Alison Del Barrio
Alison Del Barrio
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Alison Del Barrio
Alison Pierce
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Charity Founder
Family members
Unnamed Mother
Marvin Pierce - Father
Jorgio Del Barrio - Late Husband
Elizabeth Davis - Wife
Unborn Son
Unborn Child
James Edmond - Stepson
Joseph DeWar - Stepson
Cassandra Pierce - Sister
Fiona Pierce - Aunt
Unnamed Father-in-Law
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Alison Del Barrio (née Pierce) is one of the main characters of Devious Butlers.


Early Life

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Season 1

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Season 2

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Season 3

See: Season 3


  • Ali was the second biggest candidate for being Jose's killer, but ultimately the writers were too invested in the idea of it being Justine.
  • Originally, the writers considered demoted Ali after the first season, writing her off with a happy ending.
  • The strong dynamic between Ali and Benjamin Gold was more of an accident than anything in the first season, but do to the large amount of positive feedback, it was played out through the second and third seasons as well.
    • This meant that it overshadowed the employer/employee dynamic originally planned between Ali and Joseph DeWar, as is evident by the ending of the series premiere, but this concept was mostly abandoned as the characters' interactions became limited, with more focus being put on Ali's relationship with Ben, and Joe's relationship with Joanna.


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