Custodian Horror Story
Devious Butlers 1x02
June 26, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"Custodian Horror Story" is the 2nd episode of Devious Butlers.


Joseph DeWar has arrived on the scene as Wikerly Hills' newest butler, and now he has to work to get himself embedded into the already tight-knit group that exists within the area. Meanwhile, as he starts snooping into Jose's horrific murder, Ben lands himself a date of sorts, and Josh has a date of his own that has the potential to really ruffle some feathers in the Winters' mansion. Rena scores an agent, as well as his first televised role, but all the butlers soon must learn that all good things come at a cost.



Joe can be seen sat at the same Wikerly Hills café where the other butlers can often be seen hanging out, though right now he is solitary at a table, apparently thinking deeply about something as he waits for his coffee to cool down. The shot pans around the back of his head as he begins to think back…
Several years ago and the back of his head is staring at Lieutenant Huberd of the Wikerly Hills Police Department. "I'm sorry, DeWar. That was the final straw." We pan around to see his disappointed expression.
And then the back of his head is staring at a bartender. "Yeah, that sounds rough. Is that all?" he asks, and Joe's disappointed expression changes as he turns to the beautiful woman sitting next to him whose face we don't quite catch a glimpse of.
The camera pans around one last time as Meghan tells him, "Tyson's been arrested for murder!" As she rambles on, Joe's disappointed expression changes once again as he begins to see this as an opportunity...
We once again settle on Joe in the present, sitting down at the café with his coffee, until finally his train of thought is interrupted by the utterance of, "Hey. Joe?" He looks up to see Ben, who's entered the establishment along with Josh and Rena. "Yeah?" Joe replies as the three butlers proceed to sit with him, and Rena asks Ben who this guy is. "This is Joe. He's the new butler for the Del Barrios," Ben reveals, "I saw them interviewing him. Joe, this is Josh and this is Rena." Joe waves, then explaining, "Well I don't officially start until tomorrow morning, but, yes, I'm to be working for them." "Interesting…" Josh says. "How much dirt do you think you can get on them?" Rena wonders. Joe is taken aback by this question, before the two butlers laugh and Rena says, "We always try getting this one," he gestures Ben, "to gossip about his employers but he has this whole thing about 'privacy'. It's inhuman." Joe chuckles at this, pointing out, "Well there is a certain ethical standard." "Ethical standard my hot brown ass," Rena scoffs. "This morning, I saw Liz take one bite of breakfast and then stick her finger down her throat. Like what kind of actress still indulges in bulimia? Such a cliché disorder." "That's nothing," Josh assures, "Joanna asked me to take out the recycling last week the bag burst open there were so many bottles inside. I mean…" Joe gets lost in the conversation as Josh continues to talk and the other butlers laugh at the appropriate points; finally, he himself is addressed when Ben asks, "So, are you excited to start working for the Del Barrios?" "Sure, I guess," Joe replies, "I mean, it's going to be kind of weird replacing that butler who got murdered. Did you guys know him?" The other butlers go quiet, only purveying slight nods, and Joe nervously adds, "It must have been quite a shock." Ben is the first to say, "We'd rather not talk about Jose. We're just… trying to put all that behind us." "Oh," Joe says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…" "It's fine," Josh assures. "So," ask Rena, wanting the subject to change, "where did you used to work?" "I'm actually new to the butler gig," Joe reveals, and Ben tells him, "Give it time. Soon enough you'll get abhorrently used to covering up other people's messes as a way of life." "Yeah," Joe nods, giving a slight smile. "So it seems." The three pre-existing butlers continue to bond with the newbie.


Act I

"SURPRISE SPANIARD TAKES THEATER CRITICS BY STORM" is seen written atop this morning's paper, which Rena just cannot stop reading over at the Davis house. Justine rolls her eyes when she walks into the kitchen to see him staring at that picture of himself holding the skull, again, and Rena asks her, "You see this?" "They got your nationality wrong," is all she replies. "Like you can even tell," Rena replies, "you're probably a racist. I bet that's why you hate me." "My stepfather is Spanish. He is nice person. That is how I know you are not one," she tells him with that squinted smile of hers, then mopping her way into the next room. Rena decides to ignore this and uses a fridge magnet to stick his page of the newspaper to the fridge, though Liz promptly tears it away upon her own morning entrance to the kitchen along with her husband. "No," she states, screwing it up into a ball and throwing near the trashcan. "Pick that up?" she tells her butler, and he proceeds to pick up the newspaper clipping and stuff it into his pocket, wanting to conserve it. "I thought you liked my performance," Rena recalls, at which Eli asks, "You did a performance? Of what?" "Dear lord, Eli, stay updated," Liz states, rolling her eyes at her husband, before turning back to her butler and telling him, "Your performance was fine, but I don't make the mistake of letting poor people have dreams. It's cruel, really. Sets them up for disappointment. I'm doing you a kindness. Now, find me something to eat and then get ready to scrub the toilet, because that headline put me in the mood for a Spanish Omelette and there is no way I'm allowing that to digest." Rena nods, assuring his employer that he'll get right on that, but first his other employer tells him to take out the trash before he gets busy. Rena obliges, proceeding to lift the plastic bag out of the can and drag it outside. After he's done dumping it where it needs to be, he takes out his balled-up newspaper clipping and sighs, throwing it onto the pile of garbage where it belongs. And then, his cell phone begins to ring. "Hello?" he answers the unknown caller, and a woman on the other end asks, "Renato Duarte? I'm Yas Belich. I was told of your performance at the theater the other night and I'm interested in turning you into a star. You interested?" "What?!" Rena asks, shocked, "Is this a prank call? Where are the cameras?" "At the studio," Yas tells him, "where I've already lined you up with a part." "I'm confused," Rena claims, "how did you get my number?" "According to my PA, you were throwing dozens of your contact cards into the crowd after being chased off the stage. He was very impressed with your acting skills, and so will the people over at The Passions of Falta when they catch wind of your talent. The only question is: are you in?" "Can you just wait one second before I answer that?" an ecstatic Rena tells his new agent, then taking this moment to remove the newspaper clipping from the trash and unfurl it.
The next we see, his headline and picture is being pinned up on his bedroom wall in the Davis house. Rena stares at it proudly, before exiting his room and running into Justine. "Why do you look so smug?" she wonders, "Did the article manage to spell your name right?" "I have a part on a soap opera. Cover my shift?" he tells her, cheerily walking past. Justine just rolls her eyes without the energy to care.

It's nighttime at the Winters' mansion, and Matthew is sat at one of the front windows; he looks out at his driveway where he sees Josh home from another date with his boyfriend, Juan. The two are seen talking and laughing as they shyly look into one another's eyes. Matthew clearly doesn't like the sight of this, but from behind Joanna calls out, "What are you doing?" Matthew quickly lets go of the drapes that cover the window and looks to see his wife staring down at him, unamused. "They're doing it again, they're... doing their unholy acts right on my doorstep." Joanna looks out the window and sees the boys continuing to talk. "Right," she sarcastically replies, before telling Matthew that harmless chit-chat at the door isn't some unholy act. However, Matthew once again lifts this drapes, this time only see to Josh staring straight at him with a devious grin. Still making eye contact with Matthew, he pulls Juan in close and proceeds to kiss him passionately. Matthew is appalled, and nudges Joanna to look out and see as well; however, all she manages to do is form a grin of her own, commenting, "Mmmmm, mmm, mm, I kinda want in, to tell you the truth." She then has a sip of her wine and walks away.
Josh is next seen making his way into the mansion and prepares to head upstairs, but Matthew instructs that he stop. "What, are you here to thank me for the little show I put on for you?" Josh questions, with a smirk. But Matthew doesn't believe this to be a laughing matter; he reaches into a table drawer in the foyer and takes out a bible, which he then hands over to Josh. "Have you ever read one of these?" he asks, but doesn't even allow the butler to reply; "Actually, I'm sure you haven't. Well let me just tell you that in this house we live by this book, and the actions you were out displaying on my property go against what is said in this book." Josh simply replies that he doesn't practice religion. "Oh, I'm sure you don't, but that matters not. While I may not be able to fire you, which you can thank my beloved wife for, I can decide what you do and do not do in my home. Now hear me when I tell you not to bring that little salami smoker to my house again. Understood?" But Josh simply smiles: "Oh, Mr. Winters, you don't know what you just started." With that, the butler heads upstairs, leaving Matthew to contemplate.

"And this is the balcony, or one of," Ben is heard saying the next morning as he finishes showing Joe around the Del Barrio mansion on his first day of the job, "where you'll be sweeping. I used to do it, but… It's where, um, Jose…" "You mean he fell off of this?" Joe inquires as he walks through the room where his predecessor died, and Ben nods sadly, leading his new co-worker to say, "Once again, I'm sorry for your loss. It's just so horrific, what happened, and I understand that, working together, you two must have been close, and…" "It's fine," Ben assures. "We'll be working with each other from now on. I hope I can trust you." "You absolutely can," Joe smiles and nods, "and if you don't mind, I'd like to get to my sweeping now." "Of course," Ben acknowledges, "I'll get out of your hair. And, uh, you're welcome to join me and the other guys on our lunch break." "Glad to hear it," Joe assures before Ben finally leaves. As soon as he's out of earshot, Joe stops smiling and drops his broom. "Now," he says to himself, looking around this particularly significant room, "where do I start?" And with that, he begins to snoop.

Meanwhile, outside the Del Barrio mansion, Justine Dussault is seen making her way to the front door. She looks up at the home standing before her, giving her a slight chill, but proceeds to ring the doorbell. After a moment of waiting, the door opens and Justine finds herself being greeted by none other than Alison Del Barrio. With the door only partially open, just enough so that the two women can see each other's faces, Ali cautiously says to the visitor, "May I help you?" Justine is taken aback, having expected to be met by a servant and not an actual Del Bario; alas, she's come there for a reason, and with that she asks if Ben is around. After a moment of giving no response, Ali finally opens the door wider so that the neighbor maid can come in; "Yes, um, he should be around here somewhere." "Merci," Justine replies, to which Ali nods in return, going off to find her butler. However, as Ali starts to go up the stairs, Jorgio is there, waiting for her; he can see Justine waiting at the door, and he stops Ali as she goes to pass him. Grabbing his wife by the arm, rather forcefully, he demands to know who the woman visiting them is. "She- she's here for Ben. I- I was on my way to get him," Ali answers, and Jorgio lets go of her arm. "Oh," he says, "well... tell him to quit having company over. We can't be having too many visitors, not in a time like this. Get Ben to get rid of her." With that, he starts to walk away, but Ali speaks up that she's sure it'll be fine. Jorgio stops in his tracks and turns back to Mrs. Del Barrio; "For your sake, let's hope so." From there, he keeps walking.

As Justine waits for Ben, she looks around the foyer of the Del Barrio mansion, taking notice of some collecting dust. She looks around to see if anyone is watching her, and when determining the coast is clear, she takes an old dust rag out of her pocket that she carries around and starts wiping stuff off. "Justine?" a voice calls, however, and so the maid shoves the rag back in her pocket. Turning with a smile, she greets Ben. "I'm surprised you wanted to see me," he exclaims, to which she replies that she just wanted to thank him for helping out with the gardener; "He rests up and should be back in few days." Ben blushes; he didn't really take in the latter half of what Justine said to him, just simply the part where she thanked him. "It was no big deal, truly," he exclaims. Justine nods, giving the butler a smile, but tells Ben that she must go now, for Rena has the day off so she's swamped with work. "I see you around," she says, going to leave, but Ben stops her. "Wait, wait, wait," he calls, "would you, uh, maybe like to get dinner some time?" Now Justine is the one who blushes, but alas, she shakes her head. "I'm sorry," she says, "but I'm scared my heart belongs another." Ben is let down by this, believing to have gotten his hopes up for nothing. Justine starts to exit the Del Barrios' home to return to her own, but another idea comes to Ben's mind. He goes after her, calling out to the French beauty: "That doesn't mean you still can't have dinner with me." Justine looks back, confused, and Ben continues that while she may be interested in someone else, they can still have dinner as friends. "I... am not sure that is good idea," Justine says, hesitantly, but Ben has already begun writing down his phone number on a piece of paper to give to her. He tells her that they can get in touch sometime later that day and make plans. Justine, giving in, smiles; she takes the piece of paper with Ben's number and agrees to call him later. As she leaves for the Davises' home, Ben watches with a dopey grin.

Act II

Sat down at the Wikerly Hills Country Club, Alison and Jorgio sit across from one another, eating in silence. As Jorgio cuts into a nice juicy steak, Ali appears to have less of an appetite, as she's more just picking at the salad her husband ordered for her. Soon enough he notices this and growls at her, "What?! What's wrong now?!" Ali's startled by this, causing her to jump a little, and she shakes her head, apologizing and telling him that it's nothing. Jorgio puts down his fork and knife, focusing on his wife; "I get it, okay, you've been restless and afraid. I thought taking you out to lunch today would be a nice way to calm your nerves, but obviously this isn't getting us anywhere. Now, do I need to ask for a doggybag so we can go home?" Ali, frightened to upset her husband any further, shakes her head; "No, no, I'll be fine. Please, don't let me ruin your lunch." She then takes a mouthful of lettuce. Satisfied with his wife's change in behavior, Jorgio continues his meal too, and the couple remain in silence. This, however, was just simply not meant to last, for calling out Ali's name is none other than Elizabeth Davis. The Del Barrios look up, seeing that at the other end of the dining area of the club is Ali's redheaded friend, who begins making their way over to the couple. Pulling up a seat from one of the vacant tables, Liz sits with Ali and Jorgio. "Oh, it's just been ages, you two!" she exclaims, though Ali meekly points out that they saw one another the other day at Joanna's (see "Pilot"). "Did we? To be honest I have like no memory of my time there. I found an old prescription for Xanax in the medicine cabinet and I popped like four of them." The ginger lets out a laugh, and Ali forces a smile on her face as well. However, she looks over at Jorgio, who is clearly uncomfortable with Liz being around them; Ali quickly wipes the smile off her face. Meanwhile, Liz continues catching up: "So did you ever find a butler to replace the one that took a knife to the throat? Jesus, feel bad for whoever had to clean that up. Well actually I don't; I think it's kinda funny, to be honest, but that's besides the point." Ali goes to answer Liz, but finds herself being glared at by Jorgio. She can sense the frustration being felt by her husband, and knows that it'll just be taken out on her later on. She starts to sweat and her heart begins racing; she doesn't know what to do. Liz is now taking notice of this and giving her a look of confusion. Soon Jorgio starts to notice it too, and, wanting to prevent Liz from taking too much of an interest in his wife's current state, he speaks up: "Yes." Liz turns to Jorgio, who explains that, yes, they did find a replacement butler for Jose. Liz nods, then turning back to Ali. "Honey, are you okay?" she asks, but Ali just shrugs. "Yunno, you look like you've been gaining some weight. Have you been overeating any?" Liz asks. Ali looks down at her waist and at her arms; she's pretty boney. "Maybe cut back some and you should be fine, mkay?" Liz tells her, then receiving a vibration from her phone. She reaches into her bra to pull it out, realizing that she has a manicure in twenty minutes. "Well babes, I'll have to see you two later. Ciao," she exclaims, walking away. Seeing she's gone, Ali lets out a sigh of relief and goes for her fork to get another bite of her salad, but Jorgio sticks out his hand to stop her. "Maybe you shouldn't finish that," he says to her, taking what Liz said about his wife to heart.

Rena, on his day off, is seen dressed as a bartender on the set of local Wikerly Hills soap opera: The Passions of Falta. He is so excited with all the hustle and bustle going on around him on the busy set, and he can't quell his smile as he stands behind the bar set during filming, pretending to be cleaning a prop glass. Eventually, the actor featured in the scene approaches the bar looking stressed and says, "Martini, with a twist." "Is that all you'll be having, sir? Because, you know, I can make something else…" "Cut!" the director yells from his little chair nearby, "The line is: 'Is that all?', and that's… all. Okay?" "Yeah, I was thinking," Rena tells the director, "what if the bartender consoled the character about what's going on? I mean, he just found out his wife isn't really his wife and that she - stroke he - has been cheating on him with his brother slash cousin. He's surely gonna need someone's shoulder to cry on." "Yeah…" the director considers, before blankly telling him, "No. Say it how it's scripted, or we're not gonna make our day." "But I don't even get to display my talents!" Rena complains, at which the actor tells him, "Will you just pipe down? This is my show, Spanish, not yours." "I'm actually Portu—" "Shut up!" the director calls, then announcing, "Action!" The actor goes back to looking stressed, ordering his martini with a twist, and Rena replies, "Is that all… or would you like to talk about what's bothering you?" The director sighs.
"Action!" This time, Rena says, "Is that all that you will be having on this very fine evening, sir?" "Cut!"
"Action!" This time, Rena says, "Is that all?" And then he bursts into fake tears before exclaiming, "Because you just look so sad!" "Cut!"
"Action!" This time, Rena says, "Is that all, because I could help you roofie that bitch 'wife' of yours." "Cut! What the hell?!" "I thought we'd introduce like a darker storyline," Rena pitches. "Action!" This time, Rena sings, "Is that aaaaaaaaall?!" "Cut!"
"Action!" This time, when the character orders his drink, Rena is juggling prop glasses behind the bar in an attempt to display how talented he is. "Cut!"
"Action!" This time, Rena looks bored as he replies, "Is that all?" The director looks excited; it seems as though the actor can finally get out his next line and that they're going to be able to make the take… and then. "AAAAAAAAHH!!" Everyone on set hangs their head, and Rena tells them, "Sorry. I stood on a piece of glass from when I dropped them while juggling. My bad, everybody!" The director, annoyed beyond belief, simply calls for everyone to take lunch and they'll try the scene again after: "And you," he address Rena, standing up, "you better get the line right when we come back to this or else I will ensure that you never work in this town again. Somebody call his agent!" Rena appears saddened as he's told this.
Yas Belich sits in her fairly rundown office in a cheap pantsuit when her phone rings; she calls for her PA to answer it for her but there's no one there, and so she answers it herself. It's apparently a complaint about the actor she sent over to TPoF, and she tells them, "Sorry, sorry. I'll, uh… I'll get down there and I'll deal with it."

Back at the Del Barrios' mansion, Joe enters what is to be his new bedroom for the first time, although right now it's filled with boxes of Jose's things. "Jackpot," he says to himself, and he begins to open one of them up so that he can dig through it for any and all clues as to who really murdered the dead butler. "What are you doing?" Jorgio asks in that booming voice of his, startling Joe as he turns around to be met by his new employer. "Mr. Del Barrio," he greets, "I was just…" "Looking through things that don't belong to you? That's evident. We've been kind enough to give you our former butler's bedroom. It's a very good bedroom too." "Yes, I noticed the, um, fireplace," Joe says, gesturing it nearby. "Odd for a butler's room." "Yes, well, my wife and I treat our help with respect - and we expect the same courtesy to be extended to us. I'd like for you to move all this stuff to the garage until such a time that a truck can come to collect it." "Didn't Jose have any family who can—" "I'm not paying you to ask questions; I'm paying you to do as I say," Jorgio makes clear. "Take the boxes down to the garage, and don't open them. Here in America we have respect for our dead." "I'm actually from America," Joe reveals. "Oh," Jorgio appears disappointed, for this means he is unable to threaten deportation at any given time, and so he simply reinforces his earlier demand; "I wouldn't try and cheat your way out of it. Those who play with fire have a tendency to get burned." "Right," Joe responds, lifting up the nearest box, "I'll do my best to keep that in mind." His gaze drifts over to the fireplace as Jorgio finally exits the room, and Joe gets to work moving all Jose's things out his new room.

Matthew Winters is seen quickly making his way down the stairs of his home, tying his tie while doing so. "Joanna," he calls out, "I can't seem to find my car keys; have you seen them?" But there's no response. Matthew looks around the downstairs lounging area and finds that his wife is nowhere to be seen. "Joanna?" he calls again, making his way through the home. "Can you help me? I have a meeting in 20 minutes and I can't be late." He heads into the kitchen and looks around, but sees no one; however, his keys are there on the counter, which is all he needed anyway. Grabbing them, he goes to exit, but then he hears giggling... Matthew looks back, and hears the giggling again, coming from behind the kitchen island. He goes to investigate, cautiously sneaking over; it's then that he finds exactly who he was looking for. On the floor is Joanna, giggling with Josh and Juan. "What the hell?!" he exclaims, only causing the three to laugh more. Matthew takes a look at what's going on; they each have a wine glass, with Joanna possessing the bottle, and Juan is holding a bag of miscellaneous pills. "Hi, Matthew," Joanna says, downing her drink and promptly refilling it. "You're drunk, aren't you?" Matthew realizes, but Josh then shoves his hand up, trying to form a serious face. "She is not," he says, before immediately breaking down into giggles too. Matthew is absolutely disgusted, even more so when he sees not only the gay, but the Hispanic gay handling a bag of pills. He grabs the bag from Juan, who cries out, "Hey! Those do not belong to you... but slip me a $50 and we'll talk." He's drunk. Josh is drunk. Joanna's drunk. Everyone is absolutely wasted. Mrs. Winters grabs the pills back from her husband and hands them back to Juan. "We were just having some fun, playing this game where we mix pills with different types of wine to see if the taste alters any. You're more than welcomed to join us." But Matthew is outraged; he puts his keys back on the counter and goes to take the alcohol and pills away from the three, but is swatted away. "Look, this kind of behavior is not allowed in my house, and Joanna, I demand you do something about this." Joanna lets out a loud groan, turning to the gays and whispering that this is why Matthew is never invited to do anything fun. "Joanna!" Matthew cries, and she rolls her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, yeah..." She ushers Josh and Juan to stand up, and to then each take one of her hands and help her up. With Matthew still watching them, Josh uses this as the perfect timing to plant a kiss on his boyfriend. "Why is that so hot, god dammit?" Joanna exclaims, very turned on right now, whereas Matthew is absolutely disgusted. He looks at the clock though, realizing he has no time to crucify his butler for gaying up the place, and storms off to make it to his meeting. He makes it as far as the front door though, before realizing he forgot his car keys in the kitchen again; he turns to go back and get them, but then he stops when he hears the three talking. "So where'd you get these, anyway?" Joanna asks, referring to the pills. "Oh you wouldn't believe the hassle," Juan exclaims, "Sneaking across the border without getting caught is already a chore, but to be smuggled in with shipments of all sorts of drugs, and then getting your hands on some for yourself. Damn." Joanna nods, taking one from the bag and popping it into her drink. Taking a sip and getting a good taste for a moment, she deduces that the pill gave her drink a more sharp taste. This gives Josh and Juan the idea to try it themselves. Meanwhile, however, with this newly discovered information, Matthew gets an idea of his own…

At the Del Barrio mansion, Ben appears to have taken a break from his daily chores, for he is sat at the counter in the kitchen of the home's servantquarters. He takes his wallet from his pocket to see how much money he has, but is disappointed to find that only $2 and a half-used giftcard to the Wik-E-Mart remain. He contemplates what to do now, realizing he doesn't have enough money to take Justine out on a proper date, or, dinner with a friend, as is what she still believes it to be. The thought crosses his mind to maybe steal some money from Jorgio, but he then looks up at the security camera pointed directly at him, reminding him they're planted all over the mansion; it'd be a fool's errand. However, his train of thought is interrupted when he can hear what appears to be weeping in the other room. Curious, he goes to see what it is, and sat down on the floor in some vacant room is Alison Del Barrio. Her head is placed down in her knees as she tries to mask the sound of her cries, but Ben can't bring himself to just turn away. "Mrs. Del Barrio..." he calls, startling her as her head immediately shoots up. She's embarrassed to be found in such a poor state, and quickly gets to her feet, wiping her face as best she can. "Benjamin, I'm- I'm so sorry you had to see that," she says, "I'm... just gonna go now." But Ben calls out for her not to; he rushes to catch up with her, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Come on, what's wrong?" he asks gently, taking her into the kitchen and pulling out a chair for her to sit down, as well as grabs a box of Kleenex to wipe her face. "Look, why don't I cook you something to eat and you tell me what happened," he suggests, but Ali shakes her head. "No, no... I'm not hungry." Ben asks if she's sure, because he can make her whatever she wants. "I said I'm not hungry!" Ali screams, for what may have been for the first time ever, or at least the first time in a long time. Ben is a bit taken aback by this, having never witnessed Mrs. Del Barrio raise her voice before. She realizes it too, and quickly tells the butler she's sorry. "I shouldn't have done that," she says to Ben, who's forgiven her instantly anyway. He takes the seat next to her and reaches across the table to gently take her hand. "Mrs. Del Barrio, something's clearly upsetting you. Look, you can talk to me; I'll be here for you," Ben assures employer, and Ali understands that this is true. She nods her head, accepting Ben's comfort, and proceeds to ask him: "Do... do you think I'm fat?" The butler's jaw drops. "Did someone say you were?!" he asks, in shock, "Who?!" Ali looks down, feeling ashamed of herself for whatever reason, and admits that it was a friend from the club. "Some friend," Ben sarcastically comments, as Ali continues to go into detail about her meeting with Liz and how Jorgio seems to have take what she said to heart. "And he told you not to eat because of it...?" Ben asks, to which Ali nods. "What an asshole," Ben states, rather bluntly, surprising Ali. "Mrs. Del Barrio, you're not fat, not even the slightest," he assures, "If anything, you need to gain some fat." Ali blushes, starting to become cheered up, and Ben continues to assure what a beautiful woman she is, pointing out that any man or woman would be lucky to have or look like her. She then stands from her seat, and Ben does the same; Mrs. Del Barrio embraces her servant with a hug. "I'm so lucky to have you in my life," she exclaims, "and you most certainly are the best cook I've ever had too." Ben is flattered by Ali's compliment and he watches as she leaves. It then hits him... he can cook. Quickly, he goes to the cabinets and begins pulling out supplies to put together a meal, but is interrupted by the sudden vibration of his phone. Answering it, he finds it to be Justine. "Hello?" she says, to which Ben replies, with glee, "Justine! Meet me at the East Wing entrance of the Del Barrios' home at 8." "I guess it's, how you say, not-a-date," she replies to which Ben brushes it off some. "Yeah, totally, just dinner between two friends." Justine smirks on the other side of the line. "Well, I see you then," she says, before hanging up the phone.


Back on set, Rena is waiting behind the fake bar while everyone else is on break, practicing his line over and over; he is then approached by his agent, Yas Belich, who has made her way down to the The Passions of Falta studios in order to talk to her client. "Yas!" Rena exclaims upon seeing her, "Hello! What are you doing here?" "Well, mostly I'm here to ask you what the hell you're doing…" Yas reveals, "I got a little phone call from the director's assistant saying you were being… difficult." "Difficult?" Rena questions, "I'm giving this show what it desperately needs: a good actor." He glares evilly over at the lead as he flirts with some female extras, before turning his attention back to Yas. "Rena, you are tremendously talented," she assures. "Yeah, well…" Rena smiles. "Yeah, well, you need to cut it out," she makes clear. "Wait, what?" he questions, and Yas sighs, telling him, "I got you this part so that you could start small, like every other actor out there." "But if I start small, how will I ever be discovered?" he wonders. "By being a professional. Everyone else had to start somewhere. You can't expect a theater full of people to applaud you every time you do a good job; doing a good job should be something you're proud of yourself for doing." "But…" "There are no small parts, Renato," Yas explains, "only small actors. Are you one of them?" "No…" Rena utters. "That's good," she assures, "because it can't always be about you. Now you get behind this bar and you do what these people are paying you to do, and, in time, you'll work your way to something great. You'll be the next Elijah Davis!" "You mean holding my wife's hair back as she pukes up her breakfast every morning?" "Huh?" "Never mind, I get what you mean," Rena assures, and then the director calls an end to the lunch break, and Yas tells her client that that's her cue to leave. "Alright," Rena says, taking a deep breath, "let's do this."
"Action!" the director is heard calling, and the actor approaches the bar appearing stressed, asking the bartender - Rena - for a martini with a twist. "Is that all?" Rena asks him, and the actor smiles, confirming it. He is then served his drink and proceeds with the rest of the scene as an actress approaches the bar and the two of them end up elsewhere. The camera tracks them through the bar set and ends up panning off of Rena completely, meaning it doesn't capture the single tear rolling down his cheek. He's learned his lesson, but he's still sad that he can't display his true talent in front of the nation.
Yas is back in her office when her phone rings again. "Oh, hi Rena… good, great… I'm so glad it went well… yes, I will try hard to find you some more work; I'm already on it in fact… alright… okay; look, I'm super busy, so I have to go now, bye… Bye…" She eventually hangs up the phone and looks at her dank desk… with the large line of cocaine already distributed onto it. "Thanks for the paycheck, Spanish," she murmurs before rolling up some money and snorting the whole darned thing.

"You know, it's pretty cool you got your boss to change his attitude towards the LGBT community," Ben is saying to Josh, this time at the bar where they often drink in the evenings. "Q," Josh tells him. "Huh?" Ben questions, to which his friend clarifies, "LGBTQ… plus." "Whatever," Ben scoffs, "the point is, your boss invited you and your boyfriend to a dinner, and I have a dinner of my own with Justine. Things are looking up." The two of them clink their beer bottles together. "Here I thought he'd be totally pissed at me for doing drugs, but then, out-of-the-blue, he calls and extends a dinner invitation for me and Juan. People, right?" Josh ponders, and then Rena arrives on the scene, saying, "Make sure to switch on your TVs at 7|6c guys, 'cause you're gonna see me totally rocking a line on The Passions of Falta." "Congratulations," Ben tells him, "though I can't. I got a thing." "Me too," Josh adds, to Rena's disappointment. "Oh, this is where you guys are," Joe says upon his own entry. "Hey Joe, you'll watch me on TV, right?" Rena asks. "Um, sure… if I have time. I'm meant to be moving my stuff into my room." "See? I've known this guy for like two days and he's already a better friend than you pair," Rena gloats as Joe takes a seat next to him. "Will they be airing the episode tonight? On the day they filmed it?" he wonders. "Oh," Rena realizes, "guess not. Still, exciting stuff." The others laugh, and then Joe asks them, "Eventful days?" "I've only been on a TV set," Rena continues to gloat, which the other two reply to with, "We know," in unison. Josh then says that he spent some time with Juan, and shows Joe a picture on his phone of a selfie the two of them took with Joanna while on the kitchen floor, which Joe seems to react strangely to, seeing the face of Mrs. Winters; although, he of course manages to keep up appearances. "That your boss?" he questions. "Yup," Josh replies, taking his phone back, "Joanna Winters herself. Why?" "Nothing, it's… just nice to see how close you two seem to be," Joe covers. Ben, meanwhile, reveals that he's been planning the perfect first date with Justine; "Well, it's not technically a date, but… she'll come around. Just you wait." "Ew," Rena says, and Joe laughs. Josh then asks Joe what he's been doing all day, and Joe is surprised that they even care. "You really wanna know?" "Sure," Josh replies, "I mean, you're one of us now." Joe smiles at this, before telling them, "Honestly, my day was very boring. Just moving Jose's stuff into the garage, sweeping the balcony… Do you guys mind if I make a quick phone call." They shake their heads and he goes to a more private section of the bar, taking out his cell phone and speed-dialling Meghan. When she answers the phone, he very happily tells her, "I am so in."

In the East Wing of the Del Barrio mansion, Ben is seen putting together the finishing touches to a lavish dinner for himself and Justine. At a table for two he has numerous French foods put out, with a plate and silverware for the both of them. And, to top it off, some lit candles. He admires the scene he has created, and with no time to spare, for he hears a knock on the door of his kitchen. He goes and opens it, seeing Justine standing before him. He welcomes her into the room, first apologizing for her having to come in around the side. "Mr. Del Barrio doesn't really like for guests to be over ever since... you know." Justine gives a nod, then approaching the dinner table, surprised. "Wow, you did sure went all out for dinner with friend," she says smirking. Taking a bottle of champagne from the counter that he stole from the wine cellar, Ben pours the two of them glasses, handing one to his French friend. "Shall we?" he suggests, and they take a seat.
Sometime later, the two are seen laughing over a story Ben is sharing. "And they leave you just there tied to the goalpost, in nude?" Justine questions, chuckling. "Yeah, I wasn't the most popular kid in high school," Ben says, now able to laugh about past experiences like this, "There was this girl I liked named Connie and so the jocks kinda used that to their advantage." Taking a sip of her champagne, Justine apologizes for Ben having gone through that. "Hey but I know sure what it's like to be betrayed by one you love." Ben's intrigued; he wonders if it has anything to do with the man she had mentioned earlier, the one who her heart belonged to. "Yes..." she says, "but I get over him soon. It's just a little difficult." Ben understands this all too well. "I, myself, recently got out of a toxic relationship. It still haunts me at times, but I power through it." Justine nods, stating that she herself has never had the best luck with romance. "Men were always more my sister's, how you say, section of expertise." The two continue talking about the subject, how love isn't all that easy to find nowadays, especially as they're quickly aging. Justine goes on about how she hopes to find someone at least by the time she's thirty, all the while seeming to ignore Ben's hints that he could be the one to fill that void she has. Their conversation continues almost all evening, ranging from the topics of work, childhood, even personal interests and hobbies and political views. They laugh, they groan, and at one point even cry a little. By the end of the evening their dinner is pretty much done and the champagne bottle is almost empty. "Ben, this really was nice evening," Justine exclaims, "it really is nice having friend to talk to like this." The two clink their glasses together, with Ben telling her that he would love to do it again sometime. "I too would prefer that," Justine says, the two smiling at one another.
Ben and Justine are next seen making their way to the front door of the Davis house, with Ben having escorted her home. "I go now," she says as they reach the front door. "Truly, wonderful evening," she says. With that, she gives him a kiss on the cheek, accidentally leaving an imprint of her lipstick. She giggles at this, but tells Ben good night as she goes inside. Ben simply stands on the front porch, staring at the front door. He puts his hand to his cheek, in awe.

Sat in one of the dining rooms of the Winters' mansion, Josh, Joanna, Matthew and Juan each enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by a catering group Matthew hired. "More wine?" Joanna requests of one of the caterers, who approaches with a bottle to refill her glass. However, as he goes to pour, Joanna simply yanks the bottle from his grasp, instructing that he just go be useless with the other caterers and wait in the kitchen. After seeing the caterer do as told, Joanna fills her own glass to the top, and proceeds to down it. She then looks up at the others, who at this point have just accepted her alcoholism and try not to bother taking too much notice of it. Seeing that everyone is pretty silent, she decides to break the ice. "So Matthew, it was nice to see you ripped the stick from your ass and finally accepted that they're here, they're queer, and you just have to get used to it." Matthew looks up with his meal, now uncomfortable due to his wife's remark. He knows he must keep up appearances though, and so he replies, "Well, sinners will be sinners. And I guess we all sin everyday, so hey, why not just embrace it?" Joanna grins, proud of her husband, and raising her glass to cheer to that. "Well I'm thankful you had a change of heart, Mr. Winters," Josh says to his employer, "And for what it's worth, I'm sorry for maybe crossing some lines earlier just to hurt you. I'll admit that was wrong of me, and also wrong of me to use Juan in such a way." "Aw, baby," Juan speaks up, touched, and leans in for a kiss. As Joanna hornily admires it, Matthew does his best to not puke. He manages to contain himself by taking notice of the time, clearly with that having some sort of meaning to him. "All's forgiven," he says to Josh, with a rather forced smile. "Okay, okay, I can't take it anymore, I have to ask," Joanna then speaks up, "which one tops and which one bottoms?" Josh and Juan look at one another with awkward expressions, but as Josh goes to answer, all of a sudden there's a banging at the front door. "Juan Castillo, we know you're in there!" shouts whoever it is on the outside of the mansion, but soon enough the door is kicked in and two immigration officers run inside and into the dining area. Everyone jumps from their seats in shock; Josh turns to Juan, who gulps, having been found. "Juan Castillo, you're under arrest for illegally crossing in to the country," a second officer says, grabbing the Hispanic gay and putting him into handcuffs. "No, please!" Josh tries, but is pushed back by the other officer. "Oh come on, where do you think all the maids in this town used to come from?!" Joanna shouts, but the first officer tells Mrs. Winters that he's going to have to ask that she stand back. "Josh, call a lawyer!" Juan cries, as Josh continues to fight to get to his beloved. He's shoved back again though, and this time it causes him to knock the wine bottle off the table, causing it to smash on the floor. "Son of a bitch!" Joanna shouts, frustrated, then turning to the officer not handling Juan. "Just get the hell out!" she demands. The officers do so, carting Juan as well. Josh smacks his forehead, unable to believe what just happened. Joanna, meanwhile, hauls one of the caterers from the kitchen back into the dining room. "You, idiot, clean this up," she says, referring to the broken wine bottle. As the caterer goes down to the ground to do so, Joanna goes to Josh, comforting him. Meanwhile, however, Matthew still remains sat at the head of the table. For once it's he who is holding the glass of wine, taking a satisfied sip..
Later on in the evening, Joanna is seen lying in bed, having her nightly glass of wine and flipping through a magazine. Matthew is then seen making his way into the bedroom where he goes to his bureau to start undressing, removing items such as his shoes and tie. Seeing this, Joanna puts down her magazine and wine and makes her way over to her husband. She wraps her arms around him, giving him a hug. "Despite that traumatizing event at dinner... and Juan being deported and all, you came through today," she tells him, "you finally let go of your hate and managed to accept that love is love." She then goes to start unbuttoning his pants, but Matthew stops her. "What are you doing?" he asks with concern. "Well I was about to try and make love to you for the first time in like a month." Matthew backs away though. "I... I'm not really interested tonight. I'm sorry..." he exclaims. Joanna is clearly disappointed by this revelation, and so she goes to return to the bed, slightly humiliated. "Look, maybe another night," he says to try and make her feel better, but she puts her hand up, making it clear she's heard enough and is no longer interested. Matthew sighs. "Well, if you'll excuse me," he says, "I'm off to pray." With that, he heads out, as Joanna looks up from her magazine with one eye, disdainfully glaring at him.

With the stars having emerged in Wikerly Hills, Joe is spending his very first night in the Del Barrio mansion, though he's only pretending to sleep in his new room. Not that he’d be able to sleep anyway, for there seems to be some sort of noise emanating up from down below. He does his best to ignore it though, and he soon stands up and creeps down the many stairs of the mansion, eventually making his way to the garage where he earlier dumped all of Jose's things, so as to snoop around them some more. However, to his shock, they are all gone when he gets there; someone must have gotten rid of them, and it doesn't take Joe three guesses to know who. "That son of a bitch," he whispers, then working his way back through the mansion and do his bedroom, lying down on the bed and feeling defeated. It is then that Jorgio's words ring through his head. "Play with fire… get burned…" Joe murmurs, turning his attention to the fireplace in the room. He turns on the light and heads over to it, beginning to root around in the ash for anything he might be able to find. It is when he takes the plunge and sticks his arm up the chimney some that he ends up plucking a crumpled-up note. When he unfurls it, he is happy to see that it is still readable, though he is less happy to see that over half of it has been singed away by fire. It seems Jose didn't want this note to see the light of day after he'd written it. Still, Joe proceeds to read.

Dear Mrs. Winters, I'm writing to tell you that I've done some digging around, and I found out your little secret. Now, if you want your lifestyle to remain intact, you'll adhere to my deman—
Jose Sanchez

"Joanna…" Joe utters after reading the note fragment. Could she have had something to do with Jose's death? It looks like more than that to Joe though…
He flashes back to Josh's phone and the picture on it, his thoughts focused on Joanna's face. "Joanna Winters herself," he hears.
He then flashes further back, all the way to the bar he went to after being fired from the police force. "Yeah, that sounds rough. Is that all?" the bartender asks him, and Joe's disappointed expression changes as he turns to the beautiful woman sitting on the barstool next to him. "That might be all he's having," says Joanna Winters within Joe's memory, "but I'll have the oldest most expensive bottle of wine you got." She then turns to Joe in kind, and the two of them smile flirtatiously at one another.
In the present, Joe remains clutching the burnt note, having arrived at his first suspect in the case.

Unanswered Questions

  • Who murdered Jose Sanchez?
  • Why was Jorgio threatening Jose, and vice versa?
  • What did Jose tell the butlers that they think might be the reason he was killed?
  • Why was Joe fired from the police force?
  • Why was Joe abandoned as a baby?
  • Why did Jorgio steal and smash the security tape?
  • What did Jorgio mean when he threatened to send Ali back to where she started?
  • Who did Justine's heart belong to and how did he betray her?
  • What was the situation surrounding Ben's past relationship?
  • What are the strange noises in the Del Barrio mansion?
  • What did Jose find out about Joanna?
  • What is Joe and Joanna's past connection?
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