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January 21, 2018 - February 25, 2018
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A Little Devious

This article contains episode summaries for the spin-off of Devious Butlers, titled A Little Devious.

Season Summary[edit | edit source]

Episodes of the A Little Devious are premiered January 21, 2018 and will conclude February 25, 2018. The season will consist of a total of 6 episodes.

Overview[edit | edit source]

From the world of Devious Butlers... get ready for a rip-roaring new ride the likes of which you've never been exposed to.

Several years have passed since the butlers departed Wikerly Hills, but so many others we came to know and love (and love to hate) remain, and they have some stories of their own that need telling. Namely? That of one miss Aliza Little, former co-conspirator and current chief of police, doing her best to minimize the city's corruptive cycle and restore a highly disreputable force to its former glory. Lucky for Aliza, she always gets her man, though she still feels as though something's missing from her life since the one man she actually cared for - the one from whom she learned it all - faked his death and fled. A certain returning face is able to sympathize, though, because Kathryn Kappelletti also feels as though something's missing from her life: money. And, in her warped way of thinking, a grand and dramatic return to the very town where she lost it all to scandal is just what's needed if she's gonna get it all back, by any means necessary. New mysteries are set forth, with Aliza and Kathryn's frenemyship proving crucial, as well as their interactions with a number of intriguing figures. There's Henry Washington, the town's new Mayor, and Aliza trusts him about as much as her not-so-regrettably late brother trusted cops; Henry's wife, Michelle, has quite the tangled web engaged with one of Fanon Drive's splashiest remaining residents, Silvia Montgomery; and Aliza's ex-fiancé Antwon is still sniffing around, wanting her back, not liking the presence of federal detective Mike Cage with whom the black beauty seems to butt heads in regards to the new case. Can Aliza solve it all with only six installments to gauge out whodunnit? Tune in to find out what. To use a preferred phrase of Chief Little, it'll be blacktastic - and maybe more than a little devious.

Cast[edit | edit source]

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Episodes[edit | edit source]

01 "A Little Pilot" 03 "A Little Cathouse Fight" 05 "A Little Sea Air"
02 "A Little Black Widow" 04 "A Little Valentine's Date" 06 "A. Little: Devious"

A Little Pilot[edit | edit source]

See main article: "A Little Pilot"

Original air date: January 21, 2018

Plot Synopsis: Aliza Little always gets her man. That's the mantra she lives by, and always has lived by, under varying contexts... but part of her feels as though it isn't quite true. Not since Joe's "death", and the departure of the butlers making it so that she's been the sole glue keeping Wikerly Hills together for the past three or so years. But all that's about to change, what with Henry Washington being elected Mayor, and a campaign backing him which Chief Little thinks is worthy of investigation. Meanwhile, she has another investigation on her plate, served up to her by Kathryn Kappelletti when she returns to the town where she lost it all. Will the case of the missing coat take precedence? Will Henry's family learn to get along? Will Antwon succeed in his mission to win Aliza back? And will lemon squares break ground as Silvia's new "thing"? It's back to Wikerly Hills, people, and everyone's being a little devious.

A Little Black Widow[edit | edit source]

See main article: "A Little Black Widow"

Original air date: January 28, 2018

Plot Synopsis: In the wake of Wikerly Hills' latest crime, Aliza is surprised to discover that somebody's already beaten her to the punch in terms of beginning to solve the mystery, and she is less than thrilled. Meanwhile, Kathryn claws her way back into working as a maid, but this time with much bigger goals in mind - goals which Shaniqua Mae should be able to help her fulfill, assuming the stray Kappelletti has the same business acumen once honed by her shady father. And with tragedy having struck, Michelle remains calm in the face of grief. Too calm for some people's liking, especially her stepdaughter's, who starts to throw accusations around pertaining to gold-digging as well as murder. These are trying, and constipating, times, so it's a good thing Silvia has moved on to brewing coffee.

A Little Cathouse Fight[edit | edit source]

See main article: "A Little Cathouse Fight"

Original air date: February 4, 2018

Plot Synopsis: As it turns out, there's still Kappelletti money somewhere out there that Kathryn doesn't have access to... but the solution is simple: she's got to become a legitimate Kappelletti again, the same way she did the first time. Meanwhile, Aliza proceeds with her plan to go undercover within Celeste's fake agency, intent on retrieving Henry's missing body, and tensions rise between her and Michael as the time comes to prove which of their investigative methods truly is the most effective - although all could soon be unraveled anyway by the likes of a blundering Antwon. And Silvia, when not busy making potpourri, has her affair outed to the cops following a confrontation with Michelle, and her more than shady past makes her seem a likely culprit. Also, Huberd had a gay prison wedding, so that's nice.

A Little Valentine's Date[edit | edit source]

See main article: "A Little Valentine's Date"

Original air date: February 11, 2018

Plot Synopsis: It's the story as old as time itself... black boy meets black girl, they fall in black love and get black engaged... until a black whore comes along, and the black boy knocks her up with all sorts of black children, and suddenly the black girl is left all alone and crying on her black Mama's kitchen floor, which is also black. This, we know. But, as Aliza and Antwon embark on an altogether new adventure in the present - to determine whether there truly is something more sinister to Detective Michael Cage than meets the eye - we get to see the whole thing unfold via flashbacks, with their lingering romantic tension having a few repercussions. Speaking of lingering tension, Michelle and Silvia find themselves forced to celebrate Valentine's Day together, while Kathryn realizes that the fast road to fortune is through fame, and so she tries to re-solidify her grand paparazzi image by hiring a new agent who gives some very questionable pointers.

A Little Sea Air[edit | edit source]

See main article: "A Little Sea Air"

Original air date: February 18, 2018

Plot Synopsis: With Henry's body finally having been examined, his family is able to lay him to rest - but the wake which follows the funeral is sure to cause a splash, if Silvia and her tray of mac and cheese have anything to say about it. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the deceased's boat remains a mystery, and so Aliza - rather ill-advisedly - embarks on a sea voyage with both Antwon and Mike, the former of which has just been enlisted to end her life and the latter whose father's murder she recently discovered she helped cover up. And then there's Kathryn, who fears she's simply no longer destined to be relevant, and finds herself warped by quite the moral crisis when her former stepmother pays good ol' Wikerly Hills a visit.

A. Little: Devious[edit | edit source]

See main article: "A. Little: Devious"

Original air date: February 25, 2018

Plot Synopsis: The time has come to settle the truth once and for all: does Aliza Little really always get her man? With Celeste Grier constantly enlisting assassins against her, the clock is ticking to make sense of all the new evidence and unveil the whole truth behind Henry Washington's death. But, such a feat may prove impossible now that Kathryn Kappelletti has our heroine at gunpoint, hoping to worm her way back into her mother's inner-circle - is it too late for Kathryn to make a heel-face turn and choose goodness over riches? Is it too late, also, for Aliza herself to solve this case, meaning it would be down to Mike to piece everything together; and, while he's an excellent detective, he has a personal and moral dilemma of his own to grapple with in the wake of all the revelations surrounding his father. Meanwhile, Silvia and Sadie scheme to take down Michelle, who in turn schemes to take down her husband's whore, and, spoiler alert, Shaniqua Mae has hemorrhoids and Antwon's still dead. Something something something devious.

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