Gritty Little Liars
Devious Butlers 1x06
July 24, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"Gritty Little Liars" is the 6th episode of Devious Butlers.


Following a brutal experience with his employer, Josh tries his best to make sure justice is served, but it seems the law has other plans. However, he isn't the only one out to get Mr. Winters, for Joe is now wondering if perhaps the rich man has some sort of history with Jose Sanchez, whose old blackmail plot has ripple effects as his damning videotapes remain hidden in the Davis house - close in proximity to where Liz is currently treating Rena like he's a bad cocker spaniel. Meanwhile, Ben takes an online course that could lead him down a dark road to his past, and Joanna finds herself once again under investigation... though this time not by Joe.



The camera moves up Liz's body which, currently, is adorned by leather; her corset, boots and fishnets all clinging to her figure as the matching whip in her hand sends out several lashes to a certain Portuguese butler currently knelt at her feet on the floor of her bedroom. The camera then moves around her lush mane of red hair and, with that, we are taken into the actress' sordid past…
Her hair isn't so lush as, right as she's come of age, she's spotted on the streets of New York by Yas Belich, who exclaims, "Yaaas bitch!" upon seeing her. "Excuse me?" Liz asks, to which Yas replies that she's "got the look", then asking her how she'd like to be famous. Ecstatic at the opportunity, Liz exclaims, "Oh, my God!"
The shot moves around her head again and, this time, her hair is tied up at the back of her head as a mask covers her face, revealing only her red lips as she abuses the man in front of her with a riding crop. The whole thing is being filmed, and Yas gives her client a thumbs-up from behind the camera. "Oh, my God!" Liz exclaims again, this time with an unexpected orgasmic pleasure fuelling her voice.
Finally, her well-conditioned hair is a mess scattered across a pillow as, on the floor, her wedding dress lies beside her marital bed. This is the night of her marriage to Eli, who is currently making love to her beneath the sheets. Despite him being into it, Liz can only bring herself to murmur, "Oh, my God…" in a bored monotone, then having to perform her first of many fake climaxes.
In the present, though, she isn't faking. She's returned to that level of orgasmic pleasure as she whips Rena's back, though she's a little too aggressive and the butler ends up crying out in pain. "Dammit," Liz sighs when she hears this cry, "where's your ballgag?" "I spat it out," Rena reveals, "the strap came loose; it was irritating me." He then stands up, to Liz's annoyance, and we see that he's stripped down to nothing but his boxers as he complains, "Besides, you were hurting me." "That's the point," Liz reminds him. "But you said it would be pleasurable; you said it would be like art, but unless you're planning to stick a paintbrush up my ass, I'm not really seeing the artsy side of it." "I could shove other things up your ass if that's what you're into. I have a wide array of strap-ons," she offers, but Rena simply shoots her a look that she takes as a "no". "Fine then," she concedes, "what about spanking?" She proceeds to lift a wooden paddle from her repertoire, reminding her butler that he said he enjoyed spanking (see "Buffing the Damp Mire Layer"), and he tells her that he does - "but will it hurt as much as the whipping? 'Cause I can't have this body taking too much damage. It's gonna shine across the world one day when I accumulate the fame and fortune to which I hope to grow accustomed." "Tell you what," Liz suggests, "if you feel I'm going 'too far' - as though there is such a thing - when I'm… abusing you, you could say a safeword and then I back off, immediately." "A safeword?" Rena questions. "Mhm," Liz nods, telling him that it's a very common thing in BDSM, and Rena says that he knows, "I'm just wondering how I'd go about picking one." "Just go with whatever comes to mind first," Liz suggests, "like your favorite character from the Bible or your favorite Bond villain. That's how I chose my first, which is ironic, 'cause I'm pretty sure 'Jesus Christ Doctor No' were also the last words of Michael Jackson." "Why is that ironic?" Rena wonders, at which Liz explains, "I met him at a party once before he died; he said he wouldn't have sex with me over his dead body. I guess I just wasn't his type, after all, I was of legal age. And then I met and married Eli. Now there's a real black man. He might be boring in the sack but he sure is hot. He's who I'm gonna imagine I'm beating when I swat this paddle against your rump," she smiles. Rena gives a nervous smile in return and then he says he's still struggling to pick a safeword; "It's not like picking a Facebook password where you can just give up and use your birthday." "I do that too," Liz chuckles, "like, who can be bothered to remember all different crap for all different sites? My Wikia account though, now that thing is deadlocked." "Right," is all Rena says, trying his best to pick the most fitting thing possible and then finally remembering why he's doing all this in the first place. "Starshine," he utters. "Hm?" Liz questions, and Rena tells her, "That's my safeword. Starshine." "Um, okay," Liz shrugs, "I mean, it's pretty damn faggy, but hey, so are you." Rena takes only mild offense to this, before being ordered to get on his hands and knees on the nearby bed, being addressed harshly as "worm". "Yes, Mistress Elizabeth," he replies begrudgingly, carrying out her command, and then she takes the paddle and she spanks him with it. "How was that? Too hard?" she questions. "Nah, it's fine," Rena assures, "go harder." And she does. Again and again. Rena may cry out but he seems to be getting pretty into it now. That is, until… "Starshine!" he suddenly yells. "What? What is it?" Liz asks, panicked, and Rena finds himself asking in turn, "Was that the door?"
Indeed, right now, Justine enters the house, returning from the grocery store with bags in one hand and her keys in the other. After she pockets the latter, she kicks the door shut and parks the grocery bags on the kitchen counter, exclaiming, "I'm back! If anybody cares."
"She isn't supposed to be back!" Liz yells but in a hushed tone, "I told her to go buy some more coffee but I bought out the whole brand so she'd never find it!"
"Mrs. Liz? Pig?" Justine cries out, "Mrs. Liz? They didn't have any Colombian so I picked up some French Roast extra some - on sale!"
"Crap!" Liz screeches in the bedroom, "That's one plan that backfired hard." "Never mind that," Rena tells her, "what are we gonna do?" "You are gonna hide," Liz tells him, then quickly beginning to gather up all the S&M equipment and shoving the half-naked Portuguese man into her closet, along with all the instruments of sexual torture. "Can't you just pretend to not be home?" he wonders. "That'd be suspicious; I never have anything to do," she points out, before shutting the door. "Neither do I," Rena complains, though now she can't really hear him. She then grabs a night robe and drapes it around her leather-clad body, diving under the sheets while Rena watches from between the slats of her walk-in wardrobe door.
"Mrs. Liz?!" Justine cries out again, confused, and finally she receives the reply, "I'm in here, Justine!" "Is everything alright?" Justine wonders as she approaches the bedroom, and Liz calls out that everything's fine, about to say that there's no need to come in and check on her but, before she can quite spit out this part of the sentence, Justine opens the door and pokes her blonde head on through, seeing her employer tucked up in bed. "Are you sick?" the French maid wonders, and Liz replies, "I am a little under the weather, yeah." "Aw, poor Mrs. Liz," says Justine, "would you like me to make you soup some? French onion? Bean of the navy?" "I'm good," Liz notices, then seeing that her leather boot is poking out of the covers and quickly draping said covers over it when the maid turns her back for a moment. "Well would you like me to clean up in here?" Justine wonders, taking note of the mess, "Make it nice? It would only take a few… hours." Hearing this, Rena winces, though Liz tells Justine that she'd rather just have some peace and quiet. "Oh," Justine nods, "oki. Well then at least let me put these shoes in the closet." She has spotted Rena's shoes on the floor; she picks them up and says, "I take it these are Mr. Eli's? I put them away for when him home." "No, Justine, don't!" Liz cries as the maid nears the walk-in, but it's too late; Justine opens the closet… and she puts the shoes away, unalarmed. She then closes the closet door and tells Mrs. Liz to have a nice sleep, before heading to the door. "Now I go find Pig and see where he lazing off at." When, at last, the maid is gone from the bedroom, Liz leaps out of bed and dashes for the closet, confused as to why Justine didn't discover Rena or the S&M equipment inside. First, she finds the equipment tucked up in the corner, out of sight, but there's no sign of Rena. She whispers his name, and then hears the words, "Up here," looking up to see that the undressed butler is clinging to the ceiling via his spread-out arms and legs, having climbed up the shelves. "Oh, my God," Liz says, this time in shock, to which Rena sighs and says, "Stardom better be worth it," before letting go and landing in a pained, exhausted heap on the wardrobe floor.


Act I

"And- and then he- he started ripping off my clothes," Josh is recalling to Officer Hall at the WHPD precinct, a blubbering mess while doing so. Officer Hall sits back as Josh continues going into detail about his unwanted sexual encounter.
Flash to close up of Josh as he's struggling to get up while Matthew viciously thrusts into him, pounding hard.
Flash to Matthew finally releasing both his load and Josh, and Josh quickly getting to his feet and grabbing his clothes as Matthew simply lies down on his back, on the floor.
And then flash to Josh on the outside of the Winter mansion as he runs down the driveway but finally collapses onto the ground, bawling his eyes out at what just happened.
Returning to the present, Josh is coming to the conclusion of his tragic story, and Officer Hall is simply nodding. "So are you gonna send someone down to arrest him?" the butler wonders, but Officer Hall is silent for a moment, before finally giving his verdict. "Look, Jerry." "It's Josh." "Right. Josh, is there any physical proof you have that can confirm your statement? Like a witness? Or maybe a security camera?" Josh thinks for a moment and then shakes his head; he explains that he and Matthew were alone and that the Winters' don't have security cameras anywhere. It's then that Josh realizes what Officer Hall is getting at; the police can't do anything about the situation. "Please," Josh exclaims, "I swear he did this. I have the bruises to prove it, I--" but Officer Hall cuts Josh off, telling him that it's his word against Matthew's. Upon a quick check into Matthew's file it appears he has no criminal record and that his affiliation with the church is pretty well backed up. "Meanwhile, Josh," Officer Hall states, "you're in this country on a work visa and have two DUIs on your record. As far as I'm concerned, your word against his… not gonna fly so great." Josh is appalled, and asks if Officer Hall really believes this to be true, that he would lie about being raped. The cop shrugs his shoulders though, stating that with lack of evidence and what Josh and Matthew's respective records have to say about the two of them, it may very well be possible. "You're despicable," Josh exclaims, standing up to walk away. However, as he goes to exit, he turns back, asking, "Is this because I'm gay, or because I'm a man?" Officer Hall chuckles, "C'mon, let's be honest here, men don't really get raped. As for gay men, well, everyone knows they're more... promiscuous." Josh is absolutely disgusted, but instead of replying, he instead makes a detour to the station's bathroom. He goes to the sink where he turns on the water to wash his face off some. He finds himself looking into the mirror where his face his still puffy from all the crying done earlier. However, his attention is soon diverted when he looks down at the ground and sees blood dripping from out of his pant seams. He turns his back to the mirror to see behind him and a red stain can be seen forming in the back of his pants from where Matthew had violated him earlier on. Once more, Josh starts to bawl.

Meanwhile, back at the Winters mansion, Matthew is sitting on the very couch he violated his butler on, still drinking away. He himself recalls the night before and what he did to Josh, but instead of allowing himself feel any guilt, he drinks, believing the butler deserved what he got. However, Matthew's alone time is soon interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Mr. Winters ignores this at first, but soon remembers Josh isn't around to answer, and Joanna is... somewhere. He sighs, putting down his glass of scotch, and goes to the door. "What do you want?" he asks, shielding the beaming sunlight, not even bothering to look at who is there. "Is Josh around?" asks a man, and it appears to be none other than Joseph DeWar. Another sigh is let out by Matthew, as he tells the butler that Josh isn't there and to check back never. He goes to close the door, but Joe puts his foot in the way in order to stop it. "Actually that's alright," he says, "I can just wait in the kitchen or something; that's where we normally meet." Joe tries to get through the door, but Matthew puts up his hand and prevents the butler from coming any further. "I really think you need to leave," he exclaims, "Get out!" Joe jumps at this, startled by Mr. Winters' sudden change in tone, but tries to keep composure. "Look, I really just--" but Matthew doesn't let him finish, "No," he says, "you need to go. Based on our brief encounter before you've made it clear you're no-good scum, and then I heard you were talking to my wife..." Joe goes to speak, but Matthew shoves him back. "GET OUT!" he says, and Joe, now seeing that Mr. Winters means business, nods his head, without saying a word. He decides to listen and walk away, and Matthew soon slams the door behind him. Once the coast is clear though, the butler looks back; he can tell there is definitely something going on with Matthew Winters.

A coffee cup is raised to Liz's lips but, upon tasting the French Roast disgustingness, the rich bitch quickly wretches, spits it back into the cup and pours the contents out into the sink, asking herself how long she's going to have to be living with that. "So," Rena says upon entering the kitchen, trying to look nonchalant by wiping down the island, "close call this morning, huh?" "I'll say," Liz replies, "we can't let that happen again." "Let what again happen?" Justine wonders as she too enters. "Why did you bother changing the syntax of the last two words?" Rena questions in regards to the sentence she just espoused, "You could have just based your speech pattern off of Liz's." "That's Mrs. Liz's to you!" Justine exclaims, ignoring the logic of her own way of talking, then clarifying that her employer seems to be feeling better before turning back to Rena and adding, "After all, you to be seen nowhere this morning. I search all over; have to do all cleaning alone; travesty, it was." "Soz, Yoda," Rena tells her, "I was in my bedroom, taking a break. After all, tough night ahead, basting the turkey for dinner and whatnot." "Yeah," Liz nods, "Rena does it in such a way that it tastes just as good when I throw it back up as it does when I eat it." "Well," Justine responds, "while I'm sure Rena is master-baster," she gives her squinted smile, "he still downplayed on chores, so you should probably dock his pay some." "Consider it done," Liz tells the maid. "Say what?!" Rena exclaims. "Come to think of it," Liz adds, ignoring the butler's annoyance, "why don't you take the rest of the day off? Or the week even - after all, I'm sure you'd rather be spending time with your boyfriend, right?" "Oui," Justine nods, "but I cannot for now. For one, I smelt something questionable in your closet this morning and later must return to shopping market for a Febreeze" - Rena looks highly indignant at this - "et for secondly, my boyfriend is busy today. Too busy to spend his time on me it seems." "Why's that?" Rena wonders, confused, "What's Ben up to?"

Ben, meanwhile, is carrying his cheap, old laptop through the Del Barrio mansion, trying to get online and failing. Finally, he runs into Ali and is able to ask her, "Hey, do you know what the wifi password is? I've been trying to connect for ages." "Yeah," Ali tells him, "it's 'jesuschristdoctorno', no caps, no spaces." "Thanks," Ben tells her, musing the idea that Jorgio must be a Jackson fan, and then he rests the laptop on a nearby tchotchke table and types the password in; finally, he is on the internet, and he exclaims, "Hallelujah!" as now he's able to access his desired site. "What are you trying to do, anyway?" Ali wonders, bored wandering this big empty house alone, and Ben explains that he's going to be taking an online course in how to become an entrepreneur and hopefully also secure some extra qualifications, so that he can surprise Justine with the prospect of a better future. "That's so sweet," Ali tears up, and Ben wonders what's wrong. "If you become rich, then who'll be my butler? I need someone I can talk to." "You can talk to Joe," Ben points out, at which Ali says, "Oh, please, he's like never here. Ever since Jose died, you've become my new rock." "Well, I'm flattered," Ben tells her, "but you needn't worry. I'm not going anywhere right this second." "Good," Ali smiles, wiping her eyes, and Ben smiles in return before picking up his laptop and heading back to his room. When Ali turns around, she is startled by the sudden appearance of Jorgio, and she tells her husband that he has got to stop doing that. "I see you're getting awfully chummy with the help again; I hope I don't have to smash any more security tapes to cover up the sound of this one flapping his gums as well," he says (see "Pilot"), not liking it, but Ali assures him, "It isn't like the last time." "You mean you won't get too close and end up loosening your tongue to that retarded piece of haggis? Glad to hear it. Because, Ali, if you did do that, if you did betray me again… I'd have to return you to your old home, and we all know how much you enjoyed it down there." Ali is trembling now, her tears returning, but Jorgio says, "You needn't worry so long as your pretty lips remain sealed." He strokes her lips with his thumb as he says this, to her fear, then leaning in erotically and whispering in her ear, "You're my favorite, Alison. That's why I chose you to come upstairs in the first place." "I know," Ali mutters, "I, um, I'll go pick out something to feed them tonight." "Don't bother," Jorgio commands, "they can go a day without eating, they could do with some thinning down; buyers are starting to lose interest. Besides, you'll be too busy." "I will? Doing what?" "Making love to me," he returns to a whisper, "and trying your very best to make me happy." Ali returns to a tearful nod as her husband walks away with a wicked grin etched on his face.

Back at the Winters' mansion, Matthew is still drinking his day away when he soon hears the front door open. Rolling his eyes, he gets up to go make sure that it isn't Joe again, but he sighs upon seeing that it's Joanna. In the foyer, she kicks off the pair of heels she had worn the night before; she currently wears a pair of sunglasses though, hinting that she's massively hung over. "Where have you been?" Matthew wonders, to which Joanna looks up at him and scoffs, proceeding to ignore his question. As she heads for the kitchen to pour herself an afternoon drink, Matthew follows. "Excuse you," he exclaims, "are you going to answer me?" As Joanna retrieves a bottle and glass, she points out that it is really none of his business where she was. "After the way you treated me, you're lucky I'm even here at all. I could've gone to the police and screamed rape." All Matthew does in turn is think about the irony of his wife's remark. Joanna proceeds to exit the kitchen with her drink in tow, but Matthew goes after her, still. "Wait," he exclaims, "really, where were you last night?" Mrs. Winters lets out a sigh herself, proceeding to answer, "In all honesty, I stayed with Liz," she lies through her teeth, and from there she wishes to be excused. "The sun is out, so I'm gonna go tan and face this hangover like a man... something we both know you're not." Matthew is absolutely disgusted by his wife's comments. "What has happened to you?" he wonders, "You are just not the woman I married..." There's a moment of disdained silence between the two before Joanna finally exclaims, "Things change, Matt." And from there she heads for the pool. Alone now, Matthew mutters to himself that while things may change, they most certainly do not change to the extent of his marriage. He then looks to make sure Joanna is long gone before heading into another room of the mansion where he finds his laptop. Opening it up, he proceeds to pull up the same search engine he had the day before and inserts into the search box: "Joanna Klaveno".

Act II

Joe is seen approaching the Winters' mansion, but he's cautious in making sure no one is watching him. Upon making sure the coast is clear, he slips around the side of the home instead of going to the front door, and he creeps about the windows, trying to see inside at Matthew. Eventually he makes his way to the back of the house, where he starts to tiptoe in order to not make any noise. To his surprise, however, he looks out at the pool where none other than Joanna Winters is rest across one of the chairs, with a glass of wine. She turns to him, and still wearing her sunglasses, she lowers them some in order to make direct eye contact with the snooping butler. Joe doesn't know how to react, having not expected himself to be caught, but instead of saying anything, Joanna smirks, raising her glass as a way of encouragement, and from there she goes back to minding her own. Joe lets out a sigh of relief and soon goes back to looking around, finally coming across a window with a clear view of Matthew. He is shown to be sat at his laptop as the printer is on behind him; he is printing off what appears to be a webpage he currently has up on his laptop. Once the page is done printing though, Matthew grabs it and goes for his car keys, proceeding to leave the mansion. Joe, in a hurry, decides to do the same, and so he runs around the side of the house and slips out and back down the street where he manages to get to his own car at the Del Barrios' just in time as he sees Matthew driving down Fanon Drive. Quickly, Joe turns on his own engine, and proceeds to follow Matthew in hopes of digging some dirt.

Ben is typing away at his laptop in his bedroom, proud of himself for having just created himself an account on the tutorial site, though he's soon distracted by a sudden pop-up that he has to turn his head sideways for to understand what it is. "Oh dear!" he exclaims before exiting, then thinking to himself, "I wonder if Justine would be willing to do th… never mind. Focus, Ben, focus." He begins to scroll through the options on the website, finding various video lectures, and he goes to click one when suddenly he notices the hyperlink to a chat room. "Hmmm," he says to himself, "maybe I can talk to the other students, see how they're finding it before I commit." He goes to click on the chat room icon but, before he does so, an inbox shows up on his screen; an instant message from someone else on the website: DocMD. "Hi Villain_fan!" is what she has to say, and Ben, seeing no harm in it, says, "Hi," back. "What do you hope to gain from this site?" is this person's next message, and Ben says to himself, "Awfully forward. But they did put an emoji with it…" And so he replies, "I'm hoping to impress my girlfriend." He then decides to put ":P" with it, like a dork, and then he sees a "…" appear beneath his last message along with the words, "DocMD is typing". However, this suddenly ceases, and Ben is a little taken aback by this.
On the other side of the computer monitor, a woman is seen in a motel room chatting to Ben online, having typed out a bunch of profanity in response to his revelation that he has a girlfriend but, now, she's decided against sending it and is backspacing it all. She then turns off caps-lock and the shot moves up her computer monitor, allowing us to see the next tab over where she's run a Google search for "Benjamin Gold", and another for "Villain_fan". She flicks on a device plugged into her USB port and, as it whirs away, the shot moves further up and over to reveal the face of Jennifer Gold - and she is not happy. "How sweet :)" she finally forces herself to type back, while to herself muttering, "You arrogant prick."
Ben, on the other end, finds this nice and so decides to keep talking, having no idea what he's getting himself in for.

Joanna has now finished her afternoon tanning and is ready to go about spending the rest of the day still doing nothing. However, she notices that the newspaper is not on the kitchen counter, and so she assumes that no one brought it in and that it must still be on the front porch. With some wine in tow, she goes to retrieve the paper, but, when opening the front door to grab it, she notices her butler sitting on the front steps. "Josh?" she calls out, alerting his attention, though he tries to hide his face. Confused, Jo goes to see what's going on, and she goes down a couple steps to face him and sees that he's in tears. "Oh sweetie," she exclaims, wondering, "what's wrong?" she quickly takes a seat next to her crying butler in order to console him, and, choked up and unable to say anything, Josh shakes his head not wanting to talk about it. Joanna looks down at the glass of wine she holds and then at Josh; she ultimately makes the painful decision to hand her glass over to him. "Drink," she tells him, "it'll make the pain go away." Josh does as told, and sure enough it does help, to some extent. He's finally able to quit crying, and once more Joanna asks him what's wrong; she assures her butler that they're friends and he can tell her anything that's troubling him. "You- your husband," Josh finally manages to spit out, trying his best not to cry again, "he... raped me." Joanna gasps, shocked to find this out, and secretly uncomfortable that it very well could've happened to her the night before. Josh explains what happened, how he was trying to help Matthew be able to come out and accept himself, but being a drunken mess he had decided he had enough, and then the rest is history. Mrs. Winters is absolutely disgusted and, seeing that Josh has finished her glass, she stands up and helps him up too, proceeding to march him inside the mansion and back to the kitchen. She cracks open another bottle for the two of them, but this time doesn't even bother with glasses; they both just drink from the bottle. "Well we're not gonna let him get away with this," Joanna promises, chugging some of the bottle, then handing it to Josh so that he can do the same. "Have you gone to the police about this?" she wonders, and Josh nods, exclaiming that they were of no use. "Of course they weren't," Mrs. Winters understands, then thinking about what they could do next. "I'll help get you a good lawyer, and obviously I very well intend to leave him now." Josh continues to chug the bottle though, trying to get himself drunk fast enough to prevent any further water works. Joanna soon takes the bottle from him though and has a sip for herself, then places it down on the counter. She looks up at him and puts her hands on his shoulders, exclaiming, "I promise you, Josh, justice will be served." All Josh can do is nod before ultimately breaking down again. Joanna quickly embraces her friend in a hug, telling him that everything will be alright. Josh tries his best to believe this.

Meanwhile, however, Matthew himself has driven down into town where he is seen waiting in some work building. Unbeknownst to him though, Joe has arrived in his own car and his parked a little ways away, but just close enough to still have a view through the window where Mr. Winters is located. As Joe stakes out, something he became quite accustomed to during his time on the police force, Matthew seems to be finally met by someone. Intrigued, Joe reaches into his passenger's seat where it's revealed he has some type of spy device that amplifies sound; he most likely never returned it after losing his job. Once getting it hooked up though, Joe puts on a pair of headphones and raises the device up in order to pick up on the sound just right, and, to his satisfaction, he does. Back inside the building we see Matthew speaking with a secretary, apparently trying to bribe her for something. "Look, I've had a really tough week," he exclaims, "and if you could just help me out here that'd be great." The secretary is hesitant though. "Sir, I'm not sure my positions permits th-" but Matthew shoves the money into her hand. "Please, I'm begging you," he says. "Just... can you get me this one birth certificate and I'll go away." The secretary takes a moment to look around and make sure there's no co-workers watching her way, and finally she gives in and pockets the money. "Fine," she exclaims, "what's the name?" Out in the car, Joe watches in confusion as this exchange goes down, and he waits in suspense as Matthew answers the woman: "Emilie Klaveno." Joe recognizes this to be the name Joanna had gone by the night they first met in the bar, but he is still left wondering how this name has any importance to Matthew.

"Well," Liz whispers into Rena's ear, "Justine is back at the store picking up some Febreeze for my closet and I 'accidentally' gave her a little extra spending money so she'll probably jump at the chance to buy herself a little something too; then it's her lunch break. A whole hour and a half that we could be doing… anything." "I don't know…" Rena replies, "after nearly getting caught…" "Don't quit on me!" Liz exclaims, "Because if you do, you can kiss your dreams of stardom goodbye! Not only would I not talk you up to the rich and famous, but I would talk you down, and make sure that you never work in Hollywood or Hollywik for as long as you damn well live!" Rena is somewhat subdued by his employer's sudden fit of rage, and she tells him, "I'll be in the bedroom, getting ready. I suggest you remain out here and check yourself until I invite you in." She then heads to the bedroom and closes the door behind her and Rena, finding himself suddenly full of rage that he's being blackmailed on top of his bribe, picks up a nearby Tony Award and throws it against the hall mirror. He is shocked by himself when it smashes, and he quickly takes it off the wall while trying hard not to step on any of the shards he's created. To his further surprise, behind the mirror there is a door to a wall safe and, after placing the award back on the shelf where it belongs, he approaches it with intrigue. "Everything alright out there?!" Liz calls from down the hall, applying her fishnets, and Rena calls in reply, "Yeah, everything's fine." Staring at the safe, he tries to open it out of curiosity, but then he realizes that it needs a combination to bypass the lock. But wait…
He remembers: "It's not like picking a Facebook password where you can just give up and use your birthday," he complained. "I do that too," Liz chuckled, "like, who can be bothered to remember all different crap for all different sites?"
He begins to wonder if perhaps her birthday is the safe combo too, and so he whips out his cell phone and searches his employer's name, then getting up her Wikipedia page and, ignoring her pitiably small list of credits, discovers her date of birth. Upon reading it, he then turns the safe dial to three specific points. To his joy, the safe clicks unlocked and he slowly opens the door to reveal… the stack of tapes. Videotapes all hidden away for… some reason. "What the hell?" Rena asks as he rifles through them, wondering what they could contain, but then he hears the bedroom door opening and so he quickly slams the safe door shut and locks it. "You can come in now," says Mistress Elizabeth, then spotting her broken mirror on the floor and asking, "What the damn hell happened?!" "Oh, um… loose nails; it just fell," Rena lies, and Liz exclaims, "For crap's sake! Damn Justine and her poor French handy skills! Aw well, I'll just make her clean it up once she's home, buy us some extra time. Now come on, I feel like penetrating something." Rena looks a little nervous as he approaches the bedroom, yet still curious about what the tapes he found could possibly be all about. Certainly something interesting, to say the least, to warrant being locked away...


Matthew is now seen arriving back at the Winters' mansion; his car comes to a complete stop and he lets out a deep breath as he looks down at the file in his lap, pondering his next move. Before getting a chance to act on anything though, he finds himself being ambushed by the arrival of Joe. Opening the passenger seat door, the butler on a mission does not hesitate hopping inside, determined to get a chat in with Mr. Winters. "Can we talk?" he bluntly asks, proceeding to click the button on his door that locks the car. "Oh what do you want now?!" Matthew asks with a groan, already having enough on his plate, and so Joe decides to make it quick. "Did you by chance murder Jose Sanchez and frame Tyson Jepsen for it?" "Excuse me?!" Matthew asks rhetorically, and so the butler repeats himself, though this only frustrates Mr. Winters further since he heard what Joe said the first time. "Are you talking about that butler who was murdered at the Del Barrios'?! I don't know anything about that; I just assumed the retard did it!!" Joe can tell how upset Mr. Winters already is though, and realizes that his ambushing clearly wasn't helping any. "Look, I'm sorry," he exclaims, flat out revealing himself, "I've just been trying for weeks now to find out who really killed Jose because it most certainly was not Tyson. I just heard that you were at the party when he died and thought maybe you had some sort of connection to him. Are we good?" But there's a moment of silence before Matthew replies, enraged, "Get the hell out of my goddamn car!!" Joe is more so taken aback by Matthew now, and so he does as told, prepared to leave him alone for good now. As the butler starts to walk away, Matthew now gets out of the car too, ready to go back into the house. To his surprise though, the drama is far from finished, as Josh comes storming out of the mansion himself, a hysterical mess, swinging a meat cleaver. "You VIOLATED me," the butler screams at his employer, trying to hit him with it, only for Mr. Winters to dodge it. "You need to put that down right now or I'm calling the police," Matthew threatens, startled and going for his phone, but Josh is refusing to give up yet. "You're going to pay for what you did to me and that's a promise," he screams, trying once again to harm his boss, resulting in Matthew running, screaming for help. Joe has now turned around from returning to the Del Barrios' and quickly rushes to see what's going on, while Joanna rushes out of the mansion, this time without a glass of wine. "Oh, my God!" she screams as Josh misses hitting Matthew, and this time shatters one of his car windows. As Matthew cowers in fear, Joe runs for his friend and manages to tame him some, holding him back. "Calm down, calm down," Joe tells him, gently, as Joanna runs to aide them. Joe motions that she slide the meat clever out of her butler's hand as he holds onto him. Josh's eyes are still dead-set on Matthew though, and he says to his now former employer, "Go and don't EVER come back here." Matthew goes to say something in response, but Joanna glares at him, shaking her head as a warning for him to not. Though he does have a bone to pick with his wife, Matthew decides that for now it best he does leave, and so he tells the three that he's going for a drink. "And Josh, you're fired," he says before getting back into his car and driving away. Once gone, Joe finally releases him and he collapses onto the ground. As Joe and Joanna witness Josh sob again, Joe looks to Joanna for an explanation, but she shakes her head, implying that they best not talk about it right now. Instead, she kneels down to Josh and hugs him, trying to sooth him. "Shhh," she whispers to him, "it's okay." She soon helps him back up to his feet and turns to Joe. "Why don't you take him out for a drink or two?" she suggests, though Joe is hesitant on now being the best time for Josh to consume alcohol. "Just... go out with some friends, okay?" Joe nods, agreeing to this, and now Joanna turns to her butler. "Stick with Joe," she says to him, "I'll handle this." Josh nods, and Joanna gives him one last hug to see him and Joe off.

Justine is down on her knees in the Davis' home, picking up the shards of mirror that Rena earlier knocked off the wall. "Where's Liz?" Rena asks when he walks past her, and she starts by giving him an indignant look before replying, "At theater with friends to laugh at bad actors; they call last minute." "Right," Rena nods, then saying, "So, this safe on the wall, huh? Do you know what's in there?" Justine shrugs as she uses her dustpan and brush to collect up the debris, suggesting that perhaps it is where they hide all their "moneys", and Rena nods as he confirms to himself that she mustn't know. "What you muttering?" the French maid then asks, and Rena asks in turn, "Do you still have that VCR in your bedroom?" "Oui," Justine tells him, and then he asks if he can use it. "Non," she then says, and he exclaims, "Come on! You're like the only person in 2016 to still have a VCR!" "I work hard to earn money to buy things I like," she claims, at which Rena rolls his eyes and says, "You mean you work hard to steal money from Liz's purse?" Justine goes quiet at this, and Rena mentions, "Gee, I sure wish I could afford a mini-fridge." "I don't have mini-fridge anymore," Justine reveals, standing up, "I sell it on." "Why didn't you sell the VCR?" Rena wonders, and Justine explains, "Nobody want VCR! It 2016 for Christ sake!" "Tell you what," Rena proposes, "you let me use the VCR…" he takes a deep breath, "… and I'll clean up the rest of this mess." "Done," Justine states, throwing the dustpan and brush at him, allowing all the glass to fall back on the floor, before going upstairs and stating, "I use Mrs. Liz's shower. Forget not to Febreeze the closet… and maybe yourself while at it you are." Rena just stands there and takes the insult, waiting for her to finally leave so that he may ditch the cleaning equipment and go straight to reopening the safe and taking out the several videotapes from inside."
One of these tapes is next seen being inserted into the VCR in Justine's room, which is full of surprisingly nice things. Rena sits on his rival's bed as he turns on her TV, and then the tape starts to play. The butler is then shocked by what he sees on the screen in front of him: Liz, all in her leathers, abusing his now dead friend Jose with a riding crop. The angle looks as though a camera was hidden in the corner of the bedroom ceiling. Jose is in leather too - shiny black speedos connected to straps across his chest - and every time the riding crop makes contact with his bare back, he repeatedly, and exhaustively, exclaims, "Neigh!" Liz, who is perched against his rear, takes great pleasure in this, while Rena just remains shocked. It seems he isn't the first employee Liz has had this little arrangement with… After taking out the tape, Rena puts the next one into the VCR, and sees Liz choking Jose while straddling him on her bed. She looks just like a murderer, and Rena's eyes widen as he clutches his own throat, fearing these more extreme forms of sexual torture might worm their way into his sessions with Mistress Elizabeth as well.

The next we see Rena, he is walking slowly into the bar where he and the other butlers often meet, seeing that Josh, Joe and Ben are already occupying their regular booth. It appears that Josh has already gone through many bottles of beer, with Joe occasionally patting him on the back as a sign of comfort, while Ben is going on and on about his new online course thing. "It's amazing," he's in the middle of saying as Rena sits down, having been summoned there, "I saw this lecture on a livestream, and it was awesome. All this life advice condensed into a wee little package." "Sounds boring," Rena tells him immediately, to Ben's displeasure, before diving right in with, "You're never gonna believe what I found in the Davis house!" "What?" Josh asks, needing the distraction, and Rena starts with, "You know how I told you Liz was into BDSM…" "And how grateful we are for that revelation about America's lesser-known sweetheart," Joe contributes, at which Rena adds, "Well, I found this safe in her wall, filled with tapes." "Tapes?" Joe says suddenly, "As in… tapes? Not French slaps?" "What?" Rena asks, confused, but Joe tells him, "Never mind, continue." "Anyway," Rena goes on, "I watched them, and they're of Liz doing BDSM on Jose!" "No way…" Josh utters, liking this little escape, while Ben surmises, "I guess that was one of his schemes." "That's what I thought too, but why would Liz keep the tapes?" Rena wonders. As a whole conversation is sparked amidst the three original butlers (during which time Ben leaves to go and meet with Justine), Joe listens silently, now having his next major clue.

Justine is standing directly beside the Del Barrio property line in the evening time, waiting for Ben, when finally he arrives and she exclaims, "Benjamin! I not seeing you all day!" "I know, I know," Ben apologizes, "I've been busy. But I'm here now." He gives her a kiss, which she enjoys, but they soon pull apart and she tells him, "Don't get too heavy and hot, monsieur; I already fill my orgasm quota for today with Mrs. Liz's shower." "Oh?" Ben murmurs, not having time to dwell on this because she then asks, "What is it were you were busying yourself with?" "Right," Ben smiles, "well, I know you said you didn't care anymore, but, I signed up for this online—" He is interrupted by the sound of a car blaring its horn, and then it pulls up right beside the butler and the maid. "What in hell?" Justine asks as it poorly pulls over against the curb, and Ben watches in disbelief as Jennifer Gold steps on out. "Honey, I'm home!" she screeches as she slams the car door, then physically pushing Justine out of the way as she rushes to embrace her husband in a tight hug that practically suffocates him like he's in a vice. "I've been watching out for your online activity for so long," she whispers into his ear, "you've been so quiet, but finally, you made some noise, and I tracked your IP address all the way to bloody Wikerly Hills!" "You've been in the States for a while?" Ben questions, stepping out of the hug, and she nods, saying that she was looking for him. "And now that I'm here, me wee dearie… I'm never leaving your side. I'm right where I belong." "Um, Benjamin?" Justine calls out as she recovers from the violent shove, "Who this is?" "Justine…" Ben replies, allowing Jennifer to know immediately that this is her husband's girlfriend, "this is… my wife." The maid doesn't know how to respond.

Return to the Winters' mansion where Joanna is sat at a table in the kitchen, having a glass of wine while browsing the internet. It turns out she's looking for a lawyer, and it seems she has found one in particular. Grabbing a pad of paper and a pencil, she writes down the listed phone number for Bradley Sonya, prepared to give it to Josh for his case against Matthew. From there she proceeds to close the computer and finish her drink, but she then hears the sound of the front door opening and quickly learns that her husband has come home. She sighs, not ready to deal with him right now, and so she fills her glass as she waits for him to find her. "Joanna," he soon greets, having made his way into the kitchen, and Mrs. Winters rolls her eyes. "Josh isn't gonna take well to you being here," she points out, but Matthew doesn't bother acknowledging that; instead, he drops a file onto the table in front of her. "What is this?" she wonders, sounding bored, and Matthew states that it's the truth. "Come again?" she asks, having another sip of her wine, and so Matthew explains, "I know everything... Emilie." This comment doesn't seem to do much for Joanna, though; no change is made to her facial expression in the slightest; she simply has another sip of her drink. "Well are you gonna say something?!" Matthew asks, frustrated, and so Joanna exclaims, "You've been gone about three hours; how many drinks have you had?" Though he realizes she's changing the subject, Mr. Winters begrudgingly answers that he had two, and then spent the rest of his time driving around town thinking. Joanna nods, but is still pretty unphased; she stands from her seat and heads to one of the many wine cabinets where she pulls out a different bottle. Popping off the cork she fills her glass and begins to down it, but this only frustrates Matthew further. "For God's sake, woman, stop drinking!!" he shouts, grabbing the bottle from Joanna and smashing it onto the ground, "Enough is enough!" Joanna still pays her husband no attention though, merely blinking at the sight of her smashed wine bottle. Disgusted, Matthew sits down in the seat Joanna had been in earlier and opens up the file, looking at the numerous documents he had obtained. "Obviously I'm going to the police about this and your ass is gonna wind up in prison," he exclaims, "I mean, I knew something had changed, something was different, but to think it was to this extreme just sounded mad." He then turns to her, "Now knowing everything I can flat out say: you're a monster." And that triggers the first ever change to Joanna's facial expression since this encounter began. She looks up at him, glaring, "You know nothing about me." Matthew lets out a chuckle at this though, not because he finds what she's saying to be funny, but because he is in such disbelief. "How am I the first to have figured you out?" he wonders, and Mrs. Winters bluntly admits that he wasn't, but it was in fact a butler who has since been... taken care of. Matthew understands this to be Jose Sanchez, but instead of questioning Joanna any further in regards to that case, he takes notice of Joanna's other bottle that still sits on the table next to him, and so he starts to drink from it as his wife would often do. For the first time ever he understands her constant need to always be intoxicated. After chugging about half the bottle though, he asks Joanna, "Is there anything you have to say for yourself?" But as he turns back to where Joanna had been knelt down prior, he sees that she's no longer there. He's then stunned by a sudden pressure against his throat and he sees that Joanna's hand holds a shard of glass from the broken bottle. Matthew wants to react, but he knows that he cannot. Joanna, meanwhile, is taking Matthew's question into consideration, that being if she really does have anything to say for herself. "Sorry?" is what she finally replies, which is the last thing she ever says to her husband, as she then drags the shard of glass across his neck, really digging into him. She watches as the blood seeps out of his throat, staining everything it touches, including the hand in which she sports her wedding ring. The shard of glass is then put down on the table and Joanna reaches for the bottle of wine she and her husband had shared. She watches as he bleeds out, trying his best to say one final thing to her, only to find himself unable to do so. She drinks as he tries to reach out to her, though his hand falls flat, and finally, once it's all over, Joanna has one final sip as she lets on a light smile, reveling in the death of Matthew Winters.

Unanswered Questions

  • Who murdered Jose Sanchez?
  • Why was Jorgio threatening Jose, and vice versa?
  • Why was Joe fired from the police force?
  • Why was Joe abandoned as a baby?
  • Why did Jorgio steal and smash the security tape?
  • Who did Justine's heart belong to and how did he betray her?
  • What did Jose find out about Joanna? Was it her affairs, or something else?
  • Why do the Del Barrios keep chained-up women in their basement?
  • Why can't Joanna seem to remember her and Matthew's wedding?
  • Who was Jose blackmailing via the use of videos, and what did these videos depict?
  • What is the full story behind Ben's marriage to Jennifer, and what became of their unborn child?
  • Did Matthew really have a history with Jose?
  • Why are there tapes being kept in a safe at the Davis house? Is Justine involved?
  • "You may look like me"; what did Joanna mean by this when looking at her wedding picture?
  • Why is Liz holding onto her and Jose's taped BDSM sessions? What's the story there?
  • What exactly did Matthew learn about Joanna ("Emilie") that Jose wanted to use as blackmail?
  • What did Joanna mean when she said that Jose had been "taken care of"?
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