Devious Butlers 2x02
November 20, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"Cinder-Fella" is the 14th episode of Devious Butlers.


It may be Thanksgiving, but the butlers all find that, this year, they have rather little to be thankful for. Joe tries getting his old job back but is forced by circumstance to cast his net towards his more recent career dealings. Ben finds that there's more to new maid Valentina than meets the eye as they find themselves fighting over Ali's confidence. Josh finally meets his new boss, but soon wishes ze'd stayed away. And Rena also makes a new career move while at the same time having to involve himself in Liz and Eli's battle of wits. Joanna, meanwhile, still has to put up with her ratchet sister-in-law, with no fairy godmothers around to help anyone out of the messes they're now in.



Joseph DeWar waits in the Wikerly Hills Police Station, having just been released prison after the charges against him were dropped when Jorgio Del Barrio supposedly confessed. He sits with others wishing to speak to someone, but proceeds to get lost in thought...
Flash to Joe as a child, playing with a couple of action figures. One is a police officer while the other appears to be a criminal of some sort. "That's right, you're under arrest," Joe says, attempting a deep voice when playing as the police officer. His foster mother, Meghan, sits a little ways away from him. She smiles, commenting that he'd make an excellent police officer himself one day. Joe contemplates this some.
"Freeze, dirtbag!" Joe exclaims, years later. He is now a police officer, and he and his partner have cornered a masked criminal in an alley. "Yeah that's right, you're under arrest," Joe says, whipping out a set of handcuffs and detaining the criminal.
However, flash to even further into the future, but a fair amount of time before the present day, Joe is sat in a bar. He looks depressed, covered in some bruises. "Whoa, you alright there?" the bartender asks, and Joe grumpily replies that it's just been a long day. He proceeds to order a drink, which the bartender is quick to get him. But then he orders another... and another... and another...
Now, back in the present day, Joe shivers at the thought of his descent into alcoholism, and the toll it had taken on his life. He's not given all that much time to dwell on this though, for someone is finally there to greet Joe. "Lieutenant Huberd," Joe greets, standing up to shake his former superior's hand. "I see you've cleaned yourself up since being released," Huberd comments, taking notice Joe's nice appearance, who replies that the first thing he did when getting out of prison was take a nice long shower. "Yeah..." the lieutenant isn't really all that interested in the details. Joe realizes this, and so he decides to cut to the chase for why he's stopped by. "Three months ago, when I solved the Jose Sanchez murder," he begins, "I spoke with Officer Hall about getting my old job back. Which, yeah, that was always the goal. I wanted to prove myself worthy, yunno?" Huberd simply stares at Joe, who is becoming increasingly nervous. He then sighs, "Right, well, Mr. DeWar, here's the thing," the lieutenant says, "While at that time we most certainly would've given you your job back, now..." "Now what?!" "Well you said so yourself, you just got out of prison." "But for a crime I didn't commit!" Joe argues. "Yes, we know that, it's just... innocent or not, you gotta understand how the public might see this. You were in prison. Hiring you back right now is probably not the best idea for the department. Sorry, son." Huberd starts to walk away and go about other work he must attend to, but Joe stops him. "You can't be serious," he says, "I worked my ass off to get sober. To get into that neighborhood and solve that case. I worked as a fricken' butler, scrubbing toilets and cleaning up after people who didn't deserve my assistance, only to be told I won't be rehired because of something out of my control?! Something that had already taken a toll on my life!!" "Look, I'm sorry Joe, but I think it's best you leave," the lieutenant says, eyeing the rest of the station whose attention Joe has just drawn. There's a moment of silence. "Well what the hell do I do now?!" he says.

Focus on the front door of a mansion on Fanon Drive. The sound of the doorbell is heard being rung, and soon enough Rochelle Little comes to the door. Sitting in her wheelchair, she looks up, doesn't say a word, and then slams the door. However, a few moments later, her daughter and son Aliza and Manny re-open the door. "How may we help you?" Manny asks, and the camera pans over to Joe, sighing. "I'm here to apply for the new live-in butler position." Aliza then smiles, opening the door and beckoning Joe inside. She licks her lips as she does so.


Act I

In the master bathroom of the Del Barrio mansion, Ali can be seen getting ready to start the new day, applying some makeup and numerous other facial products. As she does so, she can't help but keep glancing down at the pregnancy test she left sitting on a folded up washcloth, reading a "+" sign, indicating that she is indeed pregnant with Jorgio's child. Ali tries her best to keep a straight face, though she eventually breaks down, as she usually does, and starts to cry.
Elsewhere in the Del Barrio mansion, however, Ben can be seen preparing breakfast for Ali when he hears the phone ring. He drops what he's doing to go see who is calling, and is surprised to see that it's the Wikerly Federal Prison. "Hello?" he answers, allowing a voice on the other line to speak. "Oh my, god..." he then says, receiving some news.
Back upstairs, Ali is trying her best to console herself, especially when she starts to hear Ben calling after her. "Ali!" he shouts, "I have some big news!" He makes his way through her bedroom and into the bathroom, believing it to be okay since the door was not closed. "Jorgio's dead!" he exclaims, ecstatically, "The guards found that he committed suicide last night... and he confessed to killing Matthew Winters. Not only is Jorgio officially gone forever, but Joe is also going to get out of jail! I sure know what we're thankful for this holiday, amirite?" Ali turns to him though, the tears streaming down her face, and Ben wonders as to why she's not jumping for joy like he is. And then he faces the sink where the pregnancy test sits. "Oh..."
Sometime later, Ben and Ali are both sitting in the kitchen, Ben having ditched the breakfast plans and just prepared the two of them a cup of coffee. Ali has since managed to control her tears, now stable enough to have a proper conversation. "I have been feeling a bit... sick, since around the time Jorgio was arrested. I just hadn't thought much of it. I assumed it was anxiety or something. But I've been getting far more nauseous lately, and my friends had noticed an increase in my weight... I kept telling myself there was no way, that I would've known sooner. But last night I finally broke down and bought a test and it turns out I was wrong. There had been just enough time before the arrest for him to..." "Yeah..." Ben says, taking all of this in, unsure of what to make of it all. "I was free of him, Ben. I... I had finally gotten away, but now I'm trapped. Again. And this time forever. "You're not trapped," the butler tries, "No, this isn't the outcome you had hoped for, but regardless you are still free of him. And you're not alone. You have me." He takes Ali's hand, though she isn't given the chance to reply before Valentina makes her way in with a couple bags of groceries. Ben gets up to greet the maid, but she quickly takes notice of Ali's state and wonders what's wrong. Ben looks at his boss, and she nods, giving him permission to explain, and so he reveals that she just found out she's pregnant with Jorgio's kid. "Oh, sweetheart," Val says, promptly shoving the heavy bags of groceries into Ben's arms. She pushes him aside as she pulls out the chair Ben had previously sat in, now taking his place. "I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through right now," she says to Ali, who begins to tear up again. "Oh, baby, come here," she says, ushering for Ali to put her head on the new maid's shoulder as she gives her a hug. "Just let it out." Ali chooses to do so, embracing this newfound nurturing, but Ben can't help but raise an eyebrow at the sight of Val getting so close to the boss. "Ben, would you mind putting the groceries away?" she asks of him, "I think this might take a while." Ben's jaw simply drops as he finds himself being pushed aside. Val continues to hug her crying boss, leaving Ben growing increasingly jealous.

"Don't you think these are a little childish?" Brad asks as he helps Josh hang up a bunting of paper hand turkeys in preparation for Thanksgiving, only for Josh to reply, "I'm finally gonna meet my new boss today, and when she walks through that door I'd like for her to recognize that I've gone to the effort of making things festive." "If you say so," Brad adds as he finishes attaching the decoration to one of the mansion's archways, then stepping down and telling his boyfriend that he best get going. "I'll see you at your apartment later," Josh assures. "You can let yourself in," Brad points out, giving him a kiss, and then they both exchange the now regular "I love you"s before the lawyer vacates the premises, wishing Josh good luck with this new boss of his as he goes. "As if I need luck," Josh says to himself, staring up at the hand-shaped turkeys, "Everybody loves me." Before long, the British butler hears the sound of a cab pulling up out front, and he figures that that must be her. "Selena James Washington," he recites to himself, reading it off the top of the giant stack of mail that's been accumulating over the three months that she's been away, and then he goes to open the front door to witness his employer's arrival to Fanon Drive. First he notices a pair of men's boots, which throw him, especially since they've been decorated with poorly-glued flower and butterfly decals, along with random splotches of glitter. Then the tights with hair-sprouted tears in that are barely visible under that below-the-knee skirt made of denim. A T-shirt lies under her mismatched suit jacket, with what appears to be some sort of meme printed on the front, stretched out of course. And, to top it off, the blue hair and giant spectacles. "Oh dear..." Josh utters, knowing the sort, while Selena struggles to see him all the way over from the car. She removes her glasses, for they actually make her sight worse, but then her pale face finds exposure to the Sun and she almost shivers at the sensation. Taking a deep breath, Josh finds the strength to approach her with the word, "Welcome," outstretching his hand for her to take. "Um... excuse me?" she replies, to his confusion, and she goes on to state, "Just because I am out in public, looking admittedly great, is not an open invitation to talk to me. I have pepper-spray for cat-callers." "I'm not a cat-caller," Josh promises. "Exactly what a cat-caller would say." "I'm your new butler," he exclaims, and Selena just blinks at him. "You are my new butler?" "Yes... didn't you see me coming out of your house right now?" he questions, to which she states, "I don't need you to tell me what I did or didn't see, and, when in doubt, 'I didn't see anything.'" "Riiight," Josh responds, "Would you like me to get your bags?" "Because I'm incapable of doing things by myself?" "Because I'm your employee and it's part of my job," Josh informs, and she decides, "Fine. Someone as white as you could probably do with some reparation labor anyway." While Josh removes her suitcases from the trunk of the cab, Selena pays the cab driver in pennies and begins walking towards her new mansion. "So, what were you away doing all this time?" Josh wonders, wanting to make small talk. "Campaigning," Selena hesitantly reveals. "Campaigning? For the election?" he clarifies, only for her to stop dead, turning to him and breathing, "We don't talk about the election." "Okay," he accepts, "only, it was weeks ago now. How come you're only just getting back?" "I refused to journey by any means that would take me through a red state," she reveals, "And once I made it here it was nigh-impossible to find a female cab driver of ethnic descent. As though I would fund anyone greater." "Well it's nice to meet you," Josh lies, "I'm Josh, by the way." "Hm," she simpers, "I heard you were called 'Josh', I just didn't know that meant you were a male." Josh's eyebrow furrows while Selena enters her home, and then she screams. Fearing the worst, Josh drops the bags and runs inside, wondering what's wrong. She points to the paper turkeys currently strewn across a doorway, asking, "What is this phallic imagery doing inside my home?! I requested the decorators use only ovum-inspired decor!" "That explains all the pink circle wallpaper," Josh notes, but Selena now cries that she hates pink; too stereotyped. As Josh reaches up to remove the turkeys, he assures, "I was just trying to make this place look Thanksgiving-ready." "Thanksgiving? What does America have to give thanks for? We were already celebrating the time we slaughtered a bunch of Native American-Americans, and now we're expected to toast while that cheese doodle in a wig is lapping it up in the White House?" "I'm sure Trump can't be as bad as they say," Josh tries to calm her. "Yeah, he's going to be worse!" Selena finds herself triggered, on the verge of tears, "Bye bye LGBTQIAPK marriage! Hello again gender wage gap! I don't need it mansplained to me. How long before womyn are back to wearing burkas?!" "'Back' to--?" Josh starts, then deciding to drop it in favor of, "I'm sure you won't have to wear a burka." "Are you assuming I'm a woman?" Selena asks, but Josh shakes his head. "So you're saying I don't pass as a woman?" Josh shakes his head again though, not really knowing what to do or say. "Josh," she ends up uttering, "I can see you're lost. All that privilege you're drunk on, you can barely even tell which way is up. I know it's not your fault though. It's society's. And I'm actually glad fate has placed you in my home. Because now... I can help you sober up." She then takes a crumpled-up piece of paper from out the back of her weave and hands it to him, telling him to go and fetch the bags while she heads upstairs to browse Tumblr; "I've a lot of blogging to catch up on." As she goes, tracking glitter, Josh unfurls the paper in confusion, beginning to read through a list entitled My Preferred Pronouns.

Eli can be seen tampering with the coffee pot at the same time that his wife enters the kitchen, asking him what it is he's doing. "Oh, just making sure it's rinsed," he replies, "You know Justine never used to do that." "Yeah I know," Liz replies suspiciously, and Eli tells her, "Wanna know the kitchen is taken care of before Rena starts prepping the meal. I have to go out now. I have a few errands to run, probably won't be back for a few hours. But I made sure we're stocked up on that Colombian brand you like." "I'm surprised you're not trying to have sex with me right now," Liz replies, "normally when you do me the smallest favor you're practically humping my leg after." "Well, like I said, errands," Eli counters, and Liz asks him if he's sure; "It'd save me the obligatory Thanksgiving sex with you later and plus you know I like doing it on kitchen counters, so..." "That I do," Eli smiles, "but bye." Liz doesn't like the sound of this really, and even less so when her husband exclaims very firmly, "I am going out now," before finally leaving, making sure to shut the door as loudly as possible. Liz goes over to the kitchen window, feigning a smile and a wave as she watches her husband pull out of the drive and go off down the street, and then she squints her eyes in further suspicion. Having an inkling, she goes on over to that coffee pot he was inspecting and begins feeling under the handle. Sure enough, hidden away, she finds a small bug - recording everything that's going on in the kitchen right now. Her husband is spying on her, and she couldn't be more enraged... but then she smiles, thinking of another way to go about it. "Hey," Rena says as he enters the kitchen, "was that Eli leaving?" "Yes it was," Liz replies, sticking the bug back under the coffee pot handle. "Oh," Rena nods, "so you wanna--" She quickly puts her finger over his lips, shaking her head, and he looks confused. She then reaches for the nearest pen and scrap of paper, holding up the words, "Don't speak!! I said we were gonna have some fun with him, right? " Rena appears further confused...
One block over, where Eli has parked, he's browsing his phone while listening to what the bug's picking up via another small device placed on his dashboard. He smiles when he sees that the expensive item he ordered online should be arriving later that very same day. He then grows distracted when he actually starts to hear ominous noises coming from the kitchen bug, and so he puts his phone away and turns the volume up on the receptive device. "Oh, my God!" Liz's voice moans, and Eli gasps. "Yeah, you like the look of that?" Rena replies, giggling. "So succulent," Liz is then heard espousing, "I can't wait to get that in my mouth!" Eli's jaw drops in a similar fashion to what he imagines his wife's is right now. "Have a taste," Rena encourages, and then there are a series of squelching noises, and more moans from Liz. "Yeah, squeeze it, squirt it everywhere," is another choice phrase from the rich ginger, and Eli decides to put pedal to the mettle and speed his car back around the block and to his mansion. He sees that the kitchen blinds have been shut and angrily gets out of his car, approaching the door and bursting into the kitchen - where he can still hear moaning - as fast as he can to find... Liz and Rena, standing over a turkey as it's about to go into the oven; Rena is using a baster to squirt gravy all over it, while Liz has a mouthful of stuffing and is making loud "mmmm" noises to signify how delicious it is. "Ohai, Eli," Liz replies upon "noticing" him there. "Mr. Davis," Rena adds, "back so soon? I was just starting dinner." "Yes, I-I... I forgot my phone, so..." "Isn't that your phone?" Liz asks, and Eli looks down to realize that it's still in his hand. "Oh, yes, um, there it is. Found it!" he tries to laugh, and Liz and Rena just smile in response, almost identical to the squinted smiles Justine used to espouse. Liz then asks him if he is feeling okay, for he seems panicked, and he assures, unconvincingly, that he is fine. "Dinner looks great so far," he adds before awkwardly slipping out of the house, and Liz's faux-oblivious grin turns to one of victory.

Over at the Littles' house, Joe is seen getting settled into his new bedroom, unpacking what little items he has on him at the moment. "You doing a'ight?" Aliza asks, standing in the doorway. Joe answers positively, "Though I still need to talk to... someone, about getting the rest of my stuff." He says this, dreading a future confrontation with Joanna. Aliza nods, but finds herself being knocked out of the way as Rochelle coming rolling in on her electric wheelchair. "Outta my way, hussy," she says to her daughter, making her way into Joe's bedroom. "Yo, white boy," she exclaims, handing him a piece of paper, "here's the Thanksgiving dinner list. Go out and fetch all dis and make me some grub." Joe doesn't really know what to make of this, glancing over at Aliza, who stands to her feet. "Uh, Mama," she says, "I was actually gonna give Joe the holiday off to spend with his own fam." "The hell he is," Rochelle spits, "Y'all ungrateful lil bitches makin' me waste money on this boy maid I gonna at least get me a good meal outta it." She turns back to Joe demanding that he do as she say or she will fire his ass. Joe doesn't say anything at first, but he remembers how much he needs this job. He sighs, nodding to listen to Rochelle, and from there she presses a button on her wheelchair on starts to roll away. "Manny, where you at boy?!" She shouts, and he meets her in the hall where she doesn't hesitate to roll over his toes with her chair. He yelps in pain but she ignores this, demanding that he draw his mama a bath. "Yes, mother," he manages to say, trying not to collapse from the pain of his toes. Joe and Aliza watch this in shock, but soon look away. "Well I'm soz bout dat," Aliza says to the butler, "You just gotta know there's no way tellin' mama no." Joe nods, getting ready to leave, but Aliza stands in his way. "Tha'don't mean we still got nuffin to be thankful for," she says, giving him the most forced wink. "Maybe we could slip away an' do summit just the two of us, if you know what I mean." She starts to get in rather close with him, but Joe gently pushes his boss' daughter away. "Look, you seem... nice, but I'm really not interested in starting something with a girl right now. I just got out of a pretty messy relationship, and I really need some time for myself right now." Aliza understands this. She doesn't necessarily agree with this, but she does understand. She steps back, respecting Joe's wishes. "At least you ain't a 'mo like the last butler we got up in here. Not making that mistake again." Joe doesn't really know how to respond to this, but he decides to ignore the comment about Josh and just thank her for being considerate. He starts to leave, but Aliza calls out to him that she's always going to be around if he's ever interested. He turns back to her, giving an obligated smile, and walks away. All the while, she stares at what she considers to be one fine ass, commenting that you'd have to be a fool to let him go.

Joanna, meanwhile, is doing what she does best: guzzling back a glass of red, which she seems to have added a bouillon cube to in the spirit of the season. "Like a turkey dinner in my mouth," she sips, lying back on the couch, and then Wilma enters the room, to her sister-in-law's immense dissatisfaction. "Dear me, please tell me that isn't all you're plannin' for Thanksgiving?" she questions, at which Joanna sits up and begins to fire back, "For your information--" She then stops dead, noticing something. "Is that my necklace?" she asks of Wilma, who quickly covers the pendant hanging around her throat. "Well," she defends, "I didn't know how long I'd be here, so I only packed a finite amount of jewelry. I can't very well wear the same necklace two days in a row, now, can I?" "If it's so disparaging to be away from home, you could always go back," Jo snaps, but Wilma laughs, asking, "Why would I do that? After all, your house is so empty and big; you shouldn't have to be alone in it, especially around the holidays." "But the holidays are when I get all my best drinking done," Joanna complains while Wilma sits down next to her, quipping that she thought that was everyday. "Don't you have, like, cats to get back to or something?" Joanna wonders, wanting to find a way to convince this annoying woman to go, but Wilma just ignores her, deciding to point out, "This is your first Thanksgiving without Matthew, and I know how all-out he used to get. You're probably missing that, huh?" "Actually--" "Well there's no need to worry; I've taken it upon myself to hire a catering company. They'll arrive shortly, spruce the place up nice, and the two of us can have a nice Thanksgiving meal together. Plenty of time to chat, sister to sister." "I don't want strangers in my home, I don't even want you in my home," Joanna complains, reaching for her wine glass, but Wilma takes it off of her, saying, "Now, now, you don't want to be too drunk to enjoy your dinner." "Being drunk is the only way I can enjoy it..." Wilma laughs again though, putting the glass down, while Joanna has an inkling. "So you're paying for caterers to come over?" "Oh Lord no," Wilma replies, "You are. After all, you got all my brother's hard-earned money, it won't even make a dent." "Right," Joanna seethes, while Wilma hugs her and exclaims, "Oh, this is going to be so fun!" "Yeah," Joanna nods into her sister-in-law's shoulder, then whispering very deadpan into her ear, "If you don't take that necklace off within the next five minutes, I'll use it to strangle one of your cats." Wilma is a tad taken aback by this, standing up and saying, "Fine, I'll take it off. You and your sense of humor! But don't act like it belongs to you. Everything in this house belonged to my brother, including you. How convenient for you that he died." Wilma then walks away, throwing the necklace in Joanna's direction, and she picks up her Thanksgiving wine glass while looking fearful of just what her sister-in-law might suspect.

Act II

The cafe can be seen with Christmas-themed coffee cups while Ben, Josh and Joe all sit there, the latter commenting on how annoying it is that Christmas is already being celebrated before Thanksgiving's properly been and gone. Josh and Ben don't seem to mind though, considering neither of them actually celebrate Thanksgiving where they're from, and then Rena arrives to announce, "Big news, camaradas. You'll never guess what." "You're right, we won't," Josh agrees, while Ben asks him what his news is. "Well," Rena announces, taking a seat, "since my acting career is pretty much in stasis thanks to Eli, I've decided to rise to stardom in a more hip, modern way." "You're gonna tape yourself and a cat doing something funny and then post it on the internet?" Joe questions, and Rena tells him, "Close! I'm gonna start my own YouTube channel." The other butlers can't help but groan, but try and remain reticent, with Ben asking, "Are you sure that would be best?" "Why wouldn't it? I have great charisma, the internet eats that up," Rena assures, at which Josh adds, "And spits it out. People online are sort of ruthless. Are you sure you could take the hate?" "I can handle criticism," Rena tells him. "I once pointed out you'd mis-buttoned your shirt and you threw a hissy fit," Joe recalls. "It was not a hissy fit." "You almost bit my head off in the middle of Wik-E-Mart. The mom with the squealing two-year-old asked you to keep it down." "I don't like being insulted, okay?!" Rena snaps, proving his friends' point, then calming down and assuring, "I can handle internet comment sections though, you don't have to worry. Do you know how many Twitter flame wars I've been in with angry feminists?" The word makes Josh shriek, at which Ben asks, "What the hell was that?" "New boss woes," Josh complains, "I really know how to pick 'em. Or, I guess they pick me, but still, she sucks. Sorry, ze. Or shkle. There were a few others on the list too." "What are you talking about?" Joe wonders, and Josh reveals, "Turns out Selena James Washington is a total... oh, S. J. W., I just got it." "The middle name 'James' didn't tip you off?" Rena wonders, but Josh explains, "I knew my new boss was trans, I just thought I was gonna be getting a Blaire White, not a Milo Stewart." "Is... ze really that bad?" Ben wonders, and Josh reveals, "She made me sort through all her mail and cross out any time the word 'women' was spelled with an 'e', then went on a twenty minute rant about the sexist overtones of the word 'mail'." "Jeez," Joe responds, "I thought I had it bad with the Littles." "Yeah, how goes that?" Josh is curious to know, "When I worked for them they seemed kinda... shady." "Hey, ever notice how you keep working for his old bosses?" Rena asks, pointing between Joe and Josh, and Josh comments, "Well you're welcome to take Selena off my hands." "I'm good," Joe assures, "I have tons to do for this damn dinner." The butlers nod in agreement, talking about the respective turkeys that they have cooking back in the respective employers' mansions. "I should go, actually," Ben says, "I need to think of a way to fight back in this whole thing with Valentina." "Her outflanking you with Ali?" Josh questions, and Ben nods. "How is Ali?" Joe then wonders, "After the whole... Jorgio thing." "She's... It's complicated," is all Ben feels he can say, and Joe nods. "Any news on his death?" Josh asks. "What do you mean?" Joe turns to him, and Josh shrugs, stating, "He never struck me as the type to kill himself due to guilt. He struck me more as the type of person who'd... well, strike me." "Yeah the whole thing was a little weird, I guess," Joe agrees, "I just haven't thought about it much. It meant I got to go free, so..." The others nod at this, and Ben finds himself saying, "By the way, it's been really good having you back. Even if you do have to be a butler when you don't wanna." "In spite of that," Joe replies, "it's been good to be back. I know I spent a long time lying to you guys, but, you really are the closest friends I've got. You know that, right?" Again, the butlers nod, and Rena adds, "Us butlers gotta stick together. Like one, big, multiracial family." More smiles shared, before Ben leaves to proceed with his dinner plans.

Return to the Del Barrio mansion, sometime later on, where Ben is running around the kitchen working to get the Thanksgiving dinner prepared. He starts to hear laughter coming from the other room, however, and so he leaves to find Ali and Val returning home, having spent a majority of the day out. Ali seems to be doing better; not great, but better. Val looks to see Ben staring her down, and so she turns to her employer and suggest she take their bags upstairs, looking down at the several shopping bags they've picked up from their time out. Ali agrees to do just that while Val goes to approach Ben. "Sorry, we had a busy day. Had to hit some early Black Friday sales." "What the hell?!" he exclaims, "I've been scrambling to get this dinner ready - the dinner that you said you would help me with!" Val tries to apologize, stating that she knows, but that Ali really needed someone to be with her right now. "I was just helping her feel better, is all." Ben can't help but roll his eyes though, saying, "Look, I've been working for Ali--" "Actually she was talking about having people start calling her Alison again." "K... I've been working for Alison far longer than you have. If anyone should be over there comforting her right now then it should be me. Now why don't you go back to the kitchen and give me some help." "Fine, fine," Val says, listening to Ben as the two make their way into the kitchen, "but I think you're being very childish here." Ben denies this though, stating that he's just trying to do his job, and he would like it if Val would do hers too. "That is why I hired you, after all." This mention of Ben hiring her reminds her of how she got the job in the first place though, and so a smirk comes across her face. She starts to approach Ben some, cornering him where she walks her fingers up his chest. "Aw, sweetie," she says, "don't be upset." She backs away and approaches the gravy, dipping a finger in to lick, but accidentally dripping it onto the floor. Ben sees this, and the maid grabs a napkin to bend down and wipe it up, sticking her bottom in the air. Ben finds himself being entranced by the sight, and Val stands up having wiped the floor clean. She tells him that she's not trying to upset him or anything. Ben begins to nod, having started to be convinced to forgive the maid, but soon enough he snaps out of it and shakes his head. "Wait, wait, what am I doing?!" he exclaims, "No! Look, just do your job. Stick to what you're paid to do. Quit playing games or I'll be forced to fire you." Seeing that her act of seduction seems to no longer be working on Ben, she decides to become rather frank with him. She approaches him and whispers in his ear, "Oh baby, I play to win." Ben only becomes further annoyed, seeing this as a threat, and Val proceeds to approach the refrigerator where she opens up the door and pulls out a pie that came with the groceries she bought earlier. "Pumpkin," she says, "Alison's favorite." With that, she puts the pie back in and closes the door. She leaves the room to go tend to Ali, leaving Ben seething.

Back at the Little house, Joe is busy cleaning the kitchen, spraying some sort of fluid onto the counters before wiping them down with a cloth. As he does this, he sighs, asking himself, "When did this become my actual life?" before grabbing the feather duster from his supplies and going to dust off a cabinet. He then sees that it's a liquor cabinet, and the sight of the vodka and the whiskey and the wine and a whole host more seem to entrance him for a second. "You should have some," beckons a familiar voice, and Joe looks around to see who spoke. Nobody did; it's just in his head, and then that same voice - the voice of Joanna Winters - adds, "You've earned it. Go on. You were never meant to be in this job forever. You should be back at work by now. You sobered up for nothing. Look at yourself. Rags to riches and back to rags again." Joe shakes, his hand moving toward the cabinet doors. "Just take the edge off a little," beckons Joanna's voice some more, emanating from the bottle of red wine, but then Joe stops and places his hand back around his duster when the distinctive sound of wheels on tiles draws closer. Rochelle has whirred her way into the kitchen, asking the white boy, "You still cleanin' up in here? My, my, you folk sure like to take your time when it comes to hard labor. Back when I was a maid, I sped through my housework without so much as a 'how d'you do', mhm." "You were a maid?" Joe questions, at which Rochelle snaps, "I din't come here to be makin' small talk with the help. I came here to give you this." She then hands him a folded up piece of paper, and Joe takes it from her. He allows it to unfold in his grip, and is soon shocked to learn that it is much longer than initially anticipated. "What is this?" he asks. "An updated list," she reveals. "There's still a lotta things you gotta get ready for our dinner. Now chop-chop and help my ass outta this chair. We got a li'l trip to the Wik-E-Mart comin' up." She pulls a lever on her wheelchair and backs out of the kitchen, and Joe, still a little stunned, goes to follow, list in tow. He gives one last fleeting glance to the liquor cabinet as he leaves, while Manny, who's out in the hall, watches him go by with that giant list in tow and comments, "Keep-a-busy, Cinderelly." He then gives off a laugh before Joe exits the house and begins helping his new employer into the car.
We next see Joe walking around the Industrial Wik-E-Mart with both Rochelle and Rochelle's list in tow, with her always wheeling around not far behind him. He approaches the shelf full of Kool Aid and goes to pick up the Raspberry, only for Rochelle to bark, "Nuh uh, fool! In my house we have only Strawberry Kool Aid!"
Joe continues making his way through the aisles. "Why do we need so much Crisco?" he asks as he's ordered to shove it into his shopping cart by the barrelful, and Rochelle replies, "'Cause you gon' Kentucky deep fry our damn turkey, duh!"
"What sort of dinner music would you like?" Joe wonders as he and Rochelle browse the CDs "Something classy, like this?" he asks, going to pick up some classical music, only for Rochelle to hit him round the head with her favorite gangster rap album as he bends down, condemning him for not consulting the list yet again.
Outside in the parking lot, it's a struggle, but the exhausted Joe finally manages to squeeze that red gingham tablecloth into the trunk, saying, "We're all set for a Little Thanksgiving dinner." "And you best cook it jus' right," Rochelle is demanding as he helps her into the trunk, "'cause if my coleslaw touches my cherry pie, don't think I'll hesitate to boot yo' ass back to trailer trash country or wherever it is you're from." Joe rolls his eyes as he continues to help.
We next see him in the kitchen, still adhering to Rochelle's long, long list of demands as he slowly chops some carrots for the coleslaw, watching as the turkey bubbles away inside the deep fat fryer. As he puts the knife down, needing a break from all this menial work, he begins to drift off while leaning on the countertop, into a desolate dream...
In Joe's dream, he is in rags, waking up from the fireplace covered in cinders. We then see him sweeping all through the large Little mansion, which looks more storybook now, and, as the mice squeak past him, we hear the booming voice of Rochelle as she espouses: "You shan't go to the ball!" Her weave is much larger than it is normally, and her dress far more exquisite. Even her wheelchair is ornate. And then she points a finger and yells, "Cloriza! Tismanuel! Get him!" And, with that, Aliza and Manny emerge and begin to rip a pretty pink dress off of Joe's flesh, leaving him naked and beaten and humiliated on the floor. He cries while they just cackle, taking joy in his misery.
Joe wakes up with a start back in the kitchen and turns around to discover the reason: Aliza, having seen him sleep-standing and taken the opportunity to grab his butt. "Sleepin' on the job there, fella?" she asks, finding it funny, and Joe tells her, "Oh... sorry." "S'a'ight," she responds with a smile, "though Mama sent me to come fetch you so you can help her with her fancy dinner weave." "What about this is fancy?" Joe asks, gesturing the food he's been made to prepare, and Aliza asks him, "Bitch, you sayin' pigs' feet ain't fancy?" Joe doesn't know how to respond to this and so just decides to leave the kitchen. "She was pretty, wasn't she?" comes Joanna's voice again as he makes his way up the stairs, "How much longer before you're sipping on that too?" Joe just shakes his head and continues, ready to go tackle a weave.

A video camera can be seen resting on the countertop over in the Davis kitchen, as Rena records himself preparing his employers' Thanksgiving meal. "And now I'm just gonna stir the gravy," he says to his future YouTube viewers, deciding to pull from his everyday life for inspiration and do a cooking tutorial, and, as he stirs like promised, Eli can be seen entering the kitchen. "What's that?" he asks upon seeing the camera, but Rena quickly shuts it off, embarrassed, assuring, "It's nothing. Just, um... I'm starting a YouTube channel, so--" "Really?" Eli inquires, "So you're giving up on the whole acting thing?" "I wouldn't say giving up...?" "Auditions not going well, huh?" At this, Rena appears rather indignant, bitingly replying, "No. They're not." "Aw, that's a shame," Eli replies, to Rena's further annoyance. "You know, I'd be willing to give you a few pointers if you'd like. Sounds like you could do with the improvement." "I'm good, thanks," Rena says, trying to get away from this conversation by just continuing to stir the gravy. "But I insist," Eli continues, sitting down on a kitchen stool while Rena has his back to him, channeling his frustration into whisking like crazy. "A good actor," Eli begins, "is... honest. Constantly honest with himself. After all, it's only once you do that that you can competently portray someone else. Can't be expected to get into someone else's mindset without being comfortable in your own first, right?" "I suppose not," Rena replies through gritted teeth, his stirring speeding up. Eli then gets to his feet, walking towards Rena, his voice becoming more distinct in the butler's ear. "So perhaps you should start by just... sharing your secrets. And then, once you do, you might find that those auditions suddenly go... better." Rena stops whisking now, turning his head to make eye contact with his employer, and in that moment he knows exactly what Eli is implying. "I'll certainly think about it," Rena finally finds himself replying, and Eli tells him, "You do that," before growing excited by the doorbell's ring. Seeing the delivery van outside, he knows that it's a package for him, and so he exclaims, "I'll get it," as he rushes to the front door. Rena, meanwhile, breathes deeply in the kitchen, going to turn the camera back on and then questioning if this is what he should really be doing in life.

Selena's oven door opens up as Josh checks on the rather bare-looking turkey inside, reasoning that it needs a little while longer before sealing it back in again. The British butler then hears the footsteps emanating from his new employer's clunky boots as she enters the kitchen from behind, and so he decides to announce, "Good news. I was able to remove any and all appendages from the turkey which might be considered phallic." "Oh my!" Selena exclaims, startled, and Josh turns around to her confused. "What's wrong?" he wonders, and, breathing heavy, she explains, "You addressed me without me addressing you first, without even making eye contact. Just because a woman - not that I label myself as such, and not that I don't either - is in the same room with you, Joshua, does not entitle you to her time or conversation. That's how lowkey rapists manage to pester them in bars all night." Josh flinches at this a little, simply ensuring, "It won't happen again," and then taking his chances with friendly chitchat by asking, "Is everything okay?" "In the world at large? Goddess no. In general? I guess. I just came to tell you that I'm docking your pay." "You're what?!" Josh exclaims, annoyed, and Selena explains, "I've been around today knocking on my new neighbors' doors to introduce myself and hand them my list of pronouns, and I learned that Alison Del Barrio just hired a female butler. As such, you are to be given 78% of that young woman's salary." "Oh, what the--" "And as lovely as Ali's charity work seems, I must fault her for referring to her new employee as a 'maid'; it's such a marked term." "Hey lady," Josh tries snapping, then amending himself to say, "I mean, uh, you. Why is my salary being docked? I barely make that much as it is." "Because if I'm to help you, Josh - and I mean really help you - then I have to make you understand the suffering of those not like yourself. Suffering you've been blind to your entire life by virtue of who and what you are. The wage gap is but one example. Unless... The hegemony's the same in England, right?" "Uh... yes?" Josh responds, not really knowing what that means, and Selena smiles and says, "Thought so. So you see." "Actually I don't," Josh assures. "Well you will," Selena nods, "now keep doing your job. You're gonna wanna earn every penny you can get." Disgruntled, Josh continues working the kitchen; however, as he moves some now unused pots over to the sink to be washed, Selena begins calling from the doorway in a faux deep voice, "Nice ass, slut!" Josh turns to her and asks, "Excuse me?" "Does that face come with a seatbelt?!" she follows this up with, to Josh's shock, and, as his mouth falls agape, Selena aggressively yells, "Yeah, open on up, sweetheart!" "What the hell are you doing?!" Josh yells, enraged, and Selena stares at him, pointing out that references to "hell" might offend those of other religious inclinations. "I don't care!" Josh exclaims. "Which is exactly why I'm doing this," Selena tells him, "so that you will care about the oppression of others. And right now you're having to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Like every other woman in America who just wants to work." "That's ridiculous..." "Isn't it?!" Selena agrees, "I mean, it's 2016, stop perpetuating rape culture already." Again Josh flinches, needing to get away from this madwoman... or madman... or madthing... and the doorbell ringing provides him with a convenient-enough getaway. He goes to answer the door and, to his delight, it's Brad. "God I'm happy to see you," Josh states, immediately kissing his boyfriend at the door, while Selena emerges from the kitchen and asks who it is. "Oh, I'm Brad," the lawyer introduces, "Josh's boyfriend." "Your... boyfriend?" Selena questions, looking from one gay to the other, and Josh replies, "Yes," and then, "Yes! I'm gay. See?" He kisses Brad again. "Totally and completely homosexual. I am an oppressed minority. I have known the struggle for equal rights and boy howdy was it hard." Josh thinks this might actually get him in his employer's good books, but instead she looks like she's on the verge of tears. "What's wrong with her?" Brad wonders, but Josh shrugs, saying, "She's a libtard. Something's always wrong." "Missu-- Mist-- Mmm. Washington," Brad addresses, stepping closer, "my full name is Bradley Sonya. I'm the one who set Josh up with this job. My firm did some business with y--" "It doesn't matter!" Selena screeches, "This is even worse than I feared! White males... together... you breed privilege! Like patriarchal bacteria!" "Excuse me?" Brad replies, and Selena begins to tear up. "I've got such a long way to go before I can fix you, Josh," she says to her butler, who appears ever more aggravated, but then she wipes her tears and tries to compose herself. "Still," she says, "you both are members of the LGBTQIAPK community, which means you're both liberals. So there's that at least." "Actually I'm a Republican," Brad reveals without really thinking, and Selena just looks at him blankly before uttering in a hoarse tone, "Triggered..." She then simply faints, dropping, unconscious, right to the floor.


At the Del Barrio mansion, Ali is seen sat at the dinner table, a salad being placed in front of her by Val. Ben, meanwhile, is at the next seat over. He takes notice of Val as she takes a step back, motioning for Ali to begin to eat. "Uh, Val," Ben calls out, "you not gonna join us?" Ali turns around and notices this; she ushers Val to have a seat, pointing out to the maid that she sees her as a friend and would love for her to celebrate the holiday with them. "Oh, no thanks," she says, "it just seems inappropriate to me. The help just sitting down and acting as if they're equal with their employer." At this moment she is staring down at Ben, making him feel uncomfortable. Ali glances back at him, a bit confused, at which point Ben stands up. "I'm sorry, Alison," he says to her, "I suppose Val's right." "Oh, Ben, keep up," Val says, "she decided to stick to 'Ali'. Much more simple to say." She then smirks. "Right..." The two start to make their way into the kitchen to prepare for the main course, while Ali is meant to be eating her salad. "Is that the best you can do?" Val asks her rival, pointing out that he's been flopping so far. "Yunno, life was much simpler before you got here," Ben points out to the maid, but she retaliates by saying the mansion was a mess too. "I'm just here to make this place better, and soon Ali will see that." She proceeds to go over to the counter to place some side dishes on display for Ali to take her pick of. Ben is becoming even more fed up with the maid though, and so he decides to ask her what her endgame plan even is. Val smirks, deciding to ignore this; she makes her way to the oven where she puts on a set of gloves. She opens the door so that she can take out the tray with the turkey, and she places it on the counter. She takes in a whiff of the smell, exclaiming that it smells immaculate. "Probably the best Ali will have ever had." Ben takes offense to this, of course, as he's prepared several of her past Thanksgiving turkeys.
Meanwhile, back in the dining room, Ali has finished up her salad. She looks up at the clock, noticing that Ben and Val have yet to return.
"Why are you doing this?!" Ben asks, "With the horrible news she's just found out, why are you making now the time you wanna kiss her ass and one-up me on everything?" However, Val points out that this was never her intention. She was just trying to be there for Ali until Ben decided to make it a competition. "Well I do feel as if I should be the one there to comfort her. She's been my boss for years; I know about everything that she has gone through in this house, and more. You've been here for no more than a week, and I think you need to learn your place." Val laughs though, proceeding to call Ben a moron. "You are not entitled to anything right now." "Well it seems that the only reason you're caring right now is 'to win'." Val thinks back to how she did in fact say that to him, and so she decides to drop the subject. "Look, I'm going to bring the turkey out to Ali now because she is surely starving. We can finish this later." She goes for the tray, but Ben rushes to take it from the maid, wanting to be the one to deliver it to Ali instead. The two servants then find themselves fighting over who gets to take the tray, condemning the other for taking advantage of Ali's situation. "You're taking advantage of her!" Ben tries. "Quit using your boss' unborn rape baby as a means of proving a point to me!" Val says in turn. However, things become even more awry when a voice calls out to them. "Guys..." The servants look up, seeing Ali standing in the doorway. Not knowing what to do, both Ben and Val release their grasp of the tray, causing the turkey to fall and smash on the floor. "Um, Ali..." Val exclaims. "How much of that did you hear?" Ben asks. Ali doesn't answer though; instead she walks away, leaving Ben and Val both ashamed of themselves.

"Selena... Selena?" Brad utters as he tries his best to gently shake his boyfriend's boss awake, with her unconscious body having been relocated to her couch. She finally wakes up with a start, scared to be faced immediately with two white males, and she utters softly upon calming down, "From one nightmare to another." She then sits up, trying her best to steady her breathing, and Josh goes to ask her if she's okay. "Yes, I'm fine, thank you," Selena replies, adopting a surprisingly zen attitude, and then she turns to the lawyer. "Brad, was it?" "Yes, ma'am. I mean, um--" "Hi, Brad," Selena says, ignoring him, "why don't you stay for dinner? I'm sure it's nearly ready?" "Um, yeah, it is," Josh responds, and so Brad looks from his boyfriend to the crazed liberal before awkwardly replying, "I can't think of a reason why not." "Excellent," Selena smiles, "I'll be waiting in the dining room." As she saunters off, Josh turns to Brad and mutters, "I think we broke zer." He then goes to get his turkey out the oven.
We next see Josh carving the turkey for himself, his boss and his boyfriend, before passing out food and taking a seat at the table. "Where are the legs and wings?" Brad finds himself asking. "In the trash," Josh responds, "where all phallic imagery belongs." He rolls his eyes discreetly while saying this, while Selena just maintains an eerily calm smile, beginning to eat her food. "So, Brad," she goes on to say to him, "what is it about a woman's right to choose that you so despise?" "Umwot?" the lawyer almost chokes, and Selena shrugs, saying, "I'm merely curious. You did say you were a Republican, after all." "I've actually fought legal battles in favor of abortion rights," Brad reveals, and Selena responds with, "Huh. So would you call yourself an ally?" "An ally?" Brad questions; Josh just remains silent, not exactly knowing where this is going. "To feminism," Selena responds, "along with the rest of the social justice movement. Don't be afraid to answer honestly." Her sweet smile turns sickening, while Josh signals his boyfriend with a look which suggests that he lie his ass off to this nutjob. "Honestly," Brad replies, taking a deep breath, "I think feminism was great." "Oh?" Selena replies, "And now?" "Now... I think it's sorta farcical," Brad admits, and Selena nods, trying her best to take this on board. "Would you like some wine?" Josh chimes in, wanting whatever this is to stop, but Selena replies, "Oh no, dear, I don't drink alcohol. That's where men like to hide rohypnol." "Right," Josh utters, while Selena turns to Brad and asks, "Do you, perchance, support the advocacy of womyn's rights on a political, social and economic basis?" "Sure," Brad sighs, and Selena replies, "So you are a feminist. You just don't know it." "I can identify as what I like," Brad tells her, getting annoyed now, "you of all people should understand." "Well frankly I think it's only right that the gays align themselves with us," Selena states, "after all, we helped you get all your rights. You're not even oppressed anymore, really." "Neither are you," Brad snarks, and Selena raises her eyebrow. "Any person in this country," Selena begins to say as pure fact, "who is not a white, cis male is oppressed, for they are not considered the norm, and therefore pushed down by those in society who hold power. In this case, you." "Agree to disagree?" Brad suggests. "You can't disagree with the truth," Selena argues. "Lady, you wouldn't recognize the truth if it came up behind you and bit you on the ass." "Lady???" "Oh, for God's sake--" "Listen here, young man!" Selena yells, getting to her feet, but finally Josh can take no more, getting to his own feet and yelling, "No, you listen!" Selena is taken aback, while Josh continues, "Do you honestly not see how ridiculous you are? Have you not looked in the freakin' mirror? You want people to take you and your made-up problems seriously but holy crap I've never laid my eyes on a bigger joke in all my life! Stop attacking him for existing, because you are the only sexist I see in this whole Goddamn room! Oh, and the wage gap? It doesn't exist! Jesus Christ I think I'd rather be homeless than work for such a pompous, idiotic, arrogant bitch! And yes, I did just assume your gender." Seething, Josh finally sits himself back down, knowing that he's probably about to be fired with the way Selena is staring down at him. "Josh..." she breathes, and Josh looks up at her with fire in his eyes, barking, "What?" "That outburst was angry, irrational, emotive and sparked entirely because you became offended by something someone else said. You might even say you were triggered." "So?" Josh responds, looking confused. "So," Selena smiles hideously, "there might just be a social justice warrior in you yet." She then leaves the room to head to the bathroom, on which she's hung a sign reading "Gender Neutral", while Josh just turns to his boyfriend in disgust at what's just been said to him.

Liz is bored waiting for dinner and so has taken to watching some light S&M porn on her phone. She then hears someone entering the dining room and so quickly shuts it off, pocketing her phone, only to then see that it's Rena. "Oh great," she says, "is dinner almost ready? I'm super excited to puke out this turkey." "Yeah," Rena replies, "it'll be out in a sec, but, listen." He takes a seat, and Liz looks confused, asking, "What is it?" "I... think maybe we should tell Eli, about us." "What?!" Liz exclaims in shock, and Rena advises her to keep her voice down. "Why? You want him to know anyway! What the hell is bringing this on?" "It's just..." "Oh God," Liz realizes, "he talked to you, didn't he? Tried to get in your head? Smug bastard... Look, whatever he implied he'd do for you, he's not gonna do it. He's just trying to get you to confess. And if you think coming clean is gonna stop him from ruining you, you're wrong. It just means he's gonna ruin you even harder. Now, I don't really mind about that part. In fact it'd be kind of exciting to see some black-on-Latino violence action, but, you confessing would also ruin me, and I can't have that." "Liz..." "Listen, worm. I am your Mistress and I have told you 'no', which means we are done discussing this. Hear me? Done. Now go fetch the damn turkey." Rena nods, realizing she's probably right, and leaves for the kitchen, running into Eli on the way as he drags his package through the house. "Need help?" the butler wonders, only for Eli to respond, "No thanks. You just focus on laying out that dinner. I can't wait to have eaten it all." Rena furrows his brow at this but proceeds to the kitchen to do as told anyway.
We next see the Davises sitting across the table from one another after both having finished their meals in a great deal of awkward silence. "Well," Eli comments, "that was certainly delicious." "Indeed," Liz agrees, wiping her mouth with a napkin, then clicking her fingers to order to beckon Rena to come over and clear away their plates. "That can wait," Eli assures the butler as he comes over. "It can?" Liz questions, "Because I can't. I need to find a bathroom fast before all this food has a chance to actually digest." "But I had a fun after-dinner activity planned, and I'd like for Rena to join us." "You would?" Rena finds odd, and Eli replies, "Of course! You're like one of the family." Rena furrows his brow again, this coming from the man who, just days earlier, openly wanted to find any excuse to fire him, while Liz asks, "After-dinner activity? What are we, children?" "You do weigh the same as a child," Eli points out, but Liz fears that she won't if she has to sit here not puking for much longer. "I'll be but a second," Eli assures, "I got this fun novelty item from a friend; apparently it's hilarious at parties. I think we're all gonna love it." He then leaves the room and Rena asks his Mistress what the hell is going on. "I have no idea," Liz says in all-fearing genuineness, "but something tells me he isn't about to reemerge with Cards Against Humanity." When he finally does reemerge with the activity in tow, Liz and Rena both give eyes-wide gasps as he plonks a big, honking lie detector machine down on the table. "Is that--?" Liz starts, only to be told, "Yep," by her husband, "I told you I had something fun planned. So, who wants to go first?" "Wh-why don't you?" Liz suggests nervously, but Eli laughs, pointing out that he's the only one who's read the instructions on how to set it up, so it has to be one of them. "Rena?" he ponders, and the butler just turns to him, making frightened eye contact. "Sure," he says, gulping, and Eli, still standing up, says, "Come sit here then! I'll hook you up." Rena then slowly gets up and moves around the table to sit in the chair that Eli is currently looming over, then fighting the urge to sweat as electrodes begin getting fastened to his temple. "I don't exactly get how this is supposed to be fun," Liz intrudes, only for Eli to tell her, "Come on, honey. It'll be like a game of 'Never Have I Ever', only... more extreme." Rena continues to just sit there, while Eli finishes setting everything up. "Okay," he announces, "let's start with something simple. Have you ever... worn pink?" Rena shrugs, as best he's able, and replies, "Yes." The light on the machine then dings and glows green, and Eli laughs. "Liz," he turns, "is there anything you'd like to ask Rena?" "Ummmm," Liz responds, "have you ever... slept with a fat chick?" "Yes," Rena replies more glumly, and the light dings green again. "My turn, my turn," Eli exclaims excitedly, "I'll build off of your question, honey. Ummmm... have you ever... slept with a married woman?" He tries asking this as though it's off the top of his head, even though it clearly isn't, and Liz looks ever-so-nervous as her butler musters the strength to reply, "No." To her immense relief, the light dings green again, to Eli's confusion. "Well, have you ever--" "Isn't it my turn?" Liz tries, but Eli tells her to shush. "Have you ever kissed a married woman?" "No." Green light. "Done anything inappropriate with a married woman?" "No." And then, "Have you ever had sexual relations with my wife?" "Eli!" Liz exclaims, horrified, but Rena remains dead calm, once again stating, "No." Time seems to slow as the tension builds, awaiting that light... which dings green again. Liz lets out another sigh, while Eli is bewildered, saying, "I... I don't understand." "Don't understand what, honey?" Liz asks him with a fake smile, but he just looks from her to Rena before running out of the room, defeated. Sure that he's gone, Liz then gets up and begins to unhook Rena from the machine, asking him, "How the hell were you able to beat this thing?" "Easy," Rena replies, "I've been hooked up to your electric shock machine so many times, I've become a master of my impulses." Liz smiles at this, while he says that, "Nevertheless, we should make sure this thing is never used again." "No problem," Liz replies, stumbling suddenly. Rena asks her if she's okay, concerned, at which she lets out a belch and vomit comes flying from her mouth, all over the machine, wrecking it entirely. Rena is utterly disgusted and, when she's quite done, Liz replies, "Sorry. My stomach isn't used to having to contain food for that long." "Right..." Rena utters, staring at the dripping machine, "well I, uh, have a YouTube video to go post." "Have fun," Liz replies, once again reaching for a napkin to wipe her mouth with. Rena then heads up to his bedroom to find his laptop.
Rena's cooking tutorial can be seen being played on YouTube - his very first video - and, while feeling like utter crap over in the Del Barrio mansion, we see that Ben is the one watching it, clearly wanting to distract himself from Ali being mad at him. He finds himself unable to even smirk at any of his friend's online antics while sitting on the couch in the den, and then Valentina enters the room, wanting to give Ben another piece of her mind, only to stop dead when she sees what's being played on his laptop. She sees Rena's face and it stuns her, as can be told by the expression now plastered on her own face. As such, she takes a step back and slowly inches her way out of the room, not even allowing Ben to know she was ever there.

Elsewhere on Fanon Drive, join Joanna and Wilma over at the Winters' mansion as they sit in silence, each at one end of a long dining room table, eating their Thanksgiving meal. Jo looks up in disgust as she sees Wilma reaching over for the gravy, proceeding to drench the entirety of her plate in it. Mrs. Winters picks up a bell that is sat next to her and she rings it, alerting for caterer Juanita Kwon to enter the room. "Bring me a fresh bottle, would ya, dear?" she asks of Juanita, but Wilma speaks out. "Drinkin' really is bad for ya, yunno?" Jo closes her eyes, hoping that when she re-opens them that Wilma will have disappeared, but alas, she hasn't. "I'd stick to the old Mary Jane if I were you," she says to Jo. "Won't kill ya." Joanna tries her best to remain calm, politely telling Wilma that she's fine and will have to decline the suggestion. Juanita isn't hearing of this though. "Ladies if you need summa dat, I got it in back of my truck. Hold on I get it for you." She proceeds to run out of the room, leaving Wilma and Joanna alone, the latter of which is annoyed to be left without alcohol. "You're so lucky to have me here this holiday," Wilma says to her sister-in-law, "We're gonna have so much fun at Christmas too!" Joanna, however, is starting to no longer be able to bear the thought of having her sister-in-law around for another second, let alone Christmas. "Get out," she finally says. "Come again?" "Just get the hell out of my house, for Christ's sake. All I wanted was a nice day alone, but you just had to come and ruin it with your dumb turkey, lack of alcohol, and overall presence. And I just--" But Joanna finds that Wilma is no longer listening, instead picking up her plate to slurp the large amount of gravy off of it. "Wilma!" Jo exclaims, slamming her fist on the table, but Wilma doesn't reply until every ounce of gravy is gone. Finally, she puts the plate down, and says, "Well now I understand why Matthew was so miserable being married to you." "Excuse me?" "Joanna, you're a bitch. And you made my brother's life wretched. I always knew he was unhappy being with you, but wow..." Joanna stands from her seat. "You cannot blame me for the dissolution of my marriage. No, the reason it never worked out was because, whether you like it or not, your brother was a flaming faggot, hidden away in the closet. It didn't matter what I did because he was never going to be happy." Wilma refuses to stand there and let her brother's name be insulted though, and so she gets up as well, proceeding to walk across the room to the other end of the table. She looks up at Joanna. "You're just a whore," she says... and Joanna punches her in the nose.
Meanwhile, Juanita can be seen exiting the back of her truck, which she proceeds to lock down with a numerous amount of combination and key locks. In her hand is a back of weed which she slips into her pocket prepared to bring back inside for Joanna and Wilma to smoke. She hums a song as she makes her way back into the Winters' mansion; however, upon making it halfway down the hall, she hears the shattering of glass.
In the dining room, Joanna and Wilma have now entered into a full-on catfight, with the room having been torn apart. Food is everywhere, china is broken, and the girls on the ground rolling over each other, pulling hair, hitting, biting, you name it. "¡Santo dios!" Juanita exclaims, re-entering the room, seeing the mess that has been made of the food and silverware that she has provided. She quickly dives into the fight, pulling the two ladies apart and swearing at both of them in Chinese. She condemns them for what they have done, and proceeds to storm out of the room, murmuring even more foul language in Spanish. Wilma goes to say something to her estranged sister-in-law, but hears her phone ringing, so instead she gets up to answer it.
Sometime later, Joanna stands on the porch of her mansion, looking out at Fanon Drive as she sips from a glass of red wine. "Can we chat?" Wilma calls out, standing in the doorway behind her sister-in-law. Jo chooses to ignore her though, instead having another sip of her drink. Wilma lets out a sigh, and approaches Joanna anyway, standing next to her, to Mrs. Winters' dismay. "Ever since Matty and I were kids, he always one-upped me in everything." Joanna turns to her sister-in-law, who continues, "He was always smarter than me. Always did better in school that me. He had a better job, was more successful, you name it. Our parents worshipped him. He was the perfect kid." "Is there a point to all of this?" Joanna wonders, but Wilma motions that she let her finish. "However," she says, "I always saw past this. From a very young age I could tell that there was something... wrong, with Matthew. There was something inside of him. Something dark. Something evil." Joanna is afraid of where Wilma is going with this conversation, but remains quiet as her sister-in-law speaks even further. "That phone call after our little mishap at the dinner table... it was my parents. Apparently they redid their will. The fortune that they had left behind for their 'perfect' son is now left to me." "Wilma..." Joanna says, but the two are distracted by the sound of a taxi pulling up into the driveway. Joanna is confused before she sees Wilma reach back into the house where she pulls out her suitcase. "I'm going to be going now," she says to Jo, ready to leave for the cab. The driver steps out and meets the two ladies at the steps; Wilma hands him her bags for him to take to the car. However, before Wilma goes to join the driver, she approaches Joanna and whispers into her ear: "Thanks for killing my brother." Joanna's eyes widen at this, and Wilma steps back, smiling. She proceeds to walk away, exiting Joanna's life forever.

The Littles are enjoying their Thanksgiving feast at the latest hour, gangster rap playing quietly in the background, with Rochelle accidentally spilling her Kool Aid and ordering Joe to come clean it up. He gets down on his knees and listens to this ratchet family's dinner conversation. "I voted third party," Manny is saying, "I hated them both." "Boy, you've always been a fool," Rochelle replies, to his indignation, and Manny starts going on about how one was racist while the other accepted support from even worse racists. "Who cares?" Aliza exclaims, "That bitch looked mighty fine in a pantsuit." "A-men," Rochelle replies, rocking one herself along with her dinner weave, and Joe shudders as he finally finishes mopping up the stain, recalling how he helped his elderly, paralyzed employer squeeze into it. As he stands up, the laughter dies and there's just the smattering of their gums as they dig into their third or fourth course of fried turkey, having done away with all the coleslaw and pigs' feet long ago. "There was a lady, at least I think it was a lady, who stopped by earlier and started talking about the election," Joe comments as he clears away some of the empty plates, "your new neighbor." "Did I ask you to chime in on our conversation?" Rochelle asks, telling him, "You're not a very good butler, are you? You should know your place." "Mama, be nice," Aliza begs. "Why should I? No one was ever nice to me," Rochelle points out, and Joe tells her, "I'm sorry. Being a butler wasn't exactly what I'd planned for my life." "What did you wanna be?" Manny asks out of curiosity, and Joe reveals, "I actually used to be a cop." All three of them gasp, almost feeling the need to duck in fear, but mainly Manny, who damn near hides under all that red gingham. "... okay," Joe adds, then asking the family if there's any more he can do for them before dessert. "Oh yeah," Rochelle recalls, digging into her bra and taking out another sheet of paper, "here are your chores for the rest of the evening." Joe takes them and emits a look of shock, asking the old black woman if she's serious. "As a Crisco-induced heart attack," she assures, but Joe argues, "You can't possibly expect me to do all this. Not tonight..." "Especially tonight," Rochelle exclaims. "But it's Thanksgiving, and I've already done so much today," Joe points out. "Exactly dummy," Rochelle argues, "it's Thanksgiving, and sue me if I want everything to be damn perfect! It's a day to be with yo' family, and give thanks!" Aliza and Manny smile at this, and, after a pause, Joe tells her, "You're right. It is." With that, he crumples up the list and walks, rather serenely, out of the house, ditching his chef's apron as he does so. "Just where the hell you going?!" Rochelle yells, but it's too late. "He's so fired," she comments. "C'mon Mama," Aliza begs, "look at the great job he did on yo' weave." Rochelle then looks at herself in the reflection of her grease-covered plate and simpers, "Fine. Woteva. Let's jus' watch some horror movies and yell. Like a family." Her children smile at the sound of this.
Joe, meanwhile, can be see outside, taking out his phone and sending out a group text.
Josh, who's in the middle of saying goodbye to his boyfriend with a kiss after an awful interaction with his new boss, feels his phone buzzing in his pocket.
Rena, who's sadly reading through the awful comments on his YouTube video, has his phone screen overwhelmed by a message.
And Ben, who's still sulking over at the Del Barrio mansion, is seen reading the text from Joe telling the butlers to come meet him at the bar.
When the three of them finally arrive, all of them in the mood for a little cheering up, they're happy to see Joe sitting in their regular booth with four plates already set out for each of them. "So," Joe comments, beckoning them all to sit, "this place does a pretty good turkey dinner. Cheap too. I figured, since all of us spent Thanksgiving serving others... we could do a little something for ourselves?" "Sounds great," Ben agrees, and Josh and Rena nod. Josh begins to talk about the awful dinner he had with Selena, while Rena interrupts him to ask if everyone watched his new video yet, which is met by groans. As the chatter and laughter goes on, lasting to the end of the meal, Joe decides to raise his glass of water and and make a toast. "To family," he says. "To family," the butlers repeat as they clink their glasses against his, and, despite their various predicaments, they all seem pretty happy to be able to spend the end of this holiday with each other. With them still conversing about what's going on in their lives right now and giving thanks where they are able, and with the toast still washing over them, we are carried over to the bar's window, where a woman's face can be seen watching from the outside. She soon wipes away the condensation with her hand, giving her a clear view of Joe as he banters with his fellow butlers. "Found you," Silvia hisses, a devious smile encompassing her face.

Unanswered Questions

  • What exactly did Matthew learn about Joanna ("Emilie") that Jose wanted to use as blackmail?
  • Who did Justine inform of her blackmail scheme as insurance?
  • What didn't the Littles want Josh to find out, relating to the blood-spattered white cloth?
  • Why was Silvia chasing Lily and why was she dead-set on killing the baby?
  • What is Silvia's history with Jorgio and why did she kill and frame him?
  • What exactly is Valentina's endgame plan in warring with Ben?
  • Why did Val have the reaction she did to seeing Rena?


  • Since the early conceptualization of the character, the writers planned to base a lot of Selena's behavior in her introduction scene around the results of the 2016 presidential election.
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