Eye of the Dryer
August 13, 2017
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Flash sideways
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"Eye of the Dryer" is the 33rd episode of Devious Butlers.


Things in Wikerly Hills are wet and dripping with the blood of the innocent, and not-so-innocent - but victims nonetheless. While Ben is in for heartbreak, Jennifer makes yet another comeback, and he must put his woes aside in order to help get her acclimated to life out of the asylum, along with Ali. This leads to Liz being left out, just like Theresa, whose brother seriously wants to crack down on catching the Devious Butler and starts to find his sister to be more detrimental than anything. Joanna, meanwhile, wants to crack down on another mystery, though Joe may be reluctant to investigate further, and Josh finds himself confronted by the man he almost married.



Benjamin Gold continues to mingle about Josh's welcome home party, but he simply cannot shake the feeling that something's wrong... or about to go wrong. This leads him to reflect, as we're sent into the past...
We see Ben, in a hospital back in Scotland, where he stands patiently next to Jennifer who lies in a bed. They're waiting for the nurse to come back with their newborn daughter, but in walks the doctor instead. He's clearly grief-stricken, having to be the one to tell Mr. and Mrs. Gold, "Your daughter... she didn't make it." Ben and Jennifer clutch onto one another's hands, the tears building in their eyes.
Which transitions to a more recent period of the past, where we see Ben holding Justine's hand as they go for a walk in the park. They halt as a few children run past them, rushing for the play-set. The sound of laughter from the children is just music to his ears, and he turns to Justine who shows the hint of a smile. "Kids are great, aren't they?" Ben exclaims, "I wouldn't mind having one at some point." "I do," Justine says bluntly, "with my luck of the blue jeans, I end up with twins of the three and turn to the look of a cow. Moooooooo." Ben frowns at this, and then...
"God dammit, I'm gonna have two babies?!" Valentina beams, gripping Ben's wrist with immense force as Dr. Strange points out the sonogram during Val's first ultrasound. We see Ben who, despite the extremely messed up circumstances, can't help but feel a little excited. "I'm gonna be a father..." he utters, feeling a shred of happiness for the first time in a long while.
And this brings us back to the present day where we see Ben standing alone, and he can't help but crack that smile at the thought of his upcoming children... and then a loud, feminine scream is heard coming from outside. Ben, as well as everyone else at the party, all come to a complete halt as they take in the cry for help, and then all proceed to the door to see what on earth is going on outside. And that's when Ben sees her. There, lying right center in the road, bleeding out is none other than Valentina Cortez. Ben and the other butlers all rush to Valentina's aide, while Liz can't help but let out a just as horrific scream at the deadly sight, pulling Ali in close to her to assure protection. "Someone call the police!" Mary yells, but Joanna beams that they're useless, "Someone call an ambulance!" she suggests instead, which Silvia goes on to do, and Theresa stumbles off down the street, not that anyone notices or cares at the moment. As Joe and Josh run back inside to retrieve towels to stop the bleeding, and Rena gets a pillow for her head, Ben kneels down on the ground, holding Val in his arms as he sobs immensely, watching the blood pour from her stomach. "Oh, no, please no..." he cries, "Please stay with me... please... I'm sorry..." The three other butlers return with the needed materials, as the women of Fanon Drive stand around not knowing what else to do. They each look down at the devious maid though, feeling sorrow and regret. The pillow is lied down, and Joe and Josh are able to get control of the blood. Soon the sirens of an ambulance are heard in the distance, relieving most as they now know help is on the way. "I'm so sorry..." Ben whimpers to Val, "but please stay with me... please." He can still feel a pulse. He knows she's still breathing. The ambulance makes its way into Fanon Drive, and everyone moves aside for it to come to a stop. "Just give me a sign you're still here. Please. Reach on, and stay with me!" Ben cries, as the men in the ambulance are rushing out, unloading the gurney in the back. "Reach out to me!" The pleads continue, as everyone watches in sheer heartbreak. "Reach out..." Ben utters one last time... "Reach out..." and then she does. Very quickly, and even more suddenly, Val's eyes shoot open, and her arm lunges upward, grabbing very firmly onto Ben's wrist. "Stop... talking..." is all she manages to utter before the paramedics come to her rescue. Ben lets out a huge sigh of relief.


Act I

Theresa, wearing the same clothes she wore to the party the night before, is seen sneaking into the Montgomery house, her makeup running, carrying her shoes. Rena is already sitting on the couch, inspecting something. "Morning," Theresa greets awkwardly. "Afternoon," Rena corrects, but Theresa looks at the clock, confused, and says, "No... morning," to which Rena replies, "Oh... I never was good with analog time." She rolls her eyes, approaching and saying that it's cold out. "That's Fall for you." "Fire's dying," says Theresa, snatching the fire poker that's in Rena's hands and preparing to javelin it towards the mantle, damn near nearly knocking down Jason's urn as she does so; however, Rena quickly swipes it from her, saying, "That's not Silvia's fire poker. Silvia has an electric fire, for one." "What do you mean? Whose is it?" Theresa asks, confused, and Rena explains, "I was able to swipe it from the scene of the crime." "What crime?" Rena is the one to roll his eyes this time, asking, "What exactly did you get up to last night?" "I... went out," she responds. "Out?" Rena raises an eyebrow. Theresa nods, and her brother sighs, "Tells me a lot. I really need to put a tracker on your phone or something." "Well, the party was kinda boring me, so I went out clubbing," Theresa explains, clearly rather happy with herself. "You don't have the money to go out clubbing," Rena points out, but Theresa points out in turn, "When you look like I do, you don't always need money." "I do hope you didn't blow a bouncer to get in," Rena comments, and she questions, "What? Not lady-like?" "More junky-like," he quips, and she scowls. "Anyway," he goes on, "Valentina Cortez was stabbed by the Devious Butler last night, with this," he takes the fire poker from her, pointing out the dried blood stains, and she exclaims, "Oh, my God! You just took that from a freakin' crime scene?!" "Oh, like it's gonna be so much use to the police?" Rena yells, "I'm the one trying to catch the Devious Butler!" "Bitch, you go more back and forth on that than Rumple on the prospect of redemption!" "What?" "I'm unemployed, I watch a lot of TV," she shrugs, "Besides, you're a terrible detective." "I'm... just a beginner," Rena defends, "And you said you came to Wikerly Hills to help me. Or now that you're done with Ben - just as I predicted you would be - are you back to being here to just slut around? What happened to your job at the gym?" "I still have it," Theresa promises, "I'm just taking the day off. There's this really rad party tonight. You ever watch Kicking Off with the Kappellettis?" Rena can't with this, merely saying that he knows it was cancelled, and Theresa tells him, "Not as cancelled as everyone thinks. Lifetime is reviving it for a Halloween special to see how the ratings go, and they're throwing a huge costume bash at their mansion tonight! We should totally crash!" "Why are they throwing a Halloween party this early in October?" Rena questions, and Theresa explains that it needs to be filmed early so that it can air on Halloween. "Come on... come to the costume store with me... buy me a costume..." she says sweetly, sitting down on the couch next to him, but he tells her, "Nuh-uh. I'm not buying you anything. Instead, why don't you inspect this and tell me what clues you think can be scrounged from it?" "Well," Theresa shrugs, looking at the rather ornate fire poker, "it's pretty." She is referring to the little angel wing engravings, then adds, "Until you get to the blood stains, that is." "Rena, could you go to the store for me? For some reason my iced tea keeps disappearing and I need more stuff to make it," Silvia says as she waltzes into the room. "Funny that," Rena comments, "But I'm busy investigating right now." Silvia rolls her eyes at this, asking, "Do you know how close you are to not having a job?" "Do you know how close you are to hindering my process?" "I... am gonna go pop a Xanax," Silvia announces as she promptly leaves, "Maybe five," and then it's just brother and sister again. "Please gatecrash this party with me," Theresa begs. "No," Rena growls. "But..." Theresa begins to cry, "this might be my... my l-last chance to have some r-real f-fun, bef-before I enter the real world and start p-punching in nine to five, a-and, and I've been screwed over by so many men, and you're my bigbrotherandIjusthtoughtyou'dwanna..." whatever she says next can't be made out, because it's transformed into an indistinguishable and high-pitched whine which Rena can't stand to hear. "Alright!" he finally exclaims, slamming the poker down, and immediately Theresa's tears stop. "Thanks, bro," she hugs him, "Drive me to the costume store at like noon. I'm thinking slutty gender-flip Rumplestiltskin or slutty cat. Maybe a tiger. But slutty. That's important. Guess we'll see what I'm feeling when I wake up. Gonna go sleep off the rest of this hangover. Baiii." She disappears upstairs, and Rena lets out a grand sigh.

Which leads to a grand gasp, as Valentina Cortez is starting to properly come to, back in a hospital bed but this time under far more critical care. She looks around, soon realizing that she's attached to a multitude of machines, and Ben is sat next to her. "Hey..." the butler utters, to which Val blinks in response, both as a way of telling Ben to go f*ck himself and simply because she can hardly work up enough energy to be more verbal. She then turns her head though, looking down at her stomach, a tear trickling down her face. "It- it happened... di- didn't it..." Val finally manages to utter, and the watering of Ben's eyes is the only response she needs. The Latina proceeds to let her head fall back. She doesn't shed a single tear, but merely stares up at the ceiling in silence. Ben then reaches out for her hand though, and she looks back up at him. "We lost our daughter..." he says, using his free hand to wipe away the tears, "but our other daughter... she's going to be just fine." Val doesn't appear to be all that fazed by this news, however, for she continues to lie there. "Where is she?" Val finally asks, to Ben's confusion. "Huh?" "Our daughter. My daughter... where is she? What did they do with her?" "I... uh..." "Well, I suppose it doesn't matter now, does it?" Val accepts, looking away. Ben continues to hold onto her hand though, not really knowing what else to do. He's been through this all before, yet it isn't any easier than it was the first time. "If you want me to get you--" Ben tries, but is cut off by Val, "Go away, Ben... I don't wanna talk right now." She proceeds to retract her hand, refusing to make any eye contact with the butler. She continues to show no emotion, and Ben hesitantly stands to his feet, heading for the door. Though he stops in the doorway, turning back to see if Val has perhaps changed her mind, it's clear that she hasn't, and so he continues going on. Now, with no one else in sight, Val looks upward, the tears streaming down her face as she starts to sob profusely.

"And that's the last of Ali's vomit," Josh says as he puts away his cleaning supplies at the DeWar mansion, having finally gotten everything back in order after the night before. "Thank you," Joanna smiles, approaching him, then asking, "How was it? Your first night back... here?" "Weird," Josh admits, "But I'll get over it. It's still kinda weird being back on Fanon Drive at all, to be honest." "Aw, sweetie," Joanna puts an arm around him, assuring that she's there, and he assures her in turn that he knows, proceeding to ask, "Hey, can I take my break early? I kinda wanna just... take a walk around. Get myself re-acclimated." "Sure," Joanna permits, bidding him goodbye before he steps on out, and then Joe descends the stairs. "How is it that the only one who wasn't drinking last night is the last one up?" Joanna questions, and Joe comments that he had had a particularly stressful day beforehand. "Well, you weren't the one locked in a freezer," Joanna comments, creating a small silence. "So," she goes on, "Are we gonna discuss it?" "Discuss what?" Joe questions. "All that happened," she adds, approaching, "Because I get it now. Why you do what you do... I wanna help. I wanna uncover this mystery, Joe." Joe looks a little rattled by this, asking, "Are you sure?" "That woman knocked me out and stuffed me into a cold box," Joanna breathes, "Yes, I'm sure." "But that's exactly it," Joe points out, "I... I could've lost you. This is getting so dangerous. I... I was actually thinking..." "What?" Joanna raises an eyebrow, "You're thinking about giving up?" "Well..." he admits, and Joanna's eyes widen. "You don't do that," she points out, "You... you always get to the bottom of things. It's... it's what you do. And now I wanna help you." "But I don't want you to help me," Joe pleads, "I don't wanna do it anymore! What if I come home one day and you're actually dead on the living room floor?!" "But you've come so far already! You've solved so much before! You've found answers no one else could!" "And lost James! And Brad! And countless other people! I... I can't lose you. Not for real. Thinking you were dead... even for those few minutes... it was more than I could take, Joanna." She appears sad, and then, "She won't give up, you know." "What?" "Nadia. You don't know her. She's planning something. Something big. If we stop, if we run away - she'll find us, she'll make us pay. We won't be safe until we crack this thing open like a fine Pérignon." "You had to work wine into it, huh?" he manages a smirk. "I shan't apologize for who I am. Now come down to the basement. I'll show you something I was working on after the party last night," she tells him, beginning to lead him downstairs. "I'm not gonna go down there and find your sister all chopped up like Matthew, am I?" he questions, but she doesn't answer. Then, when he makes it to the bottom of the stairs, trying his best to ignore the freezer's hum, Joanna hits the lights and a massive cork board is unveiled. It's filled with pictures. Documents. Suspects. Clues. Push-pins and colored bits of string, connecting people and venues and events. The detective inside Joe gives a heart flutter, and he finds himself commenting, in awe, "It's... beautiful." "And I did that while half-hammered," Joanna points out with a smile. Joe gives her a kiss, and then begins to inspect the board. "So," Joanna tells him, "What do we know so far, about everything?" "We know that Nadia thinks I'm a threat," Joe tells her, finding a picture of a printed-out silhouette with the name "Nadia" written underneath it. "I didn't have a photo," Joanna makes clear. Joe nods, finding the picture of Rochelle Little with a big red "X" over her face; "I'm pretty sure she hired Rochelle to take me out, for this very reason." "Yes," Joanna nods, "when I was in that freezer, she said how the whole switcheroo was like a test, on top of a revenge ploy. To see how good a detective you are." "But then why not just kill me herself?" Joe has to wonder, raising an eyebrow to the silhouette. "Clearly she's being careful about... something. Whatever she's planning, it's eating up a lot of her time," Joanna surmises, "We need to know who her minions are." "Why is there a picture of Selena?" Joe points out, tracing a line to a set of newspaper clippings about the explosion which killed Brad. In fact, Brad's picture is there, his face also with a red "X" over it. "She made a comment about how Ben was gonna go up in flames," Joanna recalls, "It might be nothing, but it might be something." "You think Selena could have had something to do with that?" Joe questions, "You think ze was capable?" "Like I said, I was half-bombed," Joanna reminds him, "Poor choice of words. But yeah. I wanted to cover all bases." "I can see that," Joe smiles, noticing how extensive it all is. And then he finds a picture of James, also crossed out, and frowns. "He must've found the freezer," Joe sighs, "With your sister in it. That's why she--" He chokes up a little, so Joanna places her hand on his back for comfort. "In the house where Kathryn was living," Joanna tries to move on. "Right," Joe nods, "But we can't question her, she's still in the South of France." "That's assuming she knows anything," Joanna adds, pointing between Kathryn's picture and one of Andrew Von Trump, "It was his mansion first." "Could Nadia have been in cahoots with Andrew?" "She could be in cahoots with anyone," Joanna assures, "She's very charming." "Andrew was part of Jorgio's business," Joe recalls, "Could Nadia..." "No," Joanna shakes her head, "She wouldn't involve herself in that sort of thing. Evil as she may be, she believes what she's doing is just. Heck, I used to believe it. Plus she was abused by a Priest as a child. She wouldn't condone that sort of thing." Joanna unpins the crossed-out photo of Jorgio, which was connected to James, and tears it in two. "Hmmm," Joe goes on, then landing on a crossed-out someone he can't make out. "Troy O'Neil," Joanna tells him, moving a document that was pinned beneath him to uncover the name. "Right," Joe nods, "Stunt coordinator for the Kappellettis," his eyes drift to the photos of Kevin, Killian and Kerwin, "Ended up with my name written on his dead hand." "Nadia's been keeping you distracted," Joanna figures. "She's been failing," Joe assures, "The police still haven't drawn a connection between me and Rochelle. I assume she's why Rochelle got dug up?" "No idea," Joanna admits, "Though how she would've found out about it..." "Is another question," Joe sighs, "We're becoming swamped with those." "Well, that's the point, isn't it? Draw up questions, eliminate as many as possible and... bam. Catch the bitch." "It would be easier if we had any clue what it is she's planning," says Joe, "She can't be dedicating a whole bunch of time to just blowing up another church." There are clippings from all the past explosions. "So that's the first question we need to get to the bottom of," Joanna nods, "Meaning, we have to find a weak link in her network." "The Kappellettis," Joe nods, "They're the only ones living we know are in league with her." "And they're dumb as soup," Joanna smiles. "Would they betray her, though? Would they know what she's planning?" Joe has to wonder. "If they're bankrolling her scheme, they might," Joanna figures, "And they might betray her... to me." "What do you mean?" "I told you about how I was the one who struck the deal with them, right? The Kappellettis were more afraid of me than they were of Nadia. Maybe we let them know that Emilie Klaveno isn't as dead as they might think." "So that's where we start," says Joe, "With them. I've sneaked in before, so doing it again won't be easy; we just need an excuse to get close to them." "Awww," Joanna beams, "This married couple detective thing is fun." They kiss.

We see Josh taking in a breath of fresh air, walking through Fanon Drive and getting a good feel of just being back. He looks out at the huge houses, the nice and expensive cars, and the ever-so-clean sidewalks. It all just feels right to him; well, everything except the movie studio standing in place of the old park. That looks a little off to him, but he decides to brush it off and continue on his stroll. He winds up turning off of Fanon Drive and down one of the neighboring Wikerly Hills neighborhoods. Though not as elite as Fanon Drive, one can tell that not just anybody could reside there... especially not the person Josh notices walking in his direction. There, coming towards the butler, is none other than Juan Castillo. Josh stops in shock, seeing his ex-fiancé for the first time since calling off their wedding eight months prior (see "The Peasant and the Devious"). He doesn't quite know what to do; whether he should turn around and pretend he didn't see Juan, pass him without acknowledgement, or actually greet the man he was to marry. However, due to Josh taking time to contemplate, he winds up with no time in the end to make his own decision, as Juan seems to have made it for him. "Hi, Josh..." the Mexican greets. "Um... hi," the English says in turn, and there's a moment of silence. "You look well," Juan finally speaks again, but before Josh goes to say the same, he takes notice of his former lover's appearance. His clothing appears to be old and worn; he's un-groomed, and even reeks a bit. Because of this, Josh decides to dodge complimenting. "I... thought you'd have gone back to Mexico by now," the butler decides to say instead, "How are you still here?" Juan shrugs though, stating it's irrelevant now and the point is that he's in America to stay. "I see..." Josh utters, then deciding to be blunt, "Well you look... bad." Juan nods, knowing this already. "I'm kind of in between jobs right now," he admits, "Believe it or not, I just applied for a butler position. However, with the Devious Butler running around..." "Butlers have become a huge no-no," Josh finishes for him, having heard that he and his friends are most likely the only butlers left in Wikerly Hills. "So right now I'm kind of just crouching under a bridge on the south-side of town," Juan reveals. Josh, rather awkwardly, gives his condolences, but nonetheless wants this interaction to be over with. "Well... I should get back to Joanna's," he exclaims, to which Juan nods, understanding. "It was good seeing you, Josh," he says, seeing fit to leave, and Josh watches as he does so, first getting a whiff of Juan's stench as he passes him. The butler gets another close look, seeing the rips and tears in his ex's clothing, as well as the grease in his hair - more so than for your average Mexican. Finally, Josh lets out a sigh, unable to bear anymore of this. "Juan," he calls out, and the Mexican turns around, "you should... stop by later. Come and get something to eat," Josh suggests. Juan kind of just nods at this, wanting to take Josh up on his offer, but also feeling rather awkward doing so. However, it appears they're in agreement, and so Juan continues on his way. Josh, meanwhile, continues to watch, feeling a mixture of emotions.

Ali and Liz lie on the sofa of the Del Barrio mansion, each a little hungover, but also still in shock over the events of the night before. Speaking of which, Ben is now heard returning home from the hospital, and so the couple sit up and wait as the butler makes his way into the room. They've have already heard the news, but this is the first they're seeing Ben since the night before. Ali is quick to stand, rushing over to embrace Ben in a hug and escort him to a seat. "I'm so sorry," she says to him, as he can barely even hold back the tears. "The doctor said it was a miracle even one survived..." Ben utters, "And Val... she tries to hide it, but you can tell she's a wreck after this." "Forget about Val," Ali insists, "How are you doing?" Even Liz looks concerned, unable to imagine the pain he must be in right now, but Ben doesn't quite know how to answer. "What do you want me to say?" he wonders, pointing out, "I lost a baby. Again. Just this time pre-maturely... and far more brutally." Ali can tell he's about to crack, and so she embraces him further, giving him her shoulder to cry on if need be. "Despite everything... despite what Val did to me in order to get pregnant, and despite what she planned to do to me when the babies came... there wasn't a single second that I didn't love them with all my heart. Two beautiful little girls Val was giving me, in her own sick and twisted way. The thought of being a father... the thought of holding the two of them in my arms... it made everything worth it. I didn't care that I was drugged and defiled. I didn't care that I was forever going to be at Valentina's mercy. That she more or less owned me now. I was going to be a father, and... now I still am," Ben officially loses it, "But again I'm faced with another loss. I'm still having a child, yeah, but I also lost one... again. The pain I felt when losing my daughter with Jennifer never went away. To this very day, to this very moment, it haunts me. What could've been? What could've been if she lived? But now... take that feeling and times it by two." The tears fall, despite trying his best to conceal them, but Ali insists that it's okay. "Just let it out," she says, knowing all too well the feeling of immense heartbreak. "Sh- she was going to be so beautiful," Ben sobs, and Ali nods in agreement. Liz sheds a single tear at this sight, as Ben finally manages to control himself. He breaks away from Ali, wiping away his cries, and he leans back. "We never even got to give her a name..." he says, seeming to just now be realizing this, and Ali puts her hand on his shoulder. "It's going to be alright," Ali promises him, "I'll be here for you." "We both will," Liz speaks up, deeming this the first appropriate moment for her to speak up. Ben nods, assuring that he knows it'll be alright. "And thank you... both of you, for everything," he says to them, though the tears are starting to return. As such, Ali and Liz both move in to embrace the butler, the three each sharing a hug. A moment of comfort. And then that pesky doorbell rings. The three break off, confused as they're not expecting any company. Liz decides to be the one to find out who's there, and upon opening the door she's met with none other than Jennifer Gold... except she doesn't know that. "Ay... who are you?" Jennifer exclaims, having never met Liz a day in her life. "Who am I?! Who are you?!" Liz asks the fellow redhead, taking a bit of offense to not being recognized as a resident of the Del Barrio mansion. "Jennifer?!" Ben then calls out, he and Ali joining Liz at the door. They're both surprised, having not expected her arrival. "Benjamin..." the Scot greets, "Goldilocks..." While Ben and Ali stand in shock, Liz just looks confused.

Act II

Joe is seen entering the cafe, where Josh, Ben and Rena already are, but he notes that they all seem to be in a bit of a rush - downing their coffee and such - and wonders what's got into them all. "Jennifer's just come back," Ben explains as he practically burns his mouth on his honeyed tea, "Again. Gotta get back quick and deal with her along with Ali. I don't know if I want Liz talking to her for too long, she might send her packing right back to the nuthouse..." "Can we not call it the nuthouse?" Josh requests, and Ben apologizes feebly, adding that it's good to have him back. "So you said at the party," Josh recalls, "Over and over, in fact. Before Val was found, you were pissed on tequila and squeezed me in a hug like a python." Mention of Val sends an icy chill of silence around the table, and Joe questions, "How are you holding up? With... what happened..." "I'm... trying not to think about it," Ben admits, sipping the last dregs of his tea, and Rena points out, "You should read the leaves from it." "Why?" Josh wonders, and Rena shrugs, "First my sister dumps him, now this... he should check out the future, see if things pick up." "You've always known just how to comfort me," Ben seethes a little, beading his eyes at the Portuguese butler. Rena does a sort of retreat, and Josh sees fit to change to subject, going, "I've got to help Juan with something." "Juan?" Ben questions, latching on to Josh's subject change, "The bastard you almost married?" "The very same," Josh nods, "He's fallen into some hard times, and... I don't know. I'll just invite him over for something to eat, talk. I feel like it'll soothe my soul." "If you say so," Rena shrugs. "And why are you rushing?" Joe wonders, at which Rena tells them, "Oh, I'm going to the costume store with Theresa." They're all silent. "Sorry if the thing I'm rushing to isn't as grave as the rest of y'all..." "Instead of being on the hunt for the Devious Butler?" Joe questions, and Rena shrugs, saying that he is still on that - moreso than ever in fact - it's just-- "Well I should hope you're on it," Ben raises his voice, and Rena whimpers in response, at which Joe says, "I've had a heavy morning of mystery-solving myself." "Oh, right, the body switching," Josh recalls. "Body switching?" Ben questions. "I'll explain when there's time," Joe promises. "Well, I must say, despite the tense mood emanating from everyone, it's nice to be back in this place," Josh comments, taking a look around the coffee place. "You were here not that long ago," Rena points out, to which Josh replies, "I know I was here, but I wasn't really... here. You know? Not for a while." "Yeah," Joe briefs his friend/butler a smile, "It is nice." Rena and Ben flash their smiles towards Josh as well, then the former notices his sister enter the cafe, clearly looking for him, and so downs the rest of his pumpkin spice latte, burns his tongue, and cries out in pain. This cry alerts Theresa to his presence, and she comes bustling over. "Hey, Theresa..." Ben utters awkwardly. "Hey," Theresa nods, "I heard about--" "You don't have to say anything," Ben assures; another awkward pause. "Anyway," Rena pipes up, "You ready to go, sis?" "Yah," Theresa nods sharply, and Joe asks, "What are you buying costumes for anyway?" "Kappellettis' Halloween party," Theresa tells him, and then, "You're the married one, right?" "Yep," Joe says quick; Ben frowns. "The Kappellettis are throwing a party on Halloween then?" he raises an eyebrow. "No, tonight," Theresa explains, "Filming and all. Can't wait to party with the celebrities. Anyhoo, toodles. Rena?" He gets up to follow her out of the cafe. "Why you so late meeting me?" he wonders, to which she responds, "Sorry. I got carried away sitting on Mrs. M's dryer," and then they're gone, and Joe is left to consider the information Theresa's given him.
"A party, tonight," Joe is seen telling Joanna back at the DeWar mansion, pouring his wife a glass of wine and handing it to her, "The Kappellettis are throwing some early Halloween thing. It'll be easy to slip in; to pretend we're guests." "Perfect," Joanna smiles, taking a sip, then telling Joe to fetch her wallet for her. "What for?" Joe questions, and she tells him plainly, "We're gonna need killer costumes. Duh."

Speaking of, Rena and Theresa are seen browsing the local cheap costume store, and the latter, not so pleased with the selection at hand, asks her brother if he couldn't have taken her anywhere better. "Not with the feeble amount I was able to swipe from Silvia's pocketbook," he responds, "Hey, look, there's a tiger." "Great, if I wanna show up to a celebrity party looking like a cereal mascot. I said slutty, remember." "I think you'll find Tony is a celebrity," Rena retorts, to which his sister says, "Great. Maybe that's how you'll finally crack your way into fame. Go find a breakfast brand that's looking for a flamboyant Spaniard to represent it." "We're literally from the same place." "Ooh, look, black, that's better," Theresa grows distracted, moving to a section of the store that's all black costumes, "If there's too much material in any of these, I can just rip a section off from my boobs, legs and torso." "My baby sister, ladies and gentlemen," Rena sighs, and Theresa tells him, "Oh, grow up. You're just jealous because I'm the most attractive Duarte." "Not saying much, our sisters look like brown-skinned bulldogs," Rena points out, and, for a moment, Theresa questions, "Would slutty bulldog make a good costume? Nah, probably not. A slutty Labrador, maybe..." "I'll just go as Disappointed Brother," Rena quips, and Theresa gives him a half-hearted smile. "You might not wanna go with the initials 'DB'," she points out, "Dumb immigrant boyfriends might randomly suspect you of being a serial killer." "Again, you keep using our country to mock m--" "You should probably wear a mask," Theresa goes on, ignoring him, "Like I said, I'm the most attractive Duarte. You really don't want your plain face in pictures next to this," she gestures her own face, "or you'll be hideous by contrast." "I'm doing you a favor, why are you insulting me constantly?" "I'm teasing you," Theresa smiles, lightly jabbing his arm before returning to flicking through the many black costumes, "But seriously, masks are over there." Rena sighs and begins walking away from her, to the mask section, gleaming through devils and swamp monsters and many a Scream and... His eyes widen. "Theresa!" he yelps, calling the attention of many other people in the store, including the owner behind the desk who appears greatly curious by the exclamation. "What?" Theresa hisses as she makes her way over to him, and then he points. "No way!" she exclaims, and we see that the both of them are looking at the same twisted smile of a rubber mask that's sported by the Devious Butler. In fact, there's a whole damn shelf of them. Looks like this is where the serial killer bought their little costume. "I can't believe this..." Rena utters, grabbing a mask from the shelf, "This could actually be a... a clue! I've found a clue!" "Bet you're glad I dragged you here now," Theresa gloats, and then Rena drags her over to the counter. "But I haven't found a collar for my slutty Labrador yet!" "You can borrow one of mine," Rena barks, and then they're at the front desk. "Excuse me," Rena addresses the owner, slamming the mask down on the counter, "I don't suppose you keep a record of your purchases do you? Old receipts?" "Well, some..." the owner replies, and Rena, desperate, asks if he'd be able to look up exactly who bought this exact make of mask in the past months. "Sure, I could run the serial number and pull up some rec--" the owner stops dead; Rena furrows a brow, wondering what's wrong. "You!" he hisses, now staring past Rena's shoulder. Theresa has come into view. "Oh!" she exclaims, "Hey there..." There's an air of awkwardness. "You two... know each other?" The owner practically spits at this, though. "I'd say so!" he roars, "That hussy slept with me and then never called me again!" "Seriously?" Rena asks, turning to his sister, and she gives off a guilty sort of smile. "Get out of my store!" he demands of her, and she appears offended. "Theresa, do as he says," Rena begs. "You too!" the owner yells at Rena, then turning to Theresa again and, "Thought you'd parade your new boyfriend in front of me, did you? Have him have me run errands?!" "Look... guy... could you just..." she tries. "Leave!" he yells. "I'm her brother," Rena tries. "That's sick!" he exclaims, "Leave!" "So she slept with you and never called you again! What are you, a woman?!" The owner absolutely seethes.
Rena is next seen being physically thrown out of the costume store, and Theresa dashes out behind him, helping him to his feet. The door is then slammed shut, and Theresa asks her brother if he's okay. "I find a lead - my first real lead - and you ruin it!" Rena screeches at her in the middle of the street. "How did I--" "He was right! You are a hussy! Maybe if you just behaved yourself, you wouldn't wreck everything you freakin' touch!" "I fixed your relationship with Mary! I--" "You dumped Ben, just as I predicted you would!" "I liked Ben, it just--" "You've not changed at all! I tried to set you straight, growing up; to guide you, but... you're a nightmare!" "Rena..." "I don't wanna hear it!" Rena roars, seriously angry, "Go make yourself useful somehow, if you're capable of that. Just... just get out of my sight." And then he storms off, leaving her there alone, and Theresa appears very hurt indeed.

Jennifer is sat in the living room of the Del Barrio mansion, sipping tea across from Ben, Ali and Liz, explaining, "So like ya suggested, Ben, I went in... got me help... now I'm good as new." "I'm sorry, but I didn't even know you were... you, again," Ali speaks up, to which Ben explains it was during the time he was out of the house. "I... guess I just never got around to telling you," he admits, to which Ali replies, "Been there..." and she has a sip of her tea, ready for a shift in topic. "So you're Ben's ex-wife?" Liz needs to recap, "As well as one of Jorgio's old hostages?" Jennifer nods in confirmation, albeit awkwardly, and Ali turns to Liz, explaining that it's how they became friends. "Didn't even know you were friends, to be honest. Never heard of her at all until like an hour ago," Liz reminds, but then wonders, "Is that why she calls you that stupid nickname?" "Ay, it's cutesy!" Jennifer argues, "And who the haggis are you anyway?!" She turns to Ali, jokingly wondering if Liz is the redhead she's replaced her with. "We're dating, actually," Liz speaks before Ali, taking her girlfriend's hand in order to add to her statement, "and very much in love." Ali can sense the rise in tension between her lover and friend, and so she turns to Liz. "Um, dear, would you mind leaving Ben and I alone with Jennifer for a bit?" "What?" "There's just a lot we need to talk about. I can fill you in later, okay?" Ali assures. Liz is offended by this, but nonetheless agrees to see herself out. "Sure, I suppose," she says, giving Ali a kiss before walking off. She passes Jennifer, who can't help but give a little smirk, and with Liz gone the main three are able to resume their talk. "So you're out of the institution," Ben exclaims, "And you're doing better. That's great, really." "And may I ask why she was committed in the first place?" Ali inquires, turning to her friend, "I mean, I'm still not really sure what made you snap out of Andrew's brainwashing to begin with." Ben and Jennifer look at one another, realizing Ali is in fact oblivious to everything that went down, and Ben, not wanting anything to be held back, simply admits: "She killed him... Andrew." "Ay, seein' the Spanish lass carryin' Ben's new babes... it triggered me. Still not in me right mind necessarily, I went to Andrew, had a bit o' wee ole' fun, flipped his breathin' machine off and down he go." "Oh... oh," Ali comes to understand, but Jennifer assures, "I'm fine now. I'll admit I was a wee bit crazy for a bit, but it's all fine now. I just... want to move on with me life now, is all." "You're sure?" Ali questions, and Jennifer confirms so. "I am," she says, "and it helps I wasn't alone there." She turns to Ben, revealing, "Yee mate, Josh. We met there. He was good to me. Yee very lucky to have him." Ben smiles at this, happy to hear that both Josh and Jennifer had a bit of comfort when away, but Jennifer continues. "Now I come here to tell yees that me time in America is over." "Wait, what?!" Ben exclaims, surprised, and Jennifer says further, "I came here lookin' to drag yee back home, lad," she says, "Clearly I was in the wrong. For one, ya got a life here. What we had is over and done with. And then everything that happened to me: the basement, me marriage... I killed a man, and served time in a loony bin. It's time I go home and find some real happiness... and normality." "Jen..." Ben utters, and Ali adds, "Are you sure you should leave. Now?" "Ay," she answers, "I got in touch with me mum and she's gettin' me a plane ticket outta here. It's for the best." Ben and Ali each turn to one another, both feeling concerned, but nonetheless accept that it seems Jennifer is dead set on this decision. "Well, if that's what you think is best..." Ben utters, and Ali adds, "I wish you nothing but happiness." Ali and Jennifer each stand up, embracing in a hug, tears building in the former's eyes. Ben stands too, proceeding to hug his ex-wife. "I hope you find what it is you're looking for," the butler says to the woman he was once to spend his life with. She nods, grateful for Ben's words, and the two shake hands. "Well I'll be off now," she says to the two, "Benjamin... Goldilocks..." she nods again, and they each nod back. With that, she leaves, and Ben and Ali both share a look of both sadness and un-assurance.

We see Josh waiting in his bedroom at Joanna's place, as Juan emerges from the bathroom all cleaned up, having just showered, shaved, and been lent a new pair of clothes. "You look good," Josh comments, not entirely enthused by this meeting, and Juan thanks him for helping him out. "Times really have been tough," he says to his ex, to which Josh states that he's sure they have. There's a moment of awkward silence, and Juan decides to break the ice by addressing the elephant in the room. "I'm sorry about Brad," he says, "Maybe I should've mentioned that earlier, but... well I heard when it happened, and I couldn't imagine the pain you must have gone through... be going through." "Yeah, it's not been easy," Josh replies, not really in the mood to give specific detail to a man who once threatened his relationship with his now deceased husband. "I wish I had called..." "That would have done you no good," Josh assures, moving to his dresser in search of a good cologne for Juan to try. "Look, I know you're probably upset with--" "Juan, listen, I really don't want to talk about Brad, okay? Not with you." "I'm sorry..." Juan utters, realizing his error, and Josh hands him a cologne, instructing that he spray it. The Mexican does so, taking a liking to the smell, and hands it back to Josh after spritzing himself a bit with it. The butler puts it back, and Juan takes a look around the room. "I'm surprised you're back here, at Joanna's," he exclaims, "After what happened with her husband..." "Yeah, well, we worked things out," Josh feels is all Juan needs to know. "I'm glad you have her," he says to Josh, "I know how close you two were, at least when you and I were together the first time, and with losing Brad--" "Seriously, is it really too much for me to ask that you to not utter the name of a man far greater than you'll ever be?!" "Josh..." Juan is taken aback. "My husband is dead, and I've made my peace with that. And I've also made my peace with the fact that you sabotaged us just for your own personal gain. But I will not stand here as you talk to me about what I've lost and how I feel, even if I'm helping you... when God knows I shouldn't." "I was just trying to be nice..." Juan exclaims, but Josh shakes his head. "No, you don't get to be nice," he beams, "You get to be civil. I don't want to be your friend, Juan. You screwed me over too hard for that... but I'm too nice of a person to sit by and let your life go to crap, even if I think you deserve it. So I'm helping you, and you will thank me for my help, and that is it." "Okay... I'm sorry." "It's fine..." Josh says, now spraying Juan's hair with some hairspray, who exclaims, "I just hope--" "If only I married you..." Josh interrupts, to Juan's confusion, "If only I married you and then maybe you would've been the one to die in that explosion." "Josh..." "Then Brad would still be alive, wouldn't he?" There's a subtle look of anger on Josh's face, and Juan is realizing that nothing can possibly come from the two spending anymore time together. "Maybe I should--" "Leave? Yeah, I think that'd be best," Josh admits, then exclaiming, "and stay clear of churches. Actually, don't. It's what you deserve." Juan simply blinks at this, though chooses not to say anything as he knows Josh is just in pain. He sees himself out, and Josh just sits down on his bed, at first angry, but then wondering if perhaps it's now he who is in the wrong.

Outside the Del Barrio mansion, having circled the block a couple times, Liz is standing annoyed. "Treating me like I'm useless," she murmurs in frustration as she begins making her way down the driveway, "Just because I'm needlessly insensitive and don't have the required context." She kicks one of the mini boulders which line the driveway out of its position, and it goes rolling down onto the pavement. However, it's stopped by a cheap-yet-stylish shoe - sported by none other than Theresa Duarte. "You been bitched out too?" Theresa asks, and Liz wonders what makes her say that. "You have that look about you," Theresa shrugs, "I know it from when I used to bitch people out daily in high school. Ah, those were the days..." "Didn't you go the high school in Portugal though?" Liz questions, having talked and bonded some with Theresa at the party, already knowing her a little, and youngest Duarte replies, "Yeah, but still..." "So who bitched you out?" Liz wonders, and Theresa tells her, "My brother. He seems to think I'm always ruining things. He called me useless." "Useless..." Liz echoes, "My girlfriend won't let me help out with her... weird, ex-prisoner, friend person." "Yeah, Rena told me weird stuff went down in this house," Theresa recalls, looking the Del Barrio mansion up and down. "Lucky you weren't around when the real weirdness was going on," Liz assures her, "A pretty thing like you, you'd have been straight in the basement." "That as an odd thing to say," Theresa trembles. "That's me," Liz shrugs, "Can't interact with people, apparently." "And I interact with people too much," Theresa nods, "In far too friendly ways..." Liz raises an eyebrow, and Theresa continues, "Rena's a horrible detective. He couldn't find his own ass in an orgy." "He was good at finding it with my whip," Liz recalls. "You know," Theresa goes on, "I bet, if I really put my mind to it, I could find the Devious Butler. I bet it's not half as hard as he's making it for himself. He just too basic to know where to start." "Wouldn't mind catching that bastard myself," Liz comments, "I went to prison for Eli's murder... and I didn't even get anything out of the will! Not to mention, he murdered my stunt double, whatever she was called - meaning he was targeting me!" "You know," Theresa went on, "if we found the Devious Butler, together... well, I mean those people in there certainly wouldn't think you're useless anymore, now, would they?" "No..." Liz utters, "I... I suppose they wouldn't." "And Rena would have to eat his stupid words like a lemon wedge on the side of a glass of Silvia's iced tea!" "You know, I've never tried that." "Oh you should, it's amazing! Low cal, too." "Huh." "So, whaddasay, stranger?" "I say..." Liz ponders, "I'm in. Let's catch this Devious Bitch." The two of them shake on it.


Josh is seen walking along the south-side of town, looking out at the streets and finding himself nearing the area in which homeless people usually crouch. After scanning the area some, he soon finds Juan sitting on a sidewalk alone with nothing but an old shopping cart full of whatever possessions he may have left. He approaches his former betrothed, to his surprise. "Josh..." Juan utters, "what are you doing here?" "This is where you're staying?" the butler questions, and Juan sort of shrugs, stating that he moves around this general area. Josh only now feels even more guilty, and he reaches out his hand to help Juan stand up. "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry," he says to the Mexican, "You were just trying to be nice, and I totally overreacted. I've made my peace with Brad, yes, but then I see you, and... well you just remind me of the bad memories I have with him. All the wrong choices I made..." Juan nods in understanding of this, pointing out that he's no saint himself, taking the blame for those bad memories occurring at all. "I was desperate to stay in America," he says, "and I took advantage of you because I knew that I could... and that was a big mistake. I'm sorry." "Well, I'm not exempt from all the blame because ultimately it was my decision... but I accept your apology." "And I accept yours for lashing out earlier, but... if it's not too much to ask, why did you help me earlier?" Josh kind of shrugs at this, admitting, "I'm just now getting my life back together. Helping you was kind of just me keeping busy until I decided what I wanted to do with my life next." "You don't know?" Juan asks, and Josh shakes his head. "With Brad, it was just get married and be happy in his comfort. Now, I don't know." "I assume you're not looking to date again?" Juan questions, and Josh answers, "Of course not. It'll be a long time before I'm ready to get back out there again, in that manner." Juan notes that to be understandable, and Josh continues, "But for now, I'm here to help you... and I think I've found a solution." "Oh?" Juan questions, "What's that?" "Your fatal flaw was applying for a job as a butler." "And? What other job am I supposed to go for?" "Well," Josh answers, "there's other positions in the custodian industry..."
We next see Juan, dressed in a pair of shorts and no shirt, holding a pair of hedge-clippers. They're standing in the lawn of the Solano house, and Maria Solano herself is seen making her way outside, taking a good look at her brand new gardener. "Mmmmmm mmm," she says to Josh, "he's a keeper." Juan feels awkward, but Josh states that being hit on by his boss will be unavoidable, "Just be grateful she's looking for a live-in." "I'm not entirely sure that's better," Juan jokes, and Josh turns to Mary. "Thank you for setting him up with this job," he says to which she assures that it's no problem. "Since butlers are taboo now, everyone who is anyone is hiring male gardeners. You might wanna change your job description, hun," she says with a smirk before heading back inside. Josh chuckles at this before turning back to Juan who, being serious now, thanks him profusely. "I honestly wouldn't be here without you," he says, and Josh assures that it's no problem. "I'm sure you'll do well here," he says to Juan, then wondering, "And who was it that denied you a job earlier? I'm sure you could get Mary to dox them if you forget to put on a shirt often enough." Juan chuckles at this before answering, "Some English woman, actually. Still kinda new to town." "Oh?" Josh questions, to which Juan replies, "Yeah, name's Regina, I think," and instantly Josh realizes who that is, his eyes opening wide, in surprise.
Regina Gibbons is seen sitting in her nice Wikerly Hills home that she's rented for the last couple months. She makes her way into the living room, having poured herself a cup of tea, and she sits down to watch some telly. On the coffee table in front of her one can see a picture of her and a younger Josh. She looks at it with a sigh, uttering the words "Soon, my son..."

"We have a fire poker as evidence, one that was used to stab Ben's babymama," Theresa is telling Liz as the two of them approach the Montgomery House. "That reminds me," says Liz, "I gotta take Val off my email blast. She was only on there for that one time we were an evil alliance, but that barely lasted. You want her spot?" "Sure," Theresa tells her, reaching in her pocket for her phone, but she can't find it, to her great annoyance. Luckily, though, she does have her keys, which she uses to get in to the house and find Rena sleeping on the couch, snoring loudly. The television is on in front of him - the original finale of Kicking Off with the Kappellettis is playing, on repeat; we see the brothers in their apricot ties - and he's muttering between snores, "Gotta catch... Devious Butler... oh, Mr. President, you're so naughty... Devious Butler... gotta catch." "Jesus," Theresa comments, "Hard at working detective-ing, I see." Liz, meanwhile, is a million miles away, now wondering aloud, "What d'you think it'd be like to dominate Trump?" "Don't wake him," Theresa yells through whisper, inspecting the coffee table and seeing two things laid out on it - the fire poker used to stab Val and her cell phone. "Bastard took my phone," Theresa hisses some, snatching it back. "Good, no unseemly texts from anyone." She then picks up the poker and hands it to Liz, asking, "How would you use this to identify a killer?" "Fingerprints?" Liz suggests, but Theresa says that, according to Rena's notes, the Devious Butler always wears gloves - as part of its whole ensemble. "Well," Liz takes the fire poker, inspecting it properly, "this looks kinda familiar." She is staring intently down at the angel wing engravings on the handle. "Don't know why, though." "Oh, for God's sake," comments Silvia as she comes down into the living room, "Is he seriously sleeping?!" "Yeah Silvia... use your rage on me..." Rena snores, and Silvia's eyes widen. "My Xanaxes just wore off," she complains, then spotting Liz with Theresa, holding a bloody fire poker, and asking them what they're up to. "Nothin'," Theresa says casually. Silvia steps closer, snatching the fire poker away, and Liz yelps, "Hey!" Rena stirs in his sleep, but fails to wake up. "Oh, my!" Silvia gasps, "Is this from the crime scene?! This can't be legal to have in your possession... take it out of my h--" She stops, also intent on the angel wing engravings. "Hang on," she goes on, "This looks familiar. This... this is from the Crematorium." "What?" Theresa questions. "When I went to go collect Jason's ashes... This symbol... and they had a big fireplace inside..."
We flash back to Silvia approaching the crematorium - Wikerly Hills' local funeral home - with Joe, right before he's arrested to be questioned about Troy O'Neil (see "Wash Upon a Star"). The camera moves around, and we see those same angel wings engraved at the entrance.
"That's right," Liz recalls, "I saw them not long before those dumbass cops arrested me. When I went to try and pick up Eli before Kathryn had the chance..."
We flash back to Liz wandering into the funeral home, seeing the large fireplace inside. Amid the tools resting beside it, the fire poker used to stab Val is there.
"The funeral home then," Theresa figures, "What's it called?" "Greenburg Crematorium & Funeral Home," Silvia recites, "I got given their card when Jason's body was taken away." She removes it from her pocketbook and hands it to Theresa, who says, "That's where we should go. It might be where the Devious Butler bases himself! His lair. His hive. The eye of the murder storm! Of course, it's where all the victims get taken to..." The card has those angel wings on it. They match the fire poker. "I'd join you," Silvia says, "But I think that fifth Xanax is re-kicking in. Also I really don't wanna and kinda just want you both out of my house. Now if you could drag him along, I'd be ever so grateful. Good luck." She wanders out of the room, and Liz turns to Theresa. "Funeral home?" "Funeral home."
We are taken across town to Greenburg Crematorium & Funeral Home, with its angel wing engravings. This is only an establishing shot, though, for soon we are in a far more mysterious interior. A chamber of some kind. Dark, but with lots of candles. A roaring fire is blazing nearby, but we only know that from sounds. Also sounds? A woman breathing heavily, which is around the same time we see Emilia Greenburg on her knees. "You... you don't want to do this," she breathes, sweating, as a Devious Butler stands over her in full dress. It doesn't respond. "You... you can't go to that party... please..." It still looms, holding nothing but a feather duster. "Fine!" the old woman roars, crying profusely, "Go! But let me free! Please! I won't tell anyone a-anything, I swear! I just wanna go! Please let me go!" The Devious Butler gives her one last silent stare, and advances. She lets out a scream, which gives the serial killer ample opportunity to shove the feather duster right down her throat. Her scream becomes a choke, and that choke worsens the more the duster's handle is forced into her gullet. Her eyes water, going bloodshot. Horrible retching noises, more tears, a whole lot of pain - and finally she goes still. The duster is retracted, and the old woman's corpse falls to the cold stone chamber floor. The Devious Butler just stands there and hangs their masked head, and then they shrug, tossing the saliva-riddled feather duster to one side before billowing in the opposite direction, toward the sound of the crackling fire.

The fire of the candles of the Kappelletti Halloween bash are flickering a storm, meanwhile, though Juanita Kown damn-near knocks one over as she's busy serving drinks to all the guests in costumes. She herself is dressed, it seems, as a cartoonish dragon, with her entire outfit consisting of wings and spines and a tail sewn onto a hideous green onesie. With an apron down the front, of course, because everyone needs to know she's staff. As she mops her brow with her dish rag, praising Vishnu that nothing was set alight, her tail sweeps by out of sight and knocks a Jack-o-Lantern into the wall. Several snooty party-goers wail in disgust at the splattered pumpkin which now litters a small corner of the vast mansion/set. "Someone spill Pump King!" Juanita whines, "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear." Instead of cleaning it up though, she simply grabs a drink from her own serving tray and downs it, enjoying the spooky music. Another guest, dressed as a vampire, tries to grab a glass of vodka and cranberry juice (it looks like blood) but Juanita smacks his hand away - "All for me! Blood for dragon!! ROAR!!!" The party does indeed look exquisite. Cobwebs and fake bats and things in every nook and cranny, everyone dressed up a treat, and cameramen all around, filming the dancing celebrities and extras for the Kappellettis' one-off show. "Hopefully this convinces Lifetime to put us back on the air full-time," Kevin - who's dressed like one of the Three Musketeers - is saying to his brothers, Killian and Kerwin. Kerwin is dressed like a Musketeer as well. Killian is dressed like a pirate. "Arrrgh!" he exclaims, making his finger into a little hook, to which Kerwin replies, "God, you're an idiot." "I thought you said we were being Musketeers," Killian argues, pulling out his fake cutlass, and Kevin smacks his palm to his face. His big feathered hat falls off momentarily. Outside, Joanna and Joe are seen approaching, only they don't look quite like Joanna and Joe, for they are kitted out in what are quite clearly very expensive costumes. In her well-fitted white wig and red-and-black regal attire, Joanna is clearly meant to be Daenerys Targaryen, while Joe, with his fake wolf furs and armor and white-bear-topped sword, is meant to be Jon Snow. "I thought we were gonna go as a couple," Joe tells her as they approach the front door, the music from inside the mansion blaring out at them. "Jon and Dany are a couple," Jo argues, "They banged in the finale, remember?" "Spoilers!" Joe complains, to which Joanna rolls her eyes and points out that it aired over a month ago. "Oh yeah it's October already," Joe recalls. "My fave part was when the little faceless girl slashed Littlefinger's throat on her sister's orders." "Not as cool as the zombie dragon risen by the Night King," Joe comes to recall, and his wife says, "Ooh! And the blonde bitch queen's gonna let 'em mess errybody up!" "It's okay, sir, it's okay, sir!" a scrawny-looking man dressed as Kermit the Frog rushes to Joe and Joanna and screeches, "Will you two keep it down! My boss, Benedict Cotton, hasn't seen the last three episodes yet!" "Sounds like Benedict Cotton's problem," Joe tells the apparent assistant, and he and Joanna finally end up at the door. "I'm so glad Willow Falls tanked," Joanna says, to which Joe replies, "So did the Kappellettis' show. Yet here we are." "Wait," the security guard bellows at them, checking the list he has on him, "Names?" "Uh..." Joe's mouth goes dry, and it looks like they could be about to fail to get in, and then, screeching from inside, "Mama! Mama!" It is the drunken squeals of Juanita, who comes rushing to the door to greet Joanna; or rather, a dragon comes rushing to the door to greet Daenerys. "MAMA!" she sounds again, then letting out a dragon's squawk as she pretends to breathe fire, "I Dracarys bouncer! Very good, ha - haHA!" She then grabs Joanna by the wrist and yanks her inside, wanting to embrace her, and Joe gets yanked in too by virtue of the fact that he was holding his wife's hand all the while. While Joanna's being half-suffocated by a hug from her "daughter", Joe looks back to check on the security guard, but he's already forgotten about them and is right now conversing with the Frog assistant ("What? What do you mean Mr. Cotton's not on the list?... Not RELEVANT?!" he squeaks). "Step-pappa!" Juanita then cries, having let Joanna go so that she may neaten out her Dany costume, and then it's Joe Snow who's pulled into a spine-crushing hug. "Drinky?" Juanita then offers, and Joanna replies, "Don't mind if I don't mind." However, she soon spits out the vodka and cranberry juice, having mistaken it at first for red wine, and she cries, "That's just cruel." The red, saliva-riddled liquid has gone all over Juanita's face, at which point she blows a raspberry at Joanna and storms off, flapping her arms like they're wings. This, of course, means that her drinks tray go flying, and several guests get covered - including every Lifetime staff member responsible for the cancellation of The Passions of Falta. They then all also catch fire from the stray candles coming into contact with the alcohol which soaks them, and nobody notices. Joanna and Joe, happy to finally be in the party, then begin to move around, keeping a look out for the Kappelletti brothers. "There they are," Joanna points out, "The two Musketeers!" However, just as they begin to maneuver their way to them through the crowd, Joe bumps into the pirate Killian, and some of the cogs in Killian's brain - slow as they may be - start to turn. "Hey!" he cries stupidly, "You were my butler in the finale! Where'd ya go?!" (see "Kill n Tell") He seems happy to see him, and Joe replies, "I, er... don't know," unable to think of anything quick enough. "Oh, I get it," Killian smiles, "You know nothing," he winks. Joe gives off a stifled laugh, and Killian goes on to say, "As you can see, it's a good thing we didn't blow the place up!" "Yeah," Joe forces a snicker, "Good thing..." Killian then wanders off somewhere else to do whatever, and Joanna tells her husband, "Yeah, he always was the retarded one whenever we made deals. Come on." Finally, they make it over to Kevin and Kerwin, who right now are squabbling over who gets to wear the hat which bears the biggest feather, as well as beginning to compare the lengths of their respective muskets. "Excuse me, boys?" Joanna says as she approaches, garnering their attention, and Kevin greets, "Ah, Joanna. I wasn't aware you'd been invited. You've been somewhat of a social no-no ever since you married that nobod--" Joe coughs, and Kevin says, "Ah, hello." He then squints at Joe some, and comes to remember, "Weren't you here before?" Joe just coughs again, and leaves the speaking to his wife. "He has. As have I," Joanna smiles, "I rescued my old butler from your crazy sister's basement, remember?" "Oh... right... that," Kerwin scratches his head, "So sorry. Is there anything we can do to make up for that whole... kerfuffle?" Joanna sighs, saying, "You always were a two-faced bitch, Kerwin." "Excuse--" "As it happens," she goes on, "there is something you can do to make up for it. Give me answers." "Answers?" Kevin takes over again, and Joanna stares deep into his eyes. "About Nadia," she gleams casually, and both Kevin and Kerwin are utterly taken aback. "Wh-what?" Kevin asks, shaking, and Joe says, "You heard her." The music and the guests almost seem to fall away into nothingness. Kevin's heart is pounding, and Kerwin is eyeing the door some. Killian is off lighting flaming shots off burning producers. Juanita is pretending to Dracarys nearby ("Die, dirty Lannister scum! You Kwon't cancel this devious maid!"). "You... you can't be," Kevin insists, squinting at Joanna hard, "You can't be..." "Can't be what, Kevin?" Joanna asks, advancing. He flinches as she draws herself up to her full height, towering over him a little. "I've missed making you flinch like that," she then whispers into his ear, "It's been years. Not since Italy..." Kevin is shaking now, and Kerwin is asking, "What's she saying?" "Come with me, brother!" Kevin then exclaims to Kerwin, "We... we need to show our guests something." Joanna raises an eyebrow at this, and Kevin replies, "You want to know what she's planning, don't you? Well, it's not something that can just be told..." "Kevin, what are you doing?!" Kerwin hisses, looking around at the guests - at the cameras. "We have no choice!" Kevin fires back, looking to Joanna and Joe. "You remember Kristi's old room, I trust?" "Why?" Joanna wants to know, Joe stepping forward some. "Because that's where it is," Kevin reveals with a grand sigh, "Where we're keeping it for her..." "Keeping what?" Joe insists. Kerwin is trembling. Kevin finally reveals: "Nadia's secret weapon." Joe and Joanna turn to one another, and then back to the Kappelletti brothers. "After you..." Joanna implores, and Kevin begins leading her away. From across the room, Killian notices his two brothers going somewhere with Daenerys and Jon and exclaims, "Oh no! Am I missing pictures?!" and so scurries off to join them. Away from the guests and chatter and music, Killian can be seen catching up to them as they open up the door to Kristi's old basement bedroom, and he asks, "Hey, what we doing?" And then he witnesses his brothers attack Joe and Joanna from behind, whipping them both round the backs of the heads with sharp thuds - the door shielding them from the camera - and everything goes black as the married couple tumble to the bottom of the stairs.
When Joe's eyes shoot open, it takes him a moment to realize where he is. The three Kappelletti brothers are standing, cross-armed, in front of him, but they're so low down. It's then that Joe looks down, and everything starts to wobble. He is stuck standing on the back of a chair, his arms tied behind his back, and a noose fastened to his neck. If he moves too much, the chair will give way and the noose will take action from there. He turns his head as much as he can to see Joanna stuck in the exact same predicament, breathing wildly. Her white wig has been removed along with her dragon-carved cloak, while Joe's own cloak and belt containing his replica of Longclaw have been tossed into a pile with his wife's things in the corner of the room. The same room where Joanna once made mincemeat of the youngest Kappelletti in order to save Rena's life. She doesn't feel quite so brave now, focusing only on keeping her balance so that the chair doesn't fall right out from under her. It shakes a little; it doesn't help that both she and Joe are trembling. "Good," Kevin smiles, "You're awake." "What the hell is this?" Joanna demands. "The scene of your demise," Kerwin points out as though it's obvious, "I never did like you, Emilie." "See?" Joanna says shakily, "Two-faced." And then she spits at Kerwin, who gets caught right in the eye and stumbles backwards, while Killian exclaims, "Wait? That's Emilie?!" Apparently he's only just catching up. Even Joe takes a break from being afraid to roll his eyes. "Why are we still alive?" Joe then demands, and Kevin assures, "You won't be for much longer. You both know about our liaisons with the mare athei, which makes you a threat to our career. And so all you need to do is tell us who else knows about said liaisons and you'll get nice, quick deaths." "Wait," Killian halts the process, "But that's illegal!" "D'uh!" Kerwin flicks him on the forehead, having wiped the spit out of his eye, "That's why we're making it looked like they hanged themselves!" "But... people aren't gonna believed they hanged themselves if their wrists are tied behind their backs, now, are they?" Killian points out, trying to sound smart, at which Kevin smacks his palm to his face again, snapping, "We'll untie them when they're dead, you numbskull!" "Huh," is all Killian has to say, while Joe maintains, "No one else knows." Kerwin looks from him to Joanna, asking the latter, "That true, Emilie?" Joanna doesn't respond.
Outside, the Kermit is still trying to convince the security guard to let his boss inside, when someone else in a costume approaches. In fact, several people, all in the same costume. The bouncer's then chopped in half by a massive ax with a toilet brush for a handle. It's a group of Devious Butlers. Three of them. The stupid frog dies too. They bust on in, panic ensues.
"Is she lying?" Killian asks from downstairs, then picking up Joe's Longclaw and threatening Joe and Joanna with it, "Let's torture them with this to get the truth!" "It's a plastic sword!" Joe cries, his throat a little raw from having a rope tied around it, and then the faint sound of screams are heard from upstairs. "What the hell's going on up there?" Kerwin wonders, and Joanna looks confused, whispering to Joe, "I thought this place was sound-proofed?" "Guess not anymore," Joe shrugs, still shaking, and then, at the same time, they both start screaming for help. "Shut up! Shut up!" Kevin cries. "Let's kill them quick," Kerwin decides, moving to kick down Joanna's chair, but Kevin halts him by sticking out his arm, pointing out that they haven't extracted the information they need yet. Killian, meanwhile, opens the door to see what's going on upstairs, and the screams of the party guests grow louder.
"DIOS MIO KUNG PAO!" Juanita shouts loudly as she hides under a table; the Lifetime producers have finally been extinguished, and are looking pleased about that, but their happiness doesn't last for long. Soon, every last one of them is swiftly beheaded in one neat swoop by a Devious Butler brandishing a mop-ended sickle, all the while the rest are issuing some real carnage to the guests. One of the Devious Butlers turns to Kristi's bedroom door, hearing Joe and Joanna's cries for help, and begins to approach curiously.
"Something scary's going on," Killian whines, taking out his phone and hitting a button. "What did you just do?" Kevin asks. Joe and Joanna have stopped screaming now, breathing heavily, still wobbling atop their chairs. "I triggered the silent alarm," Killian explains, "To get the police down here." "The police?!" Kerwin screeches, "You fool!" He moves to punch his brother and it's not long before the two of them are brawling. Their floor-bound wrestling match, which involves Killian whacking his brother on the head with his own fake musket, rolls dangerously close to Joe's chair, which he tries his best to keep steady. "You had the right idea, Kerwin," Kevin then nods, "We need to kill these two now." He then moves forward, ignoring his battling bros, to kick Joanna's chair out from under her, placing his foot atop the seat and saying, "Say your prayers, Emilie." "I don't believe in God, remember?" is what Joanna has to say in response, right before she uses her chair as a spring-board, kicking it over herself in order to swing forward on her noose and whack Kevin right in the f*cking face with her shoes. "Joanna!" Joe cries as his wife swings back, Kevin now knocked-out on the floor and bleeding heavily from his broken nose, and Joanna manages to move sideways and prop herself up by wrapping her legs around Joe's waist. His chair nearly topples, but he manages to keep it steady. "Now what?" Joe questions. It's really quite the sight to behold. With Kevin down, Killian and Kerwin make it to their feet - and then the Devious Butler bursts on in. He pushes Killian to one side and tackles Kerwin to the ground, ignoring Joe and Joanna so that they can rub their handful of steel wool all over Kerwin's screaming face. Scrubbing it off like a particularly nasty mildew stain. The skin begins to wash away like a flaky layer of paint, and it isn't long before he's left with only half a formed face, and half a scraped-off bloody mess. "Freeze!" it's the police.
Sirens flash outside. The other Devious Butlers run away, fleeing through windows and other exits to avoid capture. The living guests stay where they are, and Juanita comes out of hiding. "Oy," she mutters as she kicks the severed head of the co-creator of UnREAL across the room.
Downstairs, the Devious Butler pushes the cop to one side and makes a break up the stairs, and the cop doesn't feel inclined to chase him because he's too taken aback by Joe and Joanna attached to nooses, Joe standing on a chair with Joanna's legs around him, their hands bound. "DeWar..." the cop recognizes. Kerwin is still screaming with his half a face. Kevin is still unconscious. Killian is there ("Aaargh!" he says again, because yeah). Joe doesn't remember this cop though, because there are soooo many pointless, faceless, nameless ones, and so he just goes, "Hey..." "We were about to send a squadron to your house," the cop adds, "You're under arrest." "What?!" Joe and Joanna both yell at the same time. "You should be letting us down from here, not arresting my husband!" Joanna screeches. "We'll let you down," the cop nods, "And then replace that rope for a pair of handcuffs, DeWar. Whatever Halloween hijinx this is, it's over. You're under arrest for the murder of Rochelle Little!" Joe's eyes bulge some. Killian trips over.

"Well, it's official," Ali exclaims, making her way into the living room of the Del Barrio mansion, "Jennifer's on her way to the airport." Ben was just sat reading a book, which he now closes in order to focus on the topic at hand. "Are you sure we did the right thing?" he wonders, "Just letting her go home like that?" "It seems to be what she wanted," Ali shrugs, though clearly unsure herself. "I just don't know if she's ready, is all," Ben points out, "She went through so much here... It's not like her mother will understand her situation." There's a moment of silence between the two as they contemplate. "Jen said she just wanted to move on," Ali recalls, "but... she and I have been in the same boat." "And?" Ben wonders, to which Ali responds, "She's gonna be alone in Scotland. And speaking from experience... she can't be alone right now." Ben nods, having feared the same thing. Ali wonders what they should do, and Ben looks up at the clock. "What time does her flight leave?" he wonders, and Ali looks up at the clock. "We have time," she exclaims, understanding Ben's idea, and with that the two of them get up, rushing out the door.
Jennifer is seen arriving at the airport, getting out of her Uber with a couple bags of luggage in tow, prepared to finally head home for her fresh start. She looks around, taking a deep breath, before heading inside the airport.
Ben is driving Ali's car as fast as the legal speed limit allows, though Ali rolls her eyes at this and tells him to step on it a bit.
Jennifer makes her way through the airport security, pushing her bags through and walking through the scanner with her ticket in tow.
Ben and Ali are now sat at a red-light - Ali looks beyond annoyed, while Ben feels awkward for not having sped up when it turned yellow.
Jennifer has a seat at her gate, taking out a magazine to flip through while waiting for her plane.
Ali has now swapped seats with Ben, being the one to drive as she speeds up, getting to the airport about fifteen minutes faster than they would have if going at Ben's speed.
Jennifer puts the magazine away as the ticket agent begins calling out for people to board the flight.
Ben and Ali rush to the another ticket agent, demanding that they need to get through. "It's an emergency, I have stop my ex-wife from leaving the country!" Ben exclaims, to the ticket agent's confusion and discomfort. "Poor choice of words," Ali speaks up, "but really, it's an emergency." "I'm sorry, but no getting through without a ticket.
Jennifer is now scanning her ticket and showing her passport, giving her access to board the flight. She takes one last look around before heading through the door.
Ali rolls her eyes as she digs through her purse, handing over her credit card to purchase two tickets. Once printed, they're allowed to pass. The two begin running in order to make it in time.
But they don't, as they arrive at the gate just in time for the plane to take off. "No..." Ben utters, to which Ali exclaims, "We're too late." The two both look at one another, disappointed to have let her get away. They each take a seat, reflecting on what's been done. "I just hope she manages to find peace," Ali says, and Ben adds, "She just shouldn't be alone." "Ay, don't wanna be alone," a voice is then heard coming from behind, and Ben and Ali both quickly turn, in shock, to see Jennifer standing behind them. Her bags are in tow; she's off the plane. "Ay got off the plane," she cries, tears in her eyes, "I just can't do this right now. I need yeh... both of yeh. And I'm sorry if that's being needy or whateva, but--" Ben and Ali both get up though, insisting that she speak no further. They each embrace her, assuring that she'll be alright. "We'll all be alright," Ben says, "the three of us together... and Liz." "And Liz," Ali agrees, and their moment of peace and comfort continues... but then Ali wonders: "Hey where is Liz?"

Liz and Theresa are lit up by the full moon, which sits spookily in the sky. "Same markings," Theresa surmises as she holds the fire poker up in front of the funeral home, seeing the same angel wings engraved both on the handle and above the rather ornate entrance. "This must be were that murderous ass-wipe lurks," Liz replies, looking rather cautiously from side-to-side, "We should be careful... I'm kinda wishing we brought a gun." "We don't need a gun," Theresa assures, holding up the fire poker like it's a sword, "We have an angry Portuguese woman." "Right," Liz nods, looking Theresa up and down, "Yeah, you look like you'd work as a human shield if need be." "What?" "Nothing. Let's go prove how use...ful we are." Theresa nods, still brandishing the poker, and begins to approach the doors, Liz moving slowly behind her. When Theresa reaches out her spare arm in order to try and open it, she discovers it's locked, and rolls her eyes. "Here, hold ma' poker," she insists of Liz, who has the murder weapon thrust into her grip, and, before she's able to even ask her new partner in crime what it is she's about to do, Theresa has already dropped to her knees and retrieved a bobbypin from her hair, and it isn't long before the lock to the double doors springs open and the doors themselves creak on inward. "How do you know how to do that?" Liz asks as Theresa gets to her feet, readjusting her hair. "I mentioned I'm Portuguese, right?" she makes sure, before whispering, "Okay, now be careful... we're goin' in." Liz gulps, now being the one to hold up the poker, while Theresa goes for her home and holds it up with the camera screen on. "What are you doing?" Liz wonders, and Theresa, who starts filming, says, "We wanna have evidence if we find out who it is, right?" Liz nods, readying her feet to run if she needs to, and the two of them begin to look around the empty crematorium. There's no one at the desk - but there wouldn't be at this hour anyway. The name Emilia Greenburg sits on a small plaque. "Who's that?" Liz wonders as Theresa shines the light from her phone over it, and Theresa surmises, "Must be the owner." She moves the light around, and then, "Aha!" "Be quiet!" Liz yells through whisper. "Sorry," says Theresa, "But look." She is gesturing towards the fireplace, which is missing its poker. "We already know the poker came from here," Liz points out as she holds said poker up and compares the markings, "What does finding the fireplace tell us." "I spent a lot of time bouncing between rich old men's fancy mansions," Theresa explains, "They liked to keep their real treasures hidden - not that it always worked - and I've seen quite a number of these." "Number of what?" Liz wonders, and Theresa tells her to follow her. She then stands up on the raised stone dais of the mantel, and invites Liz to stand on it with her. "What are you doing?" Liz wonders as Theresa flickers through the ornaments on the top. "Looking for a-- aha!" "Shush!" "Sorry," Theresa again apologizes, then pulling back a candle - the bottom of which is attached to some sort of mechanism, and then the whole structure of the fireplace starts to shift. To spin. "Oh, my God," Liz squeaks as it turns all the way around, and suddenly the two girls are standing on the other side of the wall. "This is it," Theresa exclaims, eyes wide, as the two of them stare down at a dark chamber. "The lair..." Liz whispers, "It looks empty." She begins to lower her guard, letting the fire poker drop to her side, while Theresa continues to film what's ahead of her. "It would help if I could see," she says as she begins to descend the steps, the only light emanating from her phone, and Liz follows her. "That's better," Theresa then comments, getting to the foot of the stairs and finding herself surrounded by hundreds of candles, scattered all around the underground lair. "What the hell..." Liz then finds herself uttering, moving closer to something. "What is it?" Theresa wonders. Liz, right now, is moving towards a large circular table with many, many chairs stored around it. Almost as though set up for a council meeting. And there, right in the middle, surrounded by candles and framed as a large photograph - a shrine - is Justine Dussault. A picture of her, at least. A shrine to her. "Who's that?" Theresa wonders, squinting at the blonde woman, and Liz breathes, "That's my old maid... what the hell is this?" "The Devious Butler... worships your old maid?" "Look at all those chairs," Liz gestures, "Looks to me that there's more than one Devious Butler. We should leave." "Agreed," Theresa nods, getting rather creeped out by the Justine shrine, "We have enough evidence to put a dent in the case..." "Yuh-huh," Liz nods, turning around, and then there's a gasp. "What, what is it?" Theresa wonders, still staring at the shrine, but no answer comes. Then she turns around and sees Liz currently in the grip of a Devious Butler, with its gloved hand over her mouth and its other arm holding her still. She makes a series of muffled cries, and Theresa screams. Feeling brave all of a sudden, she lunges forwards, but finds herself tripping over the dead body of Emilia Greenburg. Another scream. The shock of all this makes the Devious Butler stumble, and then Liz's arm breaks free and she's able to whack it, backwards, over its masked face with the fire poker she still has locked in her grip. "Run!" she yells, pulling Theresa to her feet, and the two of them head to the stairs, standing on that dais as quick as they can and pulling the candle which makes the whole fireplace turn. They're then back in the funeral home - but so are the three Devious Butlers who have just returned from the Kappelletti Halloween party. "Stand back!" Theresa weeps, holding up a feather duster she picked up off the ground from when she tripped over Emilia, but the Devious Butlers just stare at her confused behind their masks. "Screw it," Theresa says, throwing the feather duster at them and making a run for it. Once again, one makes a grab for Liz and so she plunges the fire poker into their shoulder and runs too, leaving it there. "This way," Theresa screams, grabbing Liz's hand, and the two of them soon find themselves running in pitch black through a series of gravestones. "There's so many of them," Liz cries, and Theresa warns her to be quiet as they keep running. "We can't outrun them," Liz whispers, seeing four of them burst from the funeral home. "They don't know where we've gone," Theresa promises, seeing that they disperse randomly, "Come on, this way." However, "this way" turns out to be a fence - the two of them have trapped themselves in, no way of escape unless they head back and go right into the Devious Butlers' midst! Both are breathing heavy, and Liz suggests, "Hide." They nod to each other and each find a grave to duck behind. Theresa realizes the light of her phone is still on and goes to turn it off, only to end up dropping it onto the grass in all her nervousness. Liz, meanwhile, stays put behind the grave, which is illuminated some by the moonlight. ROCHELLE LITTLE it reads, and Liz rolls her eyes, whispering, "I bet you planned this, you bitch." She tries looking at where the Devious Butlers were, but they're not there anymore, and, in her crouched position, chipping a nail as she does so, she takes a step sideways... and screams. She's just tumbled right into Rochelle's empty grave, with the whole thing having been dug up so that that extra evidence against Joe could be planted. The sound of footsteps and Liz just lies there, injured now, unable to do anything. The next thing the moonlight illuminates is the masks of the Devious Butlers as they all crowd round the grave, staring down at her. "Liz?!" Theresa cries out as she blindly searches the grass and mud and pebbles for her lost phone, "Where are you?" She then just hears Liz scream, and turns around to be immediately met by a mask. She pushes the Devious Butler away from her and tries to make a run for it, but then there's a whoosh of black in the already very dark darkness. Several whooshes in fact, and Theresa, letting out a scream of her own, is utterly swarmed.

Unanswered Questions

  • Did Nadia leave the knife for Joanna? If so, how did she come to suspect the switch?
  • Why did the church explode? Who was behind it?
  • Who paid Rochelle to kidnap Joe?
  • Was Troy involved in the church explosion?
  • Who killed Troy and why did he have Joe's name written on his hand?
  • Who are the Devious Butlers, and why are they murdering people in Wikerly Hills?
  • How was the site of Rochelle's burial known to Nadia?
  • What grand plot is Nadia apparently so busy with?
  • Why was the original Joanna's body being kept in the Von Trump basement?
  • To what extent is the WHPD under Nadia's thumb?
  • Will Valentina survive the Devious Butlers' stabbing? Will her babies?
  • Why do the Devious Butlers have a shrine to Justine set up in their lair?