josh assures, then realizing how awkward it is with either of them just standing either side of the doorframe and so he eventually decides to say, "Come on in." Brad smiles and does just that, greeting his boyfriend with a brief kiss, and then he finds the living area where the TV is on and a half-drunken beer rests on the coffee table. "Getting lots of work done, I see," Brad comments, then seeing the mop lying atop the un-swept floors, and Josh explains, "I'm just taking a short break." "Cool," Brad nods, "so… mind if I join?" "Actually…" "I promise I won't distract you from all your hard work," the lawyer jokes. "Brad," Josh then says, "we need to talk." "Oh boy," Brad sinks, "here it comes." "Here what comes?" "It was the key, wasn't it? It was too fast. Damn, I knew it was too fast, and I went against my gut, and I gave it to you anyway. If only I listened to myself once in awhile, you know? I mean, I sensed how awkward it was, and then I feared you'd be all 'we need to talk', which now you are, and I've been hounding you and it's only been half a day and yet somehow I've turned into the clingy boyfriend from hell and holy crap do I not want that and it's just I really want this to go well - you and I, I mean - 'cause this is my first real relationship and I don't wanna say I screwed it up because I never screw up; not in a courtroom, anyway; stick me in front of a judge and I can do anything but put me in a 'relationship' and I apparently flake and act like a freak and now I'm rambling and you're staring at me like I'm insane and I wanna stop and yet somehow I can't because I feel like if I do stop then you're gonna break up with me and I'm not sure I can take it and especially if you use one of those horrible cliché lines like—" "I love you," Josh suddenly finds himself blurting out, stopping Brad dead in his babbling tracks. "You… you what?" "I… love you," Josh repeats, realizing what he's just said and growing more comfortable with it. "You're not just saying this to shut me up?" "I love you," he says a third time, affirming it as truth - both to himself and to Brad. "You love me?" Brad questions, unable to believe it, and Josh finds himself smiling. "Yes," he assures. "Wow…" the lawyer utters, "so I guess, it wasn't too soon to give you the key?" Josh just gives a little laugh before kissing the man he loves who, upon the kiss' end, makes sure to say, "I love you too, by the way." "I know," Josh nods, "and I'm sorry I freaked out a little, I just… I'm not the best when it comes to processing how I feel." "You and me both." "And from now on, I wanna make the effort to tell you how I feel. Let you into my heart." "Almost like…" Brad laughs. "Almost like what?" Josh wonders, and Brad finishes, "Like you're giving me the key." Josh kisses his boyfriend again at this, before admitting, "So I was never gonna clean tonight." "I figured," Brad nods. "Which means we could spend the rest of the night… together," he points out. "I like where this is going," Brad nods again. "Get on the couch, unzip your pants," Josh orders, only for Brad to stop him and say, "You know what? You took a big step today, and I should thank you properly. So why don't you go sit on the couch, or better yet…" The lawyer then gets down on his knees and unzips his boyfriend's flies for him. "I love you," Josh utters once again. "I know," Brad assures with a smile, right before he's unable to speak another word.

Liz is shown despondent in her kitchen, still reeling from the tongue-lashing she got off of Rochelle earlier, and she sighs with sadness as she sips on some spiked Colombian coffee and questions all the choices she's ever made in her life. And then the door opens and she feels the need to stand up straight, thinking it might be her husband returning home; however, it's just Rena, and so she sighs again. "What a lovely way to be greeted through the door," Rena comments, though he is surprised when Liz approaches him and gives him a hug. "O... kay," Rena responds, "weird day getting even weirder." "Sorry," Liz says, backing off of him, "I just... needed that, is all." "Are you okay?" Rena asks, taking note of her sad demeanor, and she tells him, "It doesn't matter. That's not what our relationship is about." "Liz, if you're upset, it's okay to talk abou--" "No," Liz assures, "I'm your Mistress, it would be inappropriate." This kind of talk sends Rena into a caution, and he begins looking around in case Eli might overhear them, but Liz assures, "Relax. Eli's actually out, if you can believe it. Apparently he owes a dinner to some TV writer he called in a favor from." Rena appears indignant at this, and then Liz decides to change the subject by asking, "So how was your callback?" "Ask your husband when he gets home," Rena responds, but Liz just looks confused. "I know why all the auditions I got from Kathryn's tweet have been tanking lately," he adds, at which Liz begs him not to use that filthy skank's name in her house for at least the next couple days. "Why have they been tanking?" she then attempts to take an interest, and Rena tells her, "I think Eli's been calling in those favors all over town, having everyone reject me. And in some cases setting up disasters. It certainly explains how that gay porn found its way onto my video resume last month..." "Wait," Liz stops him, "why would Eli do that? Unless..." "Yeah," Rena nods. "Okay," Liz takes a deep breath, "This is... okay." "How exactly?" Rena asks, "I mean, we've suspected he might be on to something for a while now, but this, like, confirms it." "No," Liz assures, "it doesn't. He doesn't have any concrete proof, or else he'd have just left me. Right now he's still in suspicion mode, trying to catch us in lies." "So..." "So we don't let him," Liz states, "because we have the upper hand now." "We do?" Rena questions. "Oh, yes," Liz states, picking up her Irish coffee and sipping it deviously, "He doesn't know we know he knows anything, so now we can have some fun." "Right..." Rena tries to follow, "Speaking of fun, since your husband actually isn't home." "Oh right," Liz snaps out of it, "yeah, go get the riding crop out of the closet, I'll be in there to beat you in a second." "Yes, Mistress," Rena exclaims with glee as he goes to do just this.

Down the street, meanwhile, in the Del Barrio mansion, Ben knocks on the open door to Valentina's new bedroom. She is currently unpacking some of her suitcases, and she looks back greeting her new coworker with a smile. "Ben, hi," she says, and he asks her how she's settling in. "I think I'm almost done unpacking," she says, looking around at some empty boxes left over around the room, "Though I must say, it's quite a large place Mrs. Del Barrio has here. I mean, my own bathroom and fireplace?" Ben smiles, replying that the last tenant of that room said the same thing (see "Custodian Horror Story"). "Anyways, I guess I'll let you get ready for bed now?" Ben concludes, at which Val replies that she'll see him in the morning. "Good night," he tells closing the door behind him, and she smiles, telling him the same. However, once the door closes, Val's smile drops, and a hostile glare covers her face.
Ben is unaware of this, of course, for he is currently making his way down the hall to his own room; though, when turning a corner, he bumps into Ali. "Oh, sorry," he says to her, but she apologizes, stating that it was her fault for not looking. She quickly changes the subject though, asking how Val is settling in. "I think she may be a bit overwhelmed by the size of the mansion," he says, "but she'll adjust soon enough." "Well that's good," Ali replies, sporting her own smile, "And make sure she knows that if she needs anything then she can just come to me." "Yeah, I did." "Good, good..." There's a moment of silence between the two as Ben wonders how to go about a question he has for his employer, but finally he manages to get it out: "So how was it, yunno, seeing Jorgio?..." Ali takes a deep breath and exhales, but manages to inform Ben that it turned out rather well. "I made it quite clear to him where I stood and that he was no longer going to be a part of my life. I even requested that our number be taken off the contact list." "Well that's great!" Ben says, rather ecstatic, "At least now you can finally put that wretched part of your life behind you. Fresh start." "Yeah..." Ali says, trying to sound enthusiastic, but sort of failing. "Aw," Ben says, making his interpretation of this, "I know it might be a little overwhelming right now, but you've got this. And I'll be here for you every step of the way." "Yeah, thanks Ben..." Ali says, "Well, I think I'm gonna go to bed now if that's alright with you." Ben nods, wishing that Ali get a good night's sleep, and she does the same in turn. She proceeds to make her way down the hall and back into her bedroom. She closes the door behind her and then heads into the bathroom, which she also closes the door to. Alone, she takes the deep breath, and approaches the sink where on the counter rests a pregnancy test reading positive. She picks up the stick showing its "+" sign and she stares at it for a moment, tears building up in her eyes. She leans against the bathroom door where she starts to slide down the wall until she is on the floor. She buries her face in her knees to muffle the sounds of her profuse crying, realizing that she is now and forever will be a prisoner of the man she worked so hard to finally get away from.

Outside the Wikerly Federal Prison, a pair of guards are seen laughing as they begin making their way home at the end of a long shift. "You did not," says the female guard to the male one, only for the latter to say, "I totally did! I snapped pics and then I showed them to Randy, just to see what it'd cause." As they attempt to contain their raucous laughter, the female guard's phone starts to ring, and she takes it out to realize, "Ugh, it's the bank. I gotta take this. But you go on without me, I'll catch up." "Sure thing," the male guard nods, heading off, while the female guard hangs back to find a spot with better reception in which to take her call. As she nears the prison, however, she comes to notice a small hole cut into the bottom of the fence, and she finds herself uttering, "What the hell?" right before she's knocked out by her own pick-pocketed nightstick. Her phone continues to ring and the nightstick bashes against that as well, smashing its screen beyond repair. The female guard continues to lie there, completely unconscious, while the mysterious figure who knocked her out begins to turn her over and remove her clothing.
Up in his cell, Joe is seen sitting bored on his bed, using his chalk to mark off yet another day spent in this hellhole.
Outside, we see that the mysterious figure is none other than… Silvia, who is now sporting the guard's uniform herself and uses the small hole in the fence - which she created - to break in to the prison.
Continuing to sit there and figuring that Jorgio's goons could come and kill him any minute, Joe decides to kill something himself: time. And so he begins to do some sit-ups, figuring that he may as well be in fighting form for whatever's to come.
Silvia's cunning disguise works, and she's able to slip into the building without being noticed. She weaves in and out of the many prisoners, commanding authority with her uniform and weaponry, and she soon begins heading to a particular cell.
Joe continues doing sit-ups when he stops for a moment, receiving a chill as though something bad is about to happen. He even thinks he hears footsteps out in the hall, heading his direction.
The expression on Silvia's face conveys one thing, and that's determination. And, suddenly, a voice is heard roaming through her head. It belongs to her, as she remembers the words that she herself spoke about twenty-five years prior. "I don't care how long it takes, or how far I have to go, I'm going to find that baby… and kill him."
The sound draws nearer. Joe can definitely hear footsteps now, and so he stands up and peers out the bars of his cell. He wonders if what he sees is a guard heading his way, as he squints to make out the uniform.
One more step, and Silvia has reached her destination. And there he is. Standing in his cell, now staring at her. "It can't be…" utters Jorgio Del Barrio, taken aback by the sight of the phony guard in front of him, only for Silvia to utter in turn, "And yet, it is." She proceeds to take a key from her belt and unlock his cell door, stepping inside and closing it behind herself. "It's a tad cosy in here, isn't it? Nice for a weekend, maybe, but I wouldn't wanna stay forever. Of course, you have no choice." "I'm gonna get out of here," Jorgio promises, talking more to himself than anyone, and Silvia condescendingly says, "Sure you are, sweetie. You could even use my hole in the fence. Of course, you won't get the chance." "What are you doing here, Silvia?" Jorgio wonders, "Or rather… how are you here? Am I dreaming?" "You're not dreaming," Silvia assures with a smile, telling him, "No… what's about to happen to you: it's more like a nightmare." "What are you gonna do?" Jorgio wonders, "Beat me with your little stick?" "That does sound like fun," Silvia nods, "but I actually brought something from home." With that, she reaches into her back pocket and takes out a switchblade, ebbing up the pointy end. For the first time, Jorgio looks genuinely scared, and then the woman before him inquires, "Are you in the mood to do a little writing?" "You whore," the rich man spits in anger, and Silvia smiles maliciously, saying, "I'll take that as a 'yes'." She then advances, to his horror.
Joe remains in his cell, still waiting for the guard to approach him, and we now see - judging from the sunlight shining through the window - that this little scene is in fact taking place the following morning. The guard then finally arrives at the cell and unlocks it. "Good news," says the male guard from last night, "you're free to go, DeWar." "I am?" Joe questions, confused, and the guard explains, "Last night was apparently very eventful, and it turned out in your favor. Although I do wish they'd catch whoever attacked Denise… unless she was drinking on the job again, which, I wouldn't put it past her. Prolly got high on E and cut that hole in the fence too, ha. Crazy bitch, I luh her." "Wait, what?" Joe questions further, trying to make sense of all this. "What's happened?" he needs to know.
We then return to Jorgio's cell, which is crawling with detectives taking pictures. Silvia fled long ago, but the man she attacked remains, hanging from his bedsheet. To the untrained eye, it appears that he also slit his wrists for good measure, and used his blood to construct a little suicide note which rests nearby. "I had Matthew kill Jose", "Matthew wanted to talk, so I killed him too" and "I can't go on anymore" are just a few choice phrases. But the important thing: Jorgio is dead, his own murder framed on himself, and, after three long months, Wikerly Hills has a brand new scandal to dwell on.

Unanswered Questions

  • Why was Joe abandoned as a baby?
  • What exactly did Matthew learn about Joanna ("Emilie") that Jose wanted to use as blackmail?
  • Who did Justine inform of her blackmail scheme as insurance?
  • What didn't the Littles want Josh to find out, relating to the blood-spattered white cloth?
  • Why was Silvia chasing Lily and why was she dead-set on killing the baby?
  • What is Silvia's history with Jorgio and why did she kill and frame him?


  • The season's original mystery was going to revolve more around who killed Jorgio Del Barrio, but the writers found that not as much could be done with that story as the murder mystery of the previous season. Instead, Jorgio's death was seen as a way to kick off the season, leaving readers with the question of who Silvia is and what does she want from all of this.
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