DeviousPeep DeviousPeep 10 December 2017

Ultimate Ranking of Devious Butlers Characters - Jo, Joe, Ben, Josh, Rena

The following received the same score and were therefore placed alphabetically:

  • Brad & Mary
  • Kathryn & Rochelle
  • Aliza, Juanita, & Silvia
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Renaboss & The Renababes Renaboss & The Renababes 4 December 2017

Main Character Ranking

Hi, this is Renaboss (forget the Renababes), the #1 fan of Devious Butlers, and the only one smart enough to bide his time and binge-read the show when it was available in its entirety. Ha, no though. Anyway, this is my personal ranking of the main characters of this great show, from worst to best, complete with character reviews. My views are mostly subjective, of course, but I tried my very best to be objectively honest. Try not to be a bitch about the results, or the show is cancelled.

#16. Elijah Davis

Oh, blow me, little boy brown. Why were you a series regular? Right, because real Eli portrays you, and apparently he's a big, respected member of the community and a contemporary mainie, even though I really don't see it, but who am I to ju…

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DeviousPeep DeviousPeep 3 December 2017

Characters with Actors

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DeviousPeep DeviousPeep 24 September 2017

Devious Butlers - TV Tropes

  • Adaption Inspiration: Based on the Lifetime series Devious Maids which provides a lot of the series' source material.
  • Always Identical Twins:
    • We learn in the tenth episode of the second season that Joanna is actually named Emilie, and that she murdered and stole the identity of her identical twin sister.
    • In the third season, Valentina was pregnant with twin girls; however, it’s unknown whether or not they would be identical.
    • The third season also featured another set of twins - Fiona and Marvin Pierce - however, they were brother and sister, and therefore fraternal.
  • Ambiguously Bi:
    • Rena, who has displayed homosexual tendencies at multiple points in the series. When called out on this, he explains that he can appreciate all people.
    • Liz's sexuality wa…
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Villain fan Villain fan 14 September 2017

Ultimate Ranking of the Devious Butlers Characters

1. Justine Dussault

Ben: I think that Justine is very fitting to be first place on this list since the whole show really centres around the aftermath of her killing Jose. The season one finale was excellent and that was largely due to Justine's character as the revelations around her feelings for Matthew were really quite shocking and well done. Even before that, I enjoyed her relationships with Ben and Rena and she was really amusing in the second half of the season especially. She continued to affect the plot even after death, with Val arriving to avenge her death and with her regular flashback appearances which were always great. I especially loved her story with Jose in 306. It was interesting to see just unpleasant she would have become,…

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Villain fan Villain fan 11 September 2017

Series Review

So the final episode is out, and you both have clearly put a lot of effort into the series, and the final episode especially, which was filled with so much and truly was perfect, so congrats to both of you, and thanks again for sharing your story with us, it really has been enjoyable to read. At this stage, you guys both already know all my thoughts on the series, really, but like I did with OUaV, here is just a brief summary of my overall thoughts on each season and the series as a whole, with the seasons ranked in order of enjoyment.

  • 1 Season 3
  • 2 Season 2
  • 3 Season 1
  • 4 Overall

The final season was excellent, and you guys should be really proud (of the whole series, but the final season especially). Both the serial killer storyline and Nadia's were…

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CoyoteDork CoyoteDork 1 March 2017

Characters with Actors

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CoyoteDork CoyoteDork 13 September 2016

Users to be cast

For convenience:

SnowQueenFan1993 as a Justin
Rubenvst as a Ruben?
ItachIshtar as a yolo male
FrancisPaul as a Francis
Hmcooper4 as a yolo male
Eskaver as a yolo male
Sadball48 as a yolo male

YOLOs from Lostpedia:
FedericoF male
Just Sayin' female
HorribleEyes female
Ocie14 female
Metroid101 male
SunHwa female
Baker1000 male
Lost117 male

Taylor Alison Swift
Miss Edith
Edie Rothwell fan7
Sunshine Princess
Nurse Joy
TV Aficionado
Betty Applewhite

Sims3 Wisteria (Thomas Gale)
Desperatehousewives14fan (Jacob Smith)
Gabrielle4349 (Annie Hadland)
ForeverDesperate (Lydia Ashdale)
Game widow (Hugo Daniels)
Michu1918 (Miguel Belindro)
Marcia123 (C…

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Everthevillain Everthevillain 10 July 2016

The Hot Seat: Devious Butlers bosses answer your burning questions

Posted July 10, 2016 - 5:16 EST
Devious Butlers has a killer on the loose! Since there's been a gruesome murder in Wikerly Hills, Entertainment Wikly has decided it’s time to put Devious Butlers executive producers Jdg98 and Emilie de Baevin in The Hot Seat, where they have the option of answering your questions with "Yes", "No" or "Can’t say". Get the scoop below:

How many seasons will Devious Butlers run?
Jdg98: Three seasons.
Emilie de Baevin: 3.

Is Jose's killer someone we've met?
Jdg98: Ooh, possibly. Keep an eye out!

Did the killer have a reason to frame Tyson other than to get away with it?
Emilie de Baevin: Perhaps. But who's to say Tyson isn't the killer?

Will we find out why Jose was threatening Jorgio? Does it have to do hostages in the basement?

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Emilie de Baevin Emilie de Baevin 24 June 2016

Wiki To-Do List

The following is a list of tasks that need completing for the Devious Butlers Wikia.

  • Episode Images
    • Portal Pictures
    • Six Gallery Pictures
  • Character Paragraphs
  • Timeline
  • List of Deaths
    • Pictures
  • Character appearances page
  • Character pictures
  • Staff page
  • Main page
  • Season 1 page
  • Original pilot page/blog
  • Get Wikia changed to Wiki.
  • Possibly get transparent wordmark.

Other work includes:

  • Actually writing episodes by deadlines.
  • Adding them to; link between sites.
  • Merge the original DB wiki into this one.
  • Affiliating with DM wiki.
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