Grime of Thrones
Devious Butlers 1x11
August 28, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"Grime of Thrones" is the 11th episode of Devious Butlers.


Winter is coming. Well, it isn't, but Joanna's heart is certainly growing colder with all the guilt she's carrying around, and she becomes haunted by the ghosts of her past. At the same time, Joe tries getting info from her, which leads to a harrowing confrontation, and Ben and Justine discover something that could prove the undercover butler's main theory about Jose's death to be correct. Jorgio has a frightening surprise for Ali, Rena has Liz make good on a promise she made, and the Littles search for a way to get Josh out of their home. It may not be winter, but things sure are frosty.



Joanna can be seen tossing and turning in her bed while Joe sleeps soundly next to her, following the general evening pattern of torrid lovemaking. Instead of enjoying a nice sex coma as usual, though, Joanna shakes and sounds as though she's struggling to breathe. And, along with these sensations, bits of memory start to fill her head.
A pair of small hands, smeared with dirt, lighting a match against a rough surface and then throwing it forward.
Bigger hands, at night, covered in blood. The person to whom they belong is visibly shaking, either horrified or enthralled.
And a ring, on one hand, as the other plunges a shard from a broken wine bottle into the throat of Matthew Winters. More blood dribbles on down.
Another deep breath as Joanna, in the present, fails to wake up. Everything is swarming her now, her sleep far from peaceful, and then we are taken into her mind; into her dreams.
A beautiful woman with long raven hair and an extravagant gown even darker can be seen sitting on a grand, golden throne; a grand, golden crown adorns her head, and a grand, golden goblet fills her hand. The other hand, which chatters against the arm of the throne, sports a golden ring, which shines off the light of the throne room's chandelier. She proceeds to raise her goblet to her ruby lips and consume the red liquid from within, allowing it to consume her in turn, and empower her. "More wine, your majesty?" asks Joseph DeWar from beside the throne, dressed in leather with a sheathed sword on his belt, bearing a jug of wine, but Queen Joanna tells him, "I'm fine for now." As such, he places the jug down while she takes another sip, then asking his Queen what's on the agenda for today. "I'm still mourning the King," she reminds him, "and his throne isn't going to keep itself warm. Is it, Huntsman?" "No, your majesty," Joe replies, at which she tells him to call her what she likes to be called; "The throne shan't keep itself warm, Queen Joanna." She smiles at this, once again sipping from the goblet, but then a familiar voice fills the large hall. "I don't know which part of your name is more incorrect," booms Matthew, finally stepping into view from the shadows of the court, "'Queen' or 'Joanna'." Joanna drops her goblet in shock, spilling wine all over the floor, and her Huntsman offers to get down on all fours and clean that up for her. As he does this, the Queen utters, "But you're dead…" while staring at her former King, and he tells her, "So are you." Confused as to what this means, Joanna contemplates his words before another voice answers - one which sounds remarkably similar to her own royal tone. "That's me, not her," says a woman, also forming from shadow, now standing opposite the Queen. She sports exactly the same gown and ring, not to mention the same face. The only difference between this Joanna and the one perched upon the throne is that there is no crown atop her ebony locks. "What are you doing here?" our Joanna asks, annoyed, and the other Joanna tells her, "You're sitting in my chair." "And shouldn't it be I who cleans that up?" asks a third voice, and Jose Sanchez approaches Joe as he continues to scrub away the wine. He then kicks the Huntsman in the chin, sending him flying backwards, and he laughs. Joanna is more nonchalant towards this arrival, asking herself if she didn't have him executed, and then she summons her guards. Silence. "Your guards aren't here," Matthew laughs. "Or, my guards?" the other Joanna adds. The Queen appears frightened now, faced with the people who hate her most, and then she turns to Joe, needing to gaze upon the face of someone who loves her. Except… said face is now all bruised and bloody, and she can't bring herself to continue looking as he struggles to get to his feet. "Funny," Jose comments, but Joanna tells him to shut up, for he is far from amusing. "You're right," says Matthew, "what's really funny is that you still think he could love you." The other Joanna cackles at this, amending, "It's as though you think he won't leave you, like everyone else does. I mean, look at you. No guards. No real power. Just a pretend crown and a Huntsman who would soon run away if he knew who you were." "You're wrong," states the Queen. "Am I?" the other Joanna questions, then approaching her doppelganger and snatching the crown from atop her head, placing it upon her own. "Hey! That's mine!" Joanna tries, but she goes ignored, with Matthew telling the other, "You look beautiful," and then he kisses her. Joanna watches as the clone kisses her King, trying to use the distraction to vacate the throne and take back her crown. However, the other Joanna is faster and stronger, and she bats her to the ground. "Not this time, sis," she laughs, and Joanna starts to cry, making her way backwards, as she stares up at these tormenting figures. "Finally she left the throne," Jose comments, "now I can give it a proper clean. So, so dirty." As he gets on that, the other Joanna wonders what they should do with the usurper, and Matthew suggests, "Off with her head." "No," says Joe, joining the other two in standing over his powerless Queen, "I have a better idea." He then draws his sword, aiming it at the bosom of his mistress, and he adds, "Out with her heart." With that, he plunges, then using his hand in the blade's stead and pulling out Joanna's still-beating heart. She watches as he cups it in his palm, and Matthew and the other Joanna marvel at how small and delicate it looks. She looks at her hands: dirt, blood, and a diamond that shatters. "Now crush it," Matthew orders, amused, and the other Joanna adds, "Make it hurt." The Queen looks up at her Huntsman, begging him not to, but he just looks right into her eyes, and then he squeezes. The Queen is filled with an immense pain, her chest bleeding while more of her blood runs down Joe's wrist, the meat of her heart squishing between his fingers, eventually being reduced to nothing. Soon, the Queen is nothing but a corpse lying on the floor of her chamber, and the other her takes to sitting on the now clean throne, straightening her crown, laughing all the while.
"No!" Joanna screams as she wakes up in her bed, and Joe, also awoken by his employer's wails, flicks on the lamp and asks her what's wrong. Breathing heavily, she sits up and reveals that she had a bad dream, and Joe nods. "I'm sorry to hear that," he says, "Did it go something like this?" And then he pulls out a shard of a broken wine bottle, and Joanna appears confused right before he sticks it in her throat, draping it across. She then just appears offended as she drops down onto the bed, dead, with Joe whispering, "Night, night Emilie." And then…
"NOOOO!" Joanna screams yet again, this time waking up for real. When Joe asks her what's wrong, she reflexively strikes him and he goes flying off of the bed, landing on a heap on the floor. "Ow!" he yells, and a still-frightened Joanna manages to gain her bearings for long enough to realize what she's done and utter, "Oops?"


Act I

Ding. The timer on the oven of the Davis house goes off, as Justine opens it up, wearing a set of oven mitts, and pulls out a tray of some sort of French snack she has prepared. Joe, Josh, Rena, and Ben wait at the kitchen table as Justine places the tray in front of them, then taking her own seat next to Ben. "Bon appétit," she exclaims, as the four guys each take a piece of what Justine has made. She watches with glee, awaiting their thoughts as they all bite into the snack. The moment the food touches their mouths, however, their eyes widen in disgust. It's terrible. Still, not wanting to hurt the maid's feelings, they continue chewing the somehow burnt and undercooked snack. "This is great," Ben says, trying not to throw up. "Yeah, really top of the notch," Joe adds. As Rena goes to admit his true thoughts about the maid's cooking, the three other butlers glare at him, making him shut up before he's even spoken. "Thanks you," Justine exclaims, rather proud of herself, "I spend all morning making special for you mens." Getting the last of it down, Ben leans in and kisses the maid, who gets up to take the tray back to the counter. Josh and Rena, meanwhile, excuse themselves, needing to use the restroom (really they plan to throw up.) Once they're gone, Joe and Ben are left alone together at the table, Joe asks his friend: "So how's Ali?" "She regrets ever helping out," Ben admits, going on to explain that it seems Jorgio has already gotten through to her. "Dammit," Joe says, frustrated, "Well can you keep looking around, at least?" Ben shrugs, stating that he'll keep an eye out, but Joe must remember that he has to be careful; he lives there, so it puts him in a more dangerous position than Joe if Jorgio is catching on. "I know, I know..." Joe understands, then looking down at the time on his phone. "Well my break is up," he says, "I gotta get back to Joanna's." Ben nods, as his friend gets up to leave, but the camera then pans over to Justine, who has been listening in on her boyfriend's conversation…

The windows at the Little house are thick with grime, and Josh is busy getting rid of it; that is, until Aliza approaches him, seeing him on his tip-toes in order to reach the top corners with his polish, and she gives his butt a pinch. Josh turns around in shock and Aliza giggles, and then he asks her what she thinks she's doing. "Just figured I'd get a squeeze in, since it's my last chance 'n'all," she tells him, which confuses him even further. "What do you mean?" Josh asks, and Aliza explains that, while she hates to say it, "I just got word from Mama… you're fired." "What?!" Josh exclaims, "Why even?" Not wanting to reveal the real reason - that he discovered something he shouldn't have - Aliza slurs a little before revealing, "'Cause you's a faggot, I guess. She old, you know." "That's not a reason to fire someone…" Josh utters. "Well, like I said, old; closed-minded," Aliza reiterates, only for Josh to reiterate in turn, "No, I mean that's legit not a reason to fire someone. It's called wrongful termination and it's illegal. I could sue." "You could?" "Yeah, I have a… friend who's a lawyer," Josh reveals, folding his arms, and Aliza stares him up and down, saying, "A'ight, but Mama ain't gon' be happy. Maybe try cleanin' them windows less like you're waitin' for a penetration?" "Huh?" "Holy shiznaz are you all the more hotter for not wanting me," she mutters, then deciding to leave the room and allow him to get back to his cleaning. In the other room, Rochelle is waiting. She hits something on her wheelchair and it whirs forward, and then she asks her daughter, "So, is it done?" "No," Aliza reveals sorrowfully, "sorry, Mama. He kept prattling on about some bull called 'wrongful termination' or some poop. Aidunno. I've not been able to focus much since you started makin' me wear underwear." She scratches her crotch, uncomfortable, and Rochelle rolls her eyes, as well as the wheels of her chair in reverse. "Well, my child," she comments, "if he wants to be terminated 'rightfully', then he's got another thing coming." "You got a plan, Mama?" Aliza asks, smiling, and Rochelle orders, "Call in your worthless brother." "Why?" Aliza wonders, and Rochelle wonders in turn when she started talking back to her. "A'ight, a'ight," Aliza replies, going out of the room and screaming, "Manny?! Where are you ya' gross heffer?!" Rochelle, meanwhile, smiling also at her own deviousness, says to herself, "Just call me the Terminator, Joshie-boy, 'cause I'll be black."

Lounging about on the living room sofa, flipping through a magazine, Liz finds herself being berated by the sudden arrival of Rena, who forces a piece of paper into her hands. "'The hell is this?" she asks, at which point the butler reveals that it's his résumé. "For butlering?" "For acting." Liz is confused as to why Rena would be showing her this, and so he decides to remind her. "Remember that deal we made back when I agreed to partake in your disgusting little hobby?" (see "Mess-Prone Housewives") "I do," Liz confirms, then defending herself, "but don't forget you were enjoying it." "Oh, believe me, I haven't," Rena admits, "but after our little incident with Justine, it's made me realize this has been going on far too long. It's time you make me a star." Liz nods, glancing over the résumé; it's then that she finally admits she never really had any intention of holding up her end of that deal. "Excuse me?!" Rena exclaims. "Well what do you expect me to do?" Liz asks, then pointing out that it's not like her opinion will mean anything. "Tweet, tell your actor friends, agent friends, anything!" Rena cries, "Liz, you promised!" Liz simply rolls her eyes, telling the butler that whining doesn't look good on him. "Maybe cut back on that?" She then flips to the next page in her magazine, continuing to read; that is, until Rena grabs it out of her hands and throws it across the room. "LIZ!" "Alright, alright," she says, sitting up, taking the résumé, "Jesus Christ, just leave me alone." "So you're gonna get my name out there?" "Yes, fine, whatever. I'll set up a meeting with some friends later. Be there and dress like you don't scrub my toilets for a living." "Okay, thanks," Rena says, happily; he goes to leave the room, but Mrs. Davis stops him. "With that said, I would like for you to go scrub my toilets." Begrudgingly, Rena leaves to do as told.

Elsewhere, just outside of the Del Barrio property line, Ben and Justine take part in a passionate make-out session as the former is about to return to work. "You... are such a good kisser," Ben exclaims, in between having his face devoured by his French beaux. "And you are not total bad too," Justine says in turn. Doing his best to look for the compliment in his lover's statement, Ben sees this as the perfect time to bid farewell to her and return to work. "I'll give you a call tonight," he says, heading for the mansion, but Justine grabs his hand, stopping him from going. "Wait," she says, and he turns back to her, "what things you do in house of Del Barrio?" she asks. Ben is rather confused by Justine's question, and so the maid admits to having been listening in on he and Joe earlier. "I know two of you are up to the stuff, and lately you have been spending more time of yours with him and less of time with me. Why?" Ben simply tells Justine that now is not a good time to discuss this, but still she doesn't let go, demanding an explanation. "I love you, Benjamin," she says. "You can tell me things, any of them." Letting out a sigh, Ben is coming to realize that he does owe Justine an explanation, and so he finally admits: "Joe and I think there might be hostages in the basement." "Santo dios!" Justine exclaims, and Ben continues, choosing to ignore that his girlfriend's response wasn't even French, "We've been trying to get in there, and when Mrs. Del Barrio finally helped us, it seems her husband moved them all before we got there. He's on to us, and now Ali is refusing to take any further part in it, making things extremely difficult." Justine wonders why they don't just call the police, and Ben explains that it's too risky. They need proof first, and it maybe just put Ali and the other hostages in further danger. Justine nods, "Well, Benjamin," she says, "I'm glad you give me these informations." Ben wonders why that is, and Justine then crosses over the Del Barrio property line, defying previously set rules by Jorgio. "Because now I helps you and Joseph expose this bad man and help these poor peoples in the basements." Ben is a little weary of this though, worried about his lover's safety; however, she shakes her head. "No, I will be doing the helps of you if you want me to or not. These are things you do for the lovers of you. You help them. Also I don't like other blonde woman being in your presence a lot of times when I am not." Ben is touched by this gesture, and even chuckles some at her comments on Ali. From there, he gives the maid a kiss, and the two set off for the mansion.

Joanna looks rather shaky as she orders Joe to pour her another glass of wine, only for him to point out that she already has two full ones, one in each hand. "And, what, you think I'm gonna stop at two?" Joanna questions, "Be prepared." "Sorry," Joe replies, fishing for a new glass, and, by the time it's full of wine, the other two glasses are empty. Joanna grabs this new glass while beckoning for her butler to refill the other two, and Joe, as he obliges, wonders why she's drinking so much, pointing out that this is a lot even for her. "Less talk-y, more pour-y," Joanna snaps, and Joe says, "Okay," but points out that her behavior is kind of trademark guilt; using alcohol to mask her pain and snapping at him like a raving… "Angel." "Nice save," Joanna mutters lowly, finishing her fourth or fifth glass and grabbing the next in the rotation. "Well I have nothing to be guilty for, okay?" she makes clear. "Of course not," Joe nods, "unless that conversation of ours… triggered something?" "What conversation?" "About Matthew," Joe tries reminding her. "About how his ashes have only just been found and now they're charging extra for postage, and he still hasn't freakin' arrived?" "No," Joe shakes his head, pouring all the while, "you know… about that business he had with Jorgio… on the night that that butler - who can even remember his name? - died." "What even now?" Joanna questions, and Joe wonders if maybe Matthew's obviously shady dealings have been weighing heavily on her conscious because she's covering for something bad. "I know you're meant to be a detective and all but right now you're just being annoying," Joanna makes clear. "Well," Joe tries, "Matthew did—" "Would you just stop talking about Matthew?! If you love freakin' Matthew so much then why don't you just go work for him instead?! Except you can't 'cause he's dead! Deader than a dead thing! Deader than Jennifer Morrison's acting talents! Big shame! I bet he woulda loved the crap outta your perky ass!" Joanna screeches, throwing her empty glass against the wall so that it smashes; Joe has to duck to avoid it, and then the rich woman stands up and begins storming off. "I'm going for a shower," she exclaims, "don't join me!" Joe appears deeply taken aback as his boss/lover disappears from view.

Act II

At the Del Barrio mansion, Ali is in the kitchen preparing the tray for the hostages downstairs, with the TV on in the background. "Wikerly Hills church explosion leaves citizens terrified," is all the news anchor is able to say, however, before Jorgio clicks the remote, shutting the TV off. She asks why he did that, to which he replies he's heard all he's needed to hear about that story. Mrs. Del Barrio is confused, but the attention is diverted from this comment when Jorgio demands she stick out her hand. "Excuse me?" she exclaims, but, growing impatient, Jorgio simply grabs a hold of Ali's arm, giving him the chance to take her hand and forcefully yank off her wedding ring. "What the hell are you doing?!" Ali cries, in pain. Once being let go, she turns away to grasp her injured finger; she looks back at Mr. Del Barrio, ready to condemn him for his harsh manners, but to her surprise she finds him holding up the ring, down on one knee. "Alison, will you marry me?" he asks, with a grin on his face. She doesn't really know what to say though, and Jorgio, annoyed, stands up. "When I made you my 'wife', we never had an official ceremony, signed any papers, the gist. Before, I felt there was no reason to, but with your recent insubordinance I feel it's probably best I lock you down now." Ali is still silent, and Jorgio gets down on one knee again, proceeding to ask once more if she will marry him. "I... I don't want to?" she tries, causing Mr. Del Barrio's face to turn to that of anger. "You don't seem to understand, Alison," Jorgio says, gritting his teeth, "I phrased it like a question, but I meant it like a statement. You will marry me." He then reaches out for her hand and, shakily, she stretches it out, allowing Jorgio to force the ring back on. Standing up, he tells her that due to Wikerly Hills' lack of churches as of the late, they'll throw a party at their house. "We'll say that we're renewing our vows, invite the whole town over." He then chuckles, "It'll be our first party since the night Jose was murdered." This sends chills down Ali's spine, something Jorgio takes pleasure in as he goes to leave. "But wait," Ali calls out, regaining Jorgio's attention, "if I have to... marry you, then can... can Jennifer be my maid of honor?..." Jorgio's smile only increases though, as he realizes Ali doesn't know yet. "Oh my dear, I suppose you didn't hear," he exclaims, "Jennifer has... moved out, shall we say." This news hits Ali hard, as the shock of it sends her to grasping the kitchen counter in order to maintain stability. "C'mon, sweetheart," Jorgio exclaims, approaching Ali from behind and wrapping his arms around her waist, "you knew this was inevitable." Ali looks back at her captor though, disgusted; he, however, takes pleasure in this. "It's all going to be fine, Alison," and Jorgio leans in and whispers, "It's all going to be fine because we have each other... forever." He then lets go of Ali, chuckling as he leaves the room. Ali, meanwhile, starts bawling.

Manny, a pair of safety goggles strapped to his face and his leather apron covering his fancy-ish clothes, steps into the living room and, as the shot moves down, we see that his hand is clutching the handle of a gun, his finger hovering over the trigger. "This ought to take care of that Josh," Manny then utters, tightening his grip, and then he exclaims, "I'm doing this for you, Mama!" It's then that he raises the gun… and fires a paintball at the nice clean lounge wall. The paintball gun fires several more shots at the wall, until it's covered in various different colors; Manny winces as the wall disappears behind paint, and then Rochelle comes rolling on into the living room. "Good boy," she tells her son, and then Josh walks into the room, wondering where everyone is, and grows shocked by all the wet paint splats on the wall he dusted just earlier that day. "What the—" he starts, but he grows distracted by Rochelle's sudden wails, accompanied by crocodile tears. "Manny!" she yells, "Oh, Manny, you've ruined my nice white walls! How are people to know I'm well off if everything I own isn't white to spite my skin?! Dammit boy, you've ruined everything! Everything!" Josh seems to be buying the matriarch's breakdown, taking a side-step away from her, and then he asks Manny what he was doing exactly. "I'm an artist," Manny explains, "and sometimes I get a little messy." "You paint?" Josh questions, and Manny tells him, "Yeah. In fact I painted the outside of this house myself before we moved in." Josh appears disgusted by this, for he finds the outside to be particularly ugly, and then Manny adds, "But I forgot when I started this little," he gestures the wall, throwing the gun to one side, "project, that he have guests coming over - and in just a matter of hours too." "Make it go! Make it gooooo!" Rochelle cries, at which Manny requests, "Josh? I don't suppose you could give the walls a good scrub before our, um, guests arrive?" "You want me to clean up all of that?!" Josh exclaims, and before Manny can so much as blankly state, "Yes," Rochelle calls to him, "Oh my savior! My little faggot savior! Clean dem walls and all shall be well again!" She gestures to him as though praying, and Josh looks at the covered walls, daunted. Manny then walks out of the room, whistling casually as he goes, tossing Josh his apron and asking him if he could run it through the wash too, and then Rochelle goes to follow, willing her wheelchair forward. However, she stops beside Josh, and she suddenly stops crying and goes deadly serious. "If that crap ain't gone by the end of your shift then you're more fired than a sinner's ass on a Sunday morning. Got it, whiteboy?" Josh's eyes widen at this, and then Rochelle goes back to fake crying and exits the room. "Well then," says the butler, more to himself than anyone, "I best get to work, I suppose."

"So Kevin and I were in Burbank last month for some charity event BS and this little kid comes up to us. There were cameras everywhere so of course I had take the little rat and kiss it on its head. Long story short, Kevin bought me new lips," Kathryn Kappelletti exclaims, sitting across from Liz at the Davis house, as the two women have afternoon martinis. Liz replies that she knows what it's like to be put in situations like that, going on to share some of her own experiences. Rena, meanwhile, who is dusting in the other room, looks in and sees Liz talking to her friend. Making the correct assumption that this friend is someone in the entertainment industry, he motions that she change the subject to him. Liz becomes aware of her butler's pleas for attention, and so she puts her story on hold, calling for him to join her and Kathryn. "Oh good, the help," Kathryn exclaims, holding out her glass, "I'd like another." Rena turns awkwardly to Liz, and so, begrudgingly, she reveals that isn't why she called him over. "I wanted you to meet Rena because, well, he's an actor... or trying to be." "Oh?" Kathryn questions, now turning to the butler, who states that it's been a dream of his to become a famous actor since he was a child. "And since he's been... very good at his job lately," Liz expresses, "we were wondering if you could help get his name out." Kathryn gets a good look at Rena, eyeing him from head to toe. She motions that he turn around for her, giving her a full view of him, and once he turns back, Kathryn makes her decision. "Sure, why not?" she exclaims, "He's hot enough. If it turns out he sucks then there's always porn he can fall back on." Though slightly offended, Rena doesn't let this get to him, as he graciously thanks Kathryn for being willing to help. "No problem, I'll just mention you in the next episode of Kicking Off with the Kappellettis. It is the highest rated show on Lifetime, after all." Hearing this, Rena turns to Liz, as if to say going to Kathryn was probably useless, but she gives him a look, telling him not to say a word. "Now be a dear and fetch us some refills?" Kathryn demands, "If I'm satisfied, I'll even send out a Tweet or two." Again, Rena turns to Liz, who ushers for him to do as told.

Meanwhile, back at the Del Barrio mansion, Ben and Justine are roaming through the many basement hallways in search of anything that could help them with exposing Jorgio. Justine turns to her boyfriend as he is seen digging through a bag of miscellaneous items, and she giggles. "You know you is a cute when you are determined and snoopy, you know of that?" Ben looks up, blushing; he thanks her, and resumes looking around. Justine's smile turns to a frown, however, as she is left to wonder if there is something else Ben wishes to say to her. "And you're the most beautiful woman in world, regardless of what it is that you're doing." It's now Justine who is blushing, and she embraces him with a kiss. "I love you," Ben says, sincerely, taking in this nice moment with the maid. She responds the same, and they kiss again. "We do need to keep working though," Ben reminds her. "It's only a matter of time before Jorgio catches us." Justine nods, and begins to think, "Well if Jorgio has more little things hidden then maybe try the room of the bed." "Come again?" "Well when I clean Mrs. Liz stuff, I always snoop around and find secretiveness stuff hidden in her room of the bed. Underneath bed, in drawers, deep in closet. She always has the things there." Ben nods, exclaiming that Justine might be on to something; he ushers that they leave for Jorgio's bedroom at once.
Ben and Justine are next seen making their way down an upstairs hallway, leading to Jorgio and Ali's bedroom when they're suddenly met with the surprise of Ali, who makes a turn from another hall. Ben and Justine freeze at once, without saying a word; they don't know how Ali will react. Mrs. Del Barrio looks at Ben, and then at Justine, and then back at Ben. "I can explain?" Ben tries, but Ali looks at him unfazed. "At this point, I no longer give a damn," she says, continuing down the hall without a care in the world. Ben looks back at Ali and questions Justine if perhaps they should go check up on her. Offended, Justine hits Ben on the arm, telling him to keep moving. "Rich bitch can go hang body of herself for all the cares of I." The two then enter the Del Barrio master bedroom, and from there they start digging around. As Justine goes through the drawers, Ben looks through the closet. They each move around numerous items, but make sure not to mess up anything that would go noticed later on. Having checked all the drawers, Justine starts looking underneath the bed, while Ben pulls back a line of clothes... revealing a safe hidden in the wall. "Justine," he exclaims, "I've found something." The maid joins her beau, and the two look at the safe on the wall, requiring a four-digit passcode. The couple look at one another, and then back at the safe. Letting out a deep breath, Ben decides to make the first attempt at unlocking the safe. He enters in the digits "1234" and to his surprise the safe opens up. The couple look inside, and amidst some miscellaneous possessions stored in there, one thing in particular catches Ben's attention... a mangled surveillance tape (see "Pilot"). Ben grabs it, and Justine asks what it means. "I think it means we've found our answer..."

Joanna remains tear-riddled up in her room, sprawled out on her bed while drinking straight from the hidden bottle of white wine in her medicine cabinet, when a familiar voice asks, "Feeling guilty, are we?" She looks up, her mascara running down her face, to see her husband, in a crown, sitting on the same golden throne as in her dream, right in the middle of the bedroom. "The hell are you doing here?" she asks him, and he shrugs his royal shoulders, suggesting that he's a manifestation of her subconscious come to remind her that she's devil incarnate. "That, or you've finally gotten so drunk as to start hallucinating," he suggests. "I prefer the latter," Joanna moans, sitting up on the bed, "I have nothing to be guilty for." "You may have hated me," Matthew acknowledges, "I may have been a bad man. But I was still a human being, and you ripped my life away. Quite literally. And that realization is finally starting to settle in." "Why should I care that you're dead?!" Joanna screeches, "You're a rapist!" "And you're a murderer," Matthew points out, saying, "maybe you'd feel different if it was just me you'd killed. But you're starting to realize it, aren't you? That you're a terrible person. A sinner." "I don't care," Mrs. Winters professes, guzzling more wine, but Matthew points out that if she didn't care then he wouldn't be there. "You're not here because I feel guilty," she insists. "You're here because… I don't even know why you're here!" "Well something must have triggered all this," Matthew smiles, straightening his crown, "Could it be that you're now more scared than ever that that little butler of yours might discover the truth?" Joanna goes as white as the wine in her hand when this is said, and Matthew smirks. "My, my," he comments, "is that ice heart of yours finally starting to melt? Could it be that a Summer is shining over the Winters name?" "Shut up," Joanna hisses. "You're falling in l—" "Shut up!" Joanna hisses harder, and Matthew just laughs, finding it all too delicious, berating her for being so reckless as to open herself up at such a time in her life. "You've begun to bear your soul, and I'm the baggage that comes with it. Well, part of it. Really I'm just the tip of the iceberg, right? Oh my…" he grins. Joanna doesn't respond now, merely cries, and then another familiar voice utters, "Joanna?" This time it's Joe, having entered the room, and Joanna looks from him to where Matthew used to be and realizes that the image of her husband has now faded away. "What do you want?" she asks Joe, attempting to remain distant, and Joe sits on the bed beside her, replying, "To know what's wrong." "You wanna know what's wrong?" Joanna exclaims, setting her wine bottle down on the bedside table, "I'm being haunted, that's what's wrong!" "Haunted?" Joe questions, confused, and Joanna reminds him, "You're the damn detective, can't you figure it all out instead of asking me so many freakin' questions?!" "Well," Joe replies, "I know that you're feeling guilty, and I know that for some reason Matthew is the source of it." "You know nothing," Joanna tries assuring. "I know more than you think," Joe assures in turn. "No," Joanna insists, "you really don't. And you never will." "Why not?" the butler wonders. "Because even if I wanted to trust you with my secrets, I couldn't! Not when you've got so many of your own!" she yells. Joe takes a deep breath at this, and tells his employer that she's right. "So you'll drop it?" she requests. "No," Joe tells her, and she sighs. He then adds, "You wanna know my secrets? Fine. That's fair. I wanna know you too." "You don't," Joanna makes clear, only for Joe to request to be the judge of that himself. "Look," he adds, "I don't know what it is, but there's something about you that I just… I just trust you. It's like, I know that I shouldn't, but I do. And I feel as though I can tell you things. At least my heart tells me it's okay, even if my brain is telling me to shut up." Joanna turns to him, nodding, and utters, "Okay. Tell me your secrets, Joe. And then maybe, just maybe, I'll consider letting you know the real me." Joe then takes another deep breath and admits, "I'm not really a butler." "Nice try," says Joanna, "you clean my floors for a living, you're a butler." "No," Joe assures, "I'm undercover as a butler. I have been ever since I arrived in Wikerly Hills." "Undercover?" Joanna questions, confused, "What the hell have you been doing all this time then?" "Honestly," Joe prepares, "I've been trying to figure out the truth behind the death of Jose Sanchez, so that my foster brother Tyson will be released from prison and the police force will consider rehiring me." Joanna stares him up and down, uttering, "Wow," and then he wonders if that's good enough to warrant any semblance of a confession from her. "Did you ever think I did it?" Joanna wonders. Joe questions this, and she continues, "Kill Jose. Was I ever a suspect?" "At a time," Joe admits (see "Buffing the Damp Mire Layer"), "but I pretty much wrote you off as soon as I started talking to you. I knew that you could never be a murderer." Joanna smirks at this, telling him that he's wrong, and Joe wonders what she means by this. Mrs. Winters then looks deep into her lover's eyes, her own eyes still stained with tears, and she whispers with great difficulty: "I killed Matthew." Joe doesn't know how to react.


A deep sigh escapes Josh as, finally, he finishes cleaning the wall Manny open fired at, and it is restored to the level of pristine whiteness that it once upheld. "Try to fire me, will you?" Josh asks himself as he stands up, cleaning supplies in tow, and stares at the wall, "I should be given a damn raise." He then mops his brow with a cloth, before being disturbed by the sound of Rochelle's wheels making their way across the hardwood floors. Josh appears annoyed at the tire marks being made in the floor, for he knows he'll have to wax those out later, but this all soon becomes moot when Rochelle, staring at the wall, lowly exhales, "You're fired." "What?!" Josh exclaims, turning in shock to the crippled old woman and dropping his cleaning supplies in the process, and she reminds him, "I said clean all the crap up, boy. And you missed a spot." She aims her bony finger at the skirting board, which itself is red and has been shot by a barely noticeable red paintball; Josh obviously didn't notice it while he was busy cleaning the rest. "That's not fair," Josh tries, only for Rochelle to fire back, "Neither was slavery, but it happened. You'd think white folk would at least try and do a good job while servin' folk such as ourselves, as some form of apology, but I guess y'all is all the same. Now get the hell out of my house or so help me I'll have Manny 'doxx' you on the Twitter." Staring sadly down at the old woman, Josh asks why he's really being fired, but she remains silent at this, staring back at him and looking him up and down. Another sigh escapes the butler, and he says, "Fine," throwing his keys down onto her lap and beginning to make his way out of the house. Before he goes, he turns to Rochelle, telling her that she's gonna want to get one of her kids to absolve that final paint splodge before her guests arrives, only for her to curl her lips and ask him, "What guests, dear?" and Josh sullenly makes his way out of the house. Once he's gone, an eavesdropping Manny and Aliza make their way into the lounge, asking their mama if all is taken care of. "Such little faith in me," Rochelle reprimands, "but all's well. Unless that little white boy starts spreadin' vicious rumors about what he may or may not have seen in this house, then we might have to take care of him." She turns to one of her kids and says, "But you're good at that, aren't you?" before rolling on out of the room, and Manny and Aliza look awkwardly at one another.
Outside, Josh is wandering down Fanon Drive when he notices Brad's car approaching, heading for the Littles'. However, Brad soon sees that the person with whom he wants to speak is actually on the sidewalk, and so he pulls over next to him and asks if he'd like to hop in. Wanting to get away, Josh gets into the passenger seat and tells his lawyer, "Drive." "Where?" Brad wonders, but Josh adds, "Anywhere. Just away from here." "What happened?" Brad wonders further, but Josh just reiterates, "Drive." And so he does. He goes to the other end of Fanon Drive and ends up pulling over under the shade and protection of a nice quaint tree with no people in sight, not far from the Del Barrio mansion. "Alright," Brad says once the car is parked, "what's wrong?" and Josh sighs before revealing, "I just got fired." Brad appears sorry to hear this, but points out that it must come as a little bit of a relief, considering the Littles were so hard to be around. "Yeah, I guess…" Josh utters sadly, but then Brad notices a tear making its way down his cheek, and so he asks his client what the real issue is here. "I just… I needed that job," Josh tells him. "So you'll be low on cash for a while," Brad tries shrugging off, "your legal bills are already taken care of." "No it's not that," Josh assures, "I needed that job. Being a butler, it… it gives me a purpose, you know? A reason to be; to get up in the morning. A sense of normality. And I really need that right now." "I know your life is hectic at the minute," says Brad, "but I'm confident in your case, and once you're proven innocent, we can find you another—" "I don't care about the allegations or the court dates or the possibility of going back to prison forever," Josh states. "Those are all actually pretty good distractions. Because when I'm not thinking about all that, all I can think about is what he did to me." More tears are formed, and Brad appears very sorry. "It must be hard," he acknowledges, and Josh tells him that it is; "It really is." A moment of silence, and Josh continues, "I mean, it's pretty much hell when your only distraction is all bad things. So having a job, it was nice. Because when I wasn't focusing on that, I was just… I am just… angry. Or sad. Or… pretty much all the bad emotions. And it's all the time and I'm tired of it. I just wanna be happy again, you know? But it's always in the back of my mind. It's like, I know he's dead, but not for me. For me he's always there, and I can't take it. Everything hurts, and I can't take it! I just wanna feel okay again; I just… I need… something. I need… I need…" Soon Josh's words fail him and are replaced only by crying, at which point Brad starts hugging him, shushing him, and assuring him that everything's gonna turn out just fine; "Just you wait." "How can you be so sure?" Josh wonders, and Brad tells him, "Because I'm a terrific lawyer. And I know things. And I am gonna get you an alibi, prove your innocence, and you'll be able to fill your life with nice distractions. And then, with time, he'll be gone. And all the good things will become what you think about when there's no crap getting in the way." Josh is comforted by this, but he wonders how close Brad really is to finding him that alibi. Brad doesn't answer, but only because he's grown distracted while staring out the windshield, seeing the security cameras that practically fester the Del Barrio home. "Closer than you think," he eventually says, getting an idea.

"No, no, no, no, no," Joe is busy uttering back in Joanna's room, now stood up and pacing while his employer remains on the bed, only for her to then interrupt him by pointing out that he's been repeating that for a while now. "Because I'm in shock!" Joe stops to exclaim, "I'm allowed to be shocked! You just told me you… you killed someone." "Not someone," Joanna defends, "Matthew," but Joe doesn't exactly see how this makes things better. "And you… you let Josh take the fall," Joe realizes, at which Joanna starts tearing up some more, telling him, "Yes." Thinking on it further, Joe arrives at the conclusion that Josh was the friend she felt she betrayed, and Joanna nods, prior to her butler asking if that's why she's been feeling so damn guilty lately. "No, actually," she confesses, "you appeased my guilt over that rather well. Lately it really has been the murder weighing heavily on my conscience, because…" "Why'd you do it?" Joe finds himself needing to know, and Joanna pauses. "Well…?" Joe presses, and finally Joanna reveals, "Matthew found something out about me, and I wanted him to stay quiet." "So you hacked him up?!" Joe yells, and Joanna looks away from him, getting sudden flashbacks of running that meat cleaver through her husband's corpse. "There was nothing else to do," she tries, but Joe tells her, "No. No, no…" "So you've said." "What did he find out exactly? I mean, it must've been pretty bad for you to murder the guy. Was it… was it something worse than this?" Again, Joanna is silent, and Joe raises his hand to his mouth as he cries, "Oh, my God." He then asks if it was another murder, but Joanna merely winces. "Was it… was it Jose?" Joe then asks. "Excuse me?" Joanna asks in turn, turning to him in surprise, and Joe firmly questions, "Did you kill Jose?" "No…" Joanna tells him, as though this is obvious, but Joe points out that it makes sense; "After all, he did wanna blackmail you. I found the note and everything, not that he sent it." "I guess he was too scared," Joanna points out, "I knew he learned the truth about me. Dumbass was stupid enough to do all the digging on my wifi. But I didn't kill the guy. I honestly have no idea what happened to him. Him being taken care of like that was just me… lucking out." "Because he would have exposed what exactly?" Joe needs to know, "Scared of you? Why would he be scared of you? Before your confession of your husband's brutal murder, that is." "Because I've done things!" Joanna screams, getting to her feet, "Very bad things that will haunt me for the rest of my life! Why do you think I drink so damn much?!" "You're… a monster," Joe surmises. "No," Joanna utters, crying more profusely, "no, I'm not, I swear. These bad things. I did them, yes, but… but they don't define me! I-I bailed Josh out! I gave you a job when you needed one! I am a good person!" "Good people don't kill!" Joe rages, then saying that all he's hearing right now is a bunch of lame excuses. "You took away the life of a human being, and then you ruined the life of your friend, possibly forever. I don't know what you are exactly, but 'good person' certainly isn't it." "Joe, please, hear me out," Joanna tries as he turns around; she tries getting him to turn back around by physically pulling on his arms, saying, "we're so good together. You and me. We could… we could belong together; we could…" "No," Joe murmurs, shaking his head. He looks into her eyes; whatever he saw in her when he first met her seems to be gone now, and all that innocence that once shrouded her is replaced by the demons of her past that he feels should've been so obvious. "I was clouded to your true nature," Joe realizes, "because I l—" "Say it," Joanna begs, but Joe shakes his head again, telling her that he can't. He begins walking away again, while Joanna screeches, "Joe, please! Please!" She chases him out of the room, down the stairs, to the front door. But, by the time she makes it, he's already slammed it shut behind himself and begun driving away. Joanna watches this from out her window and collapses in a tearful heap, then crawling her way to the nearest source of alcohol for comfort. And then she sees Matthew. Staring down at her. Smiling contently. "I told you he'd leave you," he cackles, and Joanna throws her shoe at him so that he might disappear. He does, but his wicked laughter remains fixed in her head, tormenting her even further.

"2,000 retweets already," Rena exclaims, sitting down with Liz, the two of them having cocktails, "I guess Kathryn was a big help after all." Liz nods, downing her drink, but Rena takes notice that there's something wrong with his employer. "What's up?" he asks, and so she finally confesses, "Well you're getting everything you wanted now." Rena wonders why that would be a problem though, which Liz explains, for him, it isn't; it's great. "But for me, well, it means you have no reason to continue... performing with me." "Oh, Liz..." Rena realizes, as she continues that while their sessions didn't last long, it added something back into her life that she has been sorely lacking for quite some time now. "And I'm sure this is just making me look bad and that you probably don't care, but--" "But I do care," Rena interrupts, and to Liz's surprise, "and I... I feel the same way." He reminds Liz that he was growing to love their sessions together, but that all of their recent intrusions has just made him rethink things. "You're married to Eli, Justine was blackmailing us..." "I know, I know..." "But maybe..." And Liz now looks up, intrigued by what Rena's about to say. "Maybe we could resume things, just, be more careful?" "You'd be willing to? With no charge?" Liz questions, and Rena shrugs his shoulders, stating that this could be good for them. A devious smile then comes across Mrs. Davis' face as she stands to her feet. She looks at Rena and then points to the ground, demanding, "Kneel, worm!" The butler happily does as told.
Meanwhile, however, away in Rome, Elijah Davis is on the set of his film where he sits, his makeup being done by crew members. He's scrolling through his Twitter feed when he comes across Kathryn's Tweet about Rena, now up to 3,500 retweets. Confused as to why someone such as Kathryn Kappelletti would be championing his butler, he turns to one of the crew members. "Have you seen this?" he asks, showing the tweet. The crew member nods. "Yeah, I've got a friend who works for Mrs. Kappelletti. Apparently that guy is her friend's butler and she was begging Mrs. Kappelletti to get his name out." "Do you know why?" Eli wonders, at which point the crew member shrugs his shoulders. "Beats me, but he sure is handsome. I wouldn't be surprised if this was some sort of reward for him doing overtime, if you know what I mean." Eli nods, as he knows exactly what the crew member means... and he is not happy.

Ben and Justine have made their way to the former's bedroom, making out on the bed, with Ben pointing out that this goes so against Jorgio's rules and he loves it. "We should do more often," Justine smiles. "Snoop around?" Ben questions, but she laughs and tells him, "No. Spend time together. I like being you with." "I like being you with too," Ben replies, only for Justine to then state, "Don't take the piss." "Sorry," Ben smiles, sitting up, and Justine tells him, "But I feel we could do it long time. Together, be with. We certainly maked un good team; maybe it is sign." "A sign of what?" Ben questions as he lifts the mangled tape off of the bedside table. "That we is soul mates for good. I mean, I never thought I could love again, but you opened up possibility. It is time I settle, but in the good way," Justine smiles, and Ben turns to her, taken aback. He sees only the niceties in her statement and then feels the need to kiss her, at which she exclaims that she should be returning to work at the Davis house. "But I see you soon," she promises. "Very soon," Ben insists, looking as though he's just decided something. "Now I get to sneak out so sexy," Justine says, thrilled, "I forget how hot it is to be in love forbade." Ben laughs as he watches her cautiously make her way out the door, and then he turns his attention back to the busted tape, saying to himself, "I could probably fix this. A new case, and the tape could run smoothly through it." "Benjamin," Justine says, poking her head back through the door, "I hear you talking to yourself from down hall. If you want to exposition at yourself, do it more quietlier." "Right," Ben says, and then suddenly his phone rings. It's an unknown number. "Hello?" he answers, confused, and Brad is on the other end. "Is that Josh's friend Ben?" Brad questions, standing outside the Del Barrio house, and Ben replies, "Yes, this is he."
Brad is next seen standing with Ben up in the surveillance room, looking through the large archive of tapes from the night Matthew died, from all cameras that face out toward the street. "You organize all these yourself?" Brad questions. "It's one of my chores, yeah," Ben says, finally finding a tape he thinks might be helpful and sticking it into the player. Brad gives it a quick fast-forward, trying to remember Matthew's time of death, and finally he can see through the Del Barrios' recording: Josh, coming out of the Davis house at the same time that Matthew would be getting chopped up (see "How to Run Away with Chauffeurs"). He proceeds to stumble across to the Del Barrios' lawn, puke in one of the bushes, and pass out after tripping on one of the boulders in the driveway. Brad fast forwards even further, ensuring that Josh is there, sleeping, for several hours, and he is overcome with joy. "He's innocent. I mean, this proves it. He's… he's innocent! He's gonna be free!" Brad exclaims, with glee, and Ben appears equally gleeful to have helped in the clearing of his friend's name. "Glad I could help," he says, removing the tape and passing it to Brad, encouraging him to take it with him. "You don't wanna be there when I tell him the good news?" Brad questions, only for Ben to stare down at the mangled tape and state that he'd love to, but he has some work to do. As Brad starts to leave, alibi in tow, Ben gets to work repairing.

At the bar, Joe is seen having a water, after fighting the urge to treat himself to an alcoholic beverage. Soon enough though, he's met by Rena. "Sorry I'm late," the foreign butler exclaims, "I was a little... tied up." Joe tells him that it's alright, and Rena proceeds to wonder why he was called. As Joe is prepared to explain his current situation with Joanna, his phone vibrates, having received a text from Ben. He motions that Rena wait a minute as he reads the message, which reveals that Ali and Jorgio are out, and Ben needs Joe to come over immediately. Joe responds that he's on his way, before looking back up and apologizing to Rena. "I'm sorry, but can we raincheck?" he asks, at which point Rena awkwardly shrugs. Joe thanks him, proceeding to head out of the bar.
Joe is next seen pulling up at the Del Barrio mansion where Ben waits for him outside. The butler ushers Joe into the house and brings him upstairs to the surveillance room. On their way, he catches Joe up on his and Justine's discovery; he states that it's the same tape Jorgio took from the surveillance room a while back, which he lied about turning over to the police, and that he was able to repair it once finding it destroyed in the safe. "Everything you should need about the Del Barrios is right there," Ben explains, getting Joe set up for the tape to play, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have other business to tend to." Joe isn't given the chance to question this because Ben has taken off, and so he chooses to focus on the current situation at hand. He presses play, and the tape starts on the night of Jose's murder...
In the study of the Del Barrio mansion, Ali and Jose converse alone. "I'm just not sure you know what you're doing, going against Jorgio like this," Ali says, warning the butler, "You don't know what he's capable of." Jose scoffs at this though, stating that he's got this all under control, and he'll be sure to make Jorgio pay for everything that he's done. "Jose, I--" but Ali isn't given the chance to finish her statement, for Jorgio makes his way into the room. "What the hell is going on in here?!" he asks, wishing to know what his wife is doing alone with the butler. He glares at Ali, who quickly goes meek, but Jose steps forward. "I know about the hostages in the basement," he exclaims, "I know you're kidnapping women and selling them as sex slaves. I know Mrs. Del Barrio is one of these women, and I plan to expose you for it." Jorgio glares at his wife, and then back at Jose. "Do you now?" he questions, at which point Jose nods, confirming so. "And I have your wife's full support. We're going to destroy you." Jorgio gives a smirk though, turning to Ali and wondering if this is true. "Does he really have your support, darling? Are you really going to betray me?" He slowly approaches her as she shakes in fear; he gets up close to her face and whispers, "After everything?" A tear starts to trickle down her face as she nervously shakes her head, deciding to return back to Jorgio's side, leaving Jose with no support. Jorgio laughs at this as he goes to the balcony to look down at the guests of the party he is currently hosting, and exclaims, "I think what you people do is admirable." He turns his head, letting go of the curtain at the window, and, all the while approaching Jose, continues in saying, "You chauffeur cars you can't afford, you prepare lavish meals you are forbidden to feast upon, you serve wine to people who don't bother to learn your last name, and still you dare to dream of a better life. I am still shocked by your determination to succeed in this great country of ours, that said... if you threaten me again I'm going to have you whacked. Capisce?" (see "Pilot")
Back in the present day, Joe continues to watch the video footage as the final confrontation between Jose and Jorgio takes place, with the Del Barrios ultimately leaving Jose alone to finish off a good bottle of their wine. Seeing as how this spans well over an hour, Joe decides to fastforward some, but stops once he gets to the part where Jose is murdered. As he watches the drunken butler take a knife to the chest and throat, Joe struggles to identify the disguised killer, as they sport a hat and trench coat that protects their identity. Disappointed, he turns off the video.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in Wikerly Hills, Ben is seen removing a wad of cash from his wallet, ignoring a text from Joe that tells him, while they got confirmation of the Del Barrios' secret, the identity of the killer is still unknown. The camera pans upward to reveal that Ben is in some sort of store, with the shopkeeper taking the money for whatever he's bought. "I'm guessing this is for a special someone," she exclaims, at which point Ben nods, with a dopey smile on his face. "It's for the love of my life, to be exact," he explains, "I'm going to ask her to marry me." The camera then pans downward, revealing an engagement ring...

Unanswered Questions

  • Who murdered Jose Sanchez?
  • Why was Jorgio threatening Jose, and vice versa?
  • Why was Joe abandoned as a baby?
  • Who did Justine's heart belong to and how did he betray her?
  • What exactly did Matthew learn about Joanna ("Emilie") that Jose wanted to use as blackmail?
  • What did Joanna mean when she said that Jose had been "taken care of"?
  • What was the conversation Liz heard on the night of the murder about? Who was speaking?
  • Who did Justine inform of her blackmail scheme as insurance?
  • What problems did Joanna have with Justine in the past?
  • What business did Matthew have with Jorgio on the night Jose died?
  • What didn't the Littles want Josh to find out, relating to the blood-spattered white cloth?
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