Joseph DeWar
Joseph DeWar
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Joseph DeWar
Date of birth
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Police Officer
Family members
Silvia Montgomery - Mother
Jorgio Del Barrio - Father
Jason Montgomery - Stepfather
Alison Del Barrio - Stepmother
Meghan Jepsen - Foster Mother
Joanna DeWar - Wife
James Edmond - Half-Brother
Unborn Half-Brother
Tyson Jepsen - Foster Brother
Unnamed Maternal Grandmother
Unnamed Maternal Grandfather
Brianna Klaveno - Mother-in-Law
Robert Klaveno - Father-in-Law
Joanna Klaveno - Sister-in-Law
Matthew Winters - Brother-in-Law
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Joseph "Joe" DeWar is one of the main characters and titular protagonists of Devious Butlers. Once a determined police officer, Joe's hopes of bringing justice to the world were crushed by the corrupt police force of the scandalous town he vowed to protect. Turning to alcohol as a means of coping, his life began to fall apart around him, but the opportunity soon arose to reclaim his former glory. Going undercover to prove his foster brother's innocence for a crime he did not commit, Joe befriends a tight-knit group of butlers and gets sucked into the seemingly never-ending mysteries and mayhem of Wikerly Hills. One things leads to another, and Joe continues to be driven by his need to help the people around him and unveil the secrets of the rich and uptrotten, ultimately leading to the development of unbreakable bonds with friends and long lost relatives, but perhaps most importantly, ending up with his one true love, Joanna Winters.


Early Life

As a newborn, Joe was left abandoned in a basket at the end of some Wikerly Hills neighborhood. Meghan Jepsen found and took him in, raising him as his own. Growing up, he goes on to join the W.H.P.D., but was eventually fired for unknown reasons. ("Pilot")

Season 1

Following the murder of Jose Sanchez, Joe's foster brother, Tyson, is framed and arrested. Knowing him to be innocent, and also looking for a way to win back his job on the W.H.P.D., Joe comes up with a plan to prove Tyson's innocence. He attends Jose's funeral and listens in on a group of butlers who Jose was once acquainted with, and from there he schemes to become a butler himself and befriend them. He goes to his foster mother, Meghan, about this, who is entirely against it, but Joe manages to wear her down. After visiting Tyson in prison, he arrives at the Del Barrio mansion and is hired as their new butler, replacing Jose. ("Pilot")

Season 2

See: Season 2

Season 3

See: Season 3


  • Originally, there was meant to be a stronger character dynamic between Joe and Alison Del Barrio, as is evident by the ending of the series premiere, but this concept was mostly abandoned as the characters' interactions became limited, with more focus being put on Joe's relationship with Joanna, and Ali's relationship with Ben.


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