Goldilocks and the Four Butlers
Devious Butlers 2x04
December 4, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"Goldilocks and the Four Butlers" is the 16th episode of Devious Butlers.


Rena and Liz, after an announcement by Eli, are excited for their relationship to go back to being hot, while Josh fears that his own relationship with Brad may be turning cold, and Joe's situation with Joanna isn't exactly "just right" either. Their torrid night together has some awkward ripple effects as Joe grapples with a secret that Josh might just need to hear, and Valentina continues to show signs of having a secret as well, regarding the butlers' Portuguese friend. Meanwhile, Ben and Ali are once again thrown into blows at one another following the return of Jennifer Gold. She's been sleeping in Andrew's bed... and she's still there.



Focus on the face of Alison Del Barrio as she stands in the doorway of her home, feeling quite a wide array of emotions. Shock. Horror. Guilt. She looks at Jennifer Gold standing before her for the first time in over three months, and then we are taken back in time...
Three months earlier, Ali sits at the breakfast table as Ben serves the two of them their first meal of the day. "All of the girls have been officially been reunited with their families," Ali reveals, and Ben gives his congratulations, though he changes the subject by admitting to have spoken to Jennifer's mother earlier in the morning; it's then that Ali remembers - there's one girl she has yet to rescue. "Ben, about that--" she says, but is interrupted by the ringing of her phone. She answers it, and it's one of the girls from the basement. She goes on to Ali about how great things are with the family, resulting in an hour long conversation between the two. Jennifer's fate still remains a secret.
Sometime later, Ali joins Ben in the dining room of the Del Barrio mansion while he is getting extra chairs, as all of the former prisoners are joining Ali for a nice dinner. The two casually converse where, once again, the topic of Jennifer's disappearance comes up. And once again, Ali makes another attempt to reveal the truth to Ben... only for the doorbell to go off. The guests are early, and the dinner commences sooner than planned. Jennifer's fate still remains a secret.
Now about two months ago, Ben is making Ali's bed as she does her makeup; he mentions Jennifer's disappearance for a third time, startling Ali to the point of accidentally running lipstick across her face. She realizes that she has not forgotten about Jennifer one time, but now three times. She fears what Ben would think of her if the truth was to come out now, and so she decides to worry about it on her own in secret later on. For now, she distracts Ben by revealing that she's going on a trip around the country to raise awareness for her new charity.
And now we return to the present day. Ali realizes that she has now forgotten about Jennifer for a fourth time, and she's absolutely disgusted with herself. She tries not to show that, though. "What the hell?!" Ben exclaims, as his ex-wife stands before him, "I've been trying to get in touch with you for months. Where have you been?! Your mother, your friends, no one knew where you were!!" Jennifer is a bit taken aback by this, but she turns to Ali, remaining silent. Ben sees this, and so he turns to his employer too, and that's when Ms. Del Barrio realizes that the truth must finally come out. "Ben, you have to understand," she tells him, "I had no way of preventing this." Ben is confused at first, wondering what Ali could possibly mean. "You know Jorgio had absolute control over me. If I fought back then who knows where we'd be now." And now Ben is realizing what Ali is trying to tell him. "No..." he says, and Ms. Del Barrio merely nods. Ben then turns to Jennifer, horrified. "You were..." he utters, and she nods. "Aye, I spent a good ole couple'a weeks or so locked up down there." Ben then glares at Ali. "And you knew about this. You knew about this and you didn't tell me..." "Ben, I'm sorry." "All this time I was worrying what the hell happened to my wife, and for a good bit of that time she was locked up, kept to be sold as a whore?!" "Aye, well, I was in fact sold as one," Jennifer butts in, but Ben is ignoring her right now, more focused on his anger towards Ali. "So what were you doing once you were free of Jorgio, huh?! Did it just happen to slip your mind that my wife had been told into human trafficking?!" "Well, yes..." Ali admits, "I know, I'm a terrible person, okay! Whenever you mentioned her, I wanted to tell you, but then something would interrupt me!" "And so you instantly forgot her again?!" "Yes..." "I... am so, so sorry, Ben," she says, and then proceeds to turn, "and to you, Jennifer. Believe me, I never wanted this to happen to you. When Jorgio had originally told me he had sold you, I didn't know what I was going to do." "Sure does seem like you moved on fast," the butler comments, on the contrary. "Ben!" Ali tries, but he interrupts her. "No, I think you're done talking for now." He then turns to Jennifer, "Now," he says, "how did you get away? And who were you sold to? We're gonna see to it that their ass is thrown in jail." "Actually, Benjamin," Jennifer replies, "that isn't why I'm here." Ben and Ali are confused. "I'm here because, well... Andrew and I are getting married!" The Scot is absolutely ecstatic, whereas Ben and Ali's jaws simply drop.


Act I

We are shown inside the Winters' mansion, up in the master bedroom. Joanna is currently fast asleep on one side of the bed, but on the other side lies Joe, who is groggily waking up. He starts to sit up, though it takes a moment for him to regain focus, and he looks at the alarm clock on the nightstand reading that it's 2 in the afternoon. "What the hell..." Joe utters to himself, realizing that he's overslept, but then he starts to fully take in his surroundings. He overslept, but not in his bed or in his home. He quickly turns and sees a sleeping Joanna on the other side of him, and his eyes widen in horror as he's finally coming to realize what he has done. It's finally going through his head what took place the entirety of the night before, and what took place quite a bit of the early morning... and how big of a mistake it was. He starts to carefully throw the covers off of him, being gentle enough not to startle the sleeping beauty that lays next to him. He begins looking around the floor, managing to collect his clothes, though he's devastated to see he's lost a good shirt with all the buttons having been ripped off. He looks back and sees that Joanna still sleeps, and so he decides to quietly start to redress; however, he only gets as far as putting on his underwear when a phone goes off. On Joanna's nightstand, her phone buzzes and rings as it seems Liz is trying to get in touch with her. As such, Mrs. Winters begins to wake up, but instead of looking at her phone, she looks straight up at her former lover. "Joe?" she questions with a smirk. He's frozen in place for a moment, fearing what to do. And then he runs. Clothes in tow, Joe makes his way out of Joanna's bedroom, through the hallway, down the staircase, and out the door. At this point, Joanna has gotten out of bed and she approaches her window, grabbing one of the random, leftover glasses of wine lying on her nightstand, and she drinks while enjoying the sight of her former beau running across Fanon Drive almost naked.

"After leaving Mr. D's basement, Andrew took me a wee cabin out in... aidunno, some forest. He and I fought at first, like most couples do, but you must understand we fell in love," Jennifer says over biscuits and tea in the Del Barrio mansion. Ben and Ali sit across from the Scottish woman, having finally re-secured an audience with her, not believing any of this. "Jennifer, he was holding you captive," Ben points out, but his former wife brushes this off. "So he wouldn't let me leave for a bit? We all have those moments. Hell, there were times I wouldn't let you leave the ole house." "Yes, and one time I called the police on you." "Wuss." "You held a knife to my throat." "Andrew did the same to me and you don't see me over here whining about it." "Jennifer," Ali says, breaking her silence. "Yes, Goldilocks?" Jennifer replies, wide-eyed. "When you said that you and Andrew... 'fought', what does that mean, exactly?" Jenn takes a sip of her tea, and proceeds to explain that there were some violent altercations. "This followed with us saying some stuff that neither of us really meant. He put me in my place a few times, reminded me how things were supposed to be. Why?" "Right..." Ali replies, then turning to Ben, stating that she's gonna help him in the kitchen with getting some more biscuits. Jennifer nods as the two proceed to get up and leave the room. Ali immediately places down the tray for the biscuits and faces her butler. "So we have a problem," she tells him. "Yeah no kidding," he responds, "we need to contact the police." "Oh what will the police do?!" Ali exclaims, "No, the police can't do anything about this, not without any physical evidence. And knowing Jorgio and his sick clients, there's no paper trail." "Well you can't expect me to sit by and let her be subjected to this." "I won't! Ben, listen, she's my friend, okay? I know that this whole situation is, well, absolutely sick... but during her time as Jorgio's prisoner I formed a friendship with that woman! I care about her and I want to help!" "Well it doesn't seem like that worked out." Ali doesn't respond, feeling an immense amount of guilt.
Meanwhile, Jennifer continues to wait patiently for her ex and her friend to return, just as Valentina makes her way into the room, returning home from doing some errands. "Hey, lass," Jennifer greets, and Val wonders who the Scottish woman sitting on the sofa is. "Aye, just an ole friend of Benjamin and Goldie here is all. Or Mrs. D rather. Here to tell 'em I'm gettin' married 'ere sometime quite soon," she says, holding out her hand and showing off her engagement ring. The diamond isn't all that big and the ring seems to be cutting off her circulation. "Congrats," Val exclaims, and Jennifer thanks her.
"Look, just give me some time alone with her. Andrew is clearly brainwashing her, but maybe I can help snap her out of it. At least trigger something in her mind that's... the real her." "You think you can succeed?" "I wanna at least try. I'm not gonna deny that some of this is to be blamed on me. I was wrong, and I was also selfish. Let me try to fix this." Ben looks at Ali for a moment, contemplating this. The next thing they know, Jennifer and Valentina find themselves being joined by Ben and Ali, the former of which tells Val not to get too comfortable being sat down with his ex-wife. "We're gonna go out for a bit," he says to the maid. "Excuse me?" He turns to Ali, having some faith, "We're gonna leave Ms. Del Barrio to catch up with Jennifer some on her own." Val approaches Ben, proceeding to whisper in his ear wondering if he seriously wishes to pretend they like each other. "Look I just need us to both get out of the house, so get your purse and let's go." Val rolls her eyes, but does as Ben wishes. The two proceed to go, and Ali sits back down to chat with Jennifer further.

"What's that?" Liz asks in disgust as Rena pushes a bowl towards her in the kitchen. "Porridge," he replies, "I noticed you didn't have breakfast this morning, so I thought--" "That you'd help me skip a step in my bulimia diet by just serving me the vomit upfront? No thanks." As she pushes the bowl away from her, Rena shrugs and begins digging into it himself, though he soon begins fretting because he ate it while it was still too hot. "Why are you only doing breakfast at this hour anyway?" Liz wonders, and Rena explains that he was out all morning getting a new laptop so that he could post the video that he and Eli filmed together. "Rena Charming should be taking the internet by storm in no time," he excitedly exclaims, only for Liz to recall, "I thought your channel was called Renaboss." "Yeah, well, it seems the YouTube censors caught wind of our little livestream before it got deleted and, long story short, boss is blocked and Charming for the win." "So long as Eli never sees it," Liz states sternly. "So long as I never see what?" Eli asks as he enters the room, only for Liz to quickly espouse, "This disgusting bowl of porridge that Rena tried serving to me. Looks like pig slop." "Pig..." Rena then utters, before asking, "Anyone else kinda miss Justine?" When no one replies, he states, "Good. Me neither," and Eli goes on to state his reason for entering the kitchen. "I have an announcement to make." "You're gay?!" Liz reacts, only for Eli, confused, to tell her, "No... What?" "What else do hot actors in California ever have to announce?" she points out, but Eli tells her that she couldn't be more off. "Okay, phew, because I don't want Kathryn to start spreading that I turn men. She's already been indirecting me so much in her Tweets lately I can't even." "So what's your announcement?" Rena decides to pipe up in order to keep this interaction moving, and Eli reveals, "I just got off the phone with my agent. It appears the movie studio over in Rome is begging me to return and finish filming for the Sleepless in Sicily sequel. They're offering me a really great deal considering my abrupt departure, I can't turn them down." "So you're saying... you're returning to Rome?" Liz clarifies. "Yes," Eli tells her, "Briefly. Just to get this movie into post." "Well," Liz breathes, trying very hard to hide her true, joyous feelings, "you do what you have to do, honey. And don't get photographed kissing any men, okay?" "I'm still not gay..." Eli assures and Liz tells him, "Me neither," with a wink, then kissing him obligatorily before asking if he needs any help packing. "From Rena, of course, not me." "I should be fine on my own," Eli assures, "though I should go recover my suitcase. Back in a sec." And with that, he's off upstairs. Upon making sure that he's really gone, Liz turns to Rena and begins to jump for joy, doing a happy-dance right there in the middle of her kitchen. Rena decides to join her, but then stops, asking, "Don't you feel kinda bad? I mean, the guy did help me with my channel and all." "Which makes our victory all the more sweet. Perk up, honey. We won." And she continues to dance.
Meanwhile, upstairs, Eli returns to the horsewhip he found on the floor of Rena's bedroom, taking it out and inspecting it and pondering its meaning one more time. "It's nothing," he whispers to himself as he goes to fetch the suitcase, "You're just being paranoid." But of course he's not.

Brad is seen going over a copious amount of files over at his law office when there is a knock at the door, and he tells the person on the other side to come in. It's Josh, carrying with him a brown paper bag, and Brad seems both surprised and happy to see his boyfriend unexpectedly in the middle of the day. "What are you doing here?" he asks with a smile, getting up from behind his desk to greet him with a kiss, and Josh tells him, "I was on my break and figured I'd stop by, maybe have lunch with you." He gestures the bag, which contains food, only for Brad to lose his smile, looking back and forth between the loving butler and the mountain of paperwork and case files currently swamping his work space. "I'd love to," he says squeamishly, "but..." "Oh," Josh utters. "I'm sorry," Brad tells him, "it's just, we suddenly got torpedoed with all this work, and I really have to buckle down if I'm gonna make any progress in time." "It's okay, I get it," Josh says, disappointed. "This isn't me saying work comes first, because it doesn't, but right now--" "Right now work has to come first. Brad, it's fine." "You seem upset," the lawyer frets. "I'm not upset, I'm just... bored, honestly. It's why I came over." There is a pause. "Lately, I've been feeling--" The phone in Brad's office then starts to ring, and Brad dashes to it as he exclaims, "I really need to take this. I'm sorry, baby, but we'll raincheck on the lunch, I swear. If you're bored you can just go hang with the guys, right?" "Uh, yeah," Josh utters in response, "I'll go... see if I can still catch them on their break." But Brad doesn't hear, now too busy with his phone call, and so Josh sighs and dumps the brown paper sack into the office trash can before showing himself out.

"Remind me again why I can't just take my lunch break in the mansion like I do every other day," Valentina complains as Ben accompanies her to the cafe where he and the others like to meet, and then he replies, "Because Ali needs some time alone to talk to her friend." "The Scottish girl? What are they, secret lovers or something? 'Cause I did kinda get a vibe from Ali that--" "No, they're not," Ben states firmly, though then he recalls that Ali neglected to even tell him about Jennifer for over three months, and so he amends, "Almost probably." When they arrive, they see Joe and Josh already sitting there, with the latter appearing upset over something. "What's wrong?" Ben asks immediately upon sitting down, and Val quietly takes the seat next to him. "This is Valentina, by the way," he introduces, and she gives everyone a little wave. "Right, yeah, we've heard about you," Joe recalls. "All good things I hope," Val smiles, at which Joe coughs and says, "Yeah, Josh, what's wrong?" needing a subject-change. "It's Brad," he reveals, "he's too busy to spend time with me. This past week it's like he's just been... absent." "The last time you complained about Brad it was because you were blowing him off," Ben recalls, and Josh says, "I know. Turns out that really sucks from the other side. I hope he doesn't feel like I'm smothering him. I mean, I spent some time fearing he was gonna become clingy that I never even considered the possibility that I could." "But Brad loves you," Ben reminds him, "whatever's keeping him busy, it'll pass. In the meantime, just enjoy having some space." "But I'm so bored," Josh again complains, "and I can't quite place my finger on--" Val then lets out a heavy yawn, and the others turn to her. "Sorry," she states, "is this all you guys do when you get together? Gab about your feelings?" "Kinda?" Josh responds, at which Val says, "And I thought I'd be the only one with a vagina at this thing. Okay, let's get the troubleshooting over with. You," she points to Joe, "what's troubling you? You have two minutes to get it all out before I shoot myself and then hopefully this meeting of the ladies who lunch will come to a close." "I wasn't--" Josh starts, only for Val to tell him he's had his time and that they're moving on now. "Um..." Joe utters, feeling on the spot, "well, lately, I have had this weird sense that I'm... like... being watched, or something. But that's probably just paranoia carried over from my time in prison." "Yeah, I had that," Josh states, only for Val to say, "Or someone's legit watching you. Like me, the other morning. Pretty sure I saw you running out of that lady's mansion down the street. The wineo." "Joanna?" Ben questions, while Josh turns to Joe, asking, "You were at Joanna's house?" "I was just delivering some mixed up mail," he lies, while Josh seems sent into some sort of deep thought regarding his own situation. "Well you were in quite the hurry then," Val smiles, to Joe's nervousness, but then she moves on, "Okay, British here feels bored, you feel watched, Ben here feels... something, and I hardly feel like opening up to you people. Can we just drink coffee now and be men?" It is at this point that Rena limps over to the table, greeting his fellow butlers by saying, "Sorry I'm late, guys. I pulled a muscle doing a victory dance." The others don't really question it, assuring that he hasn't missed much, while Val looks taken aback. "Renato," she utters. "Yeah," Rena says in confusion, with her not having taken anyone's names yet somehow knowing his, and he turns to her once he's sat down, "and you are?" "You know what," Val says, "I'm not in the mood for coffee. I'm gonna go grab a churro from the vendor down the street. Y'all girls get back to just having fu-un." And with that, she gets up and leaves. "Well," Rena comments once she's gone, "she seems nice..." But the expression she has is far from nice as she gives one last fleeting glance to the Portuguese butler through the window before setting off.

Act II

Ben re-enters the Del Barrio mansion, some hours after Jennifer has left. "Ali?" he calls out, looking for his employer, and he soon finds her in the den, her head buried in her knees. "Ali...?" he questions again, and Ms. Del Barrio looks up, tears in her eyes. "I... I don't know what to do," she admits to Ben. The butler quickly rushes over to sit down with his employer. "I recalled every disastrous event to happen ever since Jorgio locked her up. The lack of light, food and comfort. The process of selling her off. I made her recount every single thing to happen with her and Andrew in that cabin, and... the things she told me. She was able to paint everything in such a nice light, but it wasn't hard to deduce what truly had happened. Jorgio did some truly horrendous things to me during our time together, but he didn't take away who I was. Andrew has put her into this warped state of mind... I just, I--" Ben hugs his employer as she can no longer speak, instead breaking down into full-on tears. "I'm so sorry," she says to him between cries, and Ben shushes her, telling her that he knows. "We're gonna figure this out, okay?" he says to his boss, and she nods. "Now is there anything else you managed to get out of her?" Ali takes a moment to think about this, and finally she recalls that Jennifer mentioned that they're having an engagement party tonight. "Didn't leave us an invitation, though. Andrew clearly doesn't want me anywhere near his home, knowing what I did to Jorgio." Ben takes this into consideration, but finally comes up with an idea: "What if I go?" he suggests. "The odds aren't great he'd know who I am, and it'd give me a chance to scope the place out. Could be beneficial to us later on." "But what if he catches you?" Ali wonders, but Ben smirks. "If there's one thing I've learned in the last decade of working as a butler, it's that no one ever notices the help."

"Selena?" Josh calls as he enters the Washington residence, back from his break, "You home?" However, he receives no reply, making it to the living room and finding only a note which has been left for him on the table. It's written on unicorn stationery with a bright blue gel pen, and Josh sighs as he picks up a bigass list of chores. As he reads through the chores, which range from "Clean out the gutters" to "Read and review my blog", he sighs some more, commenting to himself, "Here I was actually excited for another fifty minute lecture on why actual Hitler isn't one of zer 'Top 15 Hitlers'." He then crumples up the list and tosses it to one side, taking out his key to Brad's apartment and saying to himself, "Sorry not sorry Selena, but I have something more fun in mind."
Josh is next seen working the stove of Brad's apartment, preparing a nice meal for he and his boyfriend prior to the latter's arrival home from work. As dinner simmers away, Josh heads over to the coffee table and pours himself a glass of wine, then pouring one for Brad. Finally, he hears footsteps in the hall outside, and then the sound of keys clanking. With a smile, the British butler arrives at the decision to give the lawyer a prior greeting, and so he begins to strip down. Eventually he's standing there, completely naked, bearing nothing but the two wine glasses in his hand, one of which he sips. However, when Brad finally gets the door unlocked and opens it on up, Josh is forced to spit his wine as his boyfriend is accompanied by several middle-aged business associates from the law office. They stare, shocked, while Josh foregoes the wine glasses in favor of a throw pillow, trying his best to cover up. "Josh..." Brad utters, stunned, while the associates appear more than taken aback. "Now, now, fellas," Josh addresses them in his best attempt at a casual tone, "it's only awkward if we make it awkward." But no. It's pretty awkward. Brad just sighs deeply.

Joe sighs as he exits the Littles' home, having been instructed to complete some extra yard work. He is still being punished for showing up late the other day from spending the night with Joanna, but this extra work outside only makes his predicament worse; it just gives Mrs. Winters a chance to approach him, something he'd rather not be arsed with right now. However, he decides to follow orders and start by clipping the hedges at the front of the driveway.
Meanwhile, Joanna is walking through her mansion, having her seventh afternoon glass of wine when she passes her front window. She briefly glances out and notices Joe, thus making her stop completely in her tracks. She smirks as an idea soon comes to mind.
Some time passes, and Joe is outside clipping away at some hedges. "Don't let me distract you," a voice calls out, and Joe looks, seeing none other than Joanna sat down in a pool chair in the front of her yard. "I'm just enjoying the show," she says, having a sip of her wine. Joe is appalled, but decides to try his best and ignore conversing with his former lover, and so he continues to clip. "You missed a spot," Joanna shouts, however, and strikes a nerve in the butler. He continues to clip, but she then shouts that he missed another. And another. And another. "Bite me!" Joe finally snaps, wanting Joanna to go away, but she simply refills her glass. "Is there a problem?" she wonders, and the butler throws down the hedge clippers, proceeding to walk across the street and give Mrs. Winters a piece of his mind. "What are you doing?" he asks her, and she states that she's simply enjoying a nice drink. "Drop it. You're trying to provoke me." "Is it working?" "This is harassment." "Um, the last I checked, you came onto my property line." Joe looks down and sees that indeed he has, so he sighs. He asks Joanna what she really wants right now, and she exclaims that he left without so much as a goodbye. "Well did you expect me to stay for lunch? We're not together," the butler says. "Well that didn't stop you from screwing me all night long." "Which was a huge mistake. You're just lucky I've not gone to the police about you yet." "For what?" Joanna asks, now with a smirk on her face. "You know what," Joe says, gritting his teeth, but Joanna simply drinks. "Whatever. What you did was still disrespectful." "And murder isn't?" But Joe already knows that Mrs. Winters will continue to deny that, so he decides to move away from that topic. "What is this really about?" But she shrugs. "I'm just having some fun." "So help me God..." "What? What are you gonna do, Joe?" The two stare at each other for a moment, without breaking eye contact. Joe is still enraged, something Joanna is reveling in. Soon enough, however, Joe breaks away, and storms off. Joanna has another drink.

Valentina is busy cleaning the windows of the Del Barrio mansion that face outward toward the street, meaning she has a decent view of the Davis house there across. Soon enough, a Bentley is seen being parked in the driveway, and Val watches with great interest as Rena steps out and heads toward the trunk, opening it up so as to take out the groceries he's just returned with. "I don't know why I bother buying that woman food, it all ends up in the toilet anyway," he murmurs as he takes out the first bag. "Isn't that true of all food?" asks Valentina, and Rena is startled into dropping said bag, shocked that she was able to make it out of the house and over the road without him so much as being able to hear her. But there she is now, standing just a few feet away from him, having abandoned her chores back home in favor of this interaction. "I'm so sorry," she exclaims, getting down on her knees to help him pick up any groceries that have spilled out, "I didn't mean to frighten you." "Maybe try not sneaking up on me then?" Rena suggests as he returns to his feet, bag in tow, then asking the Spanish maid, "You're Valentina, right? You were at the coffee shop earlier?" "Briefly," Val nods, then stepping in closer, "So, you're shopping for your boss, huh? The actors? Elijah and Elizabeth Davis?" "Yes," Rena replies, unaware why he's making small talk with this woman, then amending, "Well, just Liz. Eli's going back over to Rome soon, so." "So you'll be all alone with the Mrs.?" Val questions, "Interesting." "Is it?" "I think so." "Okay..." he utters, then saying that he should really get this stuff inside. "Of course, of course," says Val, "I didn't mean to trouble you, it's just... did your friend Ben ever tell you how I got the job at Ali's?" "You flirted your way there, right?" Rena recalls, and Val smirks, telling him, "Kinda. See, I'm pretty good at knowing what gets people's motors running, if you catch my drift." "Are you hitting on me?" "Not at all," she assures, "just checking something." And with that, she slaps him hard across the face, and in his shock he drops the bag of groceries yet again. "What the--?!" he begins to exclaim, only for Val to smile as she looks him up and down and receives all the confirmation she needs. "You can pick it up yourself this time," she tells him, "you probably shouldn't stand back up for a while." Rena realizes what she means and so hunches down to cover his shame, beginning to shove things back into the brown paper bag again. "It's a rare man who appreciates pain, Renato," Val comments as she turns around, beginning to walk away, only for Rena to call after her, "I never did tell you my name." "I know," Val smiles before continuing her way back to Ali's, basking in the sunset.

The next we see Joe, still doing yard work, it is through the view of a sniper rifle's scope in the dark of Winter's early nightfall, as Silvia once again finds herself perched in one of the trees of Fanon Drive with the intent of killing him. Her finger hovers over the trigger, her breathing heavy, as his head becomes aligned perfectly with the center of her aim. All it would take is one little... But then, the clip clop of stiletto heels approaches the butler, and soon Kathryn Kappelletti is in view. Not only does Joe move, but now Silvia runs the risk of hitting the wrong person, meaning Joe could become privy to a gun wielder and have the opportunity to run away. "Hey Prince Farming," Kathryn addresses Joe as he rakes Rochelle's leaves, "I take it your Rochelle's butler?" "Yes..." Joe utters, "you've seen me here before." "And I'm expected to remember what you look like? Please. Just tell me if your boss is home; ever since she gave Elizabeth Davis that verbal dress-down we've been meeting up to think of ways for me to indirect her on Twitter." "Again, I've been there while you've come up with the Tweets, so there's no need to expla--" "Can you just let me in now so I can be talking to someone who's, you know, worth something?" At this, Joe sighs, looking out at the yard he's being forced to tend to and thinking about how indeed he'd rather be doing something worthwhile, not that he has much time to dwell on it for, soon enough, the woman before him screams. A man all in black, mask and all, has just snatched the purse from off her shoulder, and she continues to scream as he dashes, like a shadow, right past Joe. His inner-cop awakening, it takes no thought or hesitation for Joe to immediately drop his rake and begin dashing down the street after the criminal. They make it all the way to the other end of Fanon Drive, but Joe is quick on their tail, jumping over trashcans when the mugger attempts to spill them to block his path and deftly hightailing fences in his pursuit. Finally, after a not particularly long chase, Joe successfully tackles the crook and manages to snatch Kathryn's fancy designer purse away from him, then beginning to contort the mugger's arms behind his back in an attempt to cuff him before realizing... he has no cuffs. Instead he just takes out his cell phone and calls 911.
Silvia remains perched in the tree, watching intently following the blare of sirens that have just gone past, and through the rifle's scope she watches as Joe hunches his way back to the Little house, purse in tow. Kathryn is thrilled to be reunited with it, almost pushing Joe over in her need to snatch it from him, and Silvia arches her eyebrow as Joe, despite being now exhausted and annoyed at the lack of gratefulness, smiles - for he has just helped a citizen. The woman with the gun takes note of this and, even when there is enough space between Joe and Kathryn for her to take the shot; even when his head is again perfectly aligned with her target's center; even when all she need do is bare down her finger in order to end his existence for good... she can't. She just relents the trigger, and sighs, thinking deeply about what she's doing before finally climbing out of the tree, now unable to go through with it.


Joe re-enters the Littles' mansion, having successfully taken down Kathryn's mugger. He enters the kitchen to look at the list of chores Rochelle has provided him with, but out on the counter he sees a bottle of wine. "Just one glass wouldn't hurt you," a voice calls out. Joe turns around and sees Joanna standing there, but it isn't really Joanna - just a figment of his imagination. "You did great out there," the faux Mrs. Winters exclaims, "Running, tackling, it was like old times, no?" "What's your point?" "My point is that you miss it, and now you're still stuck here working as a butler." Jo-vision proceeds to approach her ex-lover at the counter, staring down the bottle. "One glass won't hurt you, and you know just how much you want one. Hell, with what you've gone through this past year, you've sure earned it." Joe finds himself being ushered closer to the bottle. "Go on," Joanna exclaims, "Take it. It won't bite." Joe feels the temptation as the wine bottle just stares at him; he starts to reach out for it, but he quickly manages to snap out of it. He jumps back, shaking his head. "No, I can't. I won't." "But you should." "Go away," Joe demands, "Quit trying to ruin my life." But the Joanna vision laughs. "Do you hear yourself?" she exclaims, "I'm not even really here right now, and you're still finding things to blame me for." "You still hurt me in unimaginable ways," Joe says to the figment of his imagination, but Joanna simply shrugs her shoulders. "It's nothing personal, sweetheart," she says, "You're not the only one I've hurt. You're not the first, and you most certainly won't be the last. I mean, just look at Josh." It's then that Joe remembers: "Josh..." he utters. "It's been over three months and you still haven't even told him that I killed Matthew, that I framed him for killing Matthew. Don't you think he deserves to know?" The vision then walks to the other side of Joe, and whispers into his ear: "Don't you want him to know? Don't you want to hurt me?" "Joanna, there aren't words to describe the amount of anger I feel towards you. The things I want to do to you." "Well then here's a start," she says, "Tell Josh the truth and hurt me real good." Joe looks down, contemplating this for a minute, but when he looks up, Joanna is gone. He stands alone in the Littles' kitchen.

"Okay, they're gone," Brad is heard saying as he enters the bedroom of his apartment, where Josh is now waiting, fully clothed and humiliated. "I'm sorry," the butler whimpers, sitting there and still clutching a pillow, "I just wanted to surprise you. I didn't realize you'd be bringing work home. I--" "It's okay," Brad assures, sitting down next to him, "honestly, it was pretty funny. I'm sure there'll be plenty of laughing about this at the office Christmas party." Josh smirks, while Brad goes on to say, "So. Clearly this whole naked display is evidence that I need to listen more. Earlier, in my office, you were about to tell me something about how you've been feeling. About why you're so bored. Bored enough to apparently--" "Break into my boyfriend's apartment and give his co-workers a live peep show? Yeah..." Josh responds, "I don't want you to feel like I'm smothering you or anything." "I don't," Brad promises, "Really. Between all the work I've been doing lately..." "I was scared our spark was dying because of your work," Josh admits, pointing out that he doesn't even talk about it, but Brad says, "That's because it's all... rape allegations right now, and I thought it best I just not mention it, 'cause... yeah." "Oh..." Josh utters, and then "Oh." "Oh?" Brad questions, and Josh states, "Selena." "What about her? Sorry, zer. Or, you know what, her." "That's how she made her fortune. False sexual assault allegations. Though she doesn't see them as false, I'm sure." "Wait, so she's been keeping our firm busy because...?" "Because she sees you as detrimental to her plan to 'de-privilege' me and wants to break us up!" Josh exclaims as the realization floods him, "Damn, shkle's diabolical. That list of chores can piss off and all." "Huh," Brad emits, "I did find it weird how all the reports always followed up with word 'rape' with 'culture'," but then he realizes that they've detoured and so states, "Anyway. You." "Me?" "You've been bored lately. Why?" "Right," Josh nods, "well, I didn't really know why until earlier today. I've been pretty occupied these last few months with prison and you and even Selena, but, I was hanging out with the guys today, and... Joanna was mentioned." "What's she got to do with it?" Brad asks, curious, to which Josh replies, "It's just, she was like my best friend, you know? And yeah, having the others and having you is great, but... I just miss having her in my life. It's been so awkward ever since she accused me of murder 'n' whatnot." "But you're innocent," Brad reminds him, "you could try talking to her." "Why hasn't she come to me?" Josh is desperate to know, "Maybe, in some way, she still blames me for Matthew's death... I don't know." "That's not true, though. She fought for your innocence," Brad reveals. Josh grows confused at this, asking his boyfriend what he means, and so Brad is forced to explain what he was once told to keep secret: that Joanna was the one who posted Josh's bail and paid all his legal bills, back when he was facing charges. Josh is taken aback by this, not sure what to make of it all, and realizes that he needs to talk to his old boss. "I'm surprised you haven't already," Brad comments, "it's been months." "I know, and I would approach her, it's just... that house. She's always in that house, and... I can't go back there." Understanding, Brad takes his boyfriend's hand, saying he gets if he doesn't want to, but Josh takes a deep breath and says, "No. It's been long enough. It's time for me to face my fears... and get my friend back." He stands up as he says this, heading into the living room where he sees the wine glasses still sitting there. "She'll appreciate this," he says to himself, before picking them up and downing them both in succession, needing it in preparation for what's to come.

An overview of a mansion is shown, one that has not yet been seen before. We are taken to the inside where we hear the doorbell go off as a large party takes place. Butler James Edmond approaches said door and opens it. "Took you all long enough," he says to the staff, "Mr. Von Trump will not be taking well to this." The butler sighs, knowing that Andrew will just be taking his anger out on him. He proceeds to direct the staff inside, all of whom carry miscellaneous stuff to be set up. However, the last to enter is Ben, who hides behind a large water pitcher. Once James directs the catering staff where to go, he leaves them all be, thus allowing Ben to slip out. He begins looking around the mansion, seeing the party take place. Numerous guests are about, many of whom he recognizes from past Del Barrio parties, not that they'd recognize him. He walks around some, entering different rooms with partying guests, and soon enough he finds Andrew talking to a group of his friends. They're standing more off to the sides, but Ben is able to get close enough to them in order to hear what they're saying, without them noticing him. "So Andrew, how did you and the future Missus meet?" one guy asks, "Was it through Jorgio's business?" Ben feels sick to his stomach hearing this, and Andrew confirms it to his friend. "Shame that Jorgio can't set me up with anyone," the rich friend exclaims, then wondering, "You ever thought about trying to re-open it yourself?" Andrew shakes his head though, stating that he simply doesn't have the funds. "Though I did try sending one of my men out today to try robbing one of those rich bitches on Fanon Drive, but nothing." The men are disappointed, and it takes every ounce of Ben's being to not confront them. He keeps searching around, and soon finds himself nearing a staircase. Making sure that no one sees him, he starts to go up it, and is relieved to find the second level of the home to be pretty empty at the moment. He starts looking around, wondering if perhaps Jennifer is in one of the rooms, as he didn't see her downstairs. "Jenn?" he calls out in a whisper tone, peeking into some of the random bedrooms. "Benjamin?" a voice then calls out, and the butler turns around to see his ex-wife exiting one of the bathrooms. "Jennifer," he exclaims, now in a normal tone; he goes in to hug her, but she backs away. "Watcha doin' here?" she wonders, pointing out that she never gave him an invitation. "I know, but I needed to talk to you. Look, if you won't listen to Ali, listen to me." She rolls her eyes though. "Look, Benny, I know you think ya helpin', but I know what I'm doin'. I love Andrew and he loves me, and we're getting married. Don't ye want me to be happy, dearie?" "Of course I do, which is why I think we need to get you out of here. He's brainwashed you!" Jennifer takes offense to this though, claiming to be in a perfect state of mind. "Hell, I don't think me mind's ever been more clear. I spent so long obsessin' over ya and how you walked on out on me. I never realized that there was a real chance for me to find happiness, and now I've got it." Ben simply cannot believe what he's hearing; he doesn't even know how to reply to this. "Jenn..." is all he finds himself able to say. "No, Benjamin, I think ye've done enough. Breakin' into me home, tellin' me I'm loony when I most certainly aren't. Please leave before I call security." "I... I'm sorry..." is all Ben is able to utter as he starts to exit back down the stairs.
Ben is next seen approaching his car, parked a little ways away from the Von Trump mansion. Once getting in, he takes out his phone and dials Ali and, after a few moments of waiting, she picks up. "Ben," she exclaims, "how did it go?" But Ben is now on the verge of tears. "We've lost her," he tells his boss, "We've lost her forever..."

Nighttime on Fanon Drive, and Joe is doing some last minute cleaning before bed. He just so happens to be washing the front windows, giving him a clear view of Selena's driveway. This is just as Josh's car pulls in, returning from his time with Brad. "Now's the time," Jo-vision exclaims, appearing right behind the butler, "You gonna tell him or what?" Joe doesn't respond, instead just putting down the window wipe and spray bottle, and heads out the door. "Josh," he calls out, as Josh is seen walking down the sidewalk, in the direction of the Winters' mansion, "can we talk?" Josh looks ahead, seeing Joanna's house in sight, and that her lights are still on. He'd like to get to her tonight, but at the same time he doesn't want to be rude to Joe. "Sure, I guess," Josh replies, though still focused on Joanna's house. "What do you need?" he asks, the two meeting up. "Look, um..." Joe is a bit nervous, wanting to be very delicate about the matter, "there's a secret I've been keeping from you for sometime now, and--" "Are you solving another murder mystery?" Josh interrupts, "Because seriously, been there, done that, come up with something new." "No..." Joe says, "I'm not solving another murder mystery." "Good." Joe rolls his eyes at this, but realizes that there's more important matters at hand. The same goes for Josh though, who continues watching the Winters' mansion. "Look, I'm sorry to cut you short, but I really need to go see Joanna," he reveals. "Joanna?" Joe questions, taken aback by this. "Yeah, I'm finally gonna face her, and I'd like to do it now so I don't change my mind." He starts to make his way down the sidewalk, closer to his former employer's home, but Joe quickly jumps in his way. "No, you can't." "Why not?" "Because Joanna is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about."
Meanwhile, over in the Winters' mansion, Joanna is going around, starting to shut off her house lights when she comes to her front window. Wine glass in tow, she looks out and sees Joe and Josh, standing on the streets, chatting away. She takes an interest in this, noticing how close they are to her home, and so she watches.
"What are you talking about?!" Josh wants to know, and so Joe finally comes out and says it: "She killed Matthew." "What?..." "She killed him, and she framed you for it. She told me months ago, right before we solved Jose's murder, and when I condemned her for it she framed me... So whatever you were about to go do, well, don't. She's an awful woman who just cares about herself, and you'd be a fool to go over there and grovel." Josh doesn't respond though, as he is left in complete and total shock. Though it is starting to make sense to him, how Joanna instantly blamed him, and then how she must have felt bad and paid his bail. Still, he doesn't quite know what to say. "Josh," Joe tries, but the English butler backs away from Joe, needing his space. He looks at the Winters' mansion.
Joanna is still viewing through her window as she sees Josh looking, soon making direct eye contact with her. He does not look happy, and Mrs. Winters is realizing exactly what has just been said between the two butlers. Slowly, she begins breaking away from Josh's stare, closing the curtain she had been looking out of. Wine glass still in tow, she leans her back against the wall next to the window, feeling a mixed amount of emotions, all leading to tears building up in her eyes. However, she downs the remainder of the wine and shakes this off. "No," she says to herself. She places the glass down and starts to make her way upstairs.
Mrs. Winters is next seen entering her bedroom where she takes a seat at her bureau. She looks at herself in the mirror - the makeup, the nicely done hair, the expensive clothing and jewels. And one by one she starts to remove it all. She starts with her diamond earrings, given to her on her and Matthew's fifth wedding anniversary. She then moves on to some bracelets she picked up when visiting Barbados this last summer. And then she takes out some hair extensions she picked up during her last stop at the salon with Liz. She looks into the mirror again, and then proceeds to pick up a wipe that she uses on her face. Loads of expensive makeup start to come off, revealing the few blemishes that she does in fact actually have. Lastly, she uses this same wipe across her left hand, revealing a small burn scar. She puts the wipe down, and looks at herself in the mirror for what she truly is. Her natural look. She stares at the sight of it, not hiding behind a sort of mask. Taking this all in, she now allows herself to do what she's building up for. The tears begin to flow.

"Joanna recommended me the good stuff," Liz comments as she pours two glasses of wine for she and Rena as they sit out on the patio. "And he's really leaving tomorrow?" Rena questions. "He really is," Liz smiles, picking up her glass so as to clink it against her butler's in a celebratory fashion, but he doesn't seem in quite the same good mood she is. "What's wrong?" she wonders, "It isn't this whole 'guilt' thing again, is it?" Ignoring her eye roll, Rena tells her, "No. Well, a little. But, mainly... I had this weird encounter with this girl earlier today." "And what, you wanna date her or something? 'Cause you shouldn't really bother. Any girl who'd say 'yes' to a butler isn't a girl worth having." "No, I don't want to date her," Rena responds through gritted teeth. "It was weird," he continues, "because she seemed like she knew something. About us." Liz arches her brow at this, asking, "And who was this girl?" "The new Del Barrio maid," Rena reveals, "Valentina."
Valentina, meanwhile, can be seen inside the Davis house, sitting across from Eli in the lounge. "I'm so glad you agreed to meet with me," the maid is saying, "after all, you're going to want to hear this." "I'm confused," Eli responds, "why is the neighbor's new help so desperate to talk to me? Are you a fan or something?" "Not particularly," Val states bluntly, "but still, I don't think a man such as yourself deserves to be betrayed." "What do you mean?" "Your wife," she goes on, "and your butler. Engaging in their little... 'affair', if you can call it that." Eli's eyes widen at this, with him stuttering, "That... They..." "Oh, yes," she replies, "your missus is into some kinky stuff. Here, have a look." With that, she hands him her cell phone, which currently shows a picture of the inside of Liz's S&M closet. "But this is my house. I... I think? I don't understand." "You've never suspected your wife was into that sort of thing?" Val questions, and suddenly it clicks within Eli: the horsewhip. "That's what I thought," she adds, reading his expression, only for him to respond by asking how on earth she got a hold of this image. "Your previous maid sent it to me," Val reveals, "along with the text that's beneath it, and some photos of the 'Portuguese Pig' himself so I'd know just who he was in case anything happened to her. Which, something obviously did. Read. It explains everything." Eli's eyes widen as he does just this. "Justine was blackmailing Liz?" he exclaims, to which Val says, "She tried. But she gave up. During the brief time her scheme was in motion I was her, how you say, insurance." "I'm leaving for Rome tomorrow..." Eli utters, realizing that he'll no longer have the opportunity to catch his wife in the act, but Val assures him that that's okay; "Because I can be here. The pay at my current job isn't so great. I could do with a little moonlighting on the side. What do you say I take up Justine's old spot for a while? Be your woman on the inside." Eli ponders this, not minding the idea, but then... "I just need to ask one thing." "Shoot." "How is it you knew Justine exactly?" he'd like to know. "Oh," Val replies, "she was my sister."

Unanswered Questions

  • What exactly did Matthew learn about Joanna ("Emilie") that Jose wanted to use as blackmail?
  • Who did Justine inform of her blackmail scheme as insurance?
  • What didn't the Littles want Josh to find out, relating to the blood-spattered white cloth?
  • Why was Silvia chasing Lily and why was she dead-set on killing the baby?
  • What is Silvia's history with Jorgio and why did she kill and frame him?
  • What exactly is Valentina's endgame plan in warring with Ben?
  • Why did Val have the reaction she did to seeing Rena?
  • Why did Rochelle feel the need to flee back to Wikerly Hills? Which child does she blame?
  • How did Joanna come to obtain the burn scar on her hand?
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